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‘In A Blink of an Eye – 2050’

I Don’t Take My Visions Lightly


It will all come forth and be laid to bare in the 3rd month of the year 2025, that the pure bogus and so-called special counsel investigating President Trump was a total sham and illegally put in place to be an acting wall of protection to shield the thought to be forever holier than though Bi-Racial human gift to America, but now in 2050, he’s known as the indicted dastardly treasonous X-president, and I’m talking about Mr. Obla bla bla himself. 

And not to be forgotten, the deceitful head special council and his handpicked total conflicted group of Witch Hunters, was also there to deflect the crimes and treasonous acts of the so-called anointed one, the deplorable one herself, the pillary-shrillary obese evil smelly queen bitch herself, but KARMA PAYBACK stepped in and turned her forever into the grand foolish obnoxious wining and bitching failed loser in the 2016 democratic presidential election. And this over indulged and highly secretive biased head special counsel was the perfect choice to be the front man to cover-up all the criminal acts again done by the X-man Obla bla bla bla and his evil and corrupt leaders of the totally politically weaponized FBI, CIA, DNI and other top security alphabet named agencies.  

You all must ask, how and why over time did such corruption of the most important intel agencies in our country ever be allowed to begin and then take a corrupt deep foothold?  The nation will see, watch and grapple with that question as it turned into one of the most carefully studied shameful disgraces, that seriously almost never was uncovered, BUT THANK GOD IT WAS!  

When the full truth finally came out in the Durham reports in the end of 2023, the reports explained how each powerful agency was led by evil acting, double-crossing slick lying players, and shock and disbelieve was the reaction of the hundreds of millions of Americans who never could open their minds and see clear the unbiased truth, because of the deep hateful media brainwashing going on after the 2016 election.  These immoral people ended up having to scurry around like cockroaches to save their own necks after their mean spirit angry corrupt queen bee lost her totally expected to be magnanimous victory to be in 2016.  The sick evil warped one’s loss turned into the absolute necessary shining light that was able to expose all the perversity that was so close to continuing on for our nation. Again, Thank God.     

There will be no denying the truth and absolutely nothing but the truth will be exposed once the rotten onion began to be peeled in early 2025 by a totally cleaned out Department of Justice and a legitimate special appointed counsel. That much-needed action will bring forth for all to see that the once-vaunted ring leader of this so-called first special counsel was himself not at all such a lily-white clean glove actor, no, not by any means, for you will all learn that he was right in the middle of the grandest reprehensible coup d’état cover-up of a SITTING PRESIDENT in American modern political history. 

You will discover the wrongful activities done by this over bias and complete bogus special counsel, which was set up by another very deceitful wimpish sniffling delusional character who thought himself to be high and mighty and above everyone, even the president. The things he did and got away with, well, that’s for another time to divulge, but his whimpering path to HELL with the rest of them will surely be a one-way rough ticket. 

But the exposure of the many covered up wrongdoings will take place when the darkness of depravity finally has massive sunshine blasted upon it all.  And it even goes deeper than that, because for years earlier the angry despicable piggish loser made a very corrupt Uranium One multi-million-dollar deal with Russia that grossly enriched the greedy pathetic pillaging pig queen. This EVIL women by the end of the year 2023, will finally be exposed by John Durham, for running a major fraud filled multi-multi-million-dollar QUID-PRO-QUO money-laundering scam through a very carefully disguised farcical set up named the Gobblie Gook Money Fund. She was clever till she wasn’t with her attempts to play the American public for fools, with her attempted brainwashing lying tweets and the BS books she wrote to make her out to be some innocent sweet old lady, but she wasn’t fooling millions of us.

The despicable complicit news media fawned over this human filth like some conquering hero, giving her nonstop propagandizing lies of platitudes to make her out to be something special the country needed, instead of the legitimately elected president who sat in the high office. They spouted the election was stolen but it surely WAS NOT… But they will succeed in stealing the next presidential election and use again the incredible lying main stream media along with all the controlling and suppression needed, cleverly done by the powers that be who controlled all the social media companies. YES, they pulled off the heist of the century right in front of the entire WORLD, but again, until they DIDN’T when all the TRUTHS were laid bare on them in late 2024.

You will all see in due time the mainstream media, the entire criminal cabal of the Silicon Valley social media and pathetic cable outlets of the likes of CNBC and CNN, will pay a huge business price for their daily involvement in a coup d’état against an innocent sitting president.  

It will take years to sort it all out, but the TRUTH will eventually come out, and a civil war will thankfully be averted that could have broken out because of some very sick and outrageously perverted democratic California congressmen/women and senators.  Especially the one creep whose eyeball popping figuratively and literally behaving reality will smell to high HELL with criminality, and all the world will learn that HELLS purpose was created for the EVIL human filthy scum of the likes of that Californian sick-twisted constantly bad lying congressmen. But there will be many others in the lying sick twisted democratic senators and congressional group from California, joining him.  

In your lifetime, you will see these scumbags and scoundrels pay the ultimate price of their shameful disgraced behavior, by finding the destination to HELL is not paved with a smooth ride. And joining them in lockstep will be the queen three-time big loser herself, for she belongs at the head of the line, with no doubts of that held by millions who once upon a time thought she was something special.  

The truth will fully lay bare by the end of the last quarter of 2023, that the miserable spiteful queen bee cheater was the true criminal ongoing colluder with Russia, but be patient for this truth to finally be unearthed and seen and heard around the world.  

Americans also will be angered once the truth is exposed of the criminal activities done so by the so-called special counsel against multiple innocent people.

The disgusting ruthless callous way this special counsel leader attacked innocent victims of his mean-spirited directed Russian colluding bogus Witch hunt, was a crime in and of itself.  The country will learn in time that prosecutors like this group but all over the nation, have destroyed many a good person’s lives, by entrapping them in minor confused moments of trying to speak truths.  

It will all in time come out and be open for all of America to see by mid-2024, what malicious and cruel inhumane behavior was put upon many innocent people by the so-called highly praised special counsel leader.  

Don’t anyone be fooled, but millions were, for this over-glorified man was a mean slick maneuvering master bastard manipulator for decades, and he and some of his so-called special counsel participants, needed to be investigated and then without pause, prosecuted for their obvious colluding to continue the coverup of the disgraced madam pilfering queen bee big-ass loser and again, the X-president himself, Mr. Obla bla bla.

Sincerely America, you must pay attention to what I am warning you about regarding this TWO-FACED slick lying treacherous X-president. He has been for years working on long drawn-out plans to somehow continue to turn America as we once lovingly knew her into some kind of socialist third world country. Imagine that, turning the United States of America and all its American Citizens into nothing more than a THRID WORLD STATE.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, I’m writing here what I started experiencing and seeing with my own eyes starting in 2015 under Obla Bla Bla and that pervert total loser named Biden, and my visions and instincts will be fully vindicated one sorrowful day if he and the likes of evil doers like Soros, Pelosi and the criminal Biden family, AND OTHERS, are NOT STOPPED and FULLY CHARGED with TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES with the FULL INTENT to destroy America.

Now moving on and speaking of the devils above that ruined innocent lives, the snarling ugly tight lip drawn sour puss mean faces of this special prosecuting group were evident on all, especially the one named Pit Bull.  It’s shameful what really lay in their arrogant angry heartless hearts, mirrored openly on their bitter disgraceful bias hating faces. They would have assumed put the entire Trump family in front of a firing squad and had the pleasure to pull the triggers themselves. God Help Us with such EVIL people like those animals, who sat in the seats of power who took glory in destroying innocent lives. Hey Pit Bull, paybacks a bitch MF’er…

And it needs to be said, that being the illegal LEAKING going on by top people in the security agencies to their favorite flunky liberal pithy mainstream cable media journalists, all done to harm the innocent and elected president, and they slickly got away with it, again though, UNTIL THEY DIDN’T!  

The FISA Courts were being regularly deceived starting in late 2016 and beyond by these very same sick criminal minded people and this was all part of their plot of taking down the then sitting president of the United States in a cold brazenly attempted coup d’état.  This was an all-out absolute treasonous crime! 

The country was being divided by a blatant two-tier ILLEGAL DOUBLE STANDARD system, for two sets of laws and corrupt justice was being wrongfully doled out, and then backed up by the two-faced lying congress and senators of the demon’rat~crats slowly now dying political party back in late 2021-2022 period. 

The nerve of some of these seriously corrupted twisted lying eye-popping rat bastards to go on all of the major cable and network news programs on Sunday morning and when they had the opening for other days too, was truly stunning, and all done just so they could lie their ASS EFFING FACES OFF and then preen into the camera lenses, and try to come off as holier than thou.  

Be sure to know without doubt, their duly painful judgment day will come in time with swift deserved punishment.  

Again, TWO SETS of laws were going on, and nothing could be done about it for years until it was all uncovered and then it all fell apart for all that were involved.  

You will learn that federal law was not applied equally by the so-called special counsel, and it worked for them and the criminals they were covering up for, again though, UNTIL IT DIDN’T!

And you will see in your time and space after the publishing of our book, the arrogant disgraced prosecutors above and more of the same corrupt ilk, will come after the fictional novel Novel writers (us) and try and destroy what truths we have written from our once ringside seats, and now Quantum Leap portal position I speak from.  

Our points will be made how they again used their out of bounds power to even accuse (us) of hacking and colluding with Russia to manipulate the election for the victor and even going forward into the 2024 elections.  And they also will try to use their powers to plant in our computers vile disgusting filth that will be used to try and destroy us in the public’s eye, and then attempt but fail mightily to come after us. We will be accused of everything horribly imaginable, but WWGIWGA will help us fight and FLUSH EM OUT!

These no-good human beings in time will cast a bad light unto themselves, and then be trapped in their wicked attempts to destroy (us) and ALL OTHERS who tried and brought light onto their evil tactics and out of control dictatorship tyrannical like ways.  


I repeatedly wrote to Putin during the period of late 2014 through 2019, and even more often in 2020 as our own new political party began, and in my special corresponding back-channel emails, I was telling him that he must consider my ideas to fully blanket Iran’s nuclear program with inspectors from all nations. And I also respectfully warned him about the Global World Orders intentions, especially this ass face looking evil old man named George Soros and Klaus Schwab who control something regarding a World Economic Forum, even though I was well aware of Putin was thinking on the same page as myself.

The Soros’s and Schwab’s and other tyrannical bastards are trying to destroy America, and the WORLD for that matter too, and if these monsters ARE NOT STOPPED then the United States of America is going to be a third world country by 2027. Again, all these EVIL BASTARDS NAMED MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS, PERIOD.  

You will see all the above Happen,

For you are reading from my past, what’s going to come in your Future!

~ ~ ~

I know the Light will Shine & the balance of Goodness and Righteousness

Will turn Mightily Against all the EVIL That Has Been Going On,

And so with those words now sincerely Spoken,


‘Blink of An Eye’

Will Surely Follow

~ ~ ~