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{The ‘T’ Word-Red Flags, Algo’s & Putin}

This is a page from TB & Stoney’s Fictional novel-Novel

It was April 19, 2015, and almost three months have passed since David and Fitz had their last serious talk about the Iranian nuclear negotiations going on. David just couldn’t let go of what a one-sided good deal the President was setting up to give to Iran, and he was also curious and baffled how Russia was poorly in his mind playing their hand at the bargaining table. 

We’ll pick up there;

“Fitz, there’s no doubt for me that if Iran gets this nuke deal, they’ll turn around eventually and double-cross every one of those foolish Oba bla bla negotiators and easily and willingly do the same to Russia.” 

“Which has always been your point that it will be the biggest shock heard round the world.”

“It really has, and I can’t help but wonder what are Putin’s tactical end game thoughts, because he’s allowing Iran way too much latitude and within less than six years, they’ll be able to go full-on out with a nuclear warhead building program, but I’m sure they’ve had a deep well-hidden warhead operation going on now a long time anyway, I mean come on, it’s Iran.”  

David pauses and quietly thinks about his own past words.  He then continues.   

“Putin came out a hero by his action to get Syria to make the move to get rid of all their deadly chemical weapons and other stockpiles of arms,”

“That’s right, and that was a very good looking worldwide political move on his part, and I remember you saying it couldn’t have come at a better time for Putin.”

“Yeah, exactly and now Russia seems to be stepping up their game in more ways than one to really try and show they’re the big bad bear in that huge middle east neighborhood.”

“Well for what it’s worth they are, but I see how your mind is thinking D from the lessons you’ve been steadily giving me about Russia and Putin, and it makes sense what you’re saying about all the potential double-crossing you’ve taught me to look for by Iran.”

“Good. . .The fact is with Russia cozying up to Iran like they’re doing at the negotiating tables, and the double-crossing liar in chief in the White House thinking he’s such a big shot leader of the world with this totally outrageous, reckless and dangerous nuke deal, well he’s setting up everything to get in lockstep for my visions of the United States, Israel and Russia being nuked around seven years from this date, if this horrible deal really gets done. . .”

“Your visions like always are freaking me out a little, but I don’t doubt them, and I mean all of them.”

“Well unless something changes immediately for allowing unfettered total free roaming access to all the sites for inspections by the IAEA without any notice to Iran needed or given, the fate is sealed for an apocalyptic nuclear WWIII.” 

As soon as David finished all his deeps thoughts, he paused but Fitz knew he had more to say, and now he could hear over his Sat phone his friend start pacing and then he heard the mixing in of clenching teeth and then some calming deep breathing.  He knew his friend well, and right on cue, his buddy fired another point.  

“Did you know that Syria played America for fools also, with that deal to turn over to Russia all their chemical weapons?” 

“I had no idea, so what are you talking about?”

“Oh, nothing too serious or much to worry about, unless you’re a sworn enemy of that stone-cold dude in Syria.” 

“Well your sarcasm is running a bit thick D, so could you thin it out with some facts?”

“Sure, but this too is just another sign of the weak and pathetic negotiations going on by our side who think they’re doing really well. . .Seriously, how could Zero-44 and his lead negotiator, Mr. sophisticated BIKE rider himself, fall for such a sleight of hand trick!”   

“Nice, I caught that bike pun. . .But seriously though, talk to me D, explain it to me a little better, but first man, chill.”

“Yeah-no, you’re right, sorry. . .So getting to the heart of the matter, that pathetic chemical arsenal negotiated deal came up way short of the handing over of all the stockpiles of weapons.  And Fitz, furthermore, Syria’s headmaster, Assad, had plenty of extra deadly nerve weapons and gases secretly hidden away while the world, especially our two top negotiating geniuses thought he was relinquishing everything up.”

“Where’s that information coming from?”

“Israel’s Mossad and our connected deep inside Interpol player, but the public’s never gonna hear about any such thing, you can bet on that.  It’s bad Fitzy, it really is, because the two-faced slick lying gift giver in the White House along with the media continue to give him all the cover he wants and aren’t allowing the truth to surface of what’s really going on inside those pathetic negotiations.” 

“Okay, so now what, I mean obviously like you’ve been telling me a long time Obla Bla isn’t being smart about anything going on with dealing with Syria and Iran, so. . .It all sounds like we’re continual being outfoxed and giving away and over-trusting the bad guys at every bend in the road.”  

“Well yes and no, so permit me to clear the air and break it down more factually.”  Fitz perks up after hearing David’s serious tone, then comes back, ‘Sure.’

“Okay, so Syria for the most part aren’t really outfoxing us, but Iran like I’ve been saying almost for the last two years, has been receiving a huge constant gift at the tables because the guy in the White House is a complete coward and capitulator, , or, , even worse God Forbid than that, he’s a very well disguised TRAITOR. . .Now let me be real here because I know that sounds crazy and maybe out of bounds, but something really stinks from all we’ve known a long time about the front and back door dealings going on with Obla bla bla and Iran.”

“I hear ya, but let’s not go any deeper about that subject on our little chat. . .I have all the confidence in my technical handy work with our new upgraded special Sat phones, but the T-word just mentioned is a hot button possible red flag and could somehow set off an alarm and be caught by the NSA’s Algo’s.”

“Ten-Four & Roger That man, my bad.  I’ll button up, , but hey Fitz, what I can safely say though is our intelligence agencies and Mossad know that Iran is arming Hezbollah and Hamas, and other deadly factions of Jihadists, even including the dangerous ones known as the Russian Chechens, who are one of Putin’s own countries biggest interior terrorist known threats.”   

“There sure seems to be a lot of cross-lateral mind games going on, I mean this is all just crazy and beyond scary, especially with those nuclear visions you’ve had for so long.” 

“Cross-lateral, very nice choice of words Fitzy, and let me take it one step further, and that is we all know Iran’s threatened multiple times to blow Israel off the face of the map, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

“Oh no, I don’t think I’ll like that flavor.” 

“Cute, another good one Brother Fitz. I like that subtle humor because you’re right for trying to lighten up this bummer of a talk we’re having, but I have to say this to me is a perfect developing case study of traitorous criminality, but not simple by any means.”

“How’s that?”  Fitz responding with a deep voice of inquisitiveness.     

“Well aside from the giveaways by our foolish side, the pieces are shaping up that show me Russia is failing to see the devilish long-term game plan and intent of Iran.”

“Wait a minute, hold your horses David, you lost me kind of on that one. . .Lay that out more clearly.”  

“Yeah sure, okay. . .So like I briefly mentioned before, Iran must have deep and well-hidden military nuclear bunker facilities already in production and I guarantee they’re going to somehow keep those locations off the table for any real kind of surprise inspections… And for what it’s worth, those deep bunkers will need to be destroyed within six or even five years from now, or my visions will have a greater chance of coming to fruition. Those facilities need to found and afterward carefully scrutinized and inspected weekly, or even more than that, like bi-weekly, or NO DEAL, ya know, and that’s it!” 

“Wait, hold on, you just hit me with two heavy points!  Get me clear about the first one and then go over your scenario about that ‘NO DEAL’ you just said.”

“Sure, that one’s easy, well at least from my close studies and gut feelings from the INFO we’ve been able to pick up on.  You see Fitzy, this is where I humbly feel Putin is being played or set up at the negotiating table and what I mean by that, is he’s acting like a shield for Iran by going along with them and not allowing for immediately needed inspections by the Atomic Energy Agency verifying Iran’s in total and full compliance with the deal.”

“Well, that’s some serious bad news D.”

“Oh yeah my friend, real serious.”

“But if our side knows they have hidden bunkers and they may be working on future weapons right now so they’d be ahead of the nuclear bomb building curve our sides even negotiating to freeze, then how can they let that be allowed to happen?” 

“Yeah, well go ask that totally obvious and damn serious pertinent question to Zero-44 and the nitwit BIKE rider who’s representing the United States at the negotiating table.” 

“Okay, I hear ya loud and clear on that, but you’ve also been saying Russia should be worrying about themselves being double-crossed also many years down the road.”

“Fitz, you’ve been hearing me as usual like you said, loud and clear, and because of these one-sided pathetic nuclear negotiations, I sincerely wish Putin could understand the dire warnings I’m E-mailing to him through back channels.”

“I know you well D, and what I want to say is you just scratch the surface and barely ever talk to me about that subject, and I guess it’s all from your years of mentally training yourself, but you really got me going about those E-mails man. . .Yeah, so, just sayin’.”

“I hear ya and I don’t mean to be a dickhead about it, but I’ll loosen up my tight mind and say this, I’m straight up letting Putin know that his country is going to be double-crossed by Iran, or even worse for everyone, is a Trojan Horse inside Iran’s nuclear program is going to end up doing a double-double cross on Iran and Putin, and that’s really what the wild card could end up being.”

“YEAH WOW, wouldn’t that be something like straight out of a Fictional Novel. . .I mean you really just got heavy on me David…”

“Yeah, and I got heavy on myself too, so…”

Alright D, you’re the geo-political student, so tell me about the need for destroying those deeply hidden bunkers in your five or six-year time period.”

“Oh man, now you’re really challenging me for an explanation about the future.”

“Buddy, that’s because this is some serious and deadly business we’re talking about.”

“We sure are, and you know what, I like it that you’re being sharp as always and keeping me on my toes as usual, so touché, and you know my deal, never stop. . .”

After David’s fun kind of humorous but serious comeback, there was a pause by him to think about something else he wanted to explain to his close friend.  Fitz knew what was happening in D’s mind, so he calmly waited, then,

“If this nuke deal plays out the way it’s shaping up, then I see Iran’s militant mullahs secretly stepping up their nuclear warhead manufacturing plans, and that my friend will eventually foreshadow my nuclear three-prong country devastating attack visions that seem to be getting closer to reality because of the negotiating giveaways happening.”

“You’re freaking me out again D, but I’ve always been a terrible worrywart, which you know so well about, so I’m in full worry bloom now. .”  

“Yeah, I do, so sorry about that blooming.”

“Don’t worry, you know my deal, I just gotta toughen up.”

“You’re tough, so don’t give it a second thought Fitzy.”

“No, it’s you, and Cousin T and the Boys, Howie, Jacob, and Cowboy, who have always shown me what tough really is, so I’ll always look up to you guys as being my big brothers.”

“I love ya Fitz, and I’ll always forever have your back, so that’s it, , Nuff Said, okay?”

“Yes, sure, but thanks like always David.”

“Ok, cool. . .So moving on, I was talking about what zero-44 was giving away, and the fact is I can’t help myself with my own deep thinking on the matter because of all the amazing illegal political spying going down by him and all his dirtbag men and women henchmen surrounding him, who we know are coming in and out of his office chatting up a storm of bad intentions on many multiple criminal levels.”

“Well, we can thank Delmonti’s years now of out of control rants at me for all of that heavy inside information he’s constantly catching with my PEEK-A-BOO he knocked off and built to even broader sound capturing capabilities.”

“Oh I hear ya, and I’m perplexed, pissed-off and angry on top of that, and still amazed on so many levels, so I don’t even know where and really want to get started.”

“Now I’m hearing you loud and clear D, but we’ve been dealing with this situation way too long now, and nothing I do to shut down Delmonti’s PEEK version is working.”

“I know but we’re going to have to keep trying because that’s really the bottom line.”

Right there David pauses to think about this subject matter, then,

“I can’t believe Delmonti staying in his own little spying game all these years on the goings-on inside White House. And from it all that we’ve learned, there’s no question in my mind that all those people have got to be running paranoid from all their law-breaking and possible treasonous activities going on.”

“Careful again D, Algo’s. . . Stay sharp and on point man.”

“Yeah-no, you’re right again, I have to control my emotions better, so for sure no more loose lips from here on out, and the PEEK subject is mum from now on, other than face to face.”

“Good, I agree.” 

“So if you don’t mind, I’m going to inject, or try to put a little humor on this serious conversation going down here.”

“Cool, be my guest, please.”

“Alright, so from my direct take on these negotiations, I’m bettin’ as TB would humorously slang out on us and say, ‘Obla bla’s as happy as a pig in sloppy slop mud’, and from my perspective, his personal double-crossing going on of America is getting more active by his lying tone my forensic analytics have sadly picked up on him.”

“Well I loved hearing one of TB’s good old humorous quips, but then on a dime, you got damn serious on me.”

“Sorry, but Fitzy it’s not good what 44’s up to, because it all benefits Iran in the worst ways for humanity.  My clear evidence of the DOTS are all lining up to show I’m possibly right more than I want to be about my nuclear suitcase surprise attack visions on the three countries, especially the unsuspecting Russian’s.”

“I’ll always trust your forensic human analysis David, especially because I know you’ve been studying and onto Obla Bla for a lot of years now, but give me some straight up non-double speak and more clarity on some of the nuke table talk you’ve gotten information on from your man Mason over in Scotland Yard’s Interpol.”

“Sure, sorry, I’ll try being more precise and tighter.”  Right there David takes a few seconds to think about something, and then,

We’ll pause here and be right back

~ ~ ~