Mayflower Compact Patriots


Kat Man Due’

OUR Mission Statement

This is an addition written on April 30, 2020: When we began our Mission Statement and had it completed and our website up and running back in July of 2017, we had absolutely no idea about the wrongful culpabilities of FAUCI’S DIRECT EVIL DOINGS of the Wuhan CCP BIO-WEAPON DEADLY VIRUS. But had we known that, I personally would have taken steps to begin the FIGHT against it, with the years of my independent cancer research and deep curiosity of the human Blood and lymphatic circulatory system dating back to 1975. THIS FIGHT against the virus would have been our ABSOLUT NUMBER ONE MISSION STATEMENT GOAL on our website, but you can believe this TRUTH, NOW IT IS…

This ends this added Addendum done in the end of April of 2020 but more Addendums will appear throughout this document

Permit me to put this thought out front and visible for all to see and have faith in what we want to do for the sincere GOOD of AMERICA, without pause. Our goal will be to work with total conviction to make every single MISSION STATEMENT a major priority if I’m graced with The Lords Blessing to be President of the United States.


MISSION STATEMENT NUMBER ONE A. This is very important, so we’re naming our first platform mission: Op Save the Planet/Save the Country & Op MNPT, which means bring about a Major Nuclear Peace Treaty between the United States and Russia. We know there are many serious and beyond critical ISSUES facing our country, but we are going to start out with the fact that the United States and Russia MUST BEGIN IMMEDIATELY an iron-clad Out N’ Out Nuclear Peace Treaty conversation.  God Help Us All.

I’m thoughtful and well aware of the debates and ongoing controversy of global warming and all the seriousness it entails, but just realize how fast the planet will start HEATING UP if one large dirty nuclear bomb attack happens and then that action begets the counteroffensive/defensive nuclear strike back at any perceived whomever enemy, no matter if it’s the correct bad guy or not. Think long and hard about that possible reality! 

Thoughts Manifest Energy and Cooler Heads Must Prevail, and that is the clear and obvious point why an all-out Major Nuclear Peace Treaty is paramount for all the world leaders to understand.

MISSION STATEMENT NUMBER ONE B. Russia and the United States must start again the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABMT) and the very important (INF) Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and not let the (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) EXPIRE like it is set up to do in 2021.

It is way past the time for such a nuclear weapon freeze to happen before all mankind is destroyed because of the next major WAR, or some insane incompetent human error, and even more crazy, some series of technical failures and overrides. We’re totally prepared on DAY ONE after being sworn in, to begin straight to the heart talks with Vladimir Putin, and for him and I, Steven Lee Katz, to make an everlasting nuclear truce, and from there together Vladimir and myself again, we work out a compromise with Iran to allow complete verifiable inspections at any given time without notice to all their nuclear sites, and equally as important, there must absolutely be no hidden nuclear weaponry manufacturing locations taking place. These are all very serious precautions and necessities to help avoid what I’ve seen in my visions for many years. 

The horrible negotiations that Obama and John Kerry carried out have put the entire world in a dangerous place, and all the future catastrophic events I see happening will take place if Iran will not agree to a fair and correct strong enforceable nuclear peace treaty. Much more very serious detail of what I am saying here is carefully and succinctly spelled out in our Trilogy, but if I may though I would like to continue this serious thought. Iran must understand that they have a well disguised clandestine rogue element in their manufacturing facilities who have THE bad intentions of stealing the illegal enriched Uranium, and then selling it on the Black MarketIt is not important how I specifically know, but just wrap your heads around the fact that ONE SMALL CAPFUL of enriched Uranium can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Black Market, and the temptations are there to be stolen and henceforth be used in the visions I see in the building of nuclear suitcase bombs placed inside Israel, the USA and Russia. Yes, I said I see this happening inside of Russia too. Please, again it’s all spelled out in our Trilogy and it must be taken seriously. Besides the threat of nuclear suitcase bombs, United States and Russia along with China need to seriously be concerned about the dangerous Cosmic Environment that lurks above us. I’m directly speaking about giant asteroids that are out there, just like the single one that destroyed the Dinosaur age 65 million years ago.

Below is a rough outline of the Platform of Relevant Ideas we have plans for to help all Americans

~ ~ ~

Our second major Op is NO PIE IN THE SKY OR BULL SHIT about ‘FREE Medicare for All’

that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are promising to the American public about!


We are going to bring 

True Affordable Health Care and at the same time

Start the process of  Truly Lowering Your Taxes BIG TIME


2. Affordable Health Insurance & Medical Care – This important reality needs to be said and clearly understood RIGHT NOW by everyone. We have to do everything possible to truly reverse and begin lowering the UNAFFORDABLE RISING COSTS of our nationwide insurance, the medical industrial complex Health Care and the big pharma industrial complex.

If we as a country DO NOT get a sincere once and for all tight grip on the constant rising costs of medical care, which includes the costly billing of your time spent in hospitals, along with the never ending rising costs of medical insurance premiums and deductibles, then if these insane rising costs are not brought under control, then eventually hundreds of millions of Americans are going to be LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY BANKRUPTED, by the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industrial complex.

Small to large businesses, and millions of people self-employed are being eaten alive by the rising costs of health care insurance. Now let’s seriously do something LEGALLY, LOGICALLY, and LEVEL HEADEDLY about these never-ending rising costs. 

And now let me present to you the KEY to how we’re going to start to bring True Affordable Health Care to over 300 million Americans. ‘Let me present you, the Sherman & Clayton Anti-Trust Acts’. These TWO important ACTS that have been on the books for over a hundred years and brought up in front of the Supreme Court two times and held up, are the TWO LAWS that deservedly should lawfully break up the collusion and monopolies of all the involved Hospitals, Medical Associations and the entire Medical Insurance Industrial Complex machine, including the drug manufacturing industry.  

NOT ONE brave democrat candidate running for president talks about breaking up the medical and insurance monopolies with these two ACTS, no, not one of them at this point in time, but they sure can all talk up a big game about giving everyone FREE MEDICARE, FREE COLLEGE AND FREE THIS AND FREE THAT, but just remember this reality,



Please remember this, just a few shorts years ago Bernie Sanders in the election year of 2016 caved into the personal Hillary criminal cabal organization, like a cheap ‘Rag Boy Doll’ and became her personal limp doormat that showed what a weak and sad pathetic nothing-burger/no fight in em non-leader he really is... Sorry Bernie, but you should have contested in 2016 how she obviously robbed you of the nomination you had won as the presidential nominee for your party.

At your convenience after digesting our Mission Opening Manifesto Statement, go to our BLOG area and begin to see how every bullet point is spelled out in more detail how we’re planning to make True Affordable Health Care a REALITY.


3. Here’s another shot in the arm to bring True Affordable Health Care to ALL

***Replicate what the Surgery Center of Oklahoma does, ACROSS THE NATION***

This hospital Board of Directors are doing it right and showing they care about their fellow Americans because they’re putting away their capitalistic greed by posting all the prices of all procedures, services, and products on their hospital public webpages and in the hospital itself. These complete price lists will provide customers the ability to compare what their costs may be for all kinds of medical attention and care, from hospital to hospital. This has proven to be an amazing cost saving to thousands of patients walking through that hospital’s doors.   

These wonderful administrators have already proven that posted medical prices will put a strong damper & tapping down of the insurance companies increasing the cost of your procedures, along with the services & other various costs that all these insurers add to your medical/insurance bills.  

What you just read is absolutely one of the KEYS of the pieces of the PUZZLE to lower all American’s health care and insurance, but we have more plans tying in with the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts and the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.  These and more of what we are going to layout for America will help cement the much-needed relief of HIGH medical and insurance costs. Just stick with us and we’ll make LOWER COSTS happen!

IF all costs were to be posted in all the hospitals and on their public websites, then this could lead to at least a THIRTY-THREE (33) PERCENT or better savings nationwide for the American public on medical procedures that ordinarily would be priced out by the insurance company and the hospitals working off of an actuary statistical analysis risk program.  They both control everything to their huge profitable benefit, and that leaves all patients easy marks for much higher than necessary bills coming in their mail after they leave the hospital.

Now you’re asking how is such a saving possible, well it’s basically done by cutting out all the added blind-siding extra costs that hospitals and insurance companies put into your final tabulated combined medical/insurance bill, and then it shows the confusing insurance discount explanations. The Surgery Center of Oklahoma does nothing of the sort because their procedures are all listed and everything else involved in is spelled out.

Look closely at your bills and see what we’re talking about.  Lots of additional confusing costs are added to your statement and then you’ll see your insurance companies’ handiwork of showing you what discounts they’re getting for you, but in fact, it’s all a form of criminal extortion if you don’t buy their insurance. All the blind-siding costs will add up, but they’ll show a whole lot of discounting and lower costs happening because you have their insurance,  but again, it’s all a form of criminal extortion. All these corporate heads should all be charged with collusion and other illegal activities and if found guilty, then those CEO’s should be heavily financially penalized and flat out sent to prison, so as to send a strong message to all those in their same profession and other businesses too that are ripping off the public.   

Just think long and hard about NOT KNOWING what your hospital procedures are costing, and then include all the way overpriced monthly insurance premiums you pay out plus your sky high deductibles.  

Everything is spelled out in easy to understand detail in our BLOG area


Keep reading and discover more clear explanations of ways we are going to bring you truly affordable solutions for lower medical and insurance costs. In our BLOG area you will find two more KEY examples we want to introduce you to, one being TORT REFORM plus our coast to coast plan for a nationwide setup policy of state to state open border crossing GIANT HEALTH CARE POOLS.   

  These Giant Pools will succeed with the Principles of the Law of Large Numbers




The Mayflower Compact Patriots are going to turn around the pitiful Obama Care Scam, for IT IS NOT WORKING ONE IOTA!

All it has and still is doing, is shrinking the  middle class of Americans to a NEWER POORER CLASS of financially stressed out OVER TAXED paying citizen.

I swear to God, I’m going to do all I can to bring on a “Life Improvement Movement for ALL RIGHTEOUS TRUE AMERICANS. 

These Giant Health Care Pools will spur on great ECONOMIC GROWTH over time from the large amounts of saved money the entire pubic will have in their pockets.  And permit us to add this, and that is we feel strongly that we have to include an effective special program to help out all Americans that are HOMELESS.  A must idea!  

Next, let’s move on to something very critical for our Nation that has to HAPPEN

The Primary Care American Doctor Rebuilding Program


4. The USA is going to be short 0ver 225,000 badly needed Primary Care Doctors throughout the country by the end of the year 2023, and this shortage must be addressed immediately.

Once in office, the Mayflower Compact Patriots are going to be putting the Primary Care Doctors Rebuilding Program into full-on nationwide action and combining that with the GOLDEN CITY PLAN. (Both plans are totally and clearly spelled out in our BLOG area). 

I want to see our (OP) Medical Primary Care Doctor Student Tuition Free Plan cover approximately 225,000 of the much needed aspiring young doctors in its first year of operation, PUN INTENDED… There is a growing crisis taking place, of which is the much-needed urgency to fill the retiring fast-growing vacancies happening of Primary Care and emergency room Doctors all over the country. We need to stay way ahead of the situation of retiring Doctors, and have many in the wings able and ready to serve our countries needs and the possible needs of other less fortunate countries around the world. But first, we need more doctors and nurses around the United States of America, PERIOD!

Absolutely no politicians at all running for the office of the presidency are even talking about this critical shortage of Primary Care Doctors, but rather they’re all talking about getting the government to spend BILLIONS of DOLLARS to grant FREE SCHOOLING to millions of young students and illegals too.

Where’s the logic in these foolish thinking so-called politicians anyway, seriously.  How about taking care of a real obvious problem we do have, rather than waste money on a poorly conceived idea that will not benefit the masses in any kind of positive way.

Our above well thought out and studied two plans absolutely supersede the democrat’s illogical and totally unaffordable idea of giving away FREE COLLEGE for every single American, which is being bantered about by almost all of those running in that party for president. If anything, colleges are turning into corrupt mind dumbing down left leaning toilet bowel institutions, OR more clearly put — SHIT HOLES.  I as president would advocate for a variety of future high paying skilled jobs for men and women of all ages, coming out of the vast variety of VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS  that will offer real educational benefiting future well paying jobs. And I want to see High Schools begin to have Vocational School educations happen in mass all over the country.  It is up to leadership to push, motivate and educate young folks that going to college IS NOT the end all, BE ALL, no not at all. Bottom line of my point, you DO NOT NEED a college education to have a BRIGHT FUTURE !


The country needed to start fixing the Primary Care Doctor shortage years ago because it is crucial for the betterment of society’s medical needs, and literally the overall future health of the country.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and others running in the democratic primary wanting to just go about handing out FREE college tuition like its Milk and Cookie time, IS AN ABSOLUTE TOTAL HUGE SCAM TO GET YOUR DONATION DOLLARS ($) and VOTES. The bottom line is, these two people’s LIES are an impossible financial task the government CAN NOT afford to at all begin thinking about participating in.



These future doctors will only qualify if they are directly going into the Primary Care Physician field, and if they use the program but choose to change to a specialized medical field, then they will be held responsible for any and all free tuition given.  

5. (The Golden City Plan) is for all types of Doctors and Specialists.  This is a major big heartfelt MUST HAPPEN project that TB & I believed in from our first day we conceived and believed in the importance of this wonderful idea for the inner cities.  Again, it will have its own BLOG area for a complete comprehensive explanation of its great value to society and many young lives.

6. The Nursing Vocational School Assistance Program Act

The serious shortage of hospital nurses and the valuable need for more Physicians Assistants across the nation also must be immediately addressed. I want to see tens of thousands of young men and women who have dreamed of becoming nurses and physician assistants, that opportunity. 

Therefore, we are putting forth The Nursing Vocational School Assistance Program Act.

The Government can and will do this for their Countrymen


(IT’S A PAY IT FORWARD PROGRAM) whose time has truly arrived. Our goal is we want to ignite the call for thousands who want to be nurses but never could have afforded the schooling. NOW, ALL WHO WANT, CAN!

Upon all students graduation, these future nurses and Physician Assistants will also be under the new $777,777 Financial Freedom Lifted Burden Income Tax Act. Keep the faith that we are going to succeed to lower your taxes and make this very important ‘Primary Doctor Reform Act’ happen.

When ready to read more, click on the Menu Bar “ABOUT US”, then when the drop box appears, click on (BLOG)… Then when the BLOG opens up, scroll down to the ‘Golden City Plan’.

DIE WITH DIGNITY: I’ll humbly explain when anyone asks me what my strong feeling are. I sincerely mean this.


JAN 20th, 2021


The “We The People” TAX SAVING TRUE PLAN, brought to you by the ‘Mayflower Compact Patriots’ 

Each and every middle-class citizen shall be granted an effective starting TAX RATE of their working income, to start at $777,777.  That’s right, you read that correctly, there’s no TYPO error going on.
Through years of waste, theft, fraud and more ABUSE than any of us have any idea of which has been going on of our hard earned tax dollars, it is high time a new political party stands up for their fellow countrymen.  And as the leader of that said new politial party named the ‘Mayflower Compact Patriots’, I declare that enough waste fraud, abuse and corruption is ENOUGH! Yeah-No, that’s IT, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and its absolutely time to take back our country and begin to RIGHT THE SHIP with what we’re being ROBBED OF by paying taxes into a system that rewards none of us other than the big banks of Wallstreet and all the thiefs of the Wallstreet trading houses.  The central bankers are printing money like mad and just pumping it into the stock market and the middle class are left to fend for themselves with paying taxes into the system, where I absolutely believe its time to let all the hard earned money stay in the hands of all the American who’ve been overpaying into a corrupt system, and let them decide what to do with their hard earned paychecks.  

THE TAX SAVING PLAN: Each middle-class citizen shall be granted an effective starting TAX amount (RATE) of their working income, to start at $777,777. Perhaps better clearly stated, your first $777,777 you take in, be it a small business profit, or an income from doing PHYSICAL HARD LABOR, or SECRETARY, or being a TEACHER, a PLUMBER, or WHATEVER, WHATEVER, WHATEVER,,, your TAXABLE INCOME doesn’t go into effect and start until one dollar over that said amount of $777,777 is reached. But the key take away from this is, is that hundreds of millions of middle-class citizens will be getting a much needed and FAIR TAX BREAK, and or not paying anything at all on their Federal Income Taxes. That could be a valuable savings where that money could be used for a person or families expendable purposes in their communities, and or just putting the money in their banks for an unknown rainy day need, or just being allowed to keep saving your hard-earned money for your future retirements. Do what you want with it is my point, rather than let the sloppy bureaucrats and politicians in Washington D.C. let your money go FOR or INTO a heck of a lot of WASTE-FRAUD-ABUSE activity. It’s only damn fair you keep more of your hard-earned money. Ya think!

Quantitative Easing (QE) is only beneficial to the Wallstreet Bankers and the Wallstreet Trading Houses, and the unbelievable imbalance of financial free money rewards leaves the little guy out in the cold just trying to save a little money and make some kind of fair interest with their money in those banks. 

What you all are witnessing in 2018 is one of the biggest BUBBLES if not THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL BUBBLE in all of the USA history as a country.  And believe me, not if BUT WHEN IT POPS, everyone is going to get hurt. Best guess of the POP, last quarter of 2023, anytime after the first quarter of 2024.
The Federal Reserve is printing FREE money out of thin air by approximately 120 BILLION dollars a month, and hardly a dime of this is going to the little guy, just the Wallstreet pigs that I mentioned above. The financial indebtedness that is being created will bring them all down, but the little guy will always get the bill and the greedy EVIL DOERS will get off scott free. My example of Scott Free -“The 2008 Housing Bubble….” NUFF SAID. But we’re not going to let that happen this time. The Bubble is BLOWING FOLKS, and the powers that be are doing their best to continual hide it!
The Fed needs to raise the INTEREST RATES NOW but they won’t because it will break up the roaring 20’s for the gangster banksters, but again, not taking action will only create the BIGGEST FINANCIAL CRISIS of our countries history. Do you want to see what the future very well might look like, then just look at what happened to the massive bubble that blew up in Japans face in 1989. And they still have not even come close to their OLD STOCK MARKET HIGHS. 
We are heading STRAIGHT ON into becoming the mirror image of Japan, and I see this humbly happening come the time period between June of 2024, to the REAL WALL STREET EXPLOSION taking place around Christmas time of 2024. 
The recklessness of the years of QE and other multiple FEDERAL RESERVE Chairmen meddling with the stock and bond markets and such ARE GOING TO COME TO AND END UNDER OUR MAYFLOWER COMPACT PATRIOTS ADMINISTRATIONAnd legitimate yield providing Crypto Currencies are going to be fully accredited and appreciated by all American investors and investors from all over the world.
Now that date of April 19 has been an interesting month and day in many amazing occurrences in my life and even more interesting, is that month and specific day going back to having wild significant events happening on that said month and day dating back to the start of our countries fight for FREEDOM, beginning in 1775. Just do a search of the date of April 19 on any search engine, and learn about the interesting world events that happened on that month and day.
All the BULL SHIT the Goldman Sachs and other major Wall Street Bankers have cooked up to take money out of the hands of their customers must stop, and it will. All the GREED done by all the Wall Street Bankers MUST END, and it will. The LOOPHOLES will be CLOSED and fairness will finally come forth. And after doing a study of how BILLIONAIRES like Gates set up their giant money making LOOPHOLE RIDDEN FOUNDATION NON TAXABLE but HUGELY PROFITABLE SCAMS, well screw you Gates, and the CLUNTONS and every other non tax paying billionaires. Al these greedy loophole programs are going to be scrutinized and checked, and your fair share will be due when DUE, PERIOD~!

This TAX SAVING PLAN does not give any HEDGE FUNDS, PRIVATE INVESTORS or ANY INVESTOR GROUPS, ORGANIZATIONS, BANKS, or whoever/whatever any kind of $777,777 TAX BREAK whatsoever. This TAX-FREE $777,777 PLAN is for folks who actually do hard-earned LABOR/WORK of some sort, especially all the thousands of small businesses across the Nation. As a matter of fact, our Administration is going to be demanding that legislatures begin immediately changing the TAX CODE that allows huge gaping LOOPHOLES that give the wealthy better TAX BENEFITS than the LITTLE GUY. It’s not FAIR and it’s NOT GOING TO CONTINUE.

The TAXES not collected from the $777,777 TAX BREAK for the middle-class will be made up from the GIANT LOOPHOLES CLOSED on the bankers, and Hedge Funds of Wall Street, and any and all wealthy businessmen and large corporations who barely pay any TAXES whatsoever because of those LOOPHOLES. These LOOPHOLES fall under the category of ABUSE, in our Waste, Fraud, & ABUSE crackdown. The ABUSE isn’t FAIR, and it must be STOPPED! But just realize this and that is LOOPHOLES are just one small area of the huge mountain of abuse going on in this fraudulent system. This FRAUD has to be broken up, or the financial monetary future of our country will go down in flames.

All Social Security beneficiaries’ in the Middle-Class will receive IN FULL THE TAX BENEFIT. It’s absolutely only fair that they be given a TAX BREAK TOO, so they have some extra cushion and spending money in their pocket. Presently right now, Social Security is TAXED, and that’s just not right.  BUT<>BUT<>BUT, read up about our MEANS TESTING PLAN for the millions of wealthy lucky ones who are still receiving Social Security, but under our new Affordable Health Care Plan, this will be one of the benefits they’ll be giving up, so as to be doing their part in helping UNITE the country. Remember what our Mission Statement says, ‘Lower Taxation with Strong Leadership True Representation’. And that statement is a FACT!

The very wealthy fortunate billionaires will pay a once a year TEN PERCENT additional add on wealth tax, and again, the completely absurd favorable TAX LOOPHOLES will be demonstrably shut down. Yeah-No really, SIMPLE AS THAT! 

I am not a marxist, communist, socialist, or any BULLSHIT ideology like that., BUT the TAX LOOPHOLES for all the billionaires and super super rich multi-multi MILLIONAIRES, has to be ABOLOSHED, and they all have to pay their damn fair share, PERIOD…. I mean how much money to you greedy bastard need to satisfy your sick lust for power, and whatever ails your sick, weak lacking minds.  Sorry for the rant, BUT NO, NOT SORRY… The idea that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer, is just out and out NOT RIGHT… NUFF SAID, other than action needs to go down!


—   ADDENDUM.  —




Fast Action Fast Go MINUTE MAN/WOMEN TEAMS. The extreme lawlessness, massive theft rings and all kinds of crimewave spreading across the nation will eat away at the fabric of the security of all the good descent people of the nation. Business’s are being wiped out, and this is all being done by the feckless evil placed District Attorneys promoted and elevated by George Soros. Why should this ongoing criminal element be allowed to put fear and do so much harm and destruction to the masses.  They shouldn’t be allowed and we will put together in each and every state a highly trained and skilled “MINUTEMAN and WOMEN GO TEAM that will go after and take apart each and every gang and criminal group of any nature, and bring civility and peaceful freedoms back to America. We will also deal with the Soros family and others who have an agenda that is so despicable against the betterment of America, but we’re not going to go there with paper talk, for talk is cheap, but rest assured action speaks louder than words.  NUFF SAID.  



 SANCTUARY CITIES:  We are going to SHUT DOWN and TEAR APART politically and every which way you want to label it, all SANCTUARY CITIES throughout the United States that are harboring any and all criminals on the loose, and any all bad types of border crossing illegals. Bottom line for these illegal SANCTUARIES protecting all these bad guys in our country, it’s GAME OVER!

Now I’m going to make a new and fresh growing distinction of a newer and more logical kind of Sanctuary City and Township action developing. For all the GUN RIGHT ADVOCATES standing tall and protecting their 2nd Amendment Rights against any DEMON’RAT FINK people in power who want to take away your guns, your new and developing Sanctuary Cities and Townships to protect your rights, are fully in the RIGHT to do so, without any equivocation.

The Mayflower Compact Patriots are going to take our country back from all the bullshit that has been allowed to go on with this SANCTUARY CITY duplicitous action. George Soros and your cabal, you are being warned right now that any kind of activities you involve your organizations that can and ARE hurting our great country, are going to pay a price that you can’t afford no matter how rich you THINK YOU ARE.   

Our future administrations justice department will come down hard at and on you, and like just previously stated, you, your son and all of your bad intended groups will pay a steep price in many ways that will forever make you think twice about your plans to take over America in the direction you see it should go.  

Most Americans don’t realize that you and your sanctuary cities are slowly destroying the fabric of our country by hiding criminal illegals and other nefarious activities that don’t belong being shielded from ICE and other law enforcement agencies.  It’s a hard and dangerous enough job those brave men and women are doing, so we’ve got their backs and our administration will do everything we can to aide them and give them a full-on NO STOPPING GREEN LIGHT to go and do their job to clean out the scum that Soros has been using his big money to protect.  So the HELL EFFIN’ with you pal, for its damn time you are once and for all put in your damn place! And if necessary, our administration will hire, train and utilize many more ICE agents, PERIOD!

I know from careful research there are multiple countries that have BANNED Soros from ever again entering into, and those were very wise leaders because he is a serious threat to a countries sovereignty and safety and overall well-being. And so for now, Nuff Said… 

8. GUARANTEED FIXED THREE PERCENT HOME LOAN to those that qualify. To address the growing higher interest rates caused by the Federal Reserve and the pain all middle class families are feeling from the incompetent no business experience in his life, the idiotic poorly researched ‘biden Inflation Act’. Again, this plan was poorly studied and never should have been implemented, and now Americans are suffering from it.  THIS IS AN ADDEMDUM done in in mid September of 2023 from all this incredible biden stupidity, we will immediately upon taking office on the first day, put together a 3 percent  HOME LOAN PROGRAM.

Of course there would be certain details and qualifications that would need to be met, but this can be achieved and these guaranteed three percent loans would be a great stimulus for the overall nation.  

9a. Social Security Fraud Act. . A complete revamping of the entire outdated Social Security numbering system.  The key to this will be using a new technological digital encrypted numbering system, for it will be able to make a huge dent in the massive frauds going on.

9b. Entitlement Reform: Social Security-(Computer Analysis MEANS TESTING).

10. PASS A BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENDMENT ACT.  This absolutely must be done, without any games or BULLSHIT: We must start cutting the National Debt and PUT AN END to all the WASTSE-FRAUD & ABUSE.

11. Electrical Protection Power Grid Act. . Protect the nation from an EMP attack.  A MUST DO IMMEDIATELY! And in all actuality, one highly sophisticated EMP attack onto America’s East Coast and West Coast, and then its ‘LIGHTS OUT’ and ‘GAME OVER’. Much much more on this if I’m Blessed and elected.

12. ARTIFICIAL BLOOD Maybe one of the most perplexing medical mysteries not having a breakthrough and still a long way off, is the creation of a TRUE ARTIFICIAL BLOOD that can be used Universally World Wide. The lack of a real comprehensive research and conquering this task astonishes me because in all my time studying Blood, I’ve strongly held the believe that Artificial Blood can be one of the greatest accomplishments by mankind, and save millions of lives in the coming decades.

Now there’s something I have to speak out loud and say personally to Bill Gates. (Not that he gives a shit about me), but pal, you could have taken the lead two decades ago with putting your mouth and mega millions of dollars into the search and research of figuring out how to accomplish creating Artificial Blood for the world.

ADDENDUM, July 2021

Congratulations’ Bill Gates. I allege you and Fauci helped poison BILLIONS of human beings with an ‘(UNPROVEN & HUMAN UNTESTED) human vaccine on brainwashed, scared out of their sheeple minds.  I warn you (NOT) Gates and Fauci, and others that work alongside you two scumbag pricks, you will one day pay, and pay so harshly, you will wish you never were born. VERDAD!

So I pledge if I am so blessed to be the President one day, I will put together the directive to put the challenge of accomplishing the goal of seeing Artificial Blood being a REALITY. It’s time has come for this to truly happen.



13. The “ARGUS” Program. If The Lord wills me Strength and Honor all the way to be the Nations Leader, I will bring a complete STOP to the terrorizing and destabilizing situations going on in the ‘DEMON’RAT cities all over the country.

ARGUS, or what I’m going to call ‘THE ARGUS DOME’, is a well hidden hardly spoken of high flying spying technology program, that can be monitoring and storing video and sound of every single human activity below on the ground. The criminal will NOT GET AWAY EVER AGAIN FROM A CRIME THEY’VE COMMITTED.  The ARGUS program will capture the crime and follow the bad guy wherever he, she, it, GOES… 
And to bring back humanity to the much suffering inner cities, as President I will back up the ARGUS program with U.S. Marshalls, The Minuteman/Women specialty UNITS, and have rotating National Guardsmen stationed all throughout the inner cities, protecting and assisting in many capacities the good folks that live in them.
I would be delighted for all the growing in number NON main stream media and streaming news gathering outlets, asking me to go over in detail to spell out my ARGUS DOME city saving plan.
ARGUS was created by DARPA and many ARGUS satellites can be flying over in no time TO BEGIN PROTECTING the good folks in our many broken down crime ridden cities.  Please, any and all who want to learn more from me and HELP ME spread the word that the ARGUS technology is this unknown way to bring civility and crime ridden cities back.  And new HARSH penalties shall be availed upon the criminals who have been given a ‘GET OUT OF JAIL CARD’ by the Soros gang of weak and ass face kissing DA’s and prosecutors.
The ARGUS DOME idea can work, and ENUFF is ENUFF with all the destruction and mayhem happening in our once thriving cities.


DARPA :  Has advanced hidden technological outer space OFFENSIVE programs that can utterly destroy any and all battlefield enemies. That encompasses and includes all equipment, AIR to GROUND personal and satellite support systems.
This is all under the umbrella system programs of DEW.
This massive powerful destroying technology can target from outer space anyone anywhere in the world and with no exception, vaporize such targets.
The training and actual use of careful targeting practice has been going on for many years, with extreme prejudice and expertise. OMG believe every word you just read.


14. BACK AGAIN, ALL THE WASTE, FRAUD & ABUSE will not escape our administrations’ eyes! There will be a 110% Crackdown EFFORT.  NO FRICKING EXCUSES, just DO IT! 

NEW SUPER HARSH FRAUD PENALTIES should be given when applicable.

SSDEI PLAN means Social Security Digital Encrypted Identification.  This will be the technology to be the first line of defense to stop all the Waste, Fraud & Abuse, plus a way to enforce the strictest ever Immigration policy to capture all who do not have an American legitimate ID Social Security Number. The MATH shows we cannot sustain the massive debt being added to all the social services paid to the millions of illegals!

 **The time has come for a true accounting of what’s going on inside our country’s borders**


Criminal Justice Reform Act

1) Marijuana must be decriminalized immediately!  Its time has long been overdue…

2) Thousands must be freed from Marijuana offenses that are all just total BS petty mean and spiteful arrests.  We will clean out the jails of such unnecessary arrests.

And in all sincerity, I will go so far as upon my good fortune of winning the presidency in 2020 come this November, beginning immediately in my term in office I will set up a review board consisting of hundreds of volunteers looking over cases of utter nothing-burger Marijuana incarcerations.  God knows I could have been one of these unfortunate individuals who got caught growing small amounts of personal usage weed, and luckily for me I started in the late spring of 1974 and walked away from it all in the summer of 1998.  And from all those years of becoming a pretty good farmer of sorts, I humbly will debate anyone regarding the amazing health benefits that entire Female Marijuana plants have. I did and still do envision one day seeing real scientific detailed research going on using the beautiful green leaves of male and female plants and creating and testing with them to produce some kind of paste for the use of horrific burns to the human skin. I believe what is possible needs to be scientifically let loose to be tried for that idea and so many more, but now is not the time to elaborate.

With TB’s money and help and constant encouragement, I created a LIFE HEALING white powder, and believe me, he and I are nothing near what you can call scientists, but through years of trial and error on myself with many variations of my formulas, positive reactions were happening for my health, so afterwards I began to make in roads to finding volunteers to experiment with our creation, and the white powder always found positive results for folks suffering from Diabetes to Cancer, and other medical issues.

So I’ll say it again, if I am Blessed and become the president, I will activate the use of grants and whatever is possible within my powers to look for all kinds of medical uses from the green leaves, the Marijuana UEY GUEY female seed and seedless buds, and using up and down all the stems and branches of the entire whole MJ plant. In our hay day in the early 80’s, we had small growing amounts but we cared for them in the middle of the nights and they had at harvest time root systems spreading out and going five feet down, and at the base of the stem of the dirt-line, some of the female plants were over a foot in circumference, and they were a sight to behold. I could go on and on, but I’m sure my point by now is made loud and clear.




A Major Water Management Emergency Savings Plan:  Using the Five Major Lakes around the state of Michigan plus a major negotiated deal between Canada and the USA will needed to be done, then hopefully after a major water pipeline will begin from the mammoth Hudson Bay traveling thru parts of Canada and then continuing down to the middle of the USA. The two countries will build a mammoth piping system to move millions of gallons of water towards the center of the country. I see the design that will be needed will entail FIVE MASSIVE WATER HOLDING LOCATIONS. The five water holding locations will have major feeder connecting pipelines distributing massive amounts of water to outlying areas of possible future hard-hit drought and damaged/ruined well water areas of the United States.


In my humble visions, I see there will come a FLASH OF TIME starting by mid 2025 when a dozen and a half unprepared States west of the top of the countries jagged border line that starts at the top of the north east section of the state North Dakota and traveling all the way down that imaginable border line, to and through the entire state of Oklahoma, will be unimaginably greatly devastated with suffering losses of the most valuable of all lifesaving commodities besides fresh breathable air, WATER!
Tens of thousands of miles of underground aquifers will be caving in, leaving millions of citizens and hundreds  of thousands of valuable once rich growing acres of precious crop farmland without any functioning pumping wells to supply that Life Sustaining Golden Clear Liquid, WATER.

California is developing into the direst position from sinking or ‘THE COLLAPSING’ of thousands of swaths of acres of land sitting due east of the massively long Andreas Earthquake Fault Line.

California, California, California,

what are you doing to YOURSELVES

In Many Multiple Regards!

California with the help of the United States Government must develop a MASSIVE FRESH WATER PIPELINE SYSTEM, for I see in the future that California plus Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico are going to run short of the most important of Mother Natures natural resource, that being WATER.

I envision the day that a MASSIVE WATER PIPELINE starting all the way up in Alaska, reaching down into California and all the neighboring states around her, will be part of this amazing movement of fresh water suppling the drought stricken areas of the United States.

Thousands of small EARTHQUAKES AND TREMORS are continuously happening in California. Those will trigger multiple activations of sleeping/dormant Volcanoes, and thus, the pipelines of millions of gallons of water will be then of the most treasured needed commodity for masses of humanity, as the deep in the Earth Aquifers begin collapsing.

Large & small cities in California from Stockton to Kettleman, stretching all the way up & down the San Joaquin Valley, going east to Fresno, the EARTH COLLAPSING will happen all the way down to Bakersfield.  And this collapsing and destruction will only be the beginning, for the Andreas Fault Line travels parallel hundreds of miles north & south of the California Pacific Coast.

The Earth will shake underground violently and the massive pockets of methane gas bubbles will move upward and after poking large holes in the Earth’s surface, the lethal gases will begin causing amazing spontaneous flash fires that will spread wherever they want without an easy containment resolution. If massive amounts of the upward moving highly potential spreading explosive methane bubbles happen, then this will bring forth unfathomable havoc onto those near this incredible fiery activity.  And if this vastly spreads wildly, we all should begin to fear for the entire west coast, going up and down and then spreading all the way north and south to Oklahoma.

KARMA<>Paybacks a Bitch


You are directly first in line California, and in many despicable and shameful ways, your Washington D.C. political HACKS who gave and sold themselves to and for the she-devil-Clinton, you (Adam Schiff, Kattie Hill, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein, and Ted Lieu) for your actions to protect and go deep into lie after lie on CNN & MSNBC to cover-up her alleged countless acts of provable unbelievable enormous greed & worse, TREASON, so now all of you & your entire state will one day catastrophically reap what you have sown!

Penance, do any amongst you have such a thought, I highly suspect not, so so be it!


The Universal Flow Pay Back Karma is setting up and unfortunately in play as you read this, and only time will tell how Mother Nature truly plays out for the EVILDOERS presented to you and the entire state. I have seen many a time the evening out of Mother Nature’s balance of payback justice, and this will be another unique valuable life lesson for me to take note and learn greatly from. There is no exaggeration in these straightforward words from my experiences with HER! Nuff Said, let’s move on.

Photosynthesis – ADDENDUM


15. The Ocean Desalination Engineering Act. Known as (TODEA)… This will require the absolute most dedicated scientific research and completion program to master the crucial need for True Affordable Massive Amounts of DESALINATED WATER.

I can’t stress enough and say how important this engineering feat truly will be for the future of our country. Massive amounts of saltwater by the millions of gallons need to be in the coming future turned into viable FRESHWATER!

Many coastal states like Florida will one day need massive pumping operations to control all the inward city flooding due to the rising Oceans. The SUN is going thru a new cycle of literally putting out much more HEAT and all the surfaces of the entire world are feeling the effects. This is not GLOBAL WARMING caused by too much farming and cows farting and burbing and nitrogen and whatever other LIES and BRAINWASHING crap is being put out there by the corrupt main stream media….  IT IS THE SUN that is warming our planet and causing many catastrophic events happening now and going into all of our futures on the planet we exist on, PERIOD…

Do not be sold the line of the Planet is warming up to dangerous levels in this present day and age entirely because of mankind, for the earth has been evolving for millions of years, and the global warming changes are all part of the rhythm of Mother Nature, especially including the Womb of our Planet, Her Oceans.

The corrupt main street media plus evil doers like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, the VAX MONSTER-Fauci, plus many more bad intending evil sick twisted minded humans, INCLUDING the creep and pathetic excuse of a man, Markie Zuckerberg. Thanks to Zuck bucks and the Soros family, the 2020 election was a fraud, sham and stolen outright with the complicity of a big push by the main stream media. These people and the Uni-Party are the ones funding and spreading the lies AND HALF TRUTH’S about the earth is warming up because of cow farts and car emissions, and the likes of an array of so many other mechanical things. The world needs to plant more trees of all types on the earth and grow and harvest tons and tons of SEAWEED. I’ve written an extensive amount of educational information about SEAWEED FARMING.  EVIL will be fought, and righteousness shall once again prevail.

These elaborate giant pumping stations need to be designed to steadily carry the millions of gallons of seawater to the future inland huge desalination operations, and from there, join in with the massive freshwater pipeline systems, known as the Major Water Management Emergency Savings Plan, (The Five Michigan Lakes Distribution Act’ as written about above).  

The Key is the Invention that can Desalinate Millions of Gallons of Ocean Water

I envision the massive pumping systems and desalinating piping systems must be eventually interconnected by the start of 2026, for the rising sea levels of the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf Coast are going to begin to play havoc on millions of lives living near those coastlines.  

And again, THE COLLAPSING landmasses in California are going to destroy the Aquifers, leaving millions of people and precious square miles of farmland without the lifesaving precious commodity needed, FRESHWATER.

Before I conclude this section of our manifest, allow me one more writer note, that being the incredible invention of the ability to desalinate massive quantities of saltwater will one day carry forward to Planet Miracle, when mankind will begin using this technology for what liquid they find on the future Planet that will become our next HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

The Lord has put forth His Oceans being The Womb Of The Planet, and in this Womb lies the periodic table of elements, and from an American Manhattan type plan, giant ‘DESALINATING PLANTS must be built up and down the remaining usable west coast line of California, along with Safe Small Thorium Nuclear Reactors, which will provide the energy for these ocean water cleaning plants, and these special efficient reactors will be the KEY to America’s Electrical Future. I visualize all the cleaned salt water are going to be the provider of forever fresh water, and multitudes of the periodic table of elements for industrial and other various world usages, and I also see for outer space use in the future decades that will come forth fast in our life times. The super bright chemists and very knowledgeable engineers will know how to convert the byproducts’ like Lithium and others that will come forth from the salt water cleaning.

16. For all the past and present able bodied Coal Miners, if you choose to join us, we humbly look forward for you to be a part of the Free Educational Piping/Placement Engineering Training Act:

The coal miners that join us will need to be a big part of (TODEA) ‘The Ocean Desalination Engineering Act’, plus the crucial ‘Five Michigan Lakes Distribution Act’.

It’s time the country truly pays back these hard-working folks that gave us for decades their generations of families supplying our country with our past energy needs.

The goal will be to first train these folks with the skills of pipe welding and assembly and then building the massive pipelines that will be crossing over many state lines.  And after completion, a strong Union will be forged for all of them to be the backbone of all the maintenance and upkeep. An all mighty task, but needed!

17. A new transformational electrical vehicle with an unbelievable never seen before battery technology, is secretly to the highest degree being developed.  So on the advisement of the geniuses I’m working with, NUFF SAID for now. 




But its not as simple as that~!  I am not going to be a hypocrite on this subject like so many bloviating big named famous fools are in the United States.
This ADDENDUM was written after the so-called BULLSHIT MANDATES were put out by the dumbest president in American history. But I’m going to caveat that statement with saying he is the illegal stolen election prick occupying the White house, nothing more, nothing less, yet there he is on national television telling us we MUST GET VACCINATED to stop the spread of the virus. What the hell does that moron know, seriously…  So screw you buddy, and what about all the ‘illegals’ you are allowing to pour over our borders?  Are they being checked for the virus and God knows what else they might be carrying.
Sorry for the rant, so I’ll get back on point.
A women’s body is her own body and if God forbid she’s been raped or something happened by mistake and she does not want to carry the baby, then it is her free choice to do whatever she wants. But from my life experience of growing up in the MAKE LOVE<>NOT WAR time period, I was friends with several young ladies my age who became out of wedlock pregnant, and these good young women had a serious decision to make, and it wasn’t easy for them by any stretch of the imagination.
Now we’re being told YOU MUST GET VACCINATED or you’ll lose some of your God Given Freedoms, but when in fact there has been no adequate huge human testing done to know if these rushed to market vaccines are safe for human consumption, let alone be even effective in stopping the spread of the Wuhan virus.
So I’m going to ask anyone who reads this ADOPT/ABORT piece, go google ‘HOW MANY COUPLES WANT TO ADOPT BABIES?’, and you’ll be surprised to learn that there are about 2 millions couples waiting to ADOPT in the United States, which means there are as many as 36 waiting families for every one child who is placed up for adoption. That’s an amazing number to digest.
So what is my point, well maybe we could collectively put our heads together and figure out a plan to help encourage and change the thinking of the young ladies who are going to ABORT their unborn, and change their heartfelt feelings to allow ADOPTION of their baby to a loving couple.
I’m going to always do the best I can to think something thoroughly thru and not end up being a hypocrite like so many. So I’m going to end this important discussion with, if we could safe babies lives with some logic and love, then lets do it, but sadly again, its a women’s body and her final difficult decision.


18. The Honey Bee Nationwide Colony Growing Emergency Act Program:  This is no laughing matter whatsoever. This is a major emergency that SPEAKS for ITSELF, believe that statement. Without our Bee’s, the world’s food supply WILL GREATLY SUFFER, and this is a very serious fact.  

We are poisoning the Earth with chemicals to kill the weeds in the growing fields but these toxins are killing the BEES and probably increasing the risk of cancer in humans.

The Honey Bee’s are always under attack, be it from all the pesticides put in the ground before the crops are seeded or literally on the crops themselves. And another issue that is dangerous to the Honey Bee’s survival, is from all kinds of larger predator insects, like flies, moths and wasps. Fact is though, Mother Nature will figure out Her ways to take care of Herself.


I humbly believe that we can help save the Bee’s and even more to the point, SAVE THE PLANET by growing massive amounts of SEAWEED all over the entire ocean areas where the cultivation by humans will be applicable.  Seaweed is a broad wide full spectrum usage fertilizer, second to only the real nitrogen fertilizer.  Seaweed is rich in trace minerals and valuable hormones that create a stimulating intrinsic pure function for all kinds of varieties of plant growth. Seaweed contains a very enriching high amount of carbohydrates that become natural building blocks that are essential for all types of plant growing cycles.

Also, a new and profound industry can grow around the capture of the millions upon millions of tons of SEAWEED that are drifting out in the multiple oceans of our Planet.  My ideas of capture and recycle for fertilizer and other usage, will STOP the RED ALGAE TIDE and BLOBS that are washing up on the beach shores all around Florida and other various parts of the world.  There are solutions for many of our problems and issues presented to us by Mother Nature.

19. Harvard ENDOWMENT. Did you know the the Harvard Endowment is valued at 53 Billion dollars as of June of 2018?

And dozens of other major well known colleges have Billions and hundreds of high Millions of dollars in their ENRICHED Endowment Programs.
The SCAM of the insane ripping off set up of the student loan programs MUST & WILL BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY on my first day as President.
Lets be real here, colleges really don’t teach anymore, NO, they turn out a class of brainwashed young fools who become stupid left leaning morons that think men can have babies, and its alright to bend the minds of little innocent school children with talk about their not what gender they think they are. Give me a F******G BREAK!  These little kids don’t even know what the word GENDER means, and this sick perverted illegal president in the White House goes along with this, but actually leads this sick perverts. A TRUE LEADER WOULD NEVER ALLOW SUCH INSANITY BE PUT ON YOUNG INNOCENT CHILDREN. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, biden SHOULD BE EXPOSED (no pun intended) FOR THE SICK TWISTED PERVERTED CREEP HE IS!
The EXECUTIVE ORDER we will put out on day ONE, will be that all these very rich colleges with Endowment programs filled to the brim with Billions and hundreds of Millions of dollars, will be totally responsible for all the past student loans, and there will be no more future student loan programs that have any such scam written loans available. An if these very rich colleges REFUSE, then their TAX SHELTER special programs will be PULLED and then they will be held fully responsible for past priviledged tax shelters specially written for them.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH will this absord scam perprerated and set up by corrupt money grabbing politicians, and you can include the many scum bag lobbyists who more than likely wrote these TAX CODES and other family financial destroying programs.
We are going to create a new class of learning institutions that won’t have any 4 year nonsense degrees before you graduate and then go out and look for a job. NO, that scam is over with, unless you have the BUCKAROO’S, and your family is rich enough to gamble and waste their CASH money themselves for 4 years, then young folks need to wizen up and get real and face the working world.
One the first day, only SPECIALIZED VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS will help all those young wise folks who want to learn a craft that will have them in and out of school in no time, and then begin an apprenticeship into the future real hands in a job that will afford them a real beginning salary.


PROFESSIONAL HEAVILY TRAINED & ARMED PROTECTIVE (K thru 12 SCHOOL GUARDS IN EVERY SCHOOL IN THE UNITED STATES) These children protectors will be comprised of a 3 man/women operation, working before the start of school, and a few hours after.

20a. (APT) Automated Payment Tax on all currency trading transactions done on Wall Street

THIS IS NOT A TAX ON THE STOCK MARKET, AT ALL.  The amount is still being calculated, but approximately four to seven-tenths of ONE percent is what we are looking at. This will generate BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Dollars in deserved transaction fees that are now getting basically a free ride.  

This is a Tax on all the BIG BANKS who are PROFITING Billions of Dollars and not paying enough taxes on them.  These collected taxes will be part of the MANY counterbalancing money infusion measures that will be used to assist the first $777,777 NON-TAXABLE FEDERAL INCOME TAX ACT.   

The TOTAL NON-TAXABLE FEDERAL INCOME TAX ACT will succeed with much more counterbalancing controls put into effect on all the government WASTE, FRAUD & ABUSE going on.  The tremendous wasteful outlays of government bureaucratic spending need to go on a major lifetime DIET! And that absolutely includes the Military-Industrial Complex.  

Without any equivocation, all politicians must agree on the above points, or they’re showing the reality that they’re not interested in balancing the over-bloated budget and DOING WHAT’S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE THEY SERVE.

The above is Truly all About America’s Patriotic Life Improvement Movement


21a. The Legalization Marijuana Act: Grow your own ten personal healthy plants but not for any saleable use.  Maybe Americans can begin to do their own part of fighting the flow of Marijuana from Mexico into our country.  We believe its time has come to grow your own, and fight crime

21b. The Nationwide Planting HEMP ACT:  Hemp can be a great future multi-useful industrial product like never imagined before, plus it could also do its share and part to assist in the much-needed cleaning of the air of carbon dioxide, by planting millions of acres across the country.

(This Matters) The absolute disaster for commercial and industrial uses going on with the deliberate eradication (DEFORESTATION) of one of Mother Nature’s most important rainforests, the Brazilian rainforest, is a crime against all humanity.

HEMP sadly can’t replace a rainforest, but it is a WIN<>WIN for the country in many ways.   

Did you know you can use hemp for clothing, health foods, many types of construction materials, plastic components, biofuels, organic body care, cement, and we could go on and on with hundreds of other uses for society?  

We are beyond strong believers that every part of the Female (THC) Marijuana plant should be studied for medical purposes and all types of health benefits for mankind and the animal world too.  We hope that CBD oil medical discoveries are strongly pursued also, so as to continue on the path of which Mother Nature has put forth this beautiful plant for us to use wisely. (Study in our Sample Book chapter section, the ‘SKY KING TO THE RESCUE’, and learn some amazing details about Marijuana’s uses for Medical purposes).

Back in the day of the Mayflower Ship and others just like her, the sails, the long-gated masts, large areas of wood flooring and the combined building of the body of the ship itself, along with the hundreds of feet of lengths of rope were all constructed from the HEMP plant. And so we’re unabashedly hoping to bring forward a valuable plant that could be very beneficial for the United States of America.

22.Presidential Communications Channel: A Direct Open American Citizens Live TV Line, where once a month the nation is able to call in and speak to the President on this Unique Channel.

23.Presidential Paper Ballot Voting Act:Prepare with a nationwide backup plan in the case of a major hacking attack.

24.Major Cultivation Seaweed Act: PLUS a demand of all United Nations participants to finance a major worldwide TOP OCEAN SEAWEED CLEANING. This vital program will then process the tons and tons of BLOBS of seaweed floating all over the Earths Planet and be used for natural future fertilizers and any positive kind of food source for all the poor nations.

I have been using many decades of my life’s experiences and combining all the research from years ago entering in and out of libraries wherever I might have traveled and been around, to then transitioning to using the Internet to much more efficiently seek out and learn all I could about many various world subjects and events.

The slow changing and in some parts dying of the planets oceans have bothered me deeply, and I looked for much wiser ocean researching folks than myself that might have great insights and ideas on how to heal and allow Mother Nature’s Womb of the Planet, (The Ocean) to THRIVE AGAIN.

So below is an idea I learned from all my reading and research and men and women I studied over many years on the Internet, and now I hope if I’m Blessed and become the next President of the United States, I can be the leader that brings forth many solid excellent DOABLE ideas to save the Womb of the Planet, that being the Oceans. Below is one of the strong plans to begin saving the Ocean and this plan will include increasing the health of the air we all breath.

The Earth’s ECOSYSTEMS are all connected, so we must do all we can to bring back the natural balance.


I have my engineering plans to build the Seaweed growing platforms, and I’m absolutely sure many wiser and more qualified Marine Biologists will gladly join in and kick-ass to help bring back our Oceans from their slow death, and help lower the CO2 in the air around the planet. 

If so-called governments and just plain and regular everyday people are totally truly damn serious about saving the planet, then we must begin planting Seaweed massively in all the oceans around the world where it is applicable. And applicable it is, (IF) mankind will begin to AID Mother Nature in Healing Herself with our SIMPLE POSITIVE  HANDS ON MAJOR ASSISTANCE IDEA.




We have been for too long depleting the oceans of the proper PH balance, (just like our human bodies) creating way too much ACID and this is the MAIN PROBLEM that has been killing off the once abundant plant life, the delicate worldwide oceans amazing once thriving colorful coral reefs, and the massive masses of the fish population around the planet….

THIS IS THE ACT OF HUMANITY KILLING ITSELF thru it’s own idiotic recklessness and utter stupidity,
BUT IT ALL CAN BE REVERSED. This reversal is not pie in the sky bullshit, THIS IS TRULY DOABLE.



The above statement is more than worth repeating, period!


Seaweed farming in massive abundance will transform the QUALITY of the oceans water tremendously and repopulate and save the dying fish populations, plus bring back to life the dying coral reefs.  We can bring back the PLANET from being depleted of its natural Eco-Systems Cycles of life giving ways thru growing massive amounts of Seaweed, which will enrich the oceans thru a PH balancing natural way.

The Seaweed will bring back the natural mixture of the precious balance needed of carbon dioxide in the oceans waters. This will in turn restore the NATURAL MEASURE OF ALKALINITY (PH) IN THE VAST OCEANS AROUND THE PLANET, then over a reasonable amount of time all the inhabitants of the ocean will begin to THRIVE again.


90 PERCENT of the ocean waters are getting too warm from the increasing HEAT that is being put out from the SUN. This FACT is being covered up by the phony lying Al Gores, John Kerry’s, Bill Gates and that witch-Hillary Pillary Clinton’esky,of the world, and many many others in the controlled national spotlight, and the propagandizing mainstream corrupt media is going along with the GLOBAL WARMING lies on many political fronts.

The SUNS RAYS hits the Earth and the vast majority hit the top layers of the Ocean and bounce off into space, but the high above Green House gases trap a small portion of that heat. Yes, more solar heat is held in the atmosphere from the burning of coal and cars, trucks and planes and other creations of modern mankind, but the issue of too much CO2 in the atmosphere can be slowly brought under control.

The Al Gores and John Kerry’s of the world are just literally lying their ass faces off with the massive aid and assistance of the news print and National TV and cable outlets to turn the easily gullible and brainwashed hundreds of millions if not BILLIONS of worried humans into believing THE END IS NEAR is we don’t REDUCE THE CO2 in the air.  These men and too many worldwide politicians would rather bring our entire worlds civilization to the mental breaking point, rather than look for logical ideas and solutions to help societies ease into a calmer transition of multiple new forms of energy sources and uses.

Did you know from some long ago old but tried and true methods of paper documented recordings, that the planet has been warming up 300 years before mankind in volume started using fossil fuels. Around 1700 was the measured peak of what they called the “Little Ice Age”, and there are records going back approximately a 1000 years that show “SEA LEVELS” several meters higher than today.

The perhaps bottom line is that scientists truly DO NOT KNOW the cause of so many years or let’s clearly say decades of temperature fluctuations, but we can intelligently say that the SUN has a great deal to do with it, BUT super major factory manufacturing along with cars, planes and such usage were not creating CO2 hundreds of years ago.

DID YOU KNOW that CO2 correlates with more rapid growth of the needed plantation GREEN FOLIAGE growth around the world?!?  And that CO2 is the basis of all life on Earth.
(I read this exact same line in multiple books I came across when doing my research).

OK PLEASE, one last thought…. CO2 aids in nature a simple foliage leaf during the process called photosynthesis, (which is when a green plant converts sunlight into sugar) and this extracts more carbon from the air. Yeah, go ahead all you doubters and haters, go do your own due diligence and try to prove me wrong…


Plain and simply put, there’s not enough revolving and turning over of all the oceans deep depths of the healthy oxygenated water it holds, and from this there is a dangerously increasing amount of top surface to midrange depth of ocean toxicity building up. The PLAN of planting endless Seaweed will WORK, and we can help the entire ocean eco-system reverse from the dying off that is taking place and REJUVINATE THE OCEANS, which are THE WOMB OF OUR PLANET, and in turn lower by a great degree the trapped Green House gases in the higher up atmosphere. And while this massive Seaweed growing program is going on, more young minds can be intelligently working on newer amazing ideas to help the planets future.

Come on, let’s all wake the fuck up and admit the obvious, which is the oceans are getting more ACIDIC, and so the marine life and entire ocean is not flourishing and actually the fish life are slowing being depleted and the ocean itself is slowly dying.

The oceans need help restoring the natural flow of the designed CIRCULATON PROCESS.  The plan should be to get the cool deeper waters to come up because they have higher nutrient levels that can help restore the growing conditions for SEAWEEDS.

The bottom line is RESTORE the ocean to a healthy balance.  RESTORE RESTORE RESTORE ALL OVER THE PLANET, And THAT’S IT, plain and simple!

There are 100’s of millions of square kilometers for creating marine permaculture growing farms, and this PLAN IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE.  CONCEIVE, BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE…

DESIGN UNDERGROUND NON-TOXIC PLATFORMS TO SET UP SEAWEED GROWING FARMS<>GROW GROW GROW and HARVEST THE SEAWEED… GOOD for human food, animal feed, cows food for a healthier animal, less burping, less methane and a better meat product.  I have seen these platforms and I totally know that we are not talking about rocket science to build these growing platforms. The cost analysis benefits are off the charts for EFFICIENCY and I have no doubt that if I’m so Blessed to become the next president, I can motivate the world to get behind all the above positive ideas.

Seaweed can also be used as a healthy staple of human FOOD for those that choose that form of lifestyle, a super future major fertilizer source for farmers all over the world, and even a form of pure clean BIO-FUEL can come out of Seaweed.. And open your minds and imagine how much more will be discovered once the scientific young and old minds WAKE UP to the importance of SEAWEED.

THE MARINE SEAWEED WORLD ACTIVITY can create millions of jobs and everything else I’ve mentioned and written about above.  I’m a pure good hearted leader and I can make this all happen if I’m so Blessed and become the next President of the United States.


A seaweed salad diet can provide amazing nutrients for the human body…
Seaweed (brown species) can help draw down carbon from the atmosphere and grow a half a meter per day, and eventually over 50 meters long.

Fastest growing TREE on the planet. Pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. Thousands of tons of carbon per square kilometer per year can be drawn down into the oceans, and begin to heal the ocean’s sickness.

Its food, habitat for fish, gives back to the ocean eco system, and it tremendously helps to balance the carbon, and THE CARBON EXPORT CAN BE MEASURED TO PROVE ITS WORKING.

If mankind continues on the course and direction it is going with the treatment of the womb of the planet, that being the OCEANS, then we’ll all slowly die with her, it’s that simple. The oceans are heating up because the SUN is giving off more heat, not the fable tale done by Al Gore and so many other money grubbing ELITISTS, who are brainwashing the world with this plan to save us all with this bullshit plan called the “GREEN NEW DEAL”.


If mankind continues on the course and direction it is going with the treatment of the WOMB of the Planet, that being the OCEANS, then we’ll all slowly die with her, it’s that simple. The oceans are heating up because the SUN is giving off more heat, not the fable tale BS done by Al Gore and so many other money grubbing GRIFTING ALMOST SATANICAL LIKE THINKING but for sure they’re all pure unethical ELITISTS, who are getting away with brainwashing the world with this plan to save us all with this bullshit plan called the “GREEN NEW DEAL”.

In truth its a plan to depopulate the entire planet down from 8 BILLION people to less than ONE BILLION. THIS IS NOT A JOKE or a game at all. If the people of America don’t soon WAKE the EFF UP and realize what has and is steadily but stealthily going on to brainwash all of you, then your fate will be in the hands of monsters like Fauci, Zuckerberg, Soros, Obama, plus unbelievably the complete sociopathic lying perverted criminal but now slowly brain dissolving into a very usable manipulated idiot in the white house, (biden). And not to be left out and forgotten by any means,  the pure power hungry devils at the top and throughout the FBI, DOJ, CIA, homeland security, IRS and so many-many other alphabet soup so-called government agencies and dastardly out of control bureaucrat’s…             

And how do I know all this, well I will only say read our Trilogy and focus on all the Delmonti occurrences that come up throughout the pages. He was once a very reliable associate worker with my co-writer and his genius cousin, but after many reliable incredible year after year of brilliant shining computer engineering scientific wizardry, he finally snapped from his anger and frustration towards Obama, and then added to his anger the government corruption he was filtering in on, and from this mental break, he stole proprietary computing hacking and stacking and reverse anti-virus and security engineering technology and left the nest and went beyond any word that goes way past ‘ROGUE’.  Take heed and pay serious attention to what I wrote above about evil plans of ‘culling the sleeping majority of the human herd’. It’s a very real plan and they have many variations and ways to make it all happen…  

One last thought, remember this name, Alejandro Mayorkas… He is in total charge of the United States  homeland security, and under that filthy illegal squatter pretending to be the president in the White House, (biden), these two TREASONOUS CRIMINALS have orchestrated an entire INVASION into our country so far of over TWENTY MILLION military age fit men from all over the world. So from what I reliably know, if these two pricks ever say Americans MUST GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS TO OWN GUNS, then guess what HAPPENS NEXT when America’s PATRIOTS refuse to give up our guns, their planned ‘MARSHALL LAW AND CIVIL WAR BEGINS.  From my perspective of learning and knowing all I do, I’m extremely shocked what is blatantly being allowed to happen at the Southern Border of the United States, but again, this is all being done intentionally, and eventually those illegal young men will be used like pawns to carry out the next step of the insanity being planned to turn America into a complete 3rd world shit hole and even worse.  I’m not delusional or crazy, no, I’m just eyes wide open to hearing and seeing what’s going down right in front of our faces, and the main stream media is acting like nothing is wrong and they could give two shits about it all, as they do their boot licking for the big salaries they are paid to read off the ‘TELEPROMPTERS’. 

God Help Us is all I can think.  .   .  Sorry for the rant, but al the above is happening in real time 2024

I’m going to make a bold statement right here and now. Since the covid/Chinese/Fauci PANDEMIC/VIRUS began out of China, the real powers that be that are running the MONEY-AGRICULTURE-MEDICAL-and every other human control lever or valve or what have you, WANT TO (CULL) like in (KILL OFF)! THE HERD OF HUMANITY.

Am I making myself clear enough to everyone?!  At this point in my life in this year of 2021, I know damn well what I am saying. Its the middle of the year and the vaccines for the virus are at best making millions sick and at worst, beginning to kill thousands all over the world, and its just beginning, AND the covering up of all these deaths has just begun. The only question I ask is how long with the corrupt mainstream media play along with all the deaths that will be occurring going into the next couple of years.


We the People are nothing but an expungable number to them, a tax collecting rag of scum to them and we give, they take and demand more or ruin our lives in any way or means they choose or want (such as FREEZE OUR BANK ACCOUNTS) OR EVEN MORE SEVERE, FLAT OUT PUT US IN JAIL LIKE THE JANUARY 6, 2021 PATRIOTS.

This is not the TRUE AMERICA our DESIGNERS and then our fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters fought for.

 It’s time to MOUNT UP




(Point of fact, time will tell, but we have to start growing SEAWEED immediately)


25.Goverment Zero: No Borders, No Language & No CultureMichael Savage’s book still is RIGHT ON! A must-read.

 Addendum – 2021

It has absolutely come the time in our country’s history to start totally taking care of our own entire citizenry, and rein in completely and STOP all the illegal border crossings that are costing our countrymen hundreds of billions of dollars a year in multiple social program handouts.  We’re being robbed, cheated and badly abused and enough is enough and its damn time it all needs to be stopped. Where is the logic in giving total strangers our hard-earned tax dollars, while the illegals basically don’t care (GOS) about our language, borders and culture, and cross-over into our country with having no real sincere desire to assimilate into our society?    

We are a compassionate nation but we’ve gone way beyond the tipping point of how much American Citizens TAXES can continue to be handed over to invaders who truly have no right to our money.  They have illegally crossed over our border & that qualifies as calling them, invaders.  

The Borders need to be Protected and in the same breath, so does our Country January 21st, 2021

It’s time for any and all illegals to be turned back and sent home immediately and they need to carry the realistic message that the United States can’t and won’t continue to be a welfare state for other countries people.  

As far as DACA, use the cut-off date of 1-21-2009, and grant citizenship to those that were born or came here before that date and time.  It’s just plain and simple that its time to ease those young folks’ stress because they have been a political pawn for too long and let’s just do the right thing for them once and for all.  I have researched and learned about many wonderful things these young folks have done with their lives here in America and I’m very proud for them, but if the bad apples have any kind of very serious criminal records, then they have given up the claim to be part of the DACA helping hand plan.  Fair is Fair!  

Back to the subject of this present-day Border Immigration Mess

If all this sounds too harsh and cruel to some, we say you should start doing some real research on how our countries schools are terribly becoming over crowed with non-speaking English children who require special attention.  We’re sorry, but why should American children be denied their parent’s tax paid for education, while way too many total non-citizens get special treatment. It just doesn’t make any sense anymore, especially with democrats wanting to allow millions more to cross-over our borders illegally and overwhelm our schools, hospitals and our entire social system set up for tax-paying Americans.  Enough is Enough!


The country is in debt to the sum of over 22 TRILLION DOLLARS (2019), and all those BILLIONS of dollars going into the multiple setup free handout programs for people coming into our country illegally, will within a couple more years come to reach a point where our society will be crushed by the weight of the continual outlay of those billions of dollars. The reality will turn into frustration of why are our TAXES going to the aid of illegals stretching from Africa to the south of our country’s long and wide-open border?  Enough is Enough!

It’s not unjust to cut it all off and take care of our own, for if we let the illegal immigrants continue to overwhelm our cities, schools and welfare system, we will come to the fork in the road where THE MATH will show our country and our social safety nets for our society will implode and our great country will be no more.  We will lose our Culture, Language, and Borders, and America will no longer be anywhere near what it was and should be. . .   

We also need to drop leaflets into their country’s lands and layout the message that they should not pass their own borders and walk through Mexico and then expect after their long journey to be given a new and better life in America. Yes, we know it’s a sad situation but it’s not the responsibility of American Taxpayers dollars to take on all foreigners and just simply start handing out money, welfare, housing and all kinds of other benefits so they can begin a new and better life.  We need to think and care about our own indigent and homeless all over our country.  

We should go back like it was a 100 years ago, when a family completely sponsored other family members and were fully held financially responsible, and after that action, never again allow the visa lottery or the chain migration idea to foolishly carry on.  It’s turned into an utter joke on us!

26. BUILD THE WALL and PROTECT THE UNITED STATES!   This is a short continuation of the above Borders, Language, and CultureThe USA is being overrun by a lot of bad actors, along with millions of illegals who are flooding in and eating away at our culture and getting free handouts that are costing BILLIONS of dollars and slowly destroying the financial well-being of the country.  Take care of our own is our political parties’ goal.

27. This is for the Fire Fighters out West whose personal homes are burnt to the ground while they’re battling the blazes to save the homes of others, shall each and every one of them receive a rebuilt duplicate blueprint new home paid for in total by the United States Government. These very brave men and women who put their lives on the line for saving 1000’s of other friends and total strangers homes from the wrath of these mammoth forest fires, deserve this BLESSING from there fellow countrymen. Plus I believe that it is long overdue that all the First Responders to the 9-11 attack, should finally receive all the medical attention and treatments they so righteously deserve.

This is the kind of real viable Nation Building we want to see happen, but inside our Borders!

More fires will be coming from the bubbling up of Methane gases, tragically!  I would like to see some very intense research go into new lighter and safer fire fighting gear, from their outfits from top to bottom, and do whatever might be technologically advanced to fight old type forest fires and building blazes, to the seriously dangerous spontaneous Methane gases coming. I want them to have every advantage and safety net of advanced technology possible.

28. Eliminate/Create the Payroll Tax Act:   Leave more money in everyone’s pockets.  This Act for society is just way overdue, and quite LOGICAL from every aspect of ECONOMICS.

29. Home School Family Tax Rebate

30. Alzheimer’s Disease: When I first really became aware of this disease was in 1978 when my good-hearted wonderful father would go visit my grandma and she didn’t know who he was.  I can’t tell you how sad it was for me to watch my dad hold his mother’s hand and she didn’t have a clue who he was, what to do with herself or where she was, and what was going on in the world all around her.  

I remember weeks after when I was in our war room barn and I was explaining to TB that my dad was just so beside himself because of his mother’s lost to the world condition.  Like always we both were good listeners to each other, and on this occasion, he was my sounding board, so like always when I’d speak my piece and he’d gotten his head wrapped around the issue, my buddy would have this caring but strong comeback to me which was ‘Get On It’.  That was always his way of straightforwardly telling me to do my thing at the libraries back in the day I was going in and out of them, and pour myself into studying and getting on with learning about a subject matter or situation I knew absolutely nothing about.  And I did and I can tell you from 40 years of my way of doing investigative research, we have right at this moment a beyond serious brain debilitating epidemic in the world that is increasing at an alarming rate in the population hitting the age of Sixty-Five (65).  In the United States alone, when I first began to learn about the Disease, ONE in SIXTEEN adults began showing signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s, and now in this present day and time of 2018, the alarming increased rate of the signs showing up are ONE in SIX. The world better get serious about finding what is causing this and find a CURE to stop it and even better, REVERSE IT!   Something is going on, be it in our air, water, the chemicals in our plastic bottles or God knows what, but something has to be found to STOP this dreadful disease.

I will never be able to say ‘Nuff Said’ on this very tragic malady until there are a cure and reversal medication that comes to the rescue for millions of present and future sufferer.




Any land found to be owned by any foreign country by the date of January 22, year of 2021, will be confiscated from them, and if any form of weaponized killer seed or crop poisoning by-product is found in their connection, they will be prosecuted and if found guilty, face life-time imprisonment.
What naïve or uninformed people don’t seem to realize, is that poison land seeding is an effective centuries old tried and true reality, PERIOD!


What has happened in America to what seems like “LOGICAL THINKING” has been totally abandoned for absolutely insane reverse thinking?!!? This is incredibly unintelligent mentally sick-twisted logical thinking! I’m an open minded thinker, and believe in thinking outside the box with my Blood and Cancer Research, but allowing men to compete in womens sports is SO WRONG on so many levels, , well, what else can a logical person say.

This sick-twisted perverted thinking started the first day that the illegal POS inhabiting the White house signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER allowing boys/men with dicks to participate in GIRLS/WOMEN SPORTS.  This man named joe biden is a known pervert, but that is not the discussion here, no, but when God willing our administration takes over and brings back SANITY and LOGIC, we will make sure that this travesty against young girls and women participating in sports, will be protected and never ever have to worry about a man competing against them, or even more disgusting, men will never EVER have a chance to walk into a FEMALE locker room, as if they have equal rights just because they DECLARE THEMSELVES to be A FEMALE.

LADIES, we will have your backs FOREVER… God Bless all of you, and we’re so sorry for all the harm and unfairness that has been put upon you by the most evil and despicable human being ever to be called the president of the United States.  Just know this, HELL was created for monsters like the likes of him and so many others.  So to all the real females in America, hold onto hope a little longer, because we’re going to RIGHT THE SHIP and right this wrong done to all of you.  God Bless

Photosynthesis equals CO2 ====  And world Leaders have to come together with an agreement to plant millions of more trees of every kind, and build special designed growing agricultural platforms in the sea, and then grow on them millions and millions of special fast growing SEAWEED. This SEAWEED can be continually harvested, and the end result will be cooling the ocean waters, providing much needed future fertilizer for the over cultivated dying off TOP SOILS in the farmers fields around the world, and for nutritional food for those that care to partake.  AND NO, I am not one of those NO MORE COWS on the planet crazy people. Meat is essential for providing a healthy dose of PROTEIN.

The world needs to plant more trees of all types on the earth and grow and harvest tons and tons of SEAWEED. I’ve written an extensive amount of educational information about SEAWEED FARMING.

33. Hospice Funding Aid and Support to all families across the Nation who need the wonderful comforting these good-hearted people bring into your household in their loved ones final months of Life. I love, support and care deeply for these devoted kind hearted folks who work in the Hospice field. I can’t thank enough the super kind and caring ‘HOSPICE’ ladies who came by and helped me in so many ways during my Mom’s last four months of her life.

34. Psychotropic Medications “DANGEROUS MIND ALTERING DRUGS”

There immediately needs to be a BAN on the OVER-PERSCRIBING of Psychotropic Mind Altering so-called Medications, but I’m not in the mood to be polite, this are extremely dangerous mind altering DRUGS, and it has been covered up for the last UMPTEETH YEARS how many messed up minds from these drugs have gone out and killed innocent human beings “IN MASS NUMBERS”.  

Nuff Said, but this drug pushing by evil doctors must be stopped, and I hope one day our righteous people are in office to cut the head of this evil snake OFF…

“There are five main types of psychotropic medications: antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers. Antidepressants are used to treat depression. There are many different types of antidepressants.”


~ ~ ~

My closing Thoughts

I have never been a politician and I say that because all our Manifesto points are designed without doing or giving any favors to anyone, in so clearly stating our sole goal is to help in many ways all the good-hearted and meaning 300 MILLION PLUS Americans.

Sincerely speaking from my heart, the Mayflower Compact Patriots are going to do everything in our power to absolutely make an American’s Patriotic Life Improvement Movement Happen’, and that is our solemn promise.

I am not selling PIE in the SKY false promises of ‘FREE THIS AND FREE THAT’ like all those democrats running for the highest office in the land.  It is absolutely time for a new political party like ours to be recognized for what we represent, which is direct straightforward communications with deeds that will be done to back up all my talk.  I am putting the call out there for all strong-willed independent thinkers to see the vision of what we are doing, and think positive that joining our party and wanting to be your states next elected Senator or Congressmen, it can happen for you.  I am thinking positive against all the odds of reaching the highest honor in the land, and I’m doing so because our platform of ideas will be the strong foundation that resonates throughout the countrysides and travels by word of mouth all over middle America, and into the big cities.  With each American citizen, from the young ones turning into teenagers, to the in-between and then all those above good-hearted Patriots, we’re going to turn the negative thinking to positive and build an army of digital marching warriors to spread the word and make our new party, the Mayflower Compact Patriots a household party recognized name.  

For all the three hundred million-plus good Americans who are ‘Waiting for Hope and Help’, we mean serious business to answer your call with your and our Cause, and we solemnly will show all of you that we will be there for ‘We the People’. 

I don’t know when I really became such a warrior as I feel now, but I’m guessing it all came alive from inside of me after moving and working in Mexico almost 50 years ago.  I’m now going to lead with all my heart and might, and gather millions more to join in the fight. There’s too much at stake at this very moment in time for the middle class and underneath brethren to listen to and trust any of the misguided ideas of any democrats involved in the democratic primary runoff. 

If I may, I want to ask you to take your time to deeply study very carefully all our strategical ideas we have clearly spelled out for TRUE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE for the entire American population. The democrats and President Trump haven’t even come close to speaking about and putting together any kind of real comprehensive health care plan, and unless they copy our point for point well laid out plans, they’ll all never come close to accomplishing the deeds what we are planning to do if I am so honored to reach the position in power to make Affordable Health Care happen.

I am asking everyone who reads this to help spread the word about our new party and help us HELP YOU.  Alright, maybe it’s a corny kind of line, but it’s the damn truth because we want to do great things with all the bullet points we have laid out in our Manifesto (Mission Statement).  

We have a lot of strategic organizational work ahead of us to put the party on the correct footing for all the Federal Laws that we have to be compliant with and to get our party’s name on the 2020 ballots in all 50 states. With dedicated focus, hard work and some added luck happening for us, we’re going to get everything squared away and accomplished. But speaking candidly, we need help in all those areas and if any wise and experienced lawyers and any and all individuals out there want to join up and help us, please feel free to send us an e-mail to, so we can start communicating right away. We sincerely look forward to speaking with any and all who want to be a helping hand to make this new political party grow.  

Become a true Founding Father and be proud you’ve involved yourself in the middle of a political movement that is going to help shape your countries future in the right needed direction.  

Remember our Trilogy’s first book title, ‘Right The Ship’, The Next Revolution, America Reborn, …This Matters. Those were carefully crafted meaningful words written in 2016, so I have waited a long time to come out of the shadows I quietly traveled in for decades, and hopefully get the opportunity to do something very needed and beyond important at these crossroads of time that our American population faces.  When its all said and done, I am wishing for multi-millions of Americans to join our party in the next coming year. I truly believe it’s time for our Independent Political Party to rise up and happen.

But if you would contemplate this sincere thought for me please, that being is the course of our new political party, the Mayflower Compact Patriots on the right path with our laid out clear plans for the betterment and upgrading the protection of America’s overall well-being and future? 

Partially stealing a line from Clint Eastwood, ‘A countries got to know its LIMITATIONS’ so I’m going to say it again, do you really want to see a weak-kneed man like Bernie Sanders or a totally proven scattered brain, deer in the headlights whatever blatherer like Elizabeth Warren as your next president?  And like I said clearly above, if none of them and President Trump don’t adapt and take our true tough on collusion stance against the hospitals plus the medical-industrial and insurance complex, then the clock is ticking when all the money running the Medicare and Medicaid show runs out.  

And if you think there’s any wisdom of allowing MILLIONS of illegal invaders to have the right to just come over our borders and be handed all the FREE life essential gifts that those democrats are proposing, then anyone with such beyond stupidity to wish and want that OPEN BORDER mentality, will find out right quickly how idiotic all that kind of altruistic talk, really is.

Am I showing strength in my words to go after those that need going after, and does years of living and having experiences that toughen you up for the challenges ahead count for anything?



One last thought about True Affordable Health Care.  None of the words and points about the collapse of Medicare and Medicaid are meant to be scare tactics, just logical expressions of the true reality MILLIONS of AMERICANS are facing if their health care and insurance costs are not brought under control, and even better with our hard-nosed plans, REDUCED GREATLY.

Is there any chance one of you BILLIONAIRES or MILLIONAIRES out there want to become a Founding Father Member of our new Political Party, so we can help save your and my country from the disaster it is heading into?   I’m putting myself out on the line, how about some of you!

It’s time to Mount Up now before it’s too late!

Thank you for your time s



To Our Mission Statement-(Manifesto)

This is an important major ADDITION that needs to be enacted, so businesses can get on with hiring once considered illegals. And what is meant by that, is that any and all AGRICULTURE businesses, to any and all other intensive labor sensitive operations that cannot find American workers to fill their slots of the needed labor pool, then special granted working papers and licenses will be allocated to said businesses.  All businesses! 

If Americans don’t want to fill the jobs available in the meat packing to giant agriculture farming, plus any and all all types of businesses and industries, then the millions of want to be employed hard-working folks who crossed over our borders illegally before the cut off date of January 21, 2013, and have no criminal records, then they should be assisted to find full employment… We know there are millions here now that can fill all the openings for the giant labor pool that Americans are just not wanting to be employed in, so let’s just do the logical and obvious move, to allow employers (Companies) large and small to hire these willing and able folks to work for them. 

It all just makes sense to allow these folks to work and do good for themselves, and the communities they live in.  They will bring an economic boost to wherever they are, so it’s all another WIN<>WIN for the country. They need not have to live in the shadows anymore and fear every day about being caught and deported.  There are many more good folks than the ones here in America for the wrong reason, so let’s give these a chance.

BUT now on the other hand, there is no way we’re going to get weak and let millions more flood into our open borders because we need to get our country in better fiscal shape and get a true accounting on what is going on inside our entire country.  

Bottom line, CLOSE THE BORDERS STILL STANDS until we as a nation want to begin again to put together an immigration policy that is well thought out for the benefit of our society, not total strangers coming illegally over here for a free ride on the American’s taxpayers dime.

We cannot be the policemen of the world nor the patsy anymore that takes care of total strangers better than we take care of our own.

Back to our additional MISSION STATEMENT (MANIFESTO);


The name for these very important future working labor pool positions that we want to see filled will be ‘Sanctioned Licensed Labor Pools’, (SLLP). These folks entering into the workforce should now be respected and protected under all the OSHA laws and rules, and these men and women have to be paid a very fair and honest wage, and all legal deductions must happen on their pay stubs.   

Let’s be civil now and stop the unnecessary ICE raids on businesses across the county, and let those hard-working Federal Agents go after the real bad guys causing serious problems all throughout our country. This is altogether a better way to bring about a long-overdue change that makes total logical sense. 

Again stating, it is our future administration’s intention to begin to ‘right the system’ where JOBS needing to be filled by employers who can’t find Americans to fill the openings, whether these companies are large or small, be allowed to hire all they want so they can fill the void.  

In closing, the principal idea of the ‘Sanctioned Labor Licensed Pools’ is to take the stress and tension out of the lives of perhaps millions of people from other countries living in the shadow’s day after day, and being in fear of getting caught just trying to survive. 

Let’s just put a complete STOP TO THAT WAY OF LIFE FOR THEM, and use logic and common sense to turn things around for these hard-working good people, but on the other hand, we’re sorry but its seriously time to SHUT AND PROTECT OUR BORDERS, until further notice.

It is truly time for a New Political Party
To replace every single OBVIOUS
Sick and Twisted Thinking democrat
~ ~ ~
Help us Help You
Mayflower Compact Patriots

Thank you