Letter to Putin – May 10th, 2024

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Hello again Vladimir,

It’s been about twenty months since the last time I wrote to you using the available old back channel direct official established open source way, but I’m also posting the same exact letter on our political website.  

I’ll try to keep this brief and as tight as possible, with the first thoughts of simply asking you to continue with your wise decision in showing full and total restraint in moving forward in an all out blitz creed on the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.  

I totally understand the strategic military land seizing moves to push the Ukrainian front further back from encroaching closer to your countries border. 

The absolute stupidity of biden and every single one of his closest top cabinet fools in his entire totally incompetent administration, should have at least a year ago told Zelensky ”ITS OVER”, time to surrender and face the reality of all his countrymen’s human sacrifices, forthwith to humanely stop all the KILLING on both sides. 

This other complete moronic fool who heads up the now totally Ivory Coast invaded French capital but once beautiful country of France, this idiot Macron is provoking you with his reckless talks about sending his soldiers into Ukraine and fighting against your Russian forces, and also he’s talking now about allowing Zelensky to be able to join NATO immediately. . . Again, he’s provoking you and this is just insanity for this loser to want to open his big mouth and cause the conflict to escalate even more.

The world can see and clearly knows biden is a complete inept loser by just seeing and hearing him mumble thru his so-called speeches.  Every single one of his decision making moves turns into another horrible complete disastrous bad decision, from handling the deadly conflicts on two fronts, plus any and all of the economic point of failing moves to stop America’s rising inflation, along with the 34 TRILLION DOLLAR RISING DEBT that’s building up because of his reckless out of touch spending. He has no cares whatsoever about how the millions of middle class people are suffering, and this is all culminating into a crushing burden of high inflation happening to my fellow countrymen. 

Moving on, most Americans don’t know ONE SINGLE THING about the newest terrible illegal decision that biden has declared to do against your countrymen starting in late April 2024, that being biden has ordered the using of the so-called REPO Act to steal over 290 BILLION DOLLARS of Russian Sovereign Assets. These assets are being held in Europe, and the intention of this illegal act is to take the stolen assets and illegally contribute them to the so-called Common Ukraine War Fund.

Every single person in the biden administration is so oblivious to the consequences of this illegal legislative theft of your countries Russian assets, and I know that you are not just sitting back and doing nothing about this complete criminal and totally dangerous illegal activity. Nothing like this every happened during world war two against Japan’s holdings OR Germany’s holdings, and it damn well should not be going on and happening now!

I am searching fort any and all kinds of truthful factual information on what you are doing in retaliation, and one thing I have learned is you are taking or I’ll use the word seizing billions of dollars of multi-investments made by dozens of major European companies, and also used your Russian Courts to take control of over $400 Million dollars of JP Morgan holdings. And guess what, I’d do the same frikkin’ thing if I were you too! Hey, tell Jamie Diamond to blame your fair and reasonable move on biden.

This illegal ”SQUATER” biden, pretending ”BUT VERY BADLY” to be the president in my great countries White House, is in fact doing everything wrong in so many ways, and is just showing clearly what really a stupid human being he is. Now on the other side of the coin, I ask myself does he hate America so much that he is doing all these terrible executive orders and bad decision making ideas and policies flat out intentionally, or is Obama doing a perfect job of opening and closing biden’s mouth strings, and out comes the destruction of the USA. I mean everything biden does turns to crap, but I really mean shit, but I don’t want to say that, being that I’m trying to be politically correct.  LOL  Emoji

Since literally day one when he took the oath of office, this terrible (proven sexually perverted human being) is bringing our countries closer and closer to an ‘UNNECESSARY’ WARRING FRONT BETWEE US, and I sincerely say this, I’m so sorry this is happening because we should be at totally harmonious peace with each other. 

Like I wrote to you from way back in late 2014, our Fathers fought as allies together during world war two, and I understood as a young teenager the so-called COLD WAR our countries were faced off and living in, but that was something we all dealt with and managed, but this insanity that biden is causing now between our countries is incredibly wrong on so many levels.  

I said I’d try to keep this letter tight and I hope I have done that. I know over the years I’ve sent at times some long ranting letters but they always were meant in a gesture of how can our countries work together, have peace and prosperity together, and be on guard together over watching out for China’s end game of taking over the world. I’ve written to you often about them, and clearly spelled out to not trust them, but I know they are aiding you with ammunition and buying billions of dollars of your oil, but I’ll say it again, China is not your friend, ally or anything positive in the long game of what Xi Ji Ping has clearly stated. And summing China and Mr. Ping up, they OWN joe biden, plus his still drug addicted loser son, and both these men pure and simply put, ARE TRAITORS to all my fellow Americans, and they’ll burn in hell when judgement day arrives for all of us. 

Alright, Nuff Said for now, but I’ll be writing more often again, for The Lord is guiding me more than ever these past few months, for the signs from The Almighty are becoming clearer and clearer to do so. 

I’m no Bible preacher by any means, but since I was six years old I’ve been a Strong Jew For Jesus believer and I’ll never be in fear of speaking my beliefs. 

Gods Sons Signs are all around ALL OF US every waking minute of our lives, but do we take the time to acknowledge them and thank God and Jesus for our Eternal Being! 

These Two Proverbs mean the world to me:          John 3:16  —– John 12:37

Until again Vladimir,


Steven Lee Katz