Socialism and hard cold facts about ‘Open Borders’

Hello, my name is David Lee Stone, and I have had the honor and very fortunate privilege of having a friendship and working for decades with a pure genius, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, if our party is so fortunate to occupy the highest honorable office in the Land, then we’re going to surround ourselves with much smarter men and women than myself helping me every step of the way.  

I am being very humble and sincere when I say those words, and I will promise you there will be a nationwide search for the right people for every critical task that faces our country and the entire world. This is way bigger than just politics, for this involves finding solutions to making world peace and to save all of Mother Nature’s gifts to mankind, especially her Oceans which are the Womb of our Planet! And not last and definitely not least, is that we will be bringing our Cause of a ‘Patriotic Life Improvement Movement for all American Citizens’. 

Okay, so with those very important points out front and in the open, now let’s get down to some more serious business for our country because it seems to be going through some various kinds of dividing spirits that have people going in many ideological different directions. 

So, first on the plate that really needs to be addressed, is this very misguided truly bad uninspiring thought coming from the mouths of many democratic politicians running for their party’s presidential candidacy.

Listen very carefully to this word I’m soon going to say because there are a few of those politicians running for the candidacy of the president of the United States who won’t come out and say the word for what they’re espousing they want to happen to your great capitalistic operating monetary system.

The word I speak of they won’t come out and say is ‘SOCIALISM’, and it’s an absolutely insane idea to want to let happen to your country, the USA… Please, do not believe any of the foolish and completely ignorant ideas that politicians in the democratic party are trying to make sound good to the young people of America.  

If SOCIALISM is so good, then ask yourself why are all the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from all the countries south of the Texas border, not traveling to Venezuela for a better future for their lives?  No really, ask that question! And while you’re thinking about that country, ponder the thought about Cuba, and how’s life over there?

If you want Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to be the next president of the United States, then you are making the biggest mistake of your lives! No seriously, from a standpoint of soon after one of them takes the office, they’re going to raise everyone’s taxes much higher, and that will all happen because of all that BS they were promising everyone, saying FREE THIS & FREE THAT. And don’t forget to include all the illegals folks from all over the world coming across our wide-open borders, because they were promised all the FREE GOOD STUFF TOO.  

Yeah-sure, party like it’s 1999, NOT!




Never ever fall for the lies these two people and others will tell you about how great SOCIALISM is for you and your country.  They both are pandering for your votes and will say and do anything for them, so be wise and alert to their shameful lying behavior.

To all American’s it’s seriously time to ‘Right The Ship’, by demanding that our leaders begin governing using logical levelheaded and practical thinking, for our country is being radically shifted in the wrong left-leaning angry and entirely very fooling thinking way, and it needs to be stopped cold in its tracks.  

‘SOCIALISM’ must never be allowed to Take Root in the United States, PERIOD!


Understand this, ‘SOCIALISM’ will destroy your country and eventually your lives!


 Just learn about what is happening in Venezuela, and how poor life is in Cuba.


And may we say, that those democrats running for the highest office in the Land, the idea of decriminalizing illegal border crossers, is an insane idea that will bring millions from all over the world to just walk onto our American soil and have absolutely no repercussions about that once illegal activity.  Those talking that way are either immature jack-asses, or just plain STUPID as a jack asses ass’s beyond the pale, and should never be allowed to be in the seat of power to make decisions for their fellow countrymen.  

The USA will be overrun within less than six months, and you better believe that if you DO NOT HAVE A WEAPON to protect your own sovereign front door of your home, dwelling or whatever, then you’d be wise to be going out and getting a few right quick, with no hesitation. How can those open border policy lovers not realize the threat of thousands of SERIOUS THREATS and TROUBLEMAKERS  they will be allowing to come into our country. If there ever were or was to be a time for the Second Amendment to be rightfully applied, then that idiotic open borders for all would definitely point out the true importance of that amendment for the citizens of our country.  

We just keep asking ourselves, why are these squid fools, (Squad of Four) and many others trying to destroy America, and what do they think will happen to themselves when all hell breaks loose?  

Think long and hard about America’s Borders, Language and Culture, something very serious that needs to prevail, but could be lost if the democrats take on more positions of power in the Congress and Senate, and even more serious, the Presidency. 

Please help us spread the word about our new Ethical Political Party, 


Mayflower Compact Patriots