‘SOCIALISM’ must never be allowed to take root in the United States, PERIOD!

If socialism is so good, then why are all those caravans of tens of thousands of illegals coming from Africa plus many Central Latin American countries and beyond south of our borders, not going to Venezuela?

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There could be extreme controversial TRUTHS we offer you throughout our Trilogy, but we say without question, all TRUTHS needed exposing! The ‘Mayflower Compact Patriots’ are presenting you a unique one of a kind set of books that aims to be in its own way a lightning rod of sorts to humbly wake up millions of young folks to see what is going on politically in your country, and get involved with us and help us do good for you starting now and years into the future.  

Understand this, ‘SOCIALISM’ will destroy your country and eventually your lives!


You will read and hear our future PODCASTS often extolling that we are going to bring light to where very real devious darkness is hidden by unscrupulous democratic cancerous political activities.  This all is very serious, and the clear obvious totally wrong actions of a DOUBLE STANDARD CORRUPT political coverup continues, aided by the sick twisted so-called heads of the news outlets, but it absolutely must be stopped!  We will be going after the very obvious demons that only care about themselves, and think nothing of the country, and that is terribly wrong.     

And how do those TRUTHS just spoken tie in with Borders, Language and Culture, well the news media thrives on chaos to happen so this gives them the chance to suck more gullible viewers in to hear the propaganda they want to brainwash them with.  Its been going on far too long and it has the potential to possibly one day destroy a nation by causing a civil war to start to happen, and once it starts, , well God help us all. 

We the Mayflower Compact Patriots will not stand for the misrepresentation of the truths, for like we’ve stated often, we will bring light where there is darkness, and do everything to sincerely help our fellow countrymen, and one of those tasks will to not allow our sovereignty to be destroyed.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but we’re very slowly losing our English language, and our own unique prideful culture is slowly slipping away, and this all has to do with the reckless open border policies that the democrats want to see happen even more so.

This is the United States of America and we have rules, regulations, and laws to protect us, but a majority of totally wrongful thinking and out of touch democrats want to open the borders and flood our entire country with illegal immigrants, and quickly make them legal so they can have voting rights.  

And who do you think they’ll vote for after their entire families are put on Medicaid for life, plus given free housing, schooling and an abundance of food stamps forever?  

The obvious answer of who’s going to pay for all of these present and future ongoing year after year subsidies and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of DOLLAR handouts, IS YOU, with higher taxes on your hard-earned American DOLLARS, and all of this being decided and planned out by the corrupt democrats. This is all taking place right now!

Please, ask yourselves what those hand out illegal voting rights can do? Simply put, the master plan of the democrats is to buy their way into the highest office in the land, and do the same for positions all the way down the ranks into state government houses, for decades to come. Their corrupt and very disturbing plan will create such a dangerous backlash of the advocates for Borders, Language and Culture because millions of us have every right to be strongly opposed to allowing all these illegal border crossers into our nation.  

You have to understand, the democrats’ plan is to grant them voting rights so afterward they will have a say of what goes on in our country. That is sheer and complete utter madness and it absolutely needs to be stopped in its tracks immediately! And God forbid, but if enough of the country is brainwashed and then foolish enough to put a wide-open border policy loving democrat in office, then you better never ever let them tell you that you have to surrender your guns, because that’s what they’re going to try and do next.   

You VOTE for a democratic president, then KISS your country goodbye!


Everything you just read is insane, but a ‘FACTUAL ROADMAP OF THE DEMOCRATS

Believe us, some of these way too many heavy left-leaning ignorant juvenile immature democrats are dumb enough that they CAN NOT SEE what stupidity they are reigning down on our lives with their open border policies, and free health care for all, and many other free things they’re dreaming up to pander for your vote.  

Young American’s NOTHING IS FREE!


If these and other complete irrational thoughts take hold by the manipulative and forever lying democratic party, then our country will fail to exist as a truly sovereign nation within less than three years.  Seriously, because we will be that massively inundated with a crush of illegals pouring over our wide-open borders, and again, that is just utter stupidity to allow to even begin to happen.  

I’m no racists or any of that other BS that the social media justice so-called wimpy warriors label people with, no, I’m like millions of logical thinking Americans, in that I want our country to absolutely maintain our Borders, Language and Culture, PERIOD…

For the democrats, these poor illegal immigrants are nothing but PAWNS being used for political power gains, so in effect, these border crossers are more valuable and cared about than all of us, We the People!

THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH of what you just learned, translates into we all will be financially ruined by inordinate heavy-duty TAX increases to pay for millions of illegals given a free pass to keep coming over our borders, but with full impunity granted to them by the manipulating self-serving corrupt democratic party.      

We have empathy for the plight of all the folks wanting to enter into the United States, and we have some plans we’ll work out from our past experiences to go down into their countries and give them security and relieve that they need. But we cannot allow them anymore to come in by the tens of thousands each week and take over our country, because the point we’re trying to make is they’ll SINK THE SHIP, and all Americans will be the ones drowning.

DO THE MATH America, because if this disregard for logical thinking continues without any serious major changes in our Asylum and Immigration laws, then the continual inflow wanted by the democrats of all these illegal border crossers, is truly going to be the total collapse of our once prideful country, America. 

I suggest reading a book called ‘Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture’, by Michael Savage.

It’s Time for the Next Revolution in America, but Peaceful


We believe it is time for the second but peaceful Revolution/America Reborn ‘CAUSE’ to take place. It is our humble opinion that it is time to Right The Ship for all American families, plus bring immediate relief to the suffering over-regulated and overtaxed small businesses, and to carry forward an entire more logical TAX PLAN for all middle-class families.  Please read and study our complete BLOG area of our platform of ideas, or if I may call it, our sincere Manifesto.  

We have to help all of those from our own backyards of America, for they’re just as desperate as the illegals crashing our borders. Compassion, we have compassion, but let’s put the priorities where they truly belong.

There are millions of desperate down and out hungry American families and homeless Vets and others in serious need of watching over who are scattered across our great nation, so we’re not mincing words of who absolutely needs to come first, and if you don’t see it that way, then shame on you for turning your back on your own countrymen.

It is Truly Time for a New Political Party
To replace the many Obvious
Sick and Twisted Thinking democrats
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