To the family of Jacque Fresco

I want to let you know that in mid April of 1972, your father walked up to me when I was sitting on the steps of the Simone Hotel located in Miami Beach Florida on 3rd street and Ocean Drive.

I never met your father before in my life but he said to me that one day I would be the individual that would take his Sociocyberneering plans for future cities on our planet and see to it that his dream come to fruition.

Personally I thought he was smoking more weed than me, but I politely listened to him and then received from him this well put together booklet of drawings and engineering renderings of the cities of the future. I speak in detail about all my futuristic visions in our Trilogy, plus you can find my basic ideas in our heartfelt ISSUES area titled ‘Affordable Housing’. 

The years went by and then in early 1990 by some strange circumstance I acquired a concrete forming company in Michigan, and that’s when my visions of building small concrete affordable housing began really forming, plus I started to see how the plans for  Mr. Jacque Fresco’s unique modern cities could actually someday come true from my involvement.

The purpose of this letter is to ask anyone who knows the family to let them know about myself wanting them to contact me, and or I’m directly appealing to the family to contact me if they should see this request.  

I am somehow seeing the future of these designs that now I hold onto very securely, and I see these amazing designs one day being the creations of the cities of this Planet Miracle I speak about in our Trilogy, and showcase in the opening of our unique Mayflower Compact Patriots web page. 

I’m going to do all I can to make Mr. Jacque Fresco’s visions in me come true, and do even a little more than he envisioned for his plans, by extending them to be the designs for the one day Planet Miracle I see in America’s developing future. 

I would also like to find and speak with my long ago concrete co-owner/friend name Bubba. I never forgot you and how we worked really well together, and now I want to hand this off to you and see you develop affordable housing around the United States just like we talked about in the 90’s, again, so long ago. 

So again, this is a case of if anyone out there knows my long ago friend Bubba, ask him to contact me.

The future is wide open and I’m curious to see where it goes