WATER (H2O) will be found on PLANET MIRACLE and HYDROGEN (H) will be extracted from the (H2O), and be used for ROCKET JET PERPULSION FUEL for return trips back to the USA and other future nearby discovered MIRACLE PLANETS

Open Letter to America 1-26-2018 (below) 

Welcome to the Mayflower Compact Patriots

We All Must Be Wise With Strength, Honor & Humility

Mayflower Compact Patriots

Safe Small Thorium Nuclear Reactors are the KEY to America's Electrical Future

Actually, unbelievable forever FREE ENERGY SOURCES are all around us now, and that’s for a serious discussion that should be happening right now. Unfortunately, I see America attacked multiple times by EMP electrical devastating power grid weapons before the end of the second quarter of 2025, coming from enemies from within and far. Wake Up America, for if we have just one EMP attack let alone more following, then how are all these electric vehicles going to be electrically charged? And lets be REAL-REAL, we will have much BIGGER problems than our DEAD IN THE WATER (EV’s), ya think!

The Earth is  becoming more vulnerable
 to Solar activity. This is being caused by
 a weakening Magnetic Field, THUS 


The ABOVE spoken about GEO MAGNETIC STORMS, plus the EVIL hatred enemies of the United States who are planning before the year end of 2025 “future EMP attacks” on our ELECTRICAL GRIDS throughout the nation, bring me to the conclusion that if I were humbly in place as the President of the United States right at this very moment in time of 2021, I would use all my executive powers and down to earth persuasion to put forth the need for both houses to pass an ”EMERGENCY ELECTRIC PROTECTION POWER GRID ACT”. THAT’S IT, THERE’S NOTHING MORE TO SAY, other than God Help Us~!

Addendum 2021

As is, if the idiotic plan of the illegal president (biden) to force America to have all electric cars by 2050, then the USA is doomed. Just apply logic in so much that we will not and presently do not have enough electrical capacity to handle an all electrical car country. 

And the real absolute bottom line of TRUTH that needs to be exposed to the brainwashed public, is there won’t be enough of all the critical supply of raw materials needed. Here is a list of the 5 KEY major minerals that are needed to build an electric battery: Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese and Graphite. So like I said, please remember and realize this crucial point, there WILL NOT BE enough of  these 5 key ingredients available for this totally irresponsible idiotic biden idea!

And here’s the utmost insult of intelligence of it all, these so-called save the planet electric cars produce so much more TOXIC RESIDUE and MICRO-FILLED PARTICLE POLLUTED AIR from them, meaning there’s no gains or benefits from just discarding the old proven reliable true as true OLD SCHOOL combustion engine cars.  And all these climate and air pollution dooms day fanatics, have never studied the amount of toxins and fine particle poisons coming out of the filtration systems from the EV manufacturing factories. 

Plus all the landfills will be flooded with NON-BIODEGRADEABLE WASTE that our tried and true good (OLD SCHOOL) COMBUSTION ENGINES would never do to Mother Nature. It is absolute sheer STUPIDITY to not pay attention to THE FACTS that I’m screaming out here. Its all such a scam and ripoff on so many levels, and if this tyrannical demon’cratic communist entire group in Congress and the senate ARE NOT OVERTAKEN in the 2024 election, then America will be destroyed from within, mark my words.



 Let’s Go Brandon is all I have to say!


In the afternoon of January 20th in the year 2021, the inept, compromised Chinese owned and controlled perverted criminal known as joe lyin’ biden, signed many absolute idiotic and incomprehensible executive orders that will no doubt begin to economically take apart the fabric of financial well being of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Americans.  So, in other words, the ENTIRE MIDDLE CLASS, and its all being done intentionally by biden and essentially being orchestrated by his puppet strings master, that being Obla bla bla, via Susan Rice who’s stationed in the White House, receiving her orders from Valerie Jarrett, and Jarrett who’s working in Obla bla bla home in Washington D.C., just a few blocks away from the White House. . . You’ll be exposed one day bla bla, MARK MY WORDS.  Moving on. And maybe even worse on a different level, is this sick pervert named lyin’ joe biden signed an executive order that will begin to perversely and immorally take America down an evil perverted path that possibly one day take us to the brink of literally DESTROYING the moral and descent fabric of society. 
I allege that the multitude of provable treasonous acts by lyin’ joe biden and his brother and still addicted (2023) drug addict son, are absolutely provable but being blocked and given extreme prejudice cover by the corrupt lying and forever whimpering attorney general of the United States, and abetted by many of the high powered 3 letter government agencies. Are you men happy and pleased with what you have done and still are doing? Don’t you realize that the collapse of America is slowly happening right before your eyes, and yet you cowardly men do NOTHING! 
This cheating illegal phony who is squating in the Whitehouse is intentionally waving a green flag for millions of undesirable illegal persons from all over the globe, to invade America at the expense of every good and descent tax paying citizen. 
HELL awaits your son and you biden,  for your TREASONOUS PROVABLE ACTS, and all your financial crimes and adding growing incomprehensible terrible destructive ‘Foreign & Domestic’ country destroying POLICIES. 

To ALL young Americans, never forget you are living, breathing and existing in the GREATEST and PROSPEROUS COUNTRY in the HISTORY of the World.  BE PROUD, THINK POSITIVE about your country, stay strong with your family and Salute the Flag with Pride and Passion.

And if I may, I want to ask to all young Americans, do not lose faith in your great country you were born in. We will together over come and ‘Right The Ship’ from what biden has destructively brought upon your families and our country.

The Green New Deal is a scam and a complete bogus FAIRY TALE…

American’s Are Being Held Hostage From Their God Given Freedoms 

Hi, my name is Katman Due, (AKA) J4J, and (AKA) Emiliano Zapata, and I am one of the proud Founding Fathers of our new political party named the ‘Mayflower Compact Patriots’.

My life’s journey has been very fortunate and Blessed along the way, and over my younger adventurous and wild years I was given a few interesting nicknames of some strong men, and humbly speaking, these gentlemen seemed to fit at times inside my mindset and spirit. In 1973 I moved to Acapulco to work in the ocean as a diver collecting beautiful salt water tropical fish, and along the way many of the hotel and disco bar security personal spoke to me saying they saw the spirit of Emiliano Zapata in me. I’m going to be open and say I’m secure enough in life to say we each have inner strengths, and so I’m going to say that I sense and feel at times like Zapata’s righteous spirit is inside of me. 

Early on I had no idea who this man was but after time I learned of him and getting right to the point, I get it, and I’m proud to carry and have his spirit in me.  People can believe and perceive what they want, and I am a leader and have always made my own choses in life, but sometimes there’s that little inkling inside all of us that carries some weight on how we make decisions. My best friend and co-writer was kind of a history nut and he pushed me to learn about Genghis Kahn, and made the point for me to especially study and understand the successful warrior named Sun Tzu.  There actually is an entire humorous and easy reading chapter about how that push to learn about these brave warriors happened. Also, TB likened me to Mad Max but his name for me was Mad Maxi. Its an inside joke we had, but at times I think more of us have that fellas spirit in us more than we all might know.  The favorite and at times aptly nick name by my buddy gave me, was ‘Stealth’.  Yeah, it fit a long time ago, and truth be told, all these men that I mentioned in one way or another, feel at times like they are in my streaming consciousness. 

And I would like to say this LOUD and PROUDLY now, I have been a Jew for Jesus (J4J) since I discovered God’s Son when I was 6 years old, and this all happened when on Sunday morning instead of watching cartoons, I just got curious about these two men talking on the TV about a man named JESUS.  These two men were Billy Graham and Oral Roberts and I listened carefully to what they were saying and I came away liking everything I heard them talking about, and then a few weeks later I told my Mom and Dad about these men and asked them if they knew about Jesus, and they said yes, of course.  And then they asked me if I want to learn more about Jesus and I said I do, so they got for me my first pictures and word pamphlet book about Jesus and this was a very big change in the direction of my life in so many thankful ways.  Truthfully I wasn’t a good reader at all because I did not apply myself, but wanting to learn all I could about Jesus made me better in so many countless positive ways, I thank Him and His Father for the strong Faith and guiding path I have stayed on with them Forever

Moving on, as the out-front spokesperson who is going to be spearheading our messages throughout our vast great Nation, and hopefully the entire world one day, I’m going to START out by probably telling you that we have Operation KAT MAN DUE which is going to bring to your families and businesses of all sizes across the country, much lower federal income TAXES and ‘TRUE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE’. I solemnly swear I will do my HEARTFELT BEST to make these goals become reality. 

The time now has absolutely come that all Americans get educated about the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the Clayton Anti-Trust Act, for these (TWO ACTS) are the starting point of breaking up the rampant collusion and manipulation going on in the pharmaceuticals, medical insurance industries and the military industrial complexAnd you can include the evil goings on in the BIG AGRA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.  The POWERS THAT BE are designing a slow and steady plan around the world to reduce the growing amount of food by limiting farmers the availability of seeds and fertilizer, and thus reducing the outcome of all types of crops needed for the worlds populations’.  Our political party will fight to STOP that already in motion depopulation insanity, and we will need the help of World-Wide Independent Honest Journalists to spread the word of what you are reading about here.  This must happen for us to succeed against the so-called EVIL criminal cabals of the likes of the “World Economic Forum”.  The WEF, and you can include the United Nations, which is a complete farce in many ways, and while you’re learning what we’re putting down here, include the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, who basically control the corrupt WHO, which is the World Health Organization.  God Help us all… But forever, Strength and Honor.

ADDENDUM: July 4th, 2022

All the past presidents and their political parties could have and should have done what we, the Mayflower Compact Patriots clearly understand what immediately needs to be done. The  TWO  POWERFUL  ACTS  can and will definitely bring True Affordable Health Care to the entire Nation, and that’s just a starter for getting on the road to greatly improve the lives of all honest and hardworking Americans.

And if I’m so blessed and honored to humbly catch the ear of God Willing the next rightfully deservedly so president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, I want to offer all the helpful ideas and suggestions I can to him.

I ask those involved with President Trumps Team to check out our entire website, our Mission Statement which is full of relevant positive future ideas for the country, for PEACE and for The Lord…

The 2020 election was flat out stolen and biden (NEVER CAPITALIZE THIS TOTALLY DISGUSTING SEXUALLY DOCUMENTED PERVERTED PERSONS NAME), and include his entire family who are EVIL, and just peel one layer away of their rotting core and you’ll see a family pack of feral dogs who are ineptly clumsy greedy stupid pig criminals, but absolutely without a shadow of any doubt, clear and present TRAITORS. This man “BRANDON” has gotten away with the scam as the so-called president of the United States, with the aid of the CIA, FBI, and every single solitary scum bag paid to LIE and manipulate the sheep of America, that being the main stream media, from the dying and failing lying newspaper rags, to every single overpaid lying talking head on CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC AND CBS.  You people have been complicit in partaking in the step by step destruction of America, and I hope one day you are facing serious legal prosecution for your sick gleeful actions you lied and presented to the American fools who followed and believed your sack of lies, day after day from DAY ONE OF biden as the squatter in the White House.  


I’m going to be asking you to HAVE FAITH in a brand-new political party and then watch us use the TWO ANTI-TRUST ACTS/LAWS to put a stop to A LONG TRAIN OF ABUSES that have been wrongfully going on against hundreds of millions of Americans for decades. Our new political party will change the course of American History FOR THE BETTER.  Over TAXATION and this ongoing long train of abuses MUST BE STOPPED.

If you really want True Affordable Health Care and a presidential candidate with a FEARLESS STRONG AS STEEL BACKBONE ready to fight to bring your monthly insurance premiums down by at least thirty-three (33) percent, then please go and read our Mission Statement on how we’re going to make it happen. And let me make this clear, I will debate any democratic candidate or republican candidate at any time and any place because it’s that important the public hears and learns what a fighter I am for this righteous True Affordable Health Care CAUSE!

Addendum 2021

And if any democrats and especially including the ILLEGAL squating president in the White House right now, say that it’s not true or possible what I am sincerely telling you, then they haven’t done any research and don’t know what they’re talking about.  It’s that simple!

You must not fall, I repeat, you must not fall into the trap that Medicare FOR ALL is the answer, because it absolutely definitely IS NOT. Medicare FOR ALL will within its first year begin bankrupting our government treasury, plus it will cause a need to increase all Americans taxes by at least 30 percent, and large and small businesses by at least that, but probably much more.

We don’t need to set up a Medicare FOR ALL DISASTER, but rather use the Sherman and Clayton Anti-trust Acts as a starting point to get the hospital billing and the rest of the medical industrial complex world under some beginning lowering price controls.

The powerful TWO LAWS, The Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts are on the books and have been twice tested and UPHELD by the Supreme Court, so just realize this, the president can not be blocked by the congress or senate from using the Power of His Pen. With those TWO LAWS the president can now emphatically STOP all the collusion and monopolistic activities going on inside the conspiring out of control greedy insurance and medical industrial complex. The Two Hard Hitting Laws will be USED by our Administration whenever they are ABSOLUTELY going to benefit all the hard working Americans who are being beaten down by the greedy corporations and the well entrenched Wall Street gang of thieves who are tied to the hip of the BULL SHIT so-called Federal Reserve.  It’s time for a TRUE LEADER to protect the middle class from over taxation and being suckers and getting screwed regularly by THE POWERS THAT BE. WAKE UP SHEEP and TURN TO LIONS, or your DOOMED for the rest of your lives.

So now I hope it is totally and thoroughly clear how strong and important these TWO ACTS are in the overall big picture for beginning to bring TRUE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE to America. In conclusion, have faith that these TWO ACTS are going to be the first major steps I am going to use once elected to the office of the presidency, to begin to bring True Affordable Health Care FOR ALL.

All this democratic talk about FREE THIS & FREE THAT, are all pandering for your VOTES

Young people of America, NOTHING IS FREE, EVER, NOTHING!

And do you really think that ‘SOCIALISM’ is the answer to a better life?

Well ‘socialism’ is nothing but FOOLS GOLD, so don’t be FOOLED 


It is now 2023 and it is time for all Americans and the ENTIRE WORLD to begin to understand how a true functioning energy efficient BLOCKCHAIN is key to all Crypto Currencies, and there is only one that meets all the complex challenges, and that is the Pulse Blockchain.

Naturally, this is not financial advice, so we recommend

 you do your own due diligence and then decide for yourselves.

Please Study our ‘Mission Statement’ & About Us, and then we ask you to begin to understand in all sincerity how the Mayflower Compact Patriots want to ‘Right the Ship’ with our very logical & carefully well thought out ideas.

We are the strong mature needed Revolutionists for these modern times, and on DAY ONE I will humbly lead the fight for the CAUSE of bringing much lower federal income TAXES and Affordable Health Care to hundreds of millions of Americans. 

Now permit me to ask you to think back to the start of our countries first American Revolution in 1776, July 4th.  The majority of the people of the original 13 Colonies were fed up with the taxation without representation, and now history has been repeating itself over many decades. This OVER TAXATION HAS TO STOP, and as the leader of the Mayflower Compact Patriots I am going to solemnly promise to the hundreds of millions of middle-class Americans, LOWER TAXES & TRUE LEADERSHIP REPRESENTATION. Please go to the Mission Statement and read, study, and have FAITH this will go down like STATED.  IT SHALL, IT WILL !

Allow me one last personal very important thought, and that is I would like to reach all the millions of young people of America, so I can DEEPLY INSPIRE YOU to help create a digital “GRASSROOTS” social media networking army who will help us successfully day after day spread the word Nationwide at the SPEED OF LIGHT about the Mayflower Compact Patriots. Remember, The Speed of Light, for its TANGIBLE AND AMAZING… Did you know that the Speed of Light is 186,000 MILES PER SECOND?  Truly, totally amazing!

Young people of America, it’s absolutely your time in life right now to ‘MOUNT UP’ for a very important CAUSE that is going to positively directly help your family’s financial monthly savings by a consequential large amount of money. I’m going to tell you straight up that on DAY ONE we will begin to fight to lower your Health Insurance Premiums and outrageous upfront DEDUCTIBLE HIGH COSTS.

Talk first with your mothers and fathers and study together and learn from our ‘Mission Statement’ all about our logical needed ideas, and bring into the conversation all your friends and neighbors, and then do your best to spread the word to let everyone know about our new political party and how SINCERE, RIGHTEOUS & ETHICAL we are.  And then if I may add to your reading, please go and check out ‘About Us’ and study our BLOG carefully.

Our goal will be a ‘Patriotic Life Improvement Movement FOR ALL Americans

And our first two solemn promises will be True Affordable Health Care


Have Faith and Believe in ALL that has just been Spoken

It’s time to ‘Mount Up’


Katman Due,
(AKA Emiliano Zapata)

Hey, Wake Up Twisted Politicians

ADDENDUM - June 2021

I basically have never been politically correct, so I’m not going to START NOW! Get those disgusting face diapers off of every single HEALTHY & HAPPY child in the world. If any children have compromised immune systems then OF COURSE, do all you can to protect them, but don’t PUNISH the hundreds of millions of strong healthy children. And don’t get me started on this CRT crap that these school boards are pushing in schools for children to have to think about if they are a boy or a girl. This is utterly confusing complete bullshit and down right brainwashing taking place on these young innocent children. In my humble opinion, this is an actual crime on humanity.  Please allow me to go one important step further. The sick twisted perverted and immoral world that the illegal so-called president, joe lyin` biden, who’s utterly a disgraced proven scum bag, WAS BORN WITH A FOREVER FOLLOWING ‘BLACK CLOUD’ OVER HIS ‘LIFE’, and he will in time make horrendous foreign & domestic policies that will turn America literally into a ‘SHIT HOLE’ and possibly put us in foreign & domestic  quagmire’s that lead us possibly into World War Three.  I’m screaming out loud that this man & his inept stupid drug addict son ARE TRAITORS, bought, owned and paid for by china.  Black Cloud  joe couldn’t be more compromised by china, and other foreign bad actors also, and so the American public must find out and know the TRUTH.  So the bottom line of all of this, is this pervert MUST BE STOPPED!  This evil lying cheater must be IMPEACHED, PROSECUTED FOR TREASON AND THROWN IN PRISON… And even worse if not totally crazy and sicker, is the idea that men can get pregnant and have babies. And this so-called leader taking up space in the White House, goes along with this WOKE bullshit INSANITY, and other such sick depravity this old man condones. YEAH RIGHT, so maybe Trans-perv-tatious Peetie boy/girl (whatever, you fool), Buttigieg, would like to explain that sick and twisted idea to us Americans who are out of touch and step of what we normal human beings were taught and actually learned for ourselves with just observation of logic applied to and of the human anatomy.

This is your doing FAUCI , you scum bag lying twisted monster. You should be investigated to the max in regards to everything you lied, covered-up and orchestrated about the China Wuhan illegal lab work and eventual LEAK. You started a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and then you proceeded to act like a King and spread fear across our great country, and then the world picked up on it. Well the HELL with you, for if you are found GUILTY, which I and millions will realize once all the clear trail of ABSOLUTE TRUTHFUL EVIDENCE COME OUT ABOUT fauci, then you should be HUNG like the other monsters who were brought up on charges in the Nuremberg Trials, and HUNG it is, till you are pronounced DEAD! DEAD AGAIN, AND THEN DEAD AGAIN FOR SURE~!

Never wear a MASK for a Bacterial Internal Human Issue. A MASK over the mouth will create an eventual warming condition from breathing, and then moisture will occur from the warming, and this is the worst thing for countering a Bacterial problem. Bacteria loves heat and moisture, Period. It’s always good to keep educating ourselves as best as possible. Stay well. God Bless<>Strength & Honor


I can prove without any equivocation, that the United States and Russia have been under a finite watchful EYE by the UFO worldwide network that is out there dating back to times even before the first recordings of the history of mankind. Do your own due diligence and I suggest believe it or not, look into what the Bible has said about flying objects. The writings and interpretations are not of make believe and fairy dust.
Most of the world has heard and knows all about the Roswell New Mexico UFO event on July 4th, 1947, but I have a HUNCH NO ONE has heard or knows one critical point about the Kapustin Yar Russia event just actually a year after Roswell. Click on the below box and read and learn amazing facts that we sincerely hope will open your minds. The TRUTH MUST BE TOLD by Russia and the United States of America!
And I will go so far out in FACTS, that the United States and Russia since or even BEFORE 1947, that these two countries have been in possession of crashed UFO’s of various shapes. And to go a step further, these once super sonic unmeasurable degree of speed apparatuses, have been reversed engineered and are now under tight security controls along with deceased non humanoid once living carbon-molecular atom structure beings.

God’s Help is Easy to Find, Just Ask Him

The Laws of Nature are the Laws of The Lord

When We Go With Jesus We Go FOREVER


God Bless America<>Strength and Honor