To All American Veterans

Maybe this is going to draw some negative resentment from many foreign countries that are getting way too much financial aid from the American taxpayers, but when I read about the huge amounts being given with no real accounting of what happens to that money, I’m shocked.  And to tie this all together regarding the millions of dollars of taxpayer money going at times in the wrong direction, I’m personally sickened to hear about certain beneficial programs being denied our combat Veterans. And what I am referring to is, I just read in (September-2019) that our recent returning and past war-affected Vets with different medical, physical and mental issues were being denied the simple request for comfort/personal aid dogs because there wasn’t supposedly enough money to go around for all that was requested and needed.  

Are you kidding me is what shot through my mind in a heartbeat, seriously! I mean I thought there’s no way that that could be true, but shockingly it WAS.  

So keeping this idea tight and to the point, if I am so blessed to make it to the highest honor in the Land, then consider ‘I GOT ALL YOUR BACK VETS’ {24—7} WHATEVER THE CAUSE IS!

Damn Straight, PERIOD