Asteroid Warning Protection System

It has been carefully studied and now determined that a massive Comet or Asteroid the size estimated to be six to nine miles wide, slammed into an area now known as the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  That mammoth rock has been estimated to have torpedoed into the Planet sixty-six (66) Million years ago, and from the tremendous impact of that one giant rock the entire extinction of all the roaming Dinosaur’s on the Earth took place.

Did you know that there is an International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN)? It’s good to know that there’s a warning network out there looking out for the good of mankind, but truthfully, I would like to see China, Russia and the United States, and actually, any other country with the men and women with the BRAIN POWER to figure out how to DEFEND THE PLANET against a giant Comet or Asteroid like the one that brought on the extinction of the dinosaurs. 

Yeah, why don’t we all just make peace with each other and stop building more nuclear bombs to wipe each other out, and worry about what’s out there in deep outer space heading in our direction someday, that really could WIPE EACH OTHER OUT. 


Can I get an AMEN to that idea? 

. . .Well just say’in