Letter to Putin – May 14th, 2024

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Hello again Vladimir, 

I’ll keep this letter tight as possible like the last one, but my better instincts tell me to fire this quick and to the point letter off to you because the crazy talk coming out of the mouths of some of the politicians in my country regarding NUKE THIS, and NUKE THAT, is just in a phrase, ‘MIND BOGGLING’ and very irresponsible. 

I can’t believe in how little they must know or care about nuclear fall out from the wind blowing spreading effects, and thus to follow from it all the years of unknown depths of nuclear radiation contamination. 

I’m going to say something here that needs to be opened up and not held back publicly anymore, but I have written to you extensively about this over the years. Ok, so, I am talking about Roswell New Mexico, and Kapustin Yar Russia, and the latter area most of the world has NO IDEA ABOUT.

My co-writer and I talked about these very similar subject matters that happened in those two locations for years, and then wrote about these two incredible incidences in our Trilogy.  Point of fact, back on July 4th of 1947, and then in your country in early July also but in 1948 two separate UFO’s crashed in each location just above mentioned.  And permit me to just say and write this again, we used heavy available computer wizard scientific engineering skills of one computer genius starting in the very early 90’s, and then doubled this genius brain power with another super skilled computer scientific engineer starting in 2000, and used much more powerful computers and servers and all those other special needed bells and whistles to do the magic that ‘Hackers and Stackers’ do, when they want to dig in and know something that’s not so easy to find out and learn about, right!, right…

Between them they pried and dug step by step into DARPA and into your DARPA side too, with the total point of finding out the truths’ about UFO’s. That’s all our group really truly ever wanted, because we were like young kids wanting to know possibly the most amazing out of this world talked about but never proven goings on of UFO’s, yeah-no seriously, its that down to earth and simple! 

But I’ve written these same points of fact over the years before to you, so my apologies for repeating myself, but its all just amazing how so many countries are keeping the truth from the public about all the UFO’s that are being sighted and reported all over the world by so many people.  

So keeping this subject matter to the point as tight as words possibly can state, my close to my heart co-writing friend, plus the two geniuses and myself, we all believed years ago that the two UFO crashes that happened over 75 years ago were caused by almost super intense identical major electrical lightening storms over the respected areas, and that totally negatively reacted with their space crafts, causing them both to end up in crash landings. And we also know this has happened in others areas all around the world too.

I’m not going any further into detail but I will say this, ‘We Are Not Alone In The Universe’, and we believe these UFO friendlies are monitoring all of the Nuclear Sites around the globe and just like our 3rd book title states, ”THOUGHTS MANIFEST ENERGY” and ”COOLER HEADS MUST PREVAIL”.  

We state in much more detail in our Trilogy about all the Roswell and Kapustin Yar hidden underground weapons research our two countries are involved in, and point of fact, almost every area in the world that has some sort of underground weapons and other various war type research and similar activity going on, the UFO friendlies are also observing it all. 

Maybe one day with time moving so fast with computers advancing all this AI and Chat Bot stuff, plus all those other alphabet mind blowing spy and brain enhancing type super sophisticated toys being created, the TRUTH ABOUT UFO’s REALLY WILL UNFOLD FOR ALL TO LEARN AND SEE. 

In closing, I say this very exact thought now to a lot of folks that I don’t even know and they respond back in agreement, and I said it to you in my last letter, and that is,

‘We’re living in crazy times, seriously, and God Help Us All..’

Until again Vladimir,


Steven Lee Katz