Letter to Putin – August 30th, 2022

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Hello again Vladimir,

Now things are truly getting beyond pathetic, and that being some so-called world famous photographer is doing a GLAMOUR expose of Zelensky and his wife.  A GLAMOUR pictorial in the middle of a war, while his military forces and innocent men and women are dying on the battlefield and all over his country from attacks from your side!  GIVE ME A BREAK, how pathological and totally disturbed he must have become of a human being to have agreed to do this photo shoot glam crap.

This is what I truly feel, America, WAKE THE ‘EFF’ UP, for this is what your over taxed lives are paying for. UNBELIEVABLE, yeah-no, seriously, this is just a mentally small ego driven human being.

Sorry Vladimir for the outburst, but then again, no, not sorry, just pissed off at how I see my country falling apart in so many ways, and all because of biden, and his total lack of leadership and caring about the people in the United States.  

The hopes I have from these letters are that one day our two countries have a peaceful and prosperous working union together again and that we can do good for the world, and not fall under the demonic goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and CCP to RESET the planet with their plans to heavily depopulate humans.

I know you know exactly what I just wrote, so until another time I’ll just let things cool for now on the above just mentioned.

But wishfully thinking, the righteousness of our political party will one day begin to gather hundreds of millions of Americans who will be truthfully educated on all the obvious brainwashing going on to subvert their minds to become scared to death and then herded up like frightened sheep to be managed, such as nation after nation all witnessed with the 2020 lockdowns and then being so-called mandated to take a deadly vaccine before it was properly tested on animals and then humans, no, it was rolled out and more or less forced on the unwilling or face a lose of their jobs and livelihood’s, and freedoms to move about, from planes, trains and even walking into a restaurant.

The entire world was lied to and put into a complete panic mode by Fauci speaking constantly on the fake news media outlets and from all that time he had on the world stage, his evil brainwashing tactics worked, yet now the masses around the globe are fighting back and justifiably so. 

The news reports are constantly saying many things about your health, but what am I to make of it, that being are they true or not true. It seems though the most repeated ‘fake news story’ is that you have some cancer issues and signs of Parkinson. Take my advice, go listen to my first 4 or 5 short podcasts on our website. Like I said, I don’t know what’s true or not about your possible illnesses, but what I do know is that I spoke in my podcasts about the creation of medical blue ozone treatments were discovered in your country almost a hundred years ago.

I know a little bit about a little bit regarding Blood and Cancer, so again, listen with Dmitry to my podcasts and talk to your blood specialists if you’re not feeling right…
Maybe its time for me to chill on the medical issues and subject matter, and just say good luck and get plenty of beneficial iron in your diet and deep breathing and normal amounts of rest!

Moving on, I wrote in our Trilogy many years before this Ukrainian war started, that my co-writer and I back in the 90’s talked often how China was doing everything in their power to one day become the true ‘SUPER POWER’ of the world, and now it is more than obvious in this year of 2022 that is their goal.

And I explicitly remember and know clearly that I wrote to you over the years to beware of letting China’s CCP fool you into believing they are an “ALLY” of you and your country.

If there is any chance or worse being that it is even true that Zelensky is reaching out to China, then that puts a whole new major issue on the table for your faith and trust in China’s leader. I know exactly what I wrote to you over the years about not ever trusting the (CCP) and now its seems to be coming to fruition.

China has centuries dating back of history of warring factions, and my co-writer and I started studying Sun Tzu back in the late 70’s, for the purpose of gaining knowledge and strength in an area we deeply wanted to learn more about for his Central Latin American private Guns for Hire International militia tactical small army.

I sincerely pray you receive this letter and that your long-time good friend Dmitry Peskov clearly interprets my thoughts to you, and after you understand the goal of making an everlasting nuclear peace.

I’m continually publishing these letters on our website but I’m also using the original back-channels I started writing to you with back in late October of 2014. I don’t know who stopped my flow to you but I have my ideas, so for now as the expression goes, ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’ and truth be told, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Again, go to our website and listen with Dmitry especially to my first five podcasts, and learn about “Major Auto Hemotherapy Ozone Treatment” for the blood.

I’m feeling the need to slow down my writing to you for a while, for what I see happening in my country because of bidens constant lying and dividing political almost tyrannical like ways, is truly beyond alarming, and to be totally truthful, shocking me beyond words I can express. 

But I’ll say this about all the continuing higher-up government corruption in my country, the double standards of justice and such, their evil goings on will catch up to all of them, for ‘What goes around generally comes around in Due Time’, and the knowledge and awakening by millions upon millions of good guys and gals against this evil hasn’t even started yet, but I have FAITH it will happen. Pardon me, Nuff Said, until when KARMA arises and biden and all his sycophants pay dearly.

The masses in my county have no idea about the constant bombing attacks on the Russian people in the Donetsk and the Donbas region of Ukraine. I won’t get into it here but the lack of factual information kept from the American public about what the Kiev corrupt government has been evilly bestowing on the innocent people of the Donbas and Donetsk, would wake them up to why you crossed over the border of Ukraine. 

I humbly believe The Lord is with me, and I will never be shy or afraid to say those deep feelings, albeit most of the time to myself, but the truth for me is His signs are always around all of us, but do we feel, see and receive them?  I sincerely do, and then after such events, I  smile and mentally acknowledge a big thanks to Him about what just took place, and then I thank Him and look forward to hearing more from Him. The Lord gives me Strength and Guidance and teaches me to be Strong in my Faith, and do my best TO DO MY BEST. 

Until again but now I don’t know when, 

Steven Lee Katz