A Deep Future Cometh

Our brains are a very complicated frontier that still hasn’t been completely medically taken apart and thoroughly diagnosed and understood, then put back together like all the rest of our body parts, but I sincerely hope one day this vital important achievement will successfully take place. Once that magnificent breakthrough happens, many brain diseases will start being cured or hopefully just stopped in their tracks, especially Alzheimer’s. But something else very incredible will be the trigger from these brain breakthroughs, and what I am talking about will start taking place in three, four or at most five decades down the road, and that is humans will be steadily blasting off into outer space and colonizing the old and many newly discovered Universes up and way out there. Now, I must repeat again, there will be no TRANSHUMANISM EXPERIMENTATION or METAVERSE ACTIVITY going on, on MY WATCH!!!

A new advanced direction of our so-called humanity will begin after the successful mapping of our entire brain’s activities, and then the Quantum Leap will take place of turning on our brains to function at a much higher capacity.  And while all that amazing progress begins to happen, the next giant step for humanity will be the start of our minds and bodies naturally connecting to the usable but untapped energy sources surrounding all of us.

I believe we will be entering into the earth’s core of energy and vast unknown vibrations all around, and one day a new era will open up where they will be using those amazing powerful resources to go to the next step of where time all began, being that of the STARS.

I regularly talked to TB and Fitz over the years about these visions I would see and sense, but that would only happen after I could enter and go into what I called the calming periods of my mind.  But something was still holding me back on getting my head wrapped around all the unknown hidden energy frontiers that at times I sensed were all around.

I’d had many amazing personal times when I experienced different waves and vibration sensations all around me and challenged myself to relax and try to enter into them.  The best way I can describe what was happening is I had a greater sense and awareness of all things inside myself and all around me, and I felt relaxed, calm and content along with this sensation of feeling altogether healthier and in tune with all of nature, afterward.

Now, this is something very important and I must be straight forward about it. It was around January of 2014 when I felt a big leap of faith for all my future thoughts and experiences that made me believe that all the futuristic brain mapping was going to truly happen someday and then mankind would be able to tap into the unrealized energy in ourselves and all around us.

For all practical purposes of trying to explain myself, I simply have to say our brains are like computers and they’re just waiting for the day to come when we can truly be able naturally to unleash the many functions of them that are simply lying dormant, waiting to be fully turned on and used.  It will be the multiple leap frogging visions of a movement into ‘A Deep Future Cometh’.

This big so-called leap of faith of being able to tap into greater uses of my mind, along with my deep inner core mental striving senses to better myself, all happened when four visionary billionaires named Bezos, Branson, Musk and a gentleman named Bigelow, came together but separately in some of my ongoing DARPA spying and deep probing research on that agency.  What these four men were focusing on proved to me that my own feelings about future space colonization were their same mammoth goal and aspirations, and my senses and clarity for the future grew clearer and really could be a reality someday.

I already know with my visions into the future, near and far, that if TB and myself ever self-publish our book, there will be those who will take my personal claims plus my ideas and research, and utterly try to destroy me in many gross and despicable lying and vicious cruel ways.

We’ve talked deeply in and over our time about this ugliness of hate, and from which that we know this meanness of spirit will cast a shadow in our future, but so be it, for time is on our side for the strong light of truth to shine and destroy all the evil darkness that abounds.  And all the while there will be many strategic warriors with purely devoted strengths, that with or without TB’s command and Blessing on Earth and Above, will honorably watch over my life with their highly professional skills when righteously needed.

And this truth will be coming, that of our long-range plan to have the back and financial well-being of all-American citizens, for we know a long train of abuses has been going on, and it’s time to Right the Ship and let righteousness and justice openly prevail.

Our goal is to push to help hundreds of millions of Americans in the coming near future with our new political party, and we will strive to achieve fully this mission!

Now excuse us for that slight digression of our own personal goals, and let’s come back to those futuristic thinking and planning big life game-changing four men.  What is going to be most necessary for all of us, and especially your grand and great-grandchildren, is being patient and waiting to see the steps these men take and combine and couple that with the all-important breakthroughs in the brain research now going on.

And once those breakthroughs in the mind happen, the real outer space future is then unlimited. . . So as they say, patience is a virtue!

The beauty of it all, is there are countless millions of fans out there well aware that Hollywood since the mid ’60s with the beginning of Captain Kirk and his unreal adventures with his amazing Star Trek crew, began to put the thought in people’s minds of deep space exploration and living in a new outer space world one day.

But it started way before that actually, like all the way back to Buck Rogers and the day of those cheesy black and white movies of him landing on the Moon.  And now the movies have stepped up the realism quality and begun to be more intense and believable, with the depiction of long deep space travels and beginning exploration of men and women on Planet Mars.  The point of what I’m making is all the TV shows and movie visions from the past have come or are going to be coming to fruition in the future. And as I see also in the future, there will be a Planet Miracle, and it will have benefits far greater than Mars.

In the scheme of things, our travels into outer space are happening in baby steps right now, but allow me to go back and focus on the brain with the point being that once that extremely complicated human body part is totally physically and medically mapped out and conquered naturally without any TRANSHUMANISM INVOLVEMENT, then our real preparedness for other Universes out there will begin.

And beyond that will be the unknown galaxies out there and maybe a fifty years after that, we’ll see mankind sending supersonic speeding rockets out to explore the star fields, which are millions of light-years away.

I believe sounds and vibrations will be the big surprise discovery surrounding all the unknown planets and galaxies.  And this will all eventually tie in when research using nutritional organic nutrients and lacking simple Vitamin Omega 3 will help wake up our brain’s dormant functions, and then allow your grandchildren to really start to connect with our earthly energy fields and all the other unknown deep sources of energy coming from and going on in outer space.

I learned all this from many wiser people than myself, and thus I had deep faith and then expanded my thoughts from the amazing discoveries made by our brave Astronauts on their decade’s long-ago trips to the moon.  And one of those literal moon unearthing achievements that really shocked me after digging up the startling moonscape research, was that of some sort of bell-like vibration sound detected going on but coming from deep inside the inner core of the moon.

I know you may not think that sounds like a big deal, ‘NO PUN INTENDED’, but it’s a huge deal beyond any of our imaginations at this time, but more on this much deep inner core bell-like sound vibration picked up on the moon, at a later time. .


The setting up of the next 13 future American Colonies but this time in outer space, is all a long way off, but those miraculous days are ahead and the expression that ‘Time Flies’ is no joke. And so, make no mistake, For we as NATURAL HUMANS (1.0), are on the way humans are on the way for amazing breakthroughs and super fantastic discoveries yet to happen.


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All that was just Spoken

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Now we present you with Log Two



Continuing on, please allow me now a meteor minute of time in my way of thinking, in that the sailing off into deep space and settling in on the next new world, will have some adventuring comparisons if I may, of what it was like for the Mayflower brave folks back in 1620. 

I see exciting outer space times ahead, and even see all of your grandchildren watching all of the events on large expansive 20-K Super High Definition paper-thin roll-up flexible wall TV’s. The coming decades will be experiencing faster and faster technological advancements and this and many other futuristic achievements will definitely happen for your children’s children, while the new deep space frontier begins to take shape.

Continue with me this meteor minute which is now something I use to label time with, and I do this so I can explain better the future of how expeditions into the vast unknown of outer space were all accelerated from the wealth of knowledge coming from crashed and thoroughly researched UFO sites from all around the world.

Our government along with the British Air Force (RAF), plus the Israeli Mossad and their scientific community and most importantly Putin’s Russia, these countries will start to gradually unveil the truths about the ever-present but hush-hush DENY-DENY-DENY secret incredible world of UFO’s.  And along with them after Putin takes the original lead with me, China and India will follow along also in letting their massive population of people know that ‘We are not alone in the Universe’.

Real FACTS will lay bare in our clear spelled out detailed website, and hopefully turn your skepticism around and into possible one-day believers in the fact that Humbly speaking we are not alone in the Universe.

Just realize this, world governments have been collecting up UFO accidents for years and taking all these amazing finds and reverse engineering all the technology to learn all they can from them.  The most famous one for America happened in Roswell, New Mexico on July 4th, 1947, and the next one but not so at all well known, happened in Kapustin Yar, Russia in mid 1948.  It’s a very well kept secret for most, , but we’re not most. Nuff Said.

Moving on, in time from what has already and will in the future take place from the research on UFO’s, all nations will truly get a better understanding of what amazing energy sources lay deep within our planet and vastly all around us, both near and far, and very far away.  Think about it, we are already receiving and creating energy from the Sun, along with piping into the earth for geothermal power and we’re using the wind as an electrical power source since the ’80s. But the big granddaddy of power has come from over a hundred years of pumping out billions of barrels of oil from deep within the ground, and now this truth not well known is that the scientific community already know that way high above and deep below our planet are other untapped amazing energy sources.

And imagine this, right now one of the biggest scientific energy projects in the world is taking place in the coldest frozen region of our planet, The Arctic.  The nation of Russia is heavily involved in an explorations quest of the oil and natural gas reserves that have an estimated value of TRILLIONS of dollars, but there is even a BIGGER SECRET PRIZE that they are in search of, and you can also include our government’s involvement in that very same amazing hunt and quest too.

All of that will be explained in clear and precise detail in our coming chapters in our future books, but for now, I can only say this, nothing being spoken about here is at all CLASSIFIED INFORMATION anymore, period.

Our sources of Intel have come from years of slow and steady intelligence gathering from highly placed and credible individuals, and from multiple libraries with reams of data on micro-film.  But how we learned everything isn’t the focus for you to be concerned about, but rather get ready for some of the most mind-blowing and fascinating truths about UFO’s that have been hidden by governments from all over the globe…

Again, we realize the possibility of various news and national media outlets and governments will come after our claims and attack us and try and destroy our credibility, but as the figurehead and spokesmen for our small group, we encourage others to peel away the layers of secrecy even more than we have already started, and help us expose more truths in what we have already spoken of. . .So whatever comes, so be it!

Just know this, Putin and his top-secret well-educated government elite scientists along with Xi Ji Ping and his Chinese brilliant counterparts, are all separately competing just like Israel and India are, in the race to unlock even more of the out of this world UFO super useful technology that is very well-known to exist by our top-secret American military intelligence.  For these nations along with many more, are like us and Russia that being they’re holding onto actual recovered alien craft crashes and having unrefutable proof about all the constant goings-on for years of UFOs, all over the planet.

Make no mistake or have any doubt, there are thousands of documented factual sightings and encounters of super-fast silver-colored flying objects dating back to World War Two, and even some claims of UFO sightings dating back to the pilots in World War One.  Can you imagine how those young men must have FELT!!

These multitude of experiences were happening separately by American pilots, the Russian pilots, The Royal Air Force flyers and by the German fighter flying young men and all their crews, and I must include other small flying units from other countries too.

There can be no denying of the claims made by these thousands of aviators but because of the secrecy demanded by each of their governments, almost all of the pilots and crews stayed silent. But without going too far into detail, it was their written reports that unlocked the next keys to open up what truly would unwind the truths to the UFO coverups across the world.  

What we were unearthing happened many decades ago, and now we patiently wait for the day the entire world’s population will know the truth together.  This information today still falls under the category of DENY-DENY-DENY by all governments, but we will say now that when The Deep Future Cometh, the truth will entirely SET YOU FREE…

Stay with Us,

For More Is Coming

Next, we bring you Log Three



Russia started after WWII a monumental task of mapping out all over the globe every known amazing Architectural phenomenon.  I am talking about over three thousand and one hundred such sights, like all the Pyramids in Egypt to Stonehenge in Wiltshire England, to the underwater rock structures known as the Bermuda Triangle, and they didn’t stop until every single unique concrete and stone structure around the world was found and identified.  This was beyond a monumental task, but they successfully did it!

Each and every one of those amazing wonders was heavily photographed, mapped out, measured at every corner, from top to bottom and side to side, and finally finished when each architecture had material samples carefully cataloged and taken away for further in-depth analysis and studies.  Again, this was a major project Russia undertook, but they knew that these fantastic Architectural creations were and are holding many technological secrets that could advance their cause for future deep space travel, and to highly advanced military weaponry breakthroughs.

This has become a special race between all the superpower countries to find this technology which may be the key to opening up the actual teleporting future of travel at speeds never dreamed or fathomed by most human beings. But in analyzing that statement and carrying it a little further, actually millions of minds can begin to think alike and truly see and believe in A TELEPORTING FUTURE, so as the saying goes if you can conceive with a thought, then believe so wholeheartedly in it, then you will achieve your goal.

The fact is, all countries are working to achieve that Goal!

Next, we bring you Log Four



Is this the Conclusion

Or Just the Beginning

It’s important and normal that you should be skeptical of everything you see, read and hear in your avalanche of information coming out of the social media world. The fast-paced changing news cycles coming from the TV media, Newspapers, Bloggers, the Twitter world, Influencers, Hollywood, the Internet, and just friends with wrong and misguided information, can spread misconceptions and change the truth to bold-faced out and out confusing lies.

AND maybe even all of this that you are reading here is too much to imagine, but you better believe the same holds true to events going back to Roswell, so do your own due diligence and focus on who was the first to arrive and begin the cover-up at that UFO crash site.  You can do it for the information is out there in plain sight and we’ve just laid out and given you a greater and clearer blueprint starting point to connect all the dots. Your great-grandchildren’s futures are connected in the most bizarre and strangest ways to Roswell, and from there all truths will connect to the stars in the heavens that will lead the way into a clearer realization for what’s remarkably coming for future generations.

My interest in Roswell all started in the mid-’70s with an accidental find I made about a government program called DARPA, which was on microfilm and also in hard to find articles that I found practically hidden in the many libraries I went in and out of.

It was only by accident I picked up some declassified Intel and then we started really digging with TB’s help back in the late ’70s, and I’ll go as far and say he had contacts in one of the deep recesses located in the basement of the pentagon, that slowly gave us leads and that’s where the dots very slowly started to fit for us a clearer picture about UFO’s.

There came a point years later where I had to push on alone because there were many other important activities Fitzy had to focus on in the laboratory for TB’s growing Internet security business.  But T’s real pride and joy Fitzy and I always helped him with, was his private contracting military operations…

All of us were busy and going more often in different directions, but no matter what or where we were, we had each other’s backs on a minute’s notice whenever needed.

There is nothing on these pages written so long ago about A Deep Future Cometh that should be shocking, but rather just think of it all as cool interesting stuff, because it really is just that.  That’s truly how it felt and was for me every time I learned something new from my research that I was doing on declassified projects coming out of DARPA.

If you open your minds, there’s nothing better than learning new and exciting things in all-new fields and allow the breakthroughs to stimulate your own curiosities to go further and make the world and the planet a healthier and safer place for all.

And so my vision today is to give young people living all over the world, full faith and glory in the future and to dream big beyond their believes, and that they one day will be witnessing flights out to the outer reaches of the Universe, and seeing their own children and then grandchildren making a life in a new frontier known as outer space.

Maybe some of you have heard of a place called Area 51, a long-time rumored site that had space-age laboratories built all around it, along with highly secretive military aviation testing going on.  This place is located off in the desert of Nevada, and in August of 2013, this vast area was finally said by our government to actually exist.  

Again, this highly guarded secret place was let out of the DENY-DENY-DENY world of secrets and for me when it happened back then, showed me that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of all the UFO hidden secrets slowly being let out for all the world to see.

It’s going to need time but letting out of the truth will take place and eventually in the not too distant future, you will know this UFO world to be true.  And just as fascinating, you will all learn about the hidden extraterrestrial world living deep in the Arctic frozen tundra, and also on the dark side of the moon.  It’s all just starting, and what’s coming will be of the exploration of the galaxies and other unknown Universes still out there being explored right now by our amazing powerful relentlessly probing Hubble Telescope.

I knew fully well thirty-three years ago what Vladimir Putin was doing in the summer of 2017 when he was visiting his men and women explorers working in the frigid Arctic.

Our country is there secretly working too, but all of that is for a discussion at a later time.

But make no mistake, you all will witness amazing things that will be coming and happening up and under and around the world.  With that just said, here’s an interesting clue to your futures, and that is these two important words, ‘ELECTROMAGNETIC PROPULSION’.

The (EP) very well might be, NO, strike that, IT WILL BE the beginning new technology that rockets and propels humans into outer space at speeds that scientists can only dream about in your year of time-2018.

That amazing energy source just spoke of and those still hidden all around us will happen for all of your grandchildren to one day be fully engulfed and just naturally living in.

And so now here in my being in time and space decades ahead of all of you, I can say keep your minds wide open and your outward faith in Bezos, Branson, Musk, and Bigelow. Their special pioneering outer space conquering mindset spirits will lead the way to amazing decades to come for all, so Think Positive and wish all spacemen God’s Speed.

Be Patient For an Amazing Future

Of Breakthroughs Are Surely Coming

For now, this completes our LOGS
But there will be More
Coming from a unique vantage Point Called
‘In A Blink of an Eye-2050’