Can't Judge a Book by its Cover

jan. 7, 2002

The phone is ringing on a cold wintry day in the apartment of Katie Johnson. It’s her twin sister Joanna calling from her apartment located about seven miles away in Ferndale Michigan. The two siblings have had the most open and constant ongoing talkative communications ever since they opened their eyes as infants. Absolutely no secrets were kept from each other, and all hush-hush conversations told between them never were passed on to anyone. They were truly connected from birth in some sort of amazing indescribable telepathic linking way. Fact was, their lives were mentally connected as one at every waking moment even though they lead two different lifestyles and often were a thousand miles apart. Their twin sisterhood was beyond strong, with lots of give and take and here’s a sampling of just that;

“Okay Katie, it’s time for me to hear again those tapes of David and pick up where we left off as soon as possible. I really want to learn more about all that wild youthful Miami Beach past of his and also hear about his strange big buddy, TB.”

“Don’t let David hear you call his friend strange because I don’t think he’d appreciate that sis, seriously.”

“I didn’t mean it in a bad or harsh way, honest.” Joanna speaking defensively.

“Well anyway, you promised before to help me keep transcribing the story but all you want to do is hear David’s voice or read the boys jotted down notes.”

“I swear sis, we’ll start kicking butt and help make this book come alive for the guys. There’s an important story here developing, and,”

“Yeah sure, you always say that Joanna. . .Talk-talk-talk.”

“No, I’m serious but you always were the one who lived the wild life and my journey went straight into the safe and comfortable walls of being a librarian and bookworm.”

“Don’t complain.” Katie shoots back sharply.

“And you and David had a wild hippie fling or two back in the days of Miami Beach, and you too really lived fast and loose compared to me.”

“Come on sis, we’re here to talk about the book, not our personal sex lives, so,”

“Okay, you’re right, I’m sorry.” Joanna sheepishly backing down.

“Good. . .So I’ve been thinking to make this an unusual book combining at times first-hand events by playing the hours of tapes that David made for me right into the pages and the boys will edit later and have the last say of how the orders of the chapters should be laid out in their books.”

“Of course, but we have to keep their one on one dialogs going and make sure we include plenty of TB’s Cousin Fitz in the book because he plays a big-time major role in both of their lives.” Joanna’s tone was upbeat now.

“Oh, I totally agree, so good call on that one. The key though, is they want to be their genuine selves and be directly speaking to the heart of the reader.”

“That’s good sis, they’ll like that plus you know what else I just thought about.”

“No, what?” Katie seriously asks.

“We have to advise them to label this book a fictional novel-Novel, you know, so as to protect the boys if you know what I mean! Ya think?”

“Yes, I get exactly what you just said because you’re definitely right. Another good call Joanna. . .See you little devil, when you get focused, you’re spot on.”

“Well thank you my dear.”

After that exchange the sisters caught the importance of that critical book description decision, then Joanna continued.

“After all I’ve learned from the tapes and tons of notes plus from you, their lives’ offer some pretty bizarre intrigue to write about.”

“Oh I agree, but being real we know there are lots of people with interesting stories out there but the boys are different because David and TB have a righteous revolutionary agenda in their books and want hundreds of millions of Americans to be helped with their Causes they’re going to be pursuing.”

After Katie’s remark, there’s a comfortable sister silence, then Joanna went on.

“Well then that’s how you need to explain to them the way their first book has to sincerely come off, but they’re realistic and totally committed to staying down to earth and real about it all.”

“You’re right and nicely put.”

“Thanks, but another thought if I may Katie, is their going to need a lot of patience.”

“They’re in no hurry, so don’t be worried about that.”

“You know sis, as a librarian I like reading David’s various history lessons and his idea of placing them sporadically throughout the book is a good plan.”

“He thinks he was a teacher and warrior in his past lives, and now is ready to do it all over again but starting at a much older age in life.”

“Katie my dear, if there’s one thing I can feel for sure from you, is you believe David when he speaks about the clairvoyant thoughts that wash over him,”

“I do and he always turns back from there to talking about how he wants their books to open up young and old minds worldwide to get ready for possibly the final war of wars that will be horrendous but bring forth a new humanitarian peaceful world for all.”

“Well his ideas and thoughts about the future are pretty scary and also literally way out there, but if you think about the world we live in, his dark thoughts are possible.”

“David feels that ever since they landed a man on the moon in ’69, he sees the baby steps that are quietly going on, and he wrote 4 lean chapters called ‘A Deep Future Cometh’ and his thinking is clear to him about all of this, and TB agrees.” Katie knows her man.

“David’s not a simple person but he’s definitely down to earth about it all, and he certainly gives off that aura.”

“Yes, but you know Joanna, his mind can move very fast at times and then I’ve seen him slow his pace down and really go into a deep focused researching visionary mode.”

“But Katie, one of the keys that will have to be included in this first book and even become center stage just on its own accord, again are those dark and ominous visions.”

“Yes, that’s a fact that needs telling, and he’s not going to be holding back anything.”

“They both sense it’s that important, and with no sugar coating any of it!”

“Joanna, I feel they’ll tell a relatable story and I know the big wish is for their books to hopefully reach all ages of the public and become an everlasting educational tool.”

“Oh for sure, especially David’s basic history lessons about the brave people on the Mayflower big wooden ship, and the all-important Mayflower Compact they wrote in the bowels of the boat, and afterward they all agreed it was wise and needed.”

“Well you being the librarian in the family, I know you grasp all the importance of that long-ago valuable history.”

“I do Katie, and the boy’s principles of having a new political party that has the first goal of UNITING the public from lessons from the Mayflower Ship, and the compact that was written to keep the people together and strong.”

“Can I read you what David wrote and TB totally agreed with.”

“Of course.” Joanna quickly answers back.

“Okay, good. Here goes.”

‘Our future party’s goals are focused to help all the people to Right The Ship of all the Long Train of Abuses that politicians have allowed to happen, and a new party will come together and strong-willed incorruptible citizens will join and help righteously take care of the 99 percent who now are being herded like sheep by the ONE percent. Those of past and future criminality, along with greed and contentment of the law, will be found out and prosecuted no matter how deeply entrenched they are, and pay a steep price, and during our rise in public awareness, all will be done to encourage righteous and human caring behavior.’

“Wow, I like that, and it proves to me your boy sometimes gets pretty deep.”

“They both get pretty deep sis, and one day when this all starts, they’re going to do their best to make their Mayflower Compact Patriots party come to being well received by millions of Americans because they’re beyond serious about all their platform Causes. . And one last thing,”

“What’s that?”

“It’s their rallying cry, ‘Mount Up’, and you know what sis, I totally really like it.” Katie speaking proudly.

“I do too, it all nicely fits together and most of all, I like their long-range plans.”

“Good to hear, and I’ll tell the boys that.”

After Katie’s words, there was a comfortable silence over the phone. The sisters were in sync and that pleased them both. Then Katie wrapped the night up.

“The truth is, they hope their books are in a way a beacon of light and not taken the wrong way or meant to scare society with David’s visions, and most importantly for the good of the country, make their party revolving around ‘We The People’ a reality one day.” Katie knows her man.

“I think they’ll make it, I really do, but you know I have to tell ya, that looking at David you get the impression of a low key quiet and reserved easy-going guy, but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Touché sis, , nicely put. . .”