Could this be the Start Of 13 New Colonies,
But in Space?

Humbly I say from my visions, I sense a new form of colonies and way of life for humanity will in full force begin in more or less thirty years from this day, January 21, 2025. I speak of humans blasting off into outer space who at that time will be already prepared to set up new frontiers, which are being planned right now by great visionary minds.

Give credit and begin for yourself an open welcoming mind to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Robert Bigelow, for these are the visionaries for your great grandchildren’s futures because I sense they have seen the need for new grand exploration to take root and move forward in the for sure future of rapid technological changing times.

These men’s goals are literally on their own mental timetables and launching pads as you read this, with testing and preparing their rocket ships to go deep into outer space, with the ultimate goals I see coming, of one day setting up fresh colonies of humanity to start a new way of life amongst the far away galaxies and stars.
And the wondrous discovered planet that America will announce to the world will be the new starting point for the beginning deep-sky explorers who will land like the brave folks of the Mayflower sailing ship did onto America’s shores in the early start of winter in November of 1620. That would be rounded out four-hundred years ago, and now I can see clearly into the future that these new bold, brave and super adventurous explorers will begin to populate what will be called Planet Miracle, which you can see depicted on our website on the opening page.  View the rising Earth on the left side of our 1st book “Right The Ship”

A Deep Future Cometh, as time will advance mankind’s abilities to achieve mental strengths and usages now not yet figured out. The breakthroughs are coming of successfully mapping the present-day dormant functions of the brain, and when that achievement happens, the great distances into outer space will then become much closer.

What I would like to bring into the future equation of these 13 new colonies, is what a man named Jacque Fresco placed in my hands in early 1972. I was just a young pup but this man said to me that one day I would find my place to help bring his Sociocyberneering plans to the world. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I still carefully saved all of his drawings and architectural engineering plans and kept his thought of my future in the back of my mind for decades. I am ready now to fulfill his visions, but I wait for the family of this true visionary to contact me and give me their blessing and assist me too in the building of his Sociocyberneering world.

Now, in conclusion, this needs to be said, and that is they say that history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes, but I feel history has shown me that it does repeat itself, good and bad, plus without fail, it can also show itself to rhyme at the same time.

So my point of what you just read, is I have no doubt going forward in time that history will repeat itself as new colonies will begin again, established by brave new settlers willing to venture into completely unestablished raw territory, and just maybe this new space and land will have welcoming ‘Inhabitants’, just like those original Mayflower voyagers did back in 1620 in November, when they landed on what’s known today as Cape Cod.

The Expression of
‘Only Time Will Tell’
Definitely Applies to this Deep Probing Topic

~ ~ ~

‘Remember, most functions of the brain are lying dormant, waiting to be Awakened’
Thank you