To all the young people of America, and let me at the same time include all the young people of the WORLD, just realize this, TIME GOES BY SO FAST you’ll one day know what us older folks are truly saying when you hear from them and read exactly what I am saying here about TIME FLYING BY in A Blink of an Eye.

Personally, I was young once just like all the millions of you,  and now I look back and wonder how is it possible I was a young and wild 21 year old punk who never thought about the fact that LIFE GOES BY SO AMAZINGLY FAST and as the YEARS JUST FLEW BY, it makes LIFE SEEM SO SHORT in that regard. La Vida es Rápida Y La Vida es Corta.

And now I’m a 70 years young at heart but I still can’t change the fact that I’m a much older dude and there is nothing I can do about that, other than sincerely wish I could TURN BACK TIME, and SLOW LIFE DOWN.

And now you may be asking how does this relate at all to Affordable Housing, and that’s a real fair question to ask. I’m going to be as straight up as I possibly can be with you, and that is in 1972 a wild eyed very serious dude in his 50’s walked up to me as I was sitting on the steps of the hotel I was living at in Miami Beach, and said to me one day I’m going to be the leader of building the plans he drew up for the housing future of the country. Immediately after I heard what he said to me, I thought he was smoking more weed than me that morning, and after that I just politely took his fairly large packet and didn’t know quite what to say after he handed them to me. 

The years went by and I never forgot that man and as a matter of fact, for decades I held onto those blueprints and designs but not really giving them much thought, but then it all came together for me when I took ownership in 1990 of a concrete forming company and the FLASHING LIGHT BULB in my mind really starting new and amazing connecting DOTS for me with that kind sincere creative genius who handed me the complete plans for the future mass housing for the country.

This will all makes sense after you CLICK TO READ the short story about that amazing man and understand me more clearly about the clear visions I have now, just like that amazing man had for me decades ago.

I’ll sum up my short conversation about Life is Short and Life is Fast by saying that almost 50 years have gone by since I was handed the plans by a GENIUS who had a clear vision for the FUTURE of Affordable Housing on Earth, and now I’m extending it to the visions not only on earth, I will do my best to make happen for him, but also using the same amazing drawing and specs to be the ones used for the future housing on Planet Miracle – 2050.

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Summing this up, we will all have strange occurrences happen in our lives, and how these amazing Affordable Housing Plans came into my life, is just one of many interesting strange happenings I’ve experienced.

Thank you…