Letter to Putin – June 8th, 2024

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Hello again Vladimir, 

I read reports that most American’s won’t know or learn anything about regarding the special mission you have going on in Ukraine, and I understand the history of what caused the conflict, dating and starting all the way back to 2014. I am not going to mince words but with no disrespect meant, so I have to say this situation in my mind is not a special mission or operation anymore, no, it has turned more deeply into a horrible war and that’s it, plain and simple. And I know that you have been consistent for over two years now with offering to STOP the war and make a treaty or settlement, or whatever the proper phrase or word to use to convey the message, but the illegal corrupt acting president in my country won’t do the right thing, which is stopping the constant complete financial and military support of Zelensky. 

You know the complete truth of what biden and his drug addicted son were corruptly doing going all the way back to 2014. biden (never give him respect and capitalize his name) he is caught on video tape bragging about holding back money to Ukraine until the new corrupt president fired the Attorney General who was investigated Burisma. We all know the story over here in America about little brain drug addict hunter and his position of sitting on the board of directors of Burisma. 

Its all just dirty politics and yet not enough brain washed Americans realize what’s going on with the biden corrupt financial activity. This old man is mentally not always there and even worse, when he brain is firing up he knows that my countrymen can not find out the full truth of how corrupt he is because the corrupt main stream media is protecting him, so my point is, he will just keep sending billions of dollars and more and more deadly weapons over to Ukraine, and let this insane conflict carry on. 

And now going back to how I started this letter to you, I have read and seen detailed information that you are sending war ships and submarines with various types of nuclear tipped weapons to the naval yard ports of Havana Cuba. I understand completely your reasoning and points for doing this, but I sincerely believe you have to get the message out that, excuse the expression, but this TIT FOR TAT of all these dangerous moves biden and his puppeteers are doing, and then what you are doing now, well God Forbid we’re going to be heading face to face with the possibilities of who’s going to launch the first ‘tactical nuclear strike’. 

I feel like I’m ranting but I don’t mean to. I am disgusted with the main stream media of America. They are more interested to keep lying to the brainwashed public that biden is doing a good job with his handling of the economy, the war in Ukraine, Israel and that he is alert and a better man to lead America than Trump, when the truth is, biden can’t even tie his own shoes, for Gods Sakes. 

Vladimir, I think you’re doing a good job with your wise careful words and messaging you are saying to the world, and I just pray you will continue to keep your cool thinking mind and avoid the reckless behavior and action of biden and Zelensky of poking and pushing you into a point of what starts out slow and ends for the world in a no return situation of who makes the first deadly ultimate nuclear strike move. 

Two men in particular are controlling biden, and you know well enough about these two, blinken and sullivan. These are two fools who have to keep the cover up going of the biden family, and their own involvement with biden, dating back all the way to 2014, with the taking down by a Coup of the rightful winner of the Ukraine presidential position. 

I read and heard months ago from reliable people and now its in the news so its now old news, that they are going to send trainers and other human resources on the ground to Ukraine along with F-16, and  like I wrote to you about that little damn fool running the show in France. Macrons destroying that once proud country with the same damn open border policy, but worse is his pushing the idea of sending NATO troops to Ukraine to escalate the war. Everything all these men do is absolutely the wrong direction for these fools to think and go in this conflict, and I am sure you are going to direct your defenses to just do every counter move to defend Russia. 

I know I have written and said this before but I’m sincere with my feelings about exactly what is the two step title for our 3rd book cover.  ‘Thoughts Manifest Energy’ — ‘Cooler Heads Must Prevail’. 

And they must but I feel the true cooler and wiser heads are yourself and hopefully president Trump, come this November. God Help Us All.

Until again Vladimir,


Steven Lee Katz