Personally We've Got Your Backs (April 2018)

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, a good man, we’ve got your back because you’ve been wrongfully prosecuted by some real past bad actors involved in the TOP of the FBI who are all now fired, demoted and we allege will be very soon prosecuted for being part of a spying ring that was set up and aiming to take down Trump.  Also, General Flynn has been and still is being hounded from a totally falsely bogus setup witch hunt relating to the Mueller Counsel investigations. That creep Mueller and all of his so-called ethical bastards working to destroy Trump, Flynn, and others, are the ones who should be thoroughly investigated.  

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, if I am so blessed and become President in 2021, you are going to be PARDONED on the very FIRST day I’m in the office, and you’re going to have a job waiting for you in my administration, and in addition to that, you are going to be made financially whole for and from everything that was wrongfully ethically and morally done to you and your entire family.  It was all an intentional corrupt abuse of power against you, who was first set up by corrupt FBI top brass and then abused all along the way by the Justice Department and include in the end, a sick twisted DC corrupt immoral Judge. Fact was, you were a completely innocent man but the lying deceitful mass main stream media was out to get anyone who could help President Trump begin his new administration with descent good men and women. It was a true abomination of power in the hands of some very evil bastardly human trash, and they suffered nothing for their demonic acts against you, YET…

We’re all with you, and I hope and pray the citizens of the United States realize what a terrible wrong has been done unto you.  Strength and Honor Soldier, , We got your back!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TB, Howie, Jacob and Cowboy plus myself always truly liked and totally believed that 4 Star General Colin Powell got a big time raw deal when he was lied to and set up to speak before the United Nations in 2003 regarding the so-called PROVE that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, WMD’s.

Mr. Powell was used to sell an outright pack of lies to the world during his presentation, and as us guys all sat back and saw how the low life FBI director George Tenent sat behind him, we knew by his creepy looks and nervous body language, he was heavily involved with Vice President Dickless Chaney and secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield, of handing off some bullshit little vile of pixie dust powder that these scum bags were saying was the evidence of WMD.

They absolutely lied to him without any mercy to set him up and sit him down in that hot seat and just present their BS information and just lie to all Americans and again to the world. If we’ve ever had anyone’s back with more fervor it’s you sir, absolutely you Mr. Powell.

Strength and Honor, We’ve Got Your Back!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a good innocent man who was atrociously attacked by despicable democratic men and women senators at his confirmation hearings, and to make it even more angering for myself, the Boys and I’m sure millions of others who were watching or saw exerts on TV, was this was all done in front of his two daughters and wife. Kamala Harris, you disgusting vile piece of you know what, you were up there on your high and mighty throne intimating that this man is GUILTY UNTIL HE CAN PROVE HE’S INNOCENT, well you sanctimonious low life dirtbag, that’s NOT how the LAW WORKS.

God help us if the congress and senate have sick twisted bastards like you who will say and do anything to rise up to power. So, Mz. Harris, get ready for your next occupation, because you ain’t makin’ it to the White House, no mam, just the s*** house where you belong for eternity.  

I’m so sorry Judge Kavanaugh that you and your dear sweet family had to go through what you did, and we mean that sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. Hey man, Strength and Honor, We got your back!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, yes Mam, I personally have your back on this one, but the Boys are there with me too.  Mam, you hang in there and keep fighting those damn no good cancers that keep popping up in your life.  You can do this because you are a fighter, and nothing is going to get in your way and stop you. You’re just a young 88 years, and I know you have it in you to go on and on if you choose to.  My mom was fighting like you are back when she was in her mid-80’s, with stomach cancer and then the heart doctor said you need to have Bi-Pass surgery, but he told her she could die if they operate, or she would for sure die if they don’t do the heart surgery.  She said ‘Hey, let’s go fix me”.  She made it through that heart ordeal with flying colors, and then beat the stomach cancer, but then a year or so later she developed a rare form of some kind of blood disease. It had a very technical name, but we’ll just call it Leukemia, and that was a tough one because she had to have lots of blood transfusions and a lot of this and that poking and prodding of needles and stuff, and it just wiped her out month after month.  But she fought it for ten years but last year in December (2018) she joined my dad and, well, , don’t you give up Ms. Ruth, because you’re still young and strong.

Okay young Lady, Strength and Honor, , I’ve got your back, and the Boys wish you well too!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Melania Trump, we so STRONGLY have your back, I can’t put it into any more clear and outright words to say to you. Millions of people around the country I truly believe have your back too, and all those that don’t, should be ashamed of themselves. 

You have brought Honor and Grace to the White House, and we appreciate and respect all that you have done. You’re a great mother and a very kind and descent good person.

We got your Back Mam, Strength and Honor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tulsi Gabbard, we got your back, and you can join our Party any time you want.  That criminal cabal named the democratic party is really the Clinton mob association who has complete backing and cover given to her by CNN and MSLSD, plus all the other boot licking no good mainstream media outlets.  

Mam, it’s a rigged game you’re playing in and I feel bad for you, and Andrew Yang also, but this is the dirty blood sport game of politics, and as they say, “IT IS WHAT IT IS’’.   

I absolutely like your fighting back style that you displayed when that mean ugly-spirited DISGRUNTLED NASTY BITCH big-time looser attacked you without any sort of provocation on your part whatsoever.  So what’s good for the goose, is good for the SLOPPY PIG who masquerades around with the pimping of the main stream media as some sort of anointed queen.

Please permit me to tell you and the world, that in this coming mid-February 2020, or a little time after, there’s a 90 Percent chance that that angry elitist snob enters the fray and then gets magically positioned ahead of everybody like the last time. And when that happens, we want you to think about going on the serious OFFENSIVE and knock her BIG OLD BUTT off the block with your sharp skilled righteous tongue.  

Our new Political Party is going to be waiting for this typical thinking holier than though move by her, you can count on that, so hey, come on over and join us and be one of the proud Founding Fathers, , or Mothers if you prefer. . .LOL . . . Yeah well, I’m sure you get the point.

Bernie Sanders showed what a weak cowardly person he is WHEN HE DID NOT fight back in 2016 as he was robbed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was part of the conspiracy to control your corrupt party, and you (Tulsi Gabbard) uncovered it all, and that’s why you stepped down from the DNC Vice Chair position.  I know you really don’t want to get into all that, and that’s fine, but a few of us know the real dirt and corruption emanating out of the two time loser queen of the corrupt Democratic party.

Hey Tulsi, Strength and Honor, , We’ve got your back all the way! 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast, if I am so fortunate to make it to the presidency of the United States,
I will be calling on you to meet with me and hopefully after we chat, you come to work for your country and help
me with all your brilliant ideas about the future.
I know a little bit about you and what I know the rest of the American public should know as well. So again, if I’m
elected to the highest office in the Land, I hope you’ll be open to meeting with me and talking about the future and
all the wealth of knowledge you have.
Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast, Strength and Honor sir, and you better believe we have your back!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Selena Gomez, I don’t know exactly why, but I would get so defensive for you whenever I would run across some BS news item that said people were being jerk-offs towards you for various idiotic bullying reasons. Probably just jealous, but who knows. And it really got my goat when you had a life-threatening operation that thankfully came out well, in which a sweet human being/close friend of yours donated an important part of one of her organs, and that saved your life.  And Amen to the great surgeons who did the masterful work to save your life. I know a thing or two about a masterful surgeon, so now through gifted hands, our lives have been given an opportunity to go on. 

I just felt this need to include you in this eclectic group of people, and I wish you the best of health moving forward in your life. 

Miss Gomez, Strength and Honor, , We’ve got your back! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto, John ‘Tig’ Tiegen, Mark ‘Oz’ Geist, Gentlemen, millions of us got your backs… What can I say on behave of a strong group of us, and millions more who’ve got your back, other than one day the TRUTH is going to come out from several sources, one being we hope a whistleblower, and two, unleashed NSA recordings of what really went on in that situation room in the White House of Obama.  I know one thing, that man wasn’t participating in securing or ordering any kind of RESCUE OPERATION, and that uncaring “What Difference Does It Make” evil-minded bull s****** should be indicted, tried and she should be convicted of many crimes involved in that horrible night you men and all the others experienced.  

What has happened to our country when evil powerful people like those two are cheered on and applauded, and it’s all taking place and happening due to the brainwashing and intentional dummying down of the masses by the sick criminal bootlicking mainstream media and two worthless news lying cable companies.  


Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto, John ‘Tig’ Tiegen, Mark ‘Oz’ Geist, you good men and others who were there that night, know more than any what I mean when I say, Strength and Honor. Gentlemen, We’ve got your back! God Bless you men.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To the young lady who worked for CBS that wrongfully fired her (11-10-2019) because of being accused of releasing some tape about an ABC reporter’s story that would have exposed Jeffry Epstein, Prince Andrew and good old Billy boy Clinton, plus others, of the nefarious activities involving this Epstein Creep.   

Whoever you are young lady when our political party gets rolling, you’ve got a job with us, so write to us and let’s hope for a good future.  

Strength and Honor, We’ve got your back young lady!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~