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About Us

About us, well first this is Steve, and I’d like to start with the question can it be true that opposites attract but after a friendship grows, do they each start to take on some of the personality traits of the other, thus growing and becoming similar in many ways?

I sincerely think in the case of TB and myself, the answer is definitely yes.  Now in some ways, we had similarities already growing up as young boys and onward into our teens, and it all fortunately came together on that fateful lucky day we met in the city square inside a humble little old Acapulco Mexico church in March of 1973.

Operations Center

Operations Center

We both as young boys were always keeping busy working, and I believe we both just had this strong work ethic that gave us that drive to keep active and make some money.  As far though as our dedication to doing good in school as we grew up, well we both also were on the same page of sorts, that being we didn’t do so well at all. In TB’s case, he stopped going to school way before he even reached his teens, and permit me to say, that time period and more about his life is explained clear and straight forward in our first book.  

Now for my deal, well I went to high school but did a lot of joking around, and by the month before it was graduation time, my parents had to sit down with the school principal and work out a deal to get me graduated or repeat the 12th grade.  Bluntly speaking, I was a terrible student because I wasn’t ready to learn on the terms that were presented to me at that point in my life, but that all absolutely changed after meeting TB and about a year later meeting his genius cousin, Fitz.  But back to the pow wow meeting with the high school principal, so first I have to say he was a good man and maybe knew me better than most of the students in that entire high school. And I say that confidently because like all the police, firemen and multiple city men and women workers from all around, the principal and all the others were regularly in and out of my dad’s lumber yard and hardware store, and I always greeted them and helped them find whatever they came into the store looking for.  The principal saw what a dedicated worker I was and proud to be in the store helping my dad in any way I could. He once said to me after I helped him, he wished I was as good a student as I was a hard-working employee for my dad, but I remember really not having anything much to come back with, other than an awkward kind of thank you to him. And he also at another time gave me a positive nod of having a feeling that I’d do just fine making and finding my way into the world. I remember that because as a kid it’s the kind of words of encouragement you don’t forget, that is if you grew up respecting your elders and paying attention to what they had to say.  

Now in TB case as a young teenager, he had a tough and sad life many years before he had his thirteenth birthday.  As I said, I’ll let our Trilogy tell you of his young sad start out in life with his upbringing, but I have to say that after I learned so many details from Cousin Fitz, I just never felt so bad for a friend, and in many ways, I began understanding how his mind went into a primal instinctive path to shield all those that he deeply loved, and would do anything to protect them from any kind of harm.  And permit me one last quick thought on this subject because I have to say this in T’s defense, and that is he found it really hard to talk to me about that period of his life until many years later. 

TB had a love of airplanes and helicopters, and his childhood dreams all came true starting when he was just thirteen.  Inside his big boy toys, he was a young man literally with wings at his disposal and took to the air like a duck takes to water.

Some of our opposites were very visible, like let’s start with his physical presence, meaning he was a very big dude, solid as granite stone and had a fierce warrior mentality that right quickly rubbed off onto me.  Myself, I was a good one hundred and fifty pounds lighter than him, even in my best days of being in pretty good shape. And height-wise, well again about that thing of his physical presence, he towered over almost everybody and his muscle mass weighed more than the average full-body weight that any large man carried.  As I said, he’s a big strong CAT and way beyond a stone-cold warrior, meaning never interested in taking prisoners. So yeah, the fact was we were opposite until less than a month living fast and wild in Acapulco, did our intense camaraderie tight bond begin a true character osmosis transfer happening for my physical and mental state and a new spiritual life awakening through me happened for the big guy.  

We both were two wounded hurting souls that through the grace of God were put together, and we often talked about that. TB never believed or thought about The Man Above because other than Fitz & his sweet girlfriend & eventual wife, nobody messed with T and took the time to approach him about the Lord and Jesus, that is until me.  It’s not like I was some wise teacher or any kind of preacher, but rather a new friend of his that told him I was a Jew for Jesus (J4J) and had been that way since I was six years old, and he really was curious about how and why all that happened. The key was, TB was open to what I quietly had to say, and then we talked about whatever thoughts and questions came to his mind, and there were lots.  As I said, I was no preacher by any means but I was really happy to share all that I had learned, and soon see my new friend accept my teachings. On an opposite spectrum of sorts, T liked how I was always able to break bread with some pretty rough & worldly dangerous contractors that worked & hung out with TB & the Boys.

Our very secretive clandestine life stories are all out there in the utmost rawest un-filtered open way we believed would be the best form to straight forward present ourselves in our Fictional novel-Novel.  

Truth be told, TB was my constant whisperer almost from day one to study the world of politics. Starting back in my early Miami Beach days, I was educated about some very bizarre and interesting history regarding the CIA and FBI, and I was acutely aware of some of the beforehand activities of the Watergate burglars.  My education and more was taught to me by my very knowledgeable and wild Cuban friend/teacher, who was in his past associated with some of the Watergate burglars, and both alphabet government agencies.   

My learning process started in the winter of 1969, but nothing as in-depth about the true cut-throat world of politics TB new of and started teaching me back in 1973.  And because of him and his pushing me, combining the years of our studying together and my own year after year of Forensic Human Analytical Scientific Studies, (some call PROFILING), I’m humbly going to say that I feel ready to debate anyone regarding the solid and worthy platform of ideas our Mayflower Compact Patriots wants to introduce to America.  

We knew nothing about writing a book but we just let it rip, and once we started, we really both got into it, and not really having any serious writers block problems because we both had excellent memories.  And the fact was we were living a life that at times from month to month presented us with new adventures and experiences to write about and that we did with the goal of wanting to take readers on a fun and educational ride into a world that might be interesting and maybe quite controversial too, to say the least.

We started writing our Trilogy back on April 19, 1998, and believe me when I tell you, it’s all us coming at you, raw and unfiltered, meaning no professional editors or ghostwriters were involved, and no one touched a page to correct or help us.  Well okay, we did have some sounding board opinion action in our first seven years or so, but after that, our book was like it always was, a work of love. So we apologize ahead of time for probably a boatload of some literary mistakes you might run across such as poor grammar, plus some spelling errors and most definitely lots of other technical writing items, but put all that way off to the side and see us in the light we present to you, and hopefully, you’ll learn some interesting new worldly things and take our new independent political party serious.  

Once we started writing everything just really began pouring out of us, and the fact is, we don’t just have a Trilogy, we have more than that, being another just as wild and off the rails as our first, safely in the hands of special literary lawyers, just sitting back and waiting to see how our first books are received. But aside from whatever the future may bring, writing and talking about the ideas for the books were like this ‘CATHARTIC’ healing and joyful rush we both constantly had, and what some may label and call work wasn’t really work for us, but like a mentioned before it was like a work of love going on, and that felt really cool.

About Our Political Party


On behalf of TB, I just want to ask all Americans to understand that we are going to be a very righteous, honorable, and ethical-political new well-behaved JUSTICE seeking party.  We will not stand or allow any of our future members that make it to the congress or the senate, to turn into cut-throat liars, leakers and do all the wrong kind of behaving that is going on daily by a low life real mentally ill democrat named Adam Schiff.  You will learn much more about the truth and hidden dirty secrets regarding this evil twisted monster, (Schiff) in our future PODCASTS and other outlets we are going to use to spread the knowledge we have about this lying scheming two-face bastard. This man could single-handily be the cause of a CIVIL WAR outbreak in our country. Be very careful and forewarned America about this very deceitful slithering lying congressmen from California, and regard him as a bastard that must be taken out of office. (Apologies for this outburst, but this man is a serious matter that the public must be made aware of).

And this is the point about our call for decency that must be held in the hands of our elected officials, the Mayflower Compact Patriots are going to do our solemn best to bring honor and integrity and at the same time, I’ll do my best to level the deceitful playing field to help prevent a CIVIL WAR from breaking out due to the behavior of democrats like this obvious sleazy Schiff character.

So ‘About Us’ and tying it all together again, we’re all authentic highly principled and forthright ethical good guys, but we’re also no panzy wimpy kind of dudes sitting around and twiddling our thumbs, no, not hardly. We’ve together over the years learned how to become quite adept at gathering information with little tiny birdies inside handy dandy places, so as to keep us as best as possible knowing a little bit about a little bit. And that’s that, Nuff Said, but a double-barrel middle finger to you Mr. Schiff and some other bad actors too in your congressional group who lie as fluidly and as often as you do.

Personal Growth

 My years of digging deeper into awakening and using the dormant area functions of my brain have enabled me to tap in and use the inner sixth sense and clairvoyant abilities we all deeply possess in our minds.  And combining that energy with the decades of putting to practice the Forensic Human Analytical Studies I’ve done my best to master, I have known for years and seen right through all the constant slick lying and the unimaginable illegal spying on Americans. But believe this, it didn’t stop there. I allege very secret corrupt money-making deals were afoot everywhere in faraway countries, starting with the knowledge of it all going down at the very top, meaning I allege our now well covered-up paranoid yet still slick acting X-president Obama, along with I allege his bungling of judgment, slow mentally dissolving foot in the mouth disease sidekick, his vice president himself, and his pathetic son.

Just realize this, a DOUBLE-STANDARD of the law is now and has been in action starting back just days after Trump announced his candidacy to run for president. It’s unfathomable what kind of future alleged high crimes and actual TREASONOUS charges are coming by the end of 2021, from what went on with Obama on one end of the dirty stick, and I alleged the dumb one/biden, operating even more recklessly on the other end.  

We allege that biden is so compromised by criminal deals made with China, that even a first-year law clerk could put together a case against him for selling out America for $$.

I’m possibly digressing off of the subject matter of ‘About Us’, but these points need to be made to the BRAINWASHED PUBLIC, for America’s future is at stake. 

America, PLEASE, don’t you people GET IT, all these rotten characters have to keep lying straight into the cameras day after day, (especially biden and his son because of his presidential run) hoping the media doesn’t turn on them as they should because they know down deep the alleged TRUTH of how corrupt he, his son & the entire Obama administration truly were.  So, the coverups have to keep going to protect them all, & that’s it plain & simple.

Now opening up myself like that, I definitely sense & expect the salacious personal attacks on my character to come on strong, maliciously actually, with no holding back, especially now putting myself into the presidential race for 2020. . . So, so be it! 

We are Honorable, Ethical and Justice Seeking/Just like You!

Maybe you may not believe this after learning a little bit about us, but I am very ethical principled guy, so make no mistake, we have and will help and stick up for the little guys of the world and bring the fight to anyone when the Cause is justified.  And that is exactly what all our platform of ideas are all about for over three hundred million Americans.  Please, go study, learn and understand exactly what we are planning and hoping to achieve with our ‘American Patriotic Life Improvement Movement’.

Proving again We’re Ethical and Justice Seeking Good Men


The goal now is for the word to be spread that good-hearted Americans need to join us, and ‘Mount Up’ and help bring our new ethical and justice-seeking political party into the public’s consciousness, so we can replace the entire democratic group as the so-called second party of the country.  

I pray that this happens or nothing will get done in congress & the clock is ticking before we’re hit with a well-hidden FINANCIAL CRISIS that both parties know about, but again, it’s all BEING COVERED UP. And once the FINANCIAL MESS starts to unravel, it will be unstoppable & eventually destroy America.  

I have no reason to lie to you, so Heed the Warning, & HELP us Stop this Storm that is Near



I’m personally going to get ahead of the curve regarding the potential of various malicious lies being placed to destroy my character as I mentioned before.  So, let’s begin with the obvious area that most folks get scrutinized, our sex lives. Well here it is, my darling Latin sweetheart is 50 years younger, 50 pounds lighter and our chemistry is real, and we just go with the flow that works really fine for us. Now as far as a little more, well I don’t smoke, drug & very rarely care anymore to have a drink. And that’s it, so Nuff Said on that subject!  

I spend my days reading about various subjects that intrigue me about the circulatory system of our bodies, and continue on with my personal research about  Cancer Cellular Growth at varying degrees of Acidic Levels. Plus I am constantly pushing myself to learn everything I can relating to Blood, which I call the Gift of Life. I’ve compiled those humble studies tht I started in late 1974. and I have to include my very old notes about Marijuana research of the entire Female plants, from roots and all to the very tippy-top of the Female Mature Purple Haze Bud.

I know there are many amazing benefits still to be discovered from both gender plants, and definitely include their entire root systems. I’m excited about the prospects of Marijuana research going forward in the future, and the tie in with my Cancer Cellular Acidic/ALKALINE theories. I have so much more to explain but here and now is not the time, but in my gut and heart I want to see a major explosion of research take place with THC and CBD oils, but first they must be put through a Blue Ozone Light Treatment cleansing, and then use the oils to experiment on cancer patients. 

I have many other important and curious subjects and matters I am constantly reviewing, and if I hear a new word and don’t know what it means, I look it up.  And when a subject is being spoken about I know little of, I’m fortunately a fast learner and not shy to dig in and figure it out. 

But most importantly, I’m preparing in every way for the day I work with Putin to solidify a Major Nuclear Peace Treaty (MNPT) with our two countries.  After that, with no slowing down because of the urgency I believe that exists, we both together then go to the negotiating table with Iran, so as to come to an absolute verifiable Nuclear deal that allows for major inspections at every single operating site without any warnings.  And there shall be an absolute openness of accounting for every hidden manufacturing site too, PERIOD.  

And after that, I’m going to push to bring Xi Jinping to aid Putin and myself, so as to make North Korea’s young leader see the need to halt anymore nuclear weapon aspirations.  

A big task but for the world to safely find better solutions for mankind to exist together, this must be accomplished.

Americans don’t realize what an incredibly HORRIBLE nuclear giveaway deal that I portend a future disgraced X-president, Obama, gave to Iran, and now the entire world is in danger from it, for the clock is ticking, and all this worrying about Global Warming will be a complete and utter JOKE.  Nuclear suitcase dirty bombs will beget more, and then Hell will break loose around the planet, and all of us and Mother Nature will be suffering greatly, far more than the existential threats of Global Warming. YES, Global Warming is damn serious, but the suitcase dirty bombs are my first priority.

I will personally with all my conviction make Vladimir Putin aware that he has to join with me to stop the insanity that is developing with the Iran Nuclear build-out programs.

Like one of our Trilogy Books, ‘Thoughts Manifest Energy – Cooler Heads Must Prevail’, well I have been and will continue to reach out to Putin to bring World Peace, for I have known a long time where my life mental strengths and priorities are meant to be.

This is all very real, new and heavy what I am going to be stepping in the ring to do, but I’m personally ready after many years of maturing and studying carefully what’s going on in the world, and now understanding more of what needs to be done home and abroad.  

I’m ready to speak to all that wish to speak with me, and DEBATE anyone regarding our platform of ideas spelled out on our ‘Mission Statement’.  This is a time in our countries history that has to be taken in the utmost serious light, for all this talk about ‘SOCIALISM’ and ‘FREE THIS & FREE THAT’, and OPEN BORDERS FOR ALL, will only soon after implemented, begin to destroy the once strong fabric of America, and SINK THE SHIP, not ‘Right The Ship’ like we’re planning to do. 

We hope you Trust and Believe in Us


Thank you for your Time and Interest



Mayflower Compact Patriots