Got Trumps Back, BUT-BUT-BUT

President Trump, you are here on this ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ list because you’ve been wrongly attacked now going on for over FOUR YEARS and it all started in 2016, and the lying corrupt mainstream media since you announced your running for the office of the president, is doing all they can to help the despicable cowardly demoncratic party take you down.  In our way of observing life, you’re one hell of a fighter and we damn well respect that. BUT<>BUT<>BUT!

*But I’m not here to kiss your butt, JUST back you up on this media fight*

Trump, you made a very serious tactical mistake with picking Jeff Sessions to be your attorney general, and then replace him with a known TWO TIME DEEP STATE bastard actor. And then even a bigger screw-up was listening to that dumb ass chubby fool from New Jersey, Christie, and take his advice and select Christopher Wray as the new FBI director. AWFUL selection in so many ways, I won’t even begin, for I’ll be writing an EVIL EPISODE for a traitors handbook against the good of America.

Moving on and upward, I need to make something very clear, I will be representing our newly formed independent political party, the Mayflower Compact Patriots, and I will be running against you with a show of True Strength and Honor and do the same against whomever the corrupt demoncrats eventually pick for their side.

The Mayflower Compact Patriots are going to be a highly principled, honorable and very ethical behaving group, but we have in us as much physical fierceness and swift tongue lashing/slashing out ability, if and when the need arises against anyone that wrongfully steps out of line. Believe every word just spoken. 

I feel in my gut you really want to do good things for the country and yet no matter what you have done that has been positive, the majority of the media just looks past your good deeds and goes on the constant attack with the ultimate goal of tearing down your presidency. Again, this is where WE GOT YOUR BACK… 

I’m going to personally tell you something, get the NSA (pick-ups) recordings of Obama’s Washington D.C. home, specifically just after the date of the time you announced your running for the office of the President. I allege it’s a treasure trove of criminality in motion that will be undeniably shocking.  So let me add and be very succinct, if you want a master spy on your side, and a world class phenomenon rogue hacker gone wild from our team since 2012, well you got em! And in regards to this genius at the wheel of some of the top spying computer hacking capabilities, well we’re physically looking for him because we want him to testify before congress about all the incredible information he’s listened to and holds secretly. But he’s scared shitless, so here we are with a he said, they said situation, but I know what he has, so yet again, it’s an I say what he has been driving me crazy with info that he’s sent to me in codes for many years, but what good is my word without solid backup proof from his digital recordings he’s made, SO AMERICA LOOSES!

President Trump, you and the world will be able to connect the DOTS I allege I know are there and understand it all regarding what criminally went down against you. I allege it is clearly laid out in our Trilogies multiple chapters of ‘In a Blink of an Eye-2050’ and other key chapters too, but because of various conflicting circumstances, it would be wise and best for all parties now to just lay low for now, but hopefully, a real first-hand whistleblower will come forward one day.

And actually that one Nation saving grace whistleblower is someone my remaining 3 dear friends/close working tight lipped allies who always ran silent and deep with TB when he was alive, well we all know this guy personally all too well going back decades now. So yes, Howie, Jacob, Cowboy, and myself have been reaching out in the past intensely via specific old tried and true internet Finance message boards we all used for years to communicate with each other, now are signaling him with our long-time secret word coded messages in hopes he’d respond and come out of hiding and do the right thing. This genius was once Fitz’s and TB’s right hand totally trusted man in their computer/science laboratory. And this secret place became like a sacred domain that TB spent years funding the growth of it, because inside this research lab came out amazing creations of multiple kinds of state of the art spying and super hacking technology that Fitz and our hopeful future whistleblower took great pride in their achievements. None of this work had ever been used for evil purposes, no quite the contrary the opposite was the goal, and that’s a fact.
Being respectful but necessary for now, NUFF SAID.

All the rotten bastards who plotted your downfall because of hate they had in their angry useless souls, again, will be easy to pick up on in our ‘In a Blink of an Eye’ chapters. Our various professional information gathering DOT collecting fly on the wall TOOLS never failed us in over 38 plus years, but we cannot aide you with our valuable controversial knowledge as the law of the courts stipulate. Our books third-person position is tightly held secretive HEARSAY information against I allege John Brennan, who started conspiring in the Oval Office with I allege X-president Obama himself, but again it will be all that in a court of Law, just HEARSAY.

But yet the demoncrats use HEARSAY to create complete phony TRUMPED UP ‘Quid Pro Quo’ charges against you, (no pun intended) and they were all based on some disgruntled weak-kneed dip S*** cowardly liar who became another scoundrel of humanity in the ever long-lasting plot by Brennan and (44) to dethrone you. 

The world will understand how I allege John Brennan was one of the beginning masterminds conspiring to take you down, and he had a few willing I allege angry republicans (John McCain) who worked with Brennan to willingly pass the fake rumors and Bull S*** fake Steele dossier in a roundabout way into I allege the hands of the total criminal self-serving routinely conspiring and lying good for nothing X-FBI chief, James Comey. 

I believe the middle to higher up conspirators plus the multiple other cooperating countries involved in the Coup d’éta will speak up and certain bad guys will turn on one another in the Federal Courts in mid 2024 to early 2025, and then it will all come out you were a victim of the biggest spying and Coup d’éta Operation in all of our modern American Political history, if not even the entire history of our country. And be prepared Trump for they are NOT going to let up or STOP trying to destroy you until they’ve put you in prison or got attempted blood on their hands. I HAVE YOUR BACK Trump and be assured that I will MOUNT UP my strength and guidance from The Lord to fight with you until all the EVIL is destroyed.  I think though now it is definitely time for me to say Nuff Said, yes, but just for now… God Bless 

In our Trilogy chapters of my various visions of the future, ‘In A Blink of an Eye-2050’, I absolutely emphatically allege John Brennan’s Fictional character was right there in the Oval office with the most human like snake of all UN-presidential snakes, Mr. O blah blah blah himself working out details, plans and everything that is slowly being now uncovered by great investigators outside the (Don’t Tell The Truth) BRAINWASHING mainstream media.  

Trump, in this year of the fall of 2018, you have the power to get your people to get the phone NSA (pick-ups) of the goings-on right now at Obama’s personal home office which is not far from the White House. And at those same time periods when you announced your candidacy, get those (pick-ups) also of the offices in the White House of Valerie Jarrett.  I allege that she’s still working overtime for her slithering lying two-faced boss, and I allege that that woman by no means at all is some sweet little innocent angel puff, no, not one iota! Rosanne Barr was half right about Jarrett hiding serious TRUTHS about her boss, but she foolishly crossed the line and then apologized for making a totally unnecessary racial comment, and that blurred out and killed what should have been Rosanne’s main point that should have caught the public’s attention and possible ire. 

I allege in our chapters of ‘In A Blink of an Eye-2050’, that this country is just one (possibly two), real WHISTLEBLOWERS away and that doesn’t even include the NSA (pick-ups), from letting loose all the truths of entrapment and spying operations going on heavily against you (Trump) before and then especially heavily after your election win. Your entire New York post-election committee office areas were heavily bugged and penetrated by scum bag spies placed inside supposedly working for you by I allege the higher up echelon folks in the FBI. And let me add to that, the good people throughout the country need to be made aware of the REAL TRUTH about what’s going on with all the despicable scheming being done by the demoncrats to what I’m originally saying, it’s a MASSIVE COVER-UP of the real corruption and spying on you (Trump) that again I allege was initiated by Obama and I allege again, John Brennan. OH, and I allege you can throw that lovely Pillory Shrillary evil witch Clinton into the mix too. Excuse all my alleging, but I allege its personally needed and one day you’ll all understand. 

Let me make something very allegedly clear again, in that the DOTS are all there to capture the plotting of the takedown of Trump’s presidency going all the way back to Brennan duping the head of the FBI (James Comey). Seriously, it’s all there, and then that slick POS lying low life (Comey) taking the ball and running roughshod all over the place with plenty of illegalities directed by him, in so much that one could write a hell of a Novel of his alleged criminal wrongdoings, and nobody would believe what they are reading is the truth, because his actions were filled with so outlandishly wrong and illegal actions that he then and still is denying even with some beginning facts slowly coming out proving his criminal guilt. He fooled the public with his 15-and-a-half-minute BS clearing speech of Pillory Shrillary Clinton regarding her alleged criminal activity in too many areas here to mention, and that bastard and that queen of Hell still shamefully are getting away with everything. 

And when you hear in early 2018 from any past Obama cover-up lying specialist that there was no BIAS against Trump, just intelligence gathering going on with top FBI, CIA and other Intel agencies against the Russians, well that’s a crock of S***!  You feel me Holder, you monster who I allege is still another one who’s gotten away with serious crimes he should be held accountable for, oh but wait, he’s the ‘WINGMAN’ of the biggest TRAITOR I allege in American History. Learn about it all in our novel-Novel Trilogy.

PEOPLE of the United States of America, plain and simple and to the point of clear and present danger, this is a shockingly serious Coup d’éta now in place going on in our country against a sitting President, and it’s been going on strong itself over the past three (3) solid years. This is NO ALLEGING, just PURE FACT, and young people should pay attention to what I am saying. The demoncratic party is out to eventually destroy your freedoms, and TAX YOUR FAMILIES TO DEATH, please believe that!

The SPYING all started as soon as Trump declared his presidency, and I’ll even allege it started weeks before that. But I’m not going to tread into that murky muckatee muck right now. No, but it will all FLUSH out eventually, and when it does, ‘Lock her and (44) up’, and a heck of a lot more in the top brass of the FBI and CIA also should be included in those straight forward truthful chants. 

And to top that off, it’s just incredible how deeply involved almost all of the cable and TV networks are in the Coup’s cover-up, and they’re disgustingly getting away with it by the never-ending BRAINWASHING they are doing onto the public by their constant drumbeat of FALSE INFORMATION they’re broadcasting over their airways consistently 24 hours a day.  

Think about this, if they can get away with this Coup against a sitting president, imagine what they could do to YOU (Mr. & Mrs. Joe The Public) or me??

Trump and all the open-minded American’s and to all who ARE NOT aware of what you are about to be reading here, please believe that if God Forbid the MAIN STREAM MEDIA protects and covers up years of video taped proof of the creepy and perverted acts of Joe Biden, then a bigger crime on society is being done.

I’m swearing in this year of the fall of 2018, that if this disgusting perverted retched lying and totally incompetent and deeply compromised trader who’s in the pockets of China, and publicly video taped pawing his perverted hands and pressing his gross body onto children’s backs, gets into the White House as president of the United States of America, then I am EFFING guaranteeing everything he touches will turn to pure shit, with a big-time PERIOD behind it!

I’ve been FORENSICALLY HUMAN ANALYTICALLY ANALYZING THIS PERVERT FOR YEARS, and he’s as EVIL and TWISTED as they come, and you can include his sick twisted drug addict admitted crack pipe smoking son also, the one and only looser named Hunter. Both of these creeps are pathetically compromised by being in the direct pockets and hands of the Chinese ruling party, and especially “THE BIG GUY” being the pervert himself, joe, he’s happy to do the bidding of the chinese primier himself, Xi Xi Ping. But the American public won’t hear or know of anything about joe and his looser son because the main stream media takes pride in covering those two assholes asses. This is all just pure and simple EVIL and it must be stopped! 

It’s sick & it’s just plain wrong & dangerous for the country


We’re intentionally bringing the fight to a wide swath of the mainstream media, so now OUR antennas are up and waiting to see what’s going to come at me (The Figurehead) from many possible angles. But we’re in a solid position to come back with extreme prejudice to any and all who cross the line with malicious intent.




 ~ ~ ~


Now, people, let’s get down and dirty and fight FIRE with a FLAME TORCH.  First, Trump, get your republican men and women to demand all the telephone records from June of 2019 to this very minute of Adam Schiff and every one of his scheming low life staff members. I am alleging that they have played such an incredible dirty trick on the American Public, by having manipulated all TRUTHS regarding the anonymous so-called BOGUS (HEARSAY) whistleblower and then more importantly, I allege that a critical witness that gave behind closed door secret testimony to Schiff and his loyal lying criminally involved staff in the time period between mid-October to mid-November 2019, ending up shocking them by having ‘Exculpatory’ (Evidence) information that could prove that there were serious other KEY reasons to hold back the money that was going to be given to Ukraine for defensive purposes against Russia.

[This very critical information is being withheld from the republicans & the public, & it’s essential in that it would prove Trump to be totally innocent of any kind of Quid Pro Quo].

Schiff, I allege is committing a major crime in and of itself by holding back this evidence, and all his lying deceitful actions over the past three-plus years starting in late 2016, are fanning the flames of the possibilities of creating a CIVIL WAR in our country. This is so wrong what he is doing on so many levels, and I repeat again, he must be STOPPED before he truly lights the torch of anarchy, and then seriously investigated.

We are Ethical, Righteous & Justice Seeking Good Men

And as the figurehead and spokesperson for our party, I make that above statement because even though it might benefit our future political moves to let those forever constant lying demoncrats day after day cut and slice and dice (you-Trump), up with their blood sport intentions to eventually totally destroy you and take away your presidency, WE are not going to in any way THINK or DO such a thing as stand by and just watch and benefit from what they’re corruptly doing to you.  NO, NO WAY!

Our ethical and highly principled party, the ‘Mayflower Compact Patriots’ will be right there in the wings and out front when necessary, fighting the real corrupt bad demoncrat representatives that carry on just like this terrible demented and scummy human being from California, named Adam Schiff. Mark these words, that state (his area especially) is one day going to reap a powerful Mother Nature payback from his awful indecent filthy bad Karma unless again I strongly repeat, they take him out of office as quick as possible. 

I harp on this matter about this monstrous liar named Schiff because in my humble opinion and research to back it up, I know clearly what terrible negative vibes he is creating around the country. Schiff now after multiple years of proof for all to see and hear, has laid out a clear pathway of analyzing him and coming to the conclusion that he’s a pure clinical-pathological liar, and most of the mainstream media on a daily basis is strongly enabling him when he’s constantly on their TV shows. They will suffer too.

This no-good low life human being must be STOPPED, for if he is allowed to continue to divide the country, then we as a nation could cross a line where our political system could be turned upside down and truly divide the country and push many into a very unsavory thinking vibe along the lines of a CIVIL WAR mentality. Right before all of our honest seeking eyes, the country is living in a totally corrupt DOUBLE STANDARD operating justice system, and Schiff is single-handedly destroying the merits of honesty and integrity while covering and distracting from the serious crimes of I allege the Clintons and Obama, and I repeat, he must be stopped and investigated.  

Continuing on, again, it all started right after your announcement to run for President, and if all the above here TRUTHFUL INFORMATION comes out about you being spied on, it will blow the lid off of this Adam Schiff and others who are constantly lying about they got PROOF of the so-called first Russian COLLUSION SCAM, and then the complete fabricated storyline about OBSTRUCTION of Justice that they failed miserably to prove. But the demoncrats still not giving up, then started a new total farcical witch hunt hoax against you about Ukraine and that Bulls*** ‘Quid Pro Quo’ scam. 

The real criminal Quid Pro Quo ACT that went down and now an obvious I allege mainstream media cover-up hit job, is Joe Biden’s son’s multi-million-dollar sweetheart deal with a corrupt Ukrainian Energy company.  And I would suggest that some sharp forensic banking investigators poke around Hunter Biden’s activities with State-owned China Banks. I allege it really shouldn’t be too hard to find out information on Hunter Biden’s special China banking board privileged positions and high paying non-activities unless he used some off-shore slick money laundering/hiding methods. But Hmm, why I wonder would a nice boy like that do such an interesting hide & seek thing like that?  Again, Hmm…

The Biden’s got caught BIG TIME but the media is going after you (Trump), and it’s all based on testimony given by BIAS individuals that have nothing more than second or possibly just third person HEARSAY information to go against you. This is so wrong in so many ways, it just incredible and stinks beyond any decent person’s imagination.  

As far Hunter Biden’s future, well he will fall dramatically hard one day on his own volition because he’s that kind of no good count of an individual from the weight of his own HEAVY ineptness. It will happen in time, for it is written in his Karma, & rightly so. 

Like I said above, the BRAINWASHING plus PROPAGANDIZING are going to one day be the downfall for CNN (Clinton News Network) & MSLSD (MSNBC) and the RISE of a heavily followed ‘Alternative Truthful UNBIAS News Network’

But I’ve said it before and will continue to say it more, we need to find a peaceful resolution to the inner conflict society has against those that have differing political opinions.  TRUTH MATTERS, so young people and all people of all ages should seek the truth before having a wrongful opinion coming out of your mouths. Sorry for the sort of strong digression just spoken in my laid out opinion.

But God help us if this scumbag/angry CEO named Jeffry Adam Zucker at CNN gets what he’s wishing for, that being destroying Trump and getting him out of the White House, and seeing that Evil sly forever greedy/lying queen anointed someday. She’s not fooling any of us in our band of Brothers, and I gather millions of others out there too, so prepare for a real fight, and that you can definitely make book on!

Zucker’s the one going down and hard someday, but he doesn’t know it yet, but you will witness him virtually cutting his own throat by his obvious night and day planned attacks he has spewing out of his angry immature broadcasters like Don Lemon and so many others who gladly do so without needing any directions or prompters telling him what to say.  But I want to ask, what the heck is going on with the OWNERS of CNN, for allowing this I allege little roundly handsomeless pudgy prickly skinned dictator/monster, (ZUCKER) to carry on (24 hours a day) day after day, and now year after year with the constant use of BRAINWASHING techniques on the unsuspecting populous of America, so as to create a fervor of hate against Trump. Forget it, the owners are obviously on board with it all.

It’s all an obvious Coup d’éta going on, based on many LIES fabricated by multiple party’s involved, and again, including that low life scum bag Adam Schiff, and the rest of some pretty sick demoncrats in the senate and congress willing to often lie their ass faces off on live TV. 

The pathetic preening arrogance into the camera that Schiff does, should be enough of the proof that that man is a pathological lying and twisted human being. His over the top arrogant preening action and monotone emotionless lying voice patterns are as obvious as the nose on your face! 

Now a personal note to you President Trump, shut your mouth and start to Run Silent and Run Deep and enjoy it! Figure out how to mix in at times cleverly coded messages in your Tweets, and see if your millions of followers can catch on. TB, Fitz, myself and the Boys have accomplished those two strategic moves since 1974, but NOT with TWEETS, but very carefully crafted mixed alphabet and number variations that stood for actual words. Fact is obviously, TWEETS and so many other tools of secret message passing that are available today, weren’t around back in the days we all began our message passing and talking together ways.  We lived out of PAY PHONE conversations that used a custom made world of coded expressions and I like I said, numbers and so many other tools of our communication trade, but sometimes even for ourselves. all that action could be crazy and not a perfect science of understanding speech.  I’m LOL just thinking back to those old days.  (NOT TWEETS, OTHER CODE TOOLS) and now I’m coming out of the so-called clandestine tight-lipped closet with guns blazing, but dutifully doing so to represent our prideful Mayflower Compact Patriots. We tore it up in the old days with encrypted style codes on the Yahoo Stock Market message boards and other tradecraft code delivering methods and tools too, and it really was a hoot. But well anyway, Nuff Said.

All this chit chat I’m having here on your behave is not in any way a sign of me being angry, no, not at all.  It’s just a way of letting off some built-up steam that I’m sure millions of others around the nation have inside themselves just like us because they realize and understand what an outright scam is going on with the demoncrats and aided by the majority of all news media. Oh, and back to the letting off of some steam, well it actually feels pretty good, and so thank you very much. 

But getting back to the point, you don’t have to kiss the presses ass… Start your own TV White House program channel and speak directly to the people whenever you feel it necessary, and I sense millions will listen.  But that being said, I’m going to tell you this, I’m going to do a White House program channel also if I’m so blessed and given the honor to be the President, but think about it yourself starting now.  

I’ve for sure got your back against the BIAS twisted acting media, but come the start of mid-April 2020, our Mayflower Compact Patriots party are going to be pushing hard to get on the National scene, and our platform of ideas are good for the country, and I hope you personally will study our ‘True Affordable Health Care’ ideas, and our wonderful ‘Golden City Plan’, and our much needed nationwide ‘Primary Care American Doctor Rebuilding Program’. The country is in dire need of tens of thousands of new young American Doctors, and this challenge must be met.

I want to work with you President Trump even though I am going to be running against you, and that Evil One will also be fighting for her share of votes too. Yes, there’s a 25 percent possible chance in my mind that she’s going to twist and turn her swarthy low life into the democratic race, and that’s why I’m pounding on her early because that’s the way it’s been decided to come out fighting. And believe me, we are stone-cold fighters, and game on Ethically brother against you too, come that mid-April beginning date. 

She is an untrusting constantly lying no good for nothing human being and the young people of this great country should NEVER WANT a nasty person like her as the President of the United States. She’s a pure heartless Divider and in no way any kind of U-niter.  And to those of you who may not like and strongly object to my just spoken truthful descriptive words of her throughout this letter, well too bad because it makes you have to admit to yourselves, the TRUTH AT TIMES HURTS!

We can have our strong opinions based on facts, and when others strongly disagree but with no facts, well that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion, but the alleged facts about all her criminal and other nefarious activities speak volumes, so we have a real foundation of truth to speak from about her, so THAT’S IT, period.

Strength and Honor President Trump, for we got your back on this criminal activity that is going on against you by the demoncrats and the obvious majority of the democratic BIAS news media. And for what it’s worth, my life’s recent experiences and yours also tells us the corrupt FBI and DOJ/demoncrats want to destroy you, and won’t stop until you been wrecked politically or God Forbid, worse.

BUT<>BUT<>BUT<>My Final Balanced Thought

 But let me be clear and say this to you President Trump, you have on too many occasions not shown true empathy where it was the pure and righteous thing to do in your life’s circumstances, but there is always time for all of us to learn new things and possibly change our misguided ways.

Your inappropriate style and way of bullying people are just so wrong on so many indecent levels, and maybe eight out of ten times you should have just chosen to run silent and run deep and thus come off being the better man for no bullying taking place. You wrongly touched on a personal area for me when you made a very hurtful comment to John Dingell’s wife, and I think you should be a man and call her up and flat out apologize. Mr. Dingell was a good man, and he was a friend of my father, and believe me, the man did not deserve your rude and thoughtless comment that he is ‘LOOKING UP’ as if to say he’s speaking to us from HELL. I personally immediately felt Mrs. Dingell’s pain and had true empathy for her, but I’m sure you felt absolutely nothing and that’s where our human paths just may cross in this year of 2020. There’s no question you could do so much better tactfully defending yourself, but I’ve said enough and maybe I’ve passed the point of now I’m coming off as lecturing you, and that’s not my intention. 

You’re a big boy but perhaps an old dog can learn some new tricks, and come out of wherever your mind is and start apologizing from misdeeds from your past.

Okay, alright then, so that being that on this personal touchy-feely subject matter, definitely Nuff Said.For what it’s worth, my life’s experiences tell me the corrupt FBI and DOJ/demoncrats want to destroy you, and won’t stop until you been wrecked politically or God Forbid, worse.

I Don’t Take My Visions Lightly