‘Sky King to the Rescue – Some kind of Awakening!


It was May 2, 1974, and not even sixteen days or so had passed from my quickly executed exit of living and working in Acapulco when I received a message from my mom that a friend called and said he’d be coming to town soon to visit me.  She said his name was Tony and told her we met in Mexico. My mom was so glad I was back and finished with working there and now this is the second friend she is learning about since I just returned. The first friend was Pedro, who was the chief architect to mastermind my abrupt secret and safe exit from Acapulco.  His plan to keep me off the passenger list and get me safely onboard a super jumbo American Airlines jetliner and back to the United States was still fresh in my mind. (That entire Personal Earthquake is written about in our Trilogy)

The last time I saw Pedro was when I was shaking his hand at the airport ticket counter and thanking him again for his crucial, I’ll say lifesaving help.  He said to me he would truly like to come to America and meet my family and just hang out again and I was totally cool with that, but I told him to let’s first get me out of this country, and he confidently looked me in the eyes and told me he’d make sure of that, not to worry,  and he did.             

True to his word in less than a week after my safe exit he calls my family’s home and luckily catches me and says his plane is arriving in Michigan the day after tomorrow and would I pick him up at the airport.  Hearing his voice was amazing and of course I said I’d be there.  

I never told my parents a thing about my last-minute escape and all the danger I was in because it would have served no purpose other than making my mother more uptight about my natural adventurous ways.  What I did tell them though, was how this close airline friend was constantly trying to aid me in my fish exporting dilemmas with the air freight criminals that a half a year earlier my dad and I shared a real-life attempted payoff shakedown.  

My father actually met Pedro at the airline counter on the last day I took him to the airport for his return home.  I had told my dad all about Pedro beforehand and when he met him, my father told him how appreciative and thankful he was that someone was so kind and caring to try and help his son with his business.  I remember like it was yesterday how respectful and kind Pedro was chatting away with my dad, and I smile now just thinking about it.  

So just after speaking with Pedro on the phone, I called my dad at the Lumber Yard and told him what’s happening and he quickly said let’s get the spare bedroom set up and offered to go with me to pick him up.  

That was so cool of my dad and sure enough, we went together in his much nicer car than mine and during our ride I tried opening up a little about what took place the last days in Acapulco, but I just couldn’t bring myself to telling him what a desperate do or die survival nightmare horror story I was living in, and that my life really was in serious danger. 

Pedro’s stay for the few days he was with us was great and after that, he had to fly over to Chicago to take care of some of his Airline company business. We never communicated much after that because our lives were on different paths but I will always be grateful for the chances he took and plan he came up with to safely get me out of his country.  Thank you again Pedro, I’ll always remember you.

So now, the interesting thing about all of this being back in the States, is that all my time in Acapulco I maybe used a phone once every two weeks to make a collect call to my parents and now the phone was ringing regularly for me back in my home country.  It’s not like I forgot how to use a phone but the strangeness of going from hardly ever receiving or making a call to now having it happen, well it was strange and nice. 

And now that brings us back to the phone call from TB my mom told me about, and for sure I couldn’t get into any detail with her about who was calling other than a fellow American tourist I met while in Acapulco.  I told her we shared some close camaraderie and she was happy to know that. The message was he’ll be in town tomorrow in the morning and he’d reach me at my dad’s business or at home.  

The next day came and everything went smooth and great.  He found me at my dad’s place working and it was really good to hear his voice.  He followed up quickly saying, ‘Likewise’ and then says to me, ‘Tell me off the top of your head a nice place to stay, but make it near your home and don’t worry, I’ll find it with my Triple A maps and let’s figure we’ll meet wherever it is around 7 pm tonight.’

Off the top of my head real quick like, I said ‘The Michigan Inn,’ and he comes back with, ‘FINE, see you there at 7 and come with a big appetite’, and then says goodbye and hangs up with our call lasting less than twenty seconds.  Those were our first-ever words spoken together in America, but the speed and shortness was the new norm for the next twenty-five years, all because we began what we called ‘Security Purity Planning Measures.’  

There was a two-prong strategical deal we set up for the future while in Acapulco, because of the realization that by chance we might both be back in America at the same time.  So many months earlier we exchanged phone numbers where to be reached someday in the states, and it was TB who brought up for security reasons the need to shield me away from his weed business actions, so we’d always operate phone call conversations fast, smooth and up and up.  And even being more cautious, we both thought that payphones might really be the best way to operate once we’ve gotten reconnected in the states. And little did we know when we had that planning meeting about our communications, would events bring us into that new reality so quickly and unexpectedly.  Yeah, life can sure throw you curve balls you never see coming, but luckily for us as true as well-laid plans can be, it all worked out after we really did get separated for good from sharing any more wild and crazy funfilled exciting times in Acapulco. From that one important key day we exchanged multiple back-up phone numbers in Mexico, was the day that set us on a course to forever use good detailed communication action.  I don’t want to even think about TB or myself not having a number to find each other after my quick emergency exit out of Acapulco. It’s a fact we all have some kind of life event that in a way without at the time knowing it, takes our lives in a direction that could turn out being good or bad, and in our case, that hand off to each other of multiple backup phone numbers to reach each other at, luckily put us together again in the states.  I can’t even imagine how my life would have been without ever seeing TB again, no, I don’t want to even go there, and he even said the same exact thought to me one day. We just had this strong mental telepathy and camaraderie thing going on between us, and all that amazing energy put us on the greatest exciting life run we both were grateful to be sharing.

So here we are a couple of hours later and seeing my big buddy walking up to me in that hotel lobby was just what the doctor ordered, for both of us.  After a lot of smiles and ‘Good to see you’s’ to each other and some small chit chat, the big guy says to me, ‘Come on Stealth, pull another rabbit out of your hat and take us to a good nearby restaurant so we can have our first American feast together and catch up on everything’.  

The feast he mentioned was more for him than me because he’s a big boy and one son of a gun who could build up a big appetite when he was relaxed, and he looked and told me he was really well rested and truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so chilled out. 

So taking his cue I said to him, ‘All we have to do is just drive around the big sweeping corner street out front and go less than a half a mile, and land right smack dab in front of a really nice place called Stouffers’.  And when I told him the food will knock him out of his sox, he was for sure all in.  So we jumped into his big Hertz rental car and headed straight over to Stouffers with no time wasted.

The fact was, we had so much to catch up on and before I knew it TB comes firing out of the box that he bought that small airplane he always talked about during our times together in Acapulco.  He went out and bought the same make and model plane used by Sky King, which for those of you who don’t know was the name of one really cool TV show for millions of kids on Saturday mornings back in the late ’50s and early ’60s.  

All the kids in our time watched it, but for TB those Saturday mornings were something very special.  It was that show which began his gut desire to learn how to fly and true to his ways and nature, by the time he was eleven years old he convinced his favorite Uncle to drive him over to the local flying school and there they were fortunate to make a deal.  The light was shining bright with good luck happening for TB that day, because a plan was worked out to allow him to help do just about any kind of working chore needed around the shop, and in exchange besides a little money, TB would receive free flying lessons so he could become the best pilot he always dreamed about.

Two great things came out of that for him, which was he really became an ace mechanic over time which pleased everyone in that shop and he took to flying like a duck takes to water.  He was just a natural and skilled at both endeavors and the school’s owner helped him out again a few years later by taking him to a buddy that had a helicopter repair operation. There is where TB shined again, learning what he truly favored doing which was flying those cool contraptions and learning to be an ace whirlybird maintenance mechanic.  He freaked all of his working associates out with his flying daring ability and his mechanical mastering skills and this is what gave him such a leg up when he went over to Viet Nam.

During dinner, we never talked about his work in Mexico and my over the top life and death fiasco and then the need to escape Mexico. It was best we saved that entire conversation for later and we both clearly understood that being silent for now was necessary in that public place.  

I remember vividly the big guy reminded me at the table that he still wanted me to meet his Cousin Fitz and the next trip up to Michigan he’d bring him, and this was great news because he talked about him all the time in Mexico and from all those conversations, I really wanted to get to know this amazing person I heard and learned so much about.

T also told me some incredibly good news about he was ready to become a legitimate businessman after taking to heart my idea of making an air cargo business in the states.  But that wasn’t all the amazing great news, because he followed up with my other thought of what can we do to get him slowly started with government air freight contracts.   

In Acapulco I used to talk about each step would take time but I emphasized that with one good connection getting him in the pentagon doors, then the wheels would begin moving.  As I spoke at the table about this same subject again, I could see my big buddies face light up as it always did back in Mexico. He was all in now more than ever on the prospect and dream of one day procuring any kind of small beginning pentagon air freight contract.

T made the point though, that more than his Cousin Fitz he was really going to lean and count on me for making sure he carefully makes every business decision a wise, careful and safe one and if I didn’t like something that was going on, speak up.  

It was always comfortable for me to speak my mind with the big guy, and that usually translated into him taking my advice, except for the weed business and that at times really frustrated me.  But I have to admit he was patient with me because more often than not, I was lecturing him about the fact he had made more than enough money flying cargo planes filled with bails of pure seedless Gold Marijuana, and it was time to cut and run. 

Anyway, he used to talk about wanting to buy a helicopter but this Cessna six-seater was what he talked about less than four months ago in Mexico and it was more practical for now and the small Sky King plane really was his first dream as a kid. 

Okay, keeping it real if I may, this has to be said, and that is that night we both were in a really good grooving mood and I feel the number one reason for that, was because we both were alive, doing well and back on track with our wild child spirits together again.  

As we sat at the table as comfortable as we were as was in Acapulco, we kept naturally our usual guarded selves about what was said, but for sure we covered a lot of wild memories.  He told me his Cousin Fitz was working on some bizarre ideas to make some miniature receivers and transmitters and I was totally knocked off my seat just listening to him talk about those gadgets.  He explained how his cousin was totally fascinated with James Bond movies because of all the neat stuff in them, but he said the movie toys were mostly fake but he was attempting to make his own real cool working miniature stuff.

The confidence to build from scratch mechanical and electrical neat things all started as far back as young kids, and to TB’s credit for recognizing this geniusness in his cousin, he began a constant positive momentum push to try to get him to build anything that came to his mind.  And even equal to that, going back as soon as TB eventually started making some money from the flight school business’s and other hard physical work that paid him descent, is when the big soft-hearted guy began funding all of Fitz’s super cool dreams. 

That was the connection how TB knew his cousin and me would get along so well because the big guy knew my fascination with anything neat and cool that had to do with miniature gadgets and ultra-small spying toys. .  

This was a really cool night because we talked about a lot of subjects but my buddy seemed to purposely save the best and biggest subject and surprise for last.  Now mind you again, this conversation happened outside the restaurant for all the right basic security reasons. The surprise was, he wanted to take me flying in his new plane and have some bizarre fun and true to his words about a crazy idea we had in Mexico, he decided we’d finally make it real and give it a try.  

So what I’m talking about here, is Fitz put together for us a big bag of his own custom batch of fine marijuana seeds from plants he’d been growing and harvesting for many years out of a few carefully selected cornfields far away from their hometown. 

TB told me Fitz just loved growing the plants because it made him feel a rush of excitement during his night time outings in the fields and the satisfaction of growing his own little custom stash.  Before ever meeting Fitz, T explained to me his cousin was no daredevil by any stretch of the imagination but the independent action was a confidence builder of sorts and he needed that, and that was that.

Now this has to be said and made very clear, the years of his small little amount of plants grown and harvested was never for the money side of it, but just for his girlfriend and his own personal use, and include his close dear childhood friend, Big Freddy.  OH, and of course TB was included whenever he wanted any. . .Okay, that’s that, so Nuff Said. . .

I believe in life we all enjoy nice surprises, so I need to say the fact TB flying all the way up in his own new plane to hang out with me, really pumped me up.  We both knew that we were so much alike and now just being together again gave both of us a real-life energizing boost, and we talked about that fact during our dinner. 

Sorry for all that digressing from the surprise first mentioned.  Continuing on, outside the restaurant we talked about, no, rather he talked about his plan was for us to fly over some nearby cornfields and sprinkle these thousands of seeds slowly all around and come back at the end of the growing season in late September and fly over and see if anything managed to grow and then we’d take some action at ground level.  I had to admit to him I was totally pumped up about the idea and couldn’t wait to go up flying with him and start the experiment. 

Before the next day came, I had to come up with an excuse to get off work early from my dad’s Lumber Yard so we could start flying around way before it got dark.  The key to this plan though was the weather and if it looked like a clear day, then we would meet at the Michigan Inn at 3:30 and then go out to the little airport where TB’s plane was secured.  As always though, the way T and I operated on many fronts, but this one being a new one, was we made other plans just in case the weather didn’t cooperate for flying. 

TB pays attention to all kinds of details, one being how much daylight would we have for this late day start but he told me he had his eyes on the Michigan sunsets since he arrived the day before and he calculated we’d have more than enough time if we started wheels up by 4:45 pm.  

He was the captain of this fun late afternoon adventure and I knew I was in good hands, and I was really excited about the whole dang shootin’ match. 

It seemed work dragged on that day but when 3:30 finally came, I was out my dad’s store doors so fast, you could hear a WHOOSH.  I headed straight for the Michigan Inn to meet T and he was again waiting for me in the lobby. After our happy to see ya again meet and greet, we’re off and running. So here we are driving up to the little airport and he’s pointing to his own little cool plane that he’s had a dream about owning before he was eleven years old.   And now he’s truly living out his lifelong Sky King dream and digging every minute of it. 

We park the big rental car and head directly over to his dream machine so he can give me my first close up eyeball view, and boy was it cool to see him standing next to his baby.

I remember when we got seated inside it and T went through his short but important checklist, did the reality hit me that my friend’s lifelong dream has really come true.

This was my first time ever in such a small plane, and it definitely felt almost tiny like compared to those huge jumbo jets I’d fortunately been flying around in during my recent Mexican adventurous times.  Now as far as being nervous in this little bird, well I really wasn’t because I had total faith and trust in my big buddy, and that was that.

So before I know it, we’re buckled up and heading down the runway after he got clearance to go, and we’re now flying around in this fantastic little plane and it was so cool to see my friend at the helm of his new big boy toy.  I knew he could fly and now we’re doing it and sharing a really wild good time in life again but in the United States.   

That beautiful bird was going pretty darn fast and he was doing some really cool maneuvers like banking and climbing and then dipping and wing tipping back and forth.  I was totally pumped up and into it albeit my stomach wasn’t used to some of the action but I loved it and wanted him to do more of the same. I held it together for the most part, barely, and didn’t need the use of the barf bag my wild friend offered me, albeit with one of his semi-devilish smarty pants big smiles.  

I kind of half-smiled back at him and took the bag, but again thankfully never needed it, and to be real, that barf bag offer would be a regular standing humorous routine we’d carry on, even as his planes over the years got bigger and faster. 

So as we’re zipping all around, T kept pointing out all the different cornfields and making the point to show me the two important directions farmers’ plant their fields. They go either north and south or east and west and he explained it would be more beneficial we start this new season planting in the east and west fields because of the way the sun rises and sets, giving the maturing plants the most amount of sunlight during the daylight hours.  I asked him how he knew all this and he told me Fitz taught him many things from his years of growing experiences, and being of the mindset he made detailed notes but in code, and after he said that, I knew his cousin & I had a growing list of things in common.

He talked about mapping out your plantings which were a simple but tactical method of counting the rows in each direction from a starting point of one specific designated corner of a field you work in. When you’ve done all the work and then walk out of that field, you better know exactly where your plants are because if you don’t get a directional accurate row count, then you’re walking eventually back into that field at night as if your blindfolded.  Even knowing where you’re going, it’s a giant cornfield jigsaw puzzle and that can still make your head spin and you’ll more than likely get lost, and believe it or not, never find your babies. 

Fitz’s lesson of cornrow mapping and all made total sense to me, especially after flying over those fields for the first time and seeing how massive they were.  Now I understood how easily at night anyone could get lost going deep inside a field after tens of thousands of corn plants had grown to be over seven feet high stalks in a four months’ time span.

We’d seen our share of giant hidden away fields of Marijuana up in the mountains of Mexico, but this was an all-new perspective looking down from high above and trying to imagine weed growing mixed in with acres of maturing corn plants. 

Into our flying for a while, my stomach was pretty much settled and feeling normal, so I asked TB to give us some more wild heart in my throat action if he didn’t mind.  He knew what I meant and shot a quick smile over to me and then he began some scary but really amazing accented dives and then quick pull-ups and more daredevil type wing flapping and after less than two minutes of that, my stomach was really kicking around and speaking to me.  

I hung in there again, or more like my stomach did, and then T proceeded to do some very fast tight banking, one way then leveling off and then going the other way and then quickly but smoothly pulling us back to ground level horizontal flying.  

Oh I’m telling ya, that was some cool kick-ass trippy fun but now TB says it’s time to start breaking out that hidden away big bag of seeds and prepare to get lower to the ground and safely start carefully playing Johnny Apple Weed and Seed.  When he said that line, we had a good quick laugh and thinking to myself at that moment, I always enjoyed in Mexico hearing his sense of humor come out. He really was a funny guy but didn’t let it shine much around strangers because that was his guarded way in life and I understood him completely.

Now it’s time to get busy and start the bizarre main event of the day, so T asked me to reach around and pull out the blanket underneath the back seat.  It was heavy and pretty darn tough to handle, and he told me that’s just the way Fitz planned and wanted it to be. He made it that way in case by chance some not welcomed prying eyes came around to check out TB’s new plane and curiously saw a blanket tucked away, but the thinking would be there’s nothing unusual about having such an item in anyone’s bird.  So yeah, little would any prying eyes know the deal was all about carefully camouflaging the main prize, and for me and my feelings about using smart security measures regarding dealing with weed and now seeds, well it was a very hip idea and I was all in with the safety steps taken. 

After I got the two big bags of seeds organized on the floor under me, TB explains to me how to slide the front little window safely open just enough and then in the same breath, says to me once you get a handful of seeds ready, just put my hand close to the opening and in the same motion open my hand with my palm forward and then kind of shuffle like push the seeds out the little opening.  He said I didn’t have to stick my hand out but just give the seeds the open air and they’ll definitely go flying out on their own.   

The big guy semi-jokingly says to me, ‘Let the wind, air, and Mother Nature do the rest’.  

Now we’re over our first field and T gets the plane in the right position and thumbs-up signals me to begin.  That first handful was a bit nerve-racking but it was manageable and after that, T banked around and we repeated the same movement in a slightly different area of that huge field.  Over the next fifteen minutes, we slowly found and blanketed four more very large fields with the same double doses of seeds, and by then it was time to head back to the little airport due to the sun was thirty minutes from setting. 

Everything went really well but we could only imagine those seeds just scattering here and there but not knowing what really will happen to them until months later when we’d return and fly over those same fields to see if anything luckily actually rooted and grew. 

Later on at dinner at the same restaurant, because T loved the place, and I mean loved it, we sat in a corner booth and quietly reviewed everything we just completed hours earlier.

Without a doubt, that day and evening together went by super-fast and the next morning came and it was raining when I drove to work.  I didn’t realize how important this rain was until later in the day when I went over to meet with TB at the Michigan Inn, practically the first thing he comes out and says when he greets me, is we’re having a lucky day.  Now I heard him loud and clear but being honest here with you, I had no clue what he was talking about. He says to me with this good rain all around us, it will give all those seeds a chance to begin the process of germinating and maybe all that seeding might result in some really nice mature grown plants by the end of the long growing summer season. 

Well that was good to hear and I learned something I never gave any thought to but as T pointed out, farmers around the world care a whole lot about a well-timed rain, and that’s just what we had, and now that I would be beginning that summer to turn into a sort of part-time farmer, I should begin to pay attention to that aspect of what they go through. 

I can truly say it was a one of a kind experience that I had with my close friend in the first of many planes he would come to be the owner of, and another first was my entrance into the farming Marijuana world that lasted a few decades for me at ground level in scattered about Southern Michigan giant cornfields.                                                                

I have no guilt, shame or feelings of wrongdoing as a Johnny Apple Seed and Weed cultivator because over time I came to realize from my own research and experiments with folks suffering from cancer, that Marijuana could play an enormous role in helping people with all types of cancers and also other human and animal diseases.  

Yeah sure I smoked weed like all of us hippies did back in those wild good old days, except me and many great hard-working partners I had grown our own stash and not for cash, and we did it because we loved the action and shared some great action & camaraderie.  

And if I may, I’m speaking now from my Quantum Leap portal life position in 2050, and my memories of the long-ago adventures with TB are always closely flooding around in my centurion spirits.  And I believe our wildness on that fun day of dropping seeds out of his plane continued the mental vibrating tone of my believes that Marijuana was put on earth to aid all human and animal kind, for positive healing health purposes.  

I am no scientist but have always thought of myself as an old frustrated financially limited researcher, and wishing I had scientifically done much better work for humanity with Marijuana as my focus. 

Over seventy-seven years have passed since the night TB took me up to that Sierra Madre high mountain valley area where we looked down at a giant tucked away Marijuana field that we were going to do a snip, bag, raid and run operation.  (Check out our ‘Acres and Acres of Marijuana chapters) It was that night that I deeply felt a true light bulb go off in my mind about the use of Marijuana for multiple medical purposes.

I’m years past your time now but I’ll ask and even kindly stress for research to be done on extracting Marijuana oils from natural sunlight grown and harvested plants, and be experimented with to search for a cure for cancer, and so many other maladies.   Based on a limited amount of indoor light research, I’m best off not offering any thoughts, but the combination of weed being tended to naturally by Mother Nature, well I humbly say I know a little bit about a little bit in that department.

And if I may, I would like to assist and advice that many combinations of research should be tried with CBD oils, and here are some ideas of what I mean.  The pure extracted oils should afterward be slowly processed through Blue Ozone exposure, and I believe from our sincere long ago studies a small concentration of only a truly proven Pure Virgin Olive Oil should also be mixed in.  

I also want to say that each specific oil, (The Pure Virgin Olive Oil) and the (CBD oil from only female Marijuana sunlight grown plants) should be equally combined and then exposed/treated with the Blue Ozone, and then humanly experimented on in many ways and forms. 

Together or apart, each Ozone treated oil will work its own magic.  And this has to be said also, the idea of experimenting on animals first is not needed, for the human body can take in and handle beginning measured doses of what I speak, and then increasing administered levels can rise from there, according to what positive effects are taking place over carefully measured times from the experiments.

Even more to the point of not using animals to experiment on, the human being can be of greater assistance with the medical experiments, by the simple fact of being able to talk to the doctors and scientists running the test.  

The Ozone Blue two-oil combination will somehow help strengthen the cancer-fighting immune system function, and then go on and attack and slowly kill the cancer cells in the body.   

(All the above was always way more complicated than I clearly understood, yet I tried, but the basic principles will be clear to all the scientists & researchers involved.  I have many more past CBD research studies tucked away inside one of my many minds holding secret compartments as Fitz, T and myself called them. I’ve always known in my gut the important properties inside a giant female plant were put on earth for curing many human ailments, including badly burned skin.  I never had the big money or anywhere close to the correct kind of real laboratory needed to create the special skin healing paste I envisioned that was possible. Again, it is all about using female deep-rooted outdoor grown plants, because the hand of Mother Nature is month after month pouring her sun-drenching magic into the large green collector leaves as I called them, and that storage of life-giving plant growth energy will have a second round of importance after the harvest.

I’m hoping my thoughts I’m laying out here are picked up by scientists and taken to a much higher degree of a focused experimental level.  

This is vital for all human beings to understand, cancer cannot live in the body in a strong Alkaline environment, BUT can thrive when the body is way too acidic.  

Administer carefully the above mixtures through any and all kinds of procedures and don’t hold back on any and all uses of the Blue Ozone.  

And I say to all, do some serious but not complicated research on how you can increase the Alkaline levels in your own bodies. This increase in your Alkaline level is very important and also a very easy task to do for yourself, with the end result being a better healthier outcome in your inner body workings.   

Realize this, the human body should be bathing in a normal to a higher level of Alkalinity, preferably higher, and do everything in your power to avoid the buildup of any form of excess bodily acids.  It’s what you’re eating, breathing and drinking that will determine your future health, but one must also include your family passed on DNA.

Remember, your body breaks down and gets sick when it is bathing in too much acid, but you can reverse that!   I’m strongly emphasizing this because this is key in transforming the body to be at and in what I call a Healthy Dry State.  

You must maintain a higher level of Alkalinity because that will give your immune system a chance to optimally work properly and hopefully keep your replenishing new bodily cells healthy.  Multi-millions of new healthy cell growth daily is the KEY!

The human body is an amazing creation that can do wonders to heal itself when given the opportunity if it’s not too late, for under the right optimal conditions which include my preaching about Alkaline, you also need lots of deep resting sleep for new cellular growth.

Believe it or not, fifteen minutes naps can change one’s life in the most amazing positive ways, and should the urge to close your eyes and catch ‘TEN’ or ‘FIFTEEN’, then I highly recommend it.

And this has to be added to this conversation too, and that is the horrible dreaded Alzheimer’s disease is increasing in the world’s population and there yet has been any cures found to prevent, stop or reverse it, but some kinds of oils such as the CBD with the purest Virgin Olive Oil and Blue Ozone Treatment should be separately studied.

Again, too much acid building up in the body can give the cancer cells their opportunity to flourish, and maybe the same principles can be said for Alzheimer’s.  Please read on… 

It is known that the beta-amyloid plaque in the brain is possibly the major cause of Alzheimer’s, and every kind of CBD and Blue Ozone experiment should be tried on all willing and able sufferers of that brain crippling disease.  

One of my theories for decades about the thickness versus the thinness of our blood had a serious degree of importance to the clogging of our arteries and stickiness inside those same heart located artery/vein walls.  I took this same thought pattern and applied it to the brain’s buildup of amyloid plaque, and I constantly wondered about how can scientists find a way for those micro-thin veins to be kept clear inside, so they won’t develop the plaque buildup.  

I saw the need for experimenting with taking all the blood slowly out of a human with dangerously high cholesterol levels, and running the blood slowly through a Blue Ozone and pre-Ozone treated Pure Olive Oil-CBD combination mix.  Now using a slow drip mixture of a minuscule amount of this special oil, begin a mixture transfusion treatment, and then slowly filtering the blood once more with just Blue Ozone this time, and then returning all of it slowly back into the body.  Yes, maybe quite a radical medical life-changing treatment, but I’m of the wild and crazy belief, to throw everything including the kitchen sink at trying to STOP plus find a cure for the dreaded Alzheimer Disease that’s afflicting multi-millions of humans around the planet.  

In your world right now in 2015, you need your fat bloated government to wake up and see the importance of Marijuana and begin an entire major shift from the way it classifies weed and put an end to the DEA and other agencies wasteful war on it.   

Sorry for the rant, but it is my portal position belief that I say take the warfare wasted money on weed and put it into a useful war on finding a cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s.  And I don’t mean to say stop the war on all the deadly drugs coming in at our pathetic porous open southern borders, no, I mean stop the petty Marijuana bothering and lock-em-up drug war attitude on our citizens!  

Now if I may say, for the future surprisingly millions of elderly centurions coming down the pike as I have already arrived, prepare yourselves with eating less food and making walking a daily part of your lives if possible.  My body’s personal lower extremities were so beat up and not fully healing, I lost the flow of walking daily back around 2019. Your body will do fine without filling up your pie holes, and that said, ask yourselves, have you really ever seen hundred-year-old obese folks?   Well, have you? Just Sayin’.

I do know from the personal research and human observation I seem to have been doing all my life starting around nineteen, the bodies of elderly people are more often than not in a very sad FLUID like state/condition from the ankles up to the knees, and for a healthier human being at any age, their bodies should be in what I said before, THE DRY STATE.  I humbly can say THE DRY STATE is an important key for your physical health.

Just take the time to look at your grandparents and observe their ankles and the bodily area up to their knees, and if they are badly swollen then this is a serious sign they are NOT in a DRY STATE and their circulation and health are possibly in a poor state.

So now wrapping all this up, I hope old and all the new scientific communities will be experimenting and looking directly at the growth of huge outdoor-grown seedless female Marijuana plants, and focusing on their thick full wooden like neckline base stem area along with the entire female root system.   

All of these totally mature plant parts should be thoroughly cleaned and then placed in a totally germ-free drying area, and after completely cured, then pulverized in a sterile environment and then administered in a powder or pill form to willing Alzheimer patients.   And I wouldn’t stop with just the ALZ sufferers, meaning go after Cancer.

All these plant parts are a

treasure trove of

hidden medicinal aids

that will amaze mankind.

Please trust and believe that!

I used to tell T and Fitz starting back in the late ’70s, that from the root upward, leading into the strong wooden like neckline base stalk, that there had to be an amazing medical hidden miracle in Marijuana, just waiting to be discovered.  

Crazier discoveries have happened in medical science going back hundreds of years ago, and speaking of plant ROOTS and Tree Bark, where do you think Aspirin came from?  

A cure for Alzheimer’s needs to be sought and found and everything in the world should be experimented with and tried, especially everything I’ve just been writing about. 

Seriously, what do all the well-funded research laboratories have to lose!

T would say, ‘Why the hell don’t they throw everything at Alzheimer’s disease, and the Frickin’ kitchen sink too’, and you know what, he was damn right!

Coming back to Sky King, well your cool TV shows back in the ’50s and ’60s sparked a dream in my good buddy’s mind that he never let go of until he accomplished his goal.  

TB always showed me what I call GREAT HEART, and we did our best to keep that natural fire going for one another. . .I truly miss that long-ago camaraderie, I really do!   

In closing, TB’s Sky King dreams as a child and that wild night out in 1973, of snipping and bagging beautiful huge arm buds of Golden Seedless Weed, put me on the path that sparked my real Marijuana thinking for medical purposes. And that mindset led into decades of quietly trying to do whatever I could to help find cures for all types of cancers, plus help search for a way to stop and reverse the dreaded increasing Alzheimer’s disease.  I hope what’s on these pages can aid mankind in having a healthier and cancer-free life, and find a way to stop and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease.

So on Behave for TB and Myself,

We Sincerely Thank You, Mr. Sky King