My Message to Mother Nature;

World Leaders Have Got To Have Your Back,

And I’m Going To Do My Best To Lead Them

It is abundantly clear that mankind is poisoning all the Lands, Seas, Deep Underground Aquifers, the precious clean Air desperately needed for all humanity, and anything and everything else that people come around to use, see, feel and touch. I am no better than anyone, but I clearly recognize the terrible and dire situation The Planet is in, so it is absolutely time to REALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT SAVING HER before it’s really too late, and that will definitely be a STRONG FOCUSED GOAL which I solemnly promise in my heart to do.

The title of our Second Book ‘Survival of the Deadliest’, came to us after TB witnessed firsthand the massive devastation of Hurricane Andrew, and afterward, he was demonstrably talking to me about how scared he was during his experience.  You have to understand, my big badass close friend doesn’t scare easy by any means, but true fear was upon his aura when many years ago he talked to me about his fresh true-life nightmare. 

Everybody knows about the phrase ‘Survival of the Fittest’, but Mother Nature’s an INFINITY TIMES STRONGER than such an expression that’s used so loosely. In our world, we salute and respect Her greatly, and we Honor Her with our given nickname for our second book that strongly fits Her true-life powerful character.  But we are saddened by the horrific destruction that takes place when Her forces come upon innocent lives.   

Now permit me for what I’m going to say now, for it might be out of the ordinary for some to envision for our future but not for me, because of my best attempts over time to research and learn all I could from thousands and actually millions of years of Mother Nature’s recorded markers of Her history. 

What I sincerely see coming one day in the future of our world are powerful Earthquakes that will shake the Planet, especially California but they will spread to many states after and then countries around the Globe, due to a massive Pacific Ocean Tectonic Plate Shift taking place.  But the frightening underground shift won’t stop there, for the other six giant Plates interspersed around the Planet will follow suit. And this amazing remarkable action will be joined in with once dormant Volcanos coming back to a roaring life again on the west coast, and these will trigger massive deep underground pockets of Methane Gases to begin escaping and powering upward through the Earth, causing almost uncontrollable spontaneous rolling fires wherever these red hot almost sun flare like phenomena’s break loose on the upper ground surface of our planet… Time will tell all!

Our subtitle of book two was my heartfelt feelings pouring out of me because just like all of the POWER of the World Wide Storms covering the planet, we all have to realize that we’re together cradled and connected by the pure reality that Mother Nature’s Oceans are the Womb of the Planet, and we are poisoning Her, and thus the reaction from this Horrific Act will one day be felt by Mankind, and all Humanity will finally Truly Reap what they’ve Sewn.

If I am so fortunate to become the next President of the United States, I will begin to take action by first personally bringing all world leaders to awaken to the serious fact about the insanity of how polluted the Oceans have become. There will be action taken immediately by me to make this absolute SIN known, and it will be stopped and I will see to it that all nations begin together with an entire ‘Ocean Cleaning Mission’

And this Operation will not STOP until all the WORLD’S PEOPLE are satisfied, no matter how long it takes, PERIOD. Do not doubt my every word spoken here to bring all world leaders to get damn involved, and if they should falter, we (I) in the United States will take full notice…


To all the young people of the world, I will begin a
WORLD WAR against all the contamination and pollution that has taken place over decades and now has to be intelligently FOUGHT AGAINST and STOPPED. This all-important major battle can be won, and this will be one of many needed responses that will play a part in addressing what many are concerned with regarding the serious issue they call Global Warming.  

And permit me to take my argument a step further, and that is I am not buying or more clearly I should say, allowing myself to be brainwashed to BELIEVE ONE WORD of Al Gores total and complete BULL SHIT.  He was and still is using “FEAR MONGERING” to the MAX of HYSTERIA, PERIOD… Yes the Globe or I’ll say the Planet is warming up, but it is all happening because the SUN is in fact showing measured signs that it is producing more heat (WARMTH) than ever.  It is 2018 and the lies about this catchy phrase ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ due to mankind, are just a scam to begin a master plan to reduce the population of the planet, at all costs.  WAKE UP WORLD, for the extermination of BILLIONS of you has just begun, believe it or not! And so for now, Nuff Said, but not finished, because there are some very serious non elected EVIL men and women who have a PLAN to KILL OFF BILLIONS of human beings all over the planet over the next 20 or so years. And how they are going to do this insane plan is still something I’m digging deep into finding and figuring out.  And to bring it all home, its all being laid and eventually done for their bull crap called ‘The New World Order’ and the big one, ‘GLOBAL WARMING’. OKAY, now for sure, Nuff Said.

But let me address a known simple scientific fact about our planet, and that is, it’s going through many phases or changes that fall under the category of what is called the ICE AGE… It is written in the science and other various research documentation books that there have been at least FIVE different periods of an ICE AGE in the Earth’s history.  As modern technology advanced with the ability to do carbon dating and other various forms to read our planets past history of aging and other detailed studies, it is written that the research shows that there seems to have been an ICE-FREE period in high altitude locations, and these periods were named the GREENHOUSE PERIODS. But now I personally would think the higher altitudes would mean the area would be colder, but I thought wrong according to very accurate and detailed research conducted.  

Let’s take a step back and just be real about the realities that WE ALL ARE FACING TODAY in these modern fast-paced times. As fast as we are going with technological advancements, the Earth might be evolving into another change in and of its own self. And what I mean is, perhaps according to some scientists we are going into a new period that has been given the name of Global Warming, but other brilliant researchers are arguing that in actuality we are entering into a new and future long period of another ICE AGE…Talk about YING and YANG huh, well there you have it, being a strong case for all of us to dig deep into and ponder what is the true direction the planet is going in.

The fact is, none of us will be around long enough to win the argument and say who is correct about the scientific call of we’re entering an ICE AGE or a Global Warming time period. Both are bad news for us mortal humans, but this bountiful powerful Planet has been around for over FOUR and a HALF BILLION YEARS, and during all that elongated time more climate and Earth shaping and forming changes have happened, ‘than you can shake a stick at’, let alone even begin to imagine. 

There’s no need for Global World panic due to and over a well-meaning but so obviously sadly and terribly manipulated young totally inexperienced child being shuttled around the world, casting her very visible misplaced anger out onto the world stage. We get it, there’s something happening to our Planet, but as I wrote above, we’re going through Evolutionary Planetary changes all the TIME, but YES, we’re also needlessly poisoning our Oceans, Air and Land and any and everything else possible in the Earths fragile ECOSYSTEM. This is the area that I will get REAL ACTION from all the World Leaders, and please don’t doubt my words.

There is no need for petulant like irresponsible acting forthright politicians to create panic and then whip up a so-called ‘GREEN NEW DEAL’ that will have ruinous outrageous plans inside it which will obviously MATHEMATICALLY only end in BANKRUPTING our nation, and that would boil down to being one GIANT irresponsible move taking place. 

Only logical and clear and calm thinking individuals should take the mantle and lead the research and planning as best as possible for the future of whatever Mother Nature has in store for all of us on Her Planet. 

I’m not here to fight with people or anyone if it can be avoided… I’m only interested in doing good for Mankind. 

~ ~ ~

All the young people of the planet will one day say like I have said to myself on many occasions, ‘I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by’.  One day you’re a young vibrant FIFTEEN years old, and in ‘A Blink of an Eye’, your FIFTY, then SEVENTY, and then you’re really hit with the reality how much it feels like life has really sped up all around you. 

I know full well all about this because it happened to me and all my friends and childhood classmates, and your parents too and their friend’s along with them.  Go ahead, ask your mom and dad,or better yet, especially ask your grandparents and then think about it yourselves to back when you were just 5 years old, and now. 

Believe me, just the fact that I am writing this and deeply thinking about my every meaningful word here, is a really mind-blowing kind of trip. It’s real, it’s shocking, and the absolute truth! YES, TIMES FLIES

In closing now, you may not have ever heard about this but sometime back in the mid-’70s there was a serious nationwide campaign of creative public service announcements aiming to make the nation more involved in the slogan of “Keep America Beautiful”, and it actually had a positive profound effect on the good people of our country to keep our bountiful magnificent Lands as clean as possible. 

So, let’s all see if we can begin to awaken that slogan again for our nation, and also, the new slogan that I will be personally working on if I’m so fortunate to be in the position to do so, will be;

(Op)-Operation Clean-Up Mother Nature’s Ocean Wombs