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Read the meaning of the subliminal messages below the book covers

Mayflower Compact Patriots

Read The Meaning of the Subliminal Messages

Can you find the Subliminal Messages on our Book Covers?

After you try, come back and see if you found them All


~ ~ ~


The following Subliminal Messages can be found on Book One, ‘Right The Ship’

We will defeat cancer by the middle of the year 2025    It speaks for itself

On the Candleholder are the letters, WWGWJWGF  Learn what they mean at the End

Below on the wooden base are the words Flush Em Out!  They’ll know what this Means!

Just to the right of the word ‘The’, partially inside the letter ‘e’, 

This is our mantra – ‘We are not alone in the Universe’

Right above TB & Stoney is John 15:13   Learn what this means at the End

At the midle of the White Feather Quill part, are the words   ‘Always think outside the box’

At the end of the White Feather Quill part, are the words   ‘The Power of the Pen’

~ ~ ~ 

The following Subliminal Messages on Book Two,       Survival of the Deadliest’ 

Jules Winnfield “Is alive & well”

Right above the title word Survival, is KARMA PAYBACK – The Seven Deadly Sins – TIMES UP!  

…Those words speak for themselves, PERIOD.

sssss’OIRACIS  Figure it out – it’s a ECDO

Right under the title word Survival, is John 12:37     Learn what this means at the End

Directly inside the Hurricanes Eye, is  John 3:16       Learn what this means at the End

Under the title word Deadliest, is our Mantra     – ‘We are not alone in the Universe’

~ ~ ~  

The following Subliminal Messages on Book Three, 

Thoughts Manifest Energy-Cooler Heads Must Prevail

At the very top of the circle, is our Mantra        – ‘We are not alone in the Universe’

Inside located above the inner circle in white letters,   ‘ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO’

Inside located in the mid-lower area of the circle, is     ‘KAPUSTIN YAR, RUSSIA’

Inside the very middle of the circle, is Psalm 19:1     Learn what this means at the End

Right above TB & Stoney is Nuclear Bombs, Deadly Weaponized Viruses, Must Stop!    

…Obviously these words speak for themselves

~ ~ ~

The Meanings of our Messages

Found on Book One


~ ~ ~

Found just below the words… This Matters!

John 15:13    From the New International Version (NIV)

‘Greater Love has no one than this: To lay down One’s Life for One’s Friends’

~ ~ ~

Found on Book Two

Found at the very top, under the word ‘Survival’

John 12:37   From the New International Version (NIV)

‘Even after Jesus had Performed so many Signs in their presence, 

they still would not Believe In Him’

 ~ ~ ~

Found in the very CENTER of the Eye of the Storm

John 3:16  From the New International Version (NIV)

For God so Loved the World that he gave His One and Only Begotten Son, 

that so whoever Believes in Him Shall not Perish but have Everlasting Eternal Life’ 

~ ~ ~

Found on Book Three, right in the CENTER of the Kaleidoscope Cell

Psalm 19:1   ‘The Heavens Declare the Glory of God; 

the Skies Proclaim the Work of His Hands,

And the Firmament Sheweth his Handywork’

~ ~ ~

What does firmament mean in the Bible?

According to the Genesis creation narrative, 

God created the Firmament to separate

 the ‘Waters Above’ the Earth from the ‘Waters Below’ the Earth.

Think carefully & deeply about that Meaning

~And our Interpretation~ 

Reaching into the soon to be discovered Miracle Galaxies, 

We will Find out there will be Subsistence Beginnings, 

But Amplification will Follow, For

‘We are not alone in the Universe’