Letter To Putin – August 13, 2022

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Vladimir, Hello again. I sincerely hope you somehow see this letter.

What millions of people around the world don’t understand and know clearly about, is that Zelensky was corruptly inserted into a victory of power somehow by Western forces, and I’m still using all my contacts to help me fully understand how it all happened, even though it doesn’t mean a thing anymore, for the corrupt deed and sleazy control mechanism has been done. So now years after all the Western media’s are making Zelensky out to be some kind of Winston Churchill, but what a complete over the top and utter farce and pack of pathetic raging lies that is. And these fools, one in particular, a Hollywood so-called big shot actor named Sean Penn, goes over there and kisses the ring and ass and makes a big fuss over Zelensky, so they both can be seen as hero’s on the world stage, but in truth Penn is either a complete idiot or a totally misguided typical attention grabbing moronic glory seeker who has no idea of the true in depth struggles and conflicts dating back in history of the hundreds of years between Ukraine and Russia. I know the man flies around to work for peaceful causes and other such events and a hat tip for that, but he’s out of his league big time because of a complete lack of knowledge on this entire conflict.

I’ve been thinking about this for so many months now and I constantly ranted about it also in many past letters to you, and I apologize for my expressive ways, but I’m clearly aware of everything that is going on. From my point of view, your entire measured intrusion could have totally been avoided just by promising assurances given to you and your country by Ukraine and that low-life heavily compromised illegitimate USA president, by them just saying and affirming documentation that Ukraine is not going to be joining NATO, period! 

It would have been that simple for that criminal biden to say those words, but from my trusted deep intel gathering source on him, and his just as corrupt team closest to him, that being Blinken and Sullivan and an insane war mongering total slick bitch named Nuland, these people are all desperately in my humble opinion, in a  panic mode to keep the truth from coming out how biden and his inept drug addicted loser son are totally compromised by the Burisma Oil deal, and the firing of the Attorney General of Ukraine who was investigating the little drug addict son of biden and the Burisma Oil company.          

The world knows hunter was receiving 80 thousand dollars a month to sit on the board and be a direct conduit for present and future protective cover by the then vice president, biden.  But now its much more serious, in that biden and his group has to keep the truth from coming out that he got the AG of Ukraine fired, and its on tape and that idiot biden can be seen bragging about it in the most condescending verbal and physical way, and its all so easy to read between the lines of the timing of everything. Fact was, he (biden) flew over to Ukraine and killed the investigation by getting the AG of Ukraine fired, but where is the American main stream media on this, and the FBI? What the hell is happening to my country! He (biden) had to kill the investigation because if not, then that would have eventually from the AG’s investigation shown the corruption going on with him and his messed up son.  But you know all this, and I’m sure you know many others devious money pay-off schemes that biden has set up for himself with your country and China and I’m sure many other countries he figured out how to shake down while he was vice-president. 
The fact that you had proposed a TRUCE and you and Zelensky round about in April of 2022, agreed to work out a settlement, and end the conflict, but biden sent his shaggy hair lapdog looser, that being Boris Johnson of England, over to Ukraine and tell Zelensky ‘there will be no TRUCE and negotiations with you.’   This vital information was never reported to the American people, and thus needless soldiers died on both sides and billions and billions of American Tax Dollars were regularly sent to the most corrupt government in the world.  I just wish there was a way for the American public to know all the clear and true facts of what has been going on in Ukraine since biden started meddling around inside it with his drug addict loser son, starting back in 2014. I honestly believe joe biden has to keep the money flowing for the Ukraine war efforts, or call me a conspiracy nut, but if the money stops, then I believe very possibly Zelensky and others with incriminating criminal evidence will turn on biden, and open up wide and tell the world the truth on what has been going on for so many years with biden making off with millions of dollars. You know the absolute facts about it all Vladimir, I know you do.

Permit me now for I’m going to humbly say this, I fear that something terribly shocking is going to happen in the world around late 2024, because of bidens ineptness and poor leadership that is laughed at and made fun of around the world. 

I know you have spoken the words clearly to the world “That nobody can win a nuclear war”, and I totally wholeheartedly agree with you, and have spoken those same words for dozens of years. In fact I’ve been talking about those very same thoughts and sentiments on our political website since I first published it back in mid 2017, and I lived thru the Cuban Missile Crisis as a 13 year old kid, and from that experience learned about Nuclear Weapons. So yes, nobody is going to win a nuclear war, , God Forbid!

The Lord works in Mysterious Ways and is Graceful and Merciful, and one day with His Power, Guidance and Help, I hope he will bring us together with the clear goal and purpose of making an Everlasting Nuclear Peace Treaty between our Two Countries, and for the entire World one day also.

So in closing, I hope and wish for some kind of way a truce again can be put on the table so the dying and bloodshed will be stopped.

I’m compelled to stay in communications with you,

Sincerely, Steven Lee Katz