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Since 2014 I have been freely able to write to Vladimir Putin through legal back channels that really didn’t take a lot of skills to set up. I push all the time to accomplish my goals and one of them back then in mid October 2014, was to start writing to him exactly what was on my mind. It all started out with warning Putin to NOT allow Iran to have a nuclear deal that Obama and John Kerry were setting up to do. I told him to be tougher on Iran with allowing more on-sight inspections and to find more hidden away underground nuclear bunker areas that had illegal activities going on. My tight nit group had inside information that Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and Kerry were giving the Iranian hard line Mullahs, everything, do you understand clearly what I am saying, they were gladly giving them EVERYTHING they wanted and we got NOTHING<>ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN RETURN. And in my gut I could see how dangerous this horrible nuclear deal could be after the SUNSET CLAUSE ran out.

Nuff Said on all that. So get our Trilogy here for Free with the hopes that you and the world will learn about major events uncovered. So let me say this, it is our pleasure for everyone to read about the TURNCOAT TRAITOROUS ACTS of the four so-called Americans mentioned above. The point is though, now I can’t get my letters to Putin, so I’m being honest and I am going to publish them here on our website and hope somehow that his people and himself will be able to eventually read them, unless God forbid, our site is censored.  The many letters to Vladimir Putin will follow this short bit of information.