IT DOES MATTER - June 7, 2021

Hi, my name is Steven Lee Katz and I want to thank you for taking time to read about my Blood and Cancer Research that I started doing in October of 1974, but really kicked my energy and focus into it a year later and have never stopped since. This was a good twenty plus years before the creation of the Internet, so my learning curve was slow as I went from local libraries to many a good distance away, looking for anything new that was published or on the shelves, and cataloged on old scratched up micro-film. My next step was to go over to the libraries giant old age micro-film display reader and crank it up and excitingly enjoy new for me discoveries about Blood and Brain research. I loved learning about new discoveries but it all truly took time for me to dig in and push myself to constantly focus and understand some very amazing technical aspects of the workings and goings on inside the human body.

I began putting my ideas to pen in 1980 and stopped midway in 1990, and I wish I could give credit and list all the great books and educators that were my silent teachers and forever motivators. I thank them all and hope some may still be alive and see some of their teachings in my FIVE pages below.

Speaking of that, the FIVE pages below could have been a hundred from all the years of learning and actual real life experiments I was doing with a White Powder I created with some great assistance from my best friend and co/writer of our Trilogy, TB.  He thinks he didn’t contribute a dog gone thing but without helping me with the technical mechanics and operation of the voltage power output critical Ozone Generator, I absolutely have no doubt none of my many White Powder formulas would have ever aided so many people suffering from Diabetes, Arthritis and being treated with Chemotherapy sessions for their various cancers.

Please take the time to read a few of the Testimonial letters. I wish I had been more present of mind back in the 80’s and 90’s to cherish and hold on to each and every one of them, but I was just living in such a fast track sort of wild at times life, and not thinking in a pure futuristic mindset. There’s no excuse whatsoever for me not paying more attention to the kind written gestures that were right there in my hands. The fact was, I failed to realize the gratitude of these wonderful people reaching out to me.  Now that I’m much older I’ll respect and cherish every future correspondence and any and all face to face conversations.

TB gave my research company the name “IT DOES MATTER”, and it just stuck perfectly, and seeing the name on my first business card in 1979 made me and my buddy very proud.

I hope any & all who read the Five pages below can takeaway some possible life saving & healing valuable forever lessons. IT DOES MATTER,  & we care!

The United States Post Office and some other 3 letter government agencies together visited me in Florida in the early part of 1999 and told me to stop making and shipping my White Powder Formula thru the US mail system or any other mailing service. I spoke to my Dad about this situation and being that he was using and benefitting from my White Powder, he advised me to be careful, stay cool as he always said to me, and definitely not give up my Blood and any other research I was doing, but also don’t let my emotions of a letdown get the best of me. My dad was in his years of wisdom preparing me, and within a year his wisdom along with his experience of me being prepared was right on the money.

I wasn’t given any reason other than the powders resemblance to cocaine was quite remarkable, but it was tested and proven to be nothing of the kind, but the ‘Powers That Be’ said STOP or be prepared to face some legal action and the outcome could be life changing if I didn’t comply. And while all this intimidation was going on, they wanted to know exactly what was in the ingredients and make up in the White Powder. Let me just say this, my buddy was not a happy camper and he told me and I agreed don’t tell them a damn frikkin’ thing, period. But we also knew from a lab tech Vitamin expert that they could figure out all the Vitamins and minerals and other gems in the powder, but it was something you’ll learn about in a minute that their measuring and analysis reading equipment couldn’t figure out.

I was always thinking about my Dads years of advice about always staying cool in any and all kinds of situations. And let me add and also say that my close dear friend could be one very explosive dude, and I needed to keep everything calm and level headed, so over about a years time of total aggravation, I reluctantly chose to follow those pricks orders of stop making the White Powder.

I have to say this last point, this miracle powder wasn’t a business, it was about getting it in the hands of Oncology offices around the United States for practically just the shipping costs. I needed volunteers to be brave enough to begin to experiment with my research, and again I screwed up by not taking much better care of all the testimonial letters I received over the many years. And to be real about the whole thing, I spent hours of my life working on different formulas and more or less lost money year after year, but I was gaining ground on understanding how my White Powder creation was working on helping and in some cases, almost nullifying good folks Diabetes Type ONE and in some cases Type TWO medical issues. For the good folks using it before and after their chemo sessions, different formulas were having different results, but all results were proving to increase the oxygen saturation levels, reduce the nauseum, reduce the hair loss and just overall better skin color, much less fatigue and the elimination of that brain fogging feeling, and from all these good mental and physical feelings came a great positive mental outlook. But just to be clear, I never promised any kind of the actual outcomes that were happening, no, I was flat out flying by the seat of my pants with people who were suffering and were open minded to try the White Powder Formula.

So now please allow me to say this, NUFF SAID about what seems like a long ago major-major let down on my research, but I kept up my Blood and Cancer Research studies and now in this year of late 2021, I am feeling that within a year I will be able to finish building a one of a kind human receiving medical vibrational sound wave device combined with a super conducting magnetic pulsing non radioactive resonating biometric machine that just really may be able to slowly shrink Glioblastoma brain cancer if its caught in the first FOUR to SIX months, and also the same timeframe for women’s breast cancer located near the armpit area.

And I’ve mentally visualized and designed a neck collar that will be used with the same conducting pulsating medical mechanics that will be used to go after the alarming increase in throat and mouth cancers in men. As far as what is the cause of these cancers, one could Hypothesis several thoughts, but my research is just trying to help folks with their cancers. 

I apologize for the above long sentence, but I’m so enthused in my work and theories, I just can’t help myself in saying that this is what’s happening with my fast moving cancer research, and it is not delusional, NO, its absolutelly really possible!  In a nutshell, I sense the one of a kind device with all its intricate components I write about will be the tool to DESTROY THE TUMORS CRITICAL ENERGY NEEDED SUPPLY, thus the cancer will begin to shrink, and the area around this EVIL will itself begin to repair itself, and even over time do better than repair!

Those are very heavy statements to say the least but I’ve been living and at times dreaming and seeing in my sleep what I understand is the true most important makeup of what’s in our Blood that will be in harmony and synchronize with my special devices. I’m going to continue to build this special device and after that find volunteers to see if a miracle can happen for their medically afflicted unfortunate lives.

I didn’t want this to be a long open letter, so I apologize, but just know that I humbly feel that all my years studying Blood along with the complicated human circulatory system, the efforts will come to a positive conclusion and give me the chance to do good for humanity in the future.


Ok, so here’s the part about the undetectable ingredients of the powder that their testing equipment couldn’t figure out.

Everything amazing about the White Powder is wide openly talked about in adequate detail in various chapters throughout the Trilogy, that is except all the amazing natural ingredients that took years to mix together to eventually achieve great results.

With pride in saying this, you will learn right up front that the entire long stringy ‘ROOT SYSTEM’ and shavings from the thick top layers of the stems of ‘FEMALE MARIJUANA’ Natural Sun Grown cornfield plants, were one of the hidden (NON DETECTED) natural God’s Gift to Mankind pieces of the formula. And after being heavily ground, mashed, and reground again together into a super fine finished powder, we then used a Blue Ozone custom rigged  together generator to purify the Marijuana ingredients (thanks again to TB), and then mixed in multiple other Vitamins and ‘NONYA’ bin’nezz good natural stuff after that… Sorry, but one has to have a little sense of ongoing humor in life, or you become stale and stiff, and that just ain’t healthy, , , and that damn sure ain’t me!

So that’s it, its all about our health and finding peace from within, and trying to keep in tune and balance with many things, including a sense of humor, which helps with all the stresses that come our way at times.

One last thought, I believe from years of doing experiments on myself, that I came away believing that if a person can as best as possible keep your bodies PH levels at a desired 7.4 existence, then you will have and enjoy better energy, strength, skin, sleep and overall good health.

But I’ll be real and down to earth factual too, there are some human genetic passed on diseases that sometimes can’t be avoided, and even though I’m saying keep healthy by watching your PH Levels which I always did, that didn’t prevent the need for me to have emergency life saving quadruple by-pass heart surgery.  I Thank God for my fast acting Cardiologist and his right hand man, a fantastic Heart Surgeon who saved my life in July-2014.

YES, some human diseases are GENETIC, but CANCER IS NOT ONE OF THEM… Believe this point<>It is what we eat and put in our stomach, and into our lungs, and all over our bodies that needs more paying attention to.

I have to put something that may sound odd and possibly be very controversial in this open letter. And what I am speaking about is my years of observation of homeless street living people, starting when I was in my early 20’s and all the way thru living and walking many hours a week in Latin American Countries into my 70’s. In a nutshell, from and thru the rough hand of life they were dealt, somehow their world of literally roaming the streets, alleys and wherever and whenever they can find any kind of food to forage. From large trash dumpsters, to small garbage cans, to garbage put out by home and business owners to be picked up within hours, the homeless street people are all over these bags going through them looking for anything to eat. They’re drinking out of the soda cans or paper cups from all the fast food restaurants, and drinking other peoples discarded cans or fast food cups when people throw them into walking street trash for the public use. These homeless people in my opinion developed very strong immune systems, for I’ve observed and seen them like I said roaming the streets in two Latin American countries for years. My mind was clinically opened up in ways I feel God was totally teaching me another humbling valuable lesson.

I’m not judging them, but they’ll beg, borrow and steel to survive, and can you take a minute and think about what would you do?. I’ve seen serious open wounds and skin ulcers and worse sufferings they’ve endured, and this is year after year for some, and again, my takeaway is their immune systems are keeping them alive. In conclusion of my thoughts and observations, their strong developed immune systems have nothing to do with their mental health at all. And I can add this to my watching and speaking to many since the vaccine business started, none of them has been vaxxed, and none of them had covid. So what does all this observation and personally feelings and believe conclude to mean, well for me it boils down to many factors working inside our bodies AT THE CELULAR LEVEL. And maybe the most important takeaway to give thought to, is the HUMAN BODY T-CELLS.  These are the real internal cancer fighters, and I’m determined to search out how to somehow help our bodies to generate more of these miracle working cells. I don’t want to go and get too far ahead of myself so, so, best said NUFF SAID.

Permit me one last thought, and its kind of – sort of important. The human body has amazing self-regenerative abilities at the molecular level, and in my own way I wonder if it is truly possible to reverse the ‘AGING PROCESS’. That’s not a question, just an out loud thinking personal thought I’ve had for decades, and I still believe that the White Powder Formula was on the cutting edge of that quest of reversing the aging process. And that especially entails slowing or even eliminating the dreaded Alzheimer’s decease.

Thank you again for taking the time here to read this cover letter, and I will say  ‘Take Your Time’  with reading and slowly absorbing the Five pages below, for there are some interesting semi-technical but maybe one day useful informational bits and pieces to help your lives.

I can not emphasize enough how critical the next few years (2021) & many more years going forward are going to be for the future millions of BRAINWASHED Americans and the world for that matter, who are going to be taking the covid-19 vaccine. Where’s first some animal testing results, then the normal human testing trials? Just think about the nerve and audacity of this ignorant illegal president MANDATING Americans to take the VAXX or lose some of their freedoms, and our Military folks being FORCED to take the jab OR be kicked out of their service their in. SHAMEFUL and INSANE.

I have a working THEORY I’m doing all I can to research on, and it has to do with the rushed to market Covid Virus VACCINES.  I’m learning more and more that makes me believe that the VACCINE POKES very well might disrupt the natural beneficial order of the human bodies GUT (intestinal track) inner important BACTERIAL WORKINGS.  If this becomes the norm rather than the exception, then there is an untold possibility of an explosion of all kinds of old and even new unexplained types of cancers developing in the very near coming years of the double-poked and peoples bodies.  Please, just realize this, our bodies contain what is called ‘GOOD BACTERIA’ & BAD BACTERIA, and I am concerned that these vaxxes are going to harm the GOOD BACTERIA. And believe me, that’s a very serious BIG DEAL~! God Help Them All~!

Time will Tell, but I think I know the sad future answer! And to all that are reading this, just know that I am running in the 2024 presidential race, and if by some amazing God Bequeath Miracle comes about from His Hand and guidance, and Angels protecting me all the way to Victory, then after I will change the direction of America and the world in ways never positively envisioned before.the

God Bless<>Strength and Honor

TB & Stoney


My Cancer Research


This one of a kind tree located somewhere in Central Latin America, has cancer managing properties.

I can’t and won’t say anymore for now, but just realize that ‘ASPERIN’ was discovered centuries ago from the pulverizing of the bark of a certain type of Willow Tree.

And our research and experimentation of pulverizing and then using ‘Blue Ozone’ purification, helped in the process of our ‘White Powder’