Letter To Putin – August 13, 2022

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What millions of people around the world don’t understand and know clearly about, is that Zelensky was corruptly inserted into a victory of power somehow by Western forces, and I’m still using all my contacts to help me fully understand how it all happened, even though it doesn’t mean a thing anymore. However which way this man got in, now all the Western media’s are making Zelensky out to be some kind of Winston Churchill, but what a complete over the top and utter farce and pack of pathetic raging lies that is. And these fools, one in particular, a Hollywood so-called big shot actor named Sean Penn, goes over there and kisses the ring and ass and makes a big fuss over Zelensky so they both can be seen as hero’s on the world stage, but in truth Penn is either a complete idiot or a totally misguided typical attention grabbing moronic glory seeker who has no idea of the true in depth struggles and conflicts dating back in history of the hundreds of years between Ukraine and Russia. I know the man flies around to work for peaceful causes and other such events but he’s out of his league because of a lack of knowledge on this major issue.

I’ve been thinking about this for so many months now and I constantly ranted about it also in many past letters to you, and that is this entire invasion by you could have totally been avoided by the promising assurances of Ukraine and that low-life heavily compromised illegitimate president who is owned and operated by China, who sits in America’s White House. All that had to happen from biden was to say that Ukraine will NOT BE JOINING NATO, period!

It would have been that simple for that criminal to say, but he’s obviously too stupid to understand how those simple words would have gone a long way for keeping things under control and peaceful.

I believe that’s all that needed to be said and after that ‘Cooler Heads Would Have Prevailed’, but now “Cooler Heads Must Prevail”, which is the Title of our third Trilogy book.

Nothing about this war feels right anymore coming from both sides, and that’s why again like I’ve been asking you over and over in my past 4 or 5 letters for you to call for a TRUCE and CEASE FIRE and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

Permit me now for I’m going to humbly say this, I fear by the middle of next winter (2023) the world will be going down the path that only historically the Bible has already explained what is coming in END TIMES.

Are we really heading in that direction? Is that what you want, NO, I humbly don’t think you want that at all! I know you have spoken the words clearly to the world “That nobody can win a nuclear war”, and I totally wholeheartedly agree with you. I’ve been talking about those very same thoughts and sentiments on our political website since I first published it back in 2018.

The Lord works in Mysterious Ways and is Graceful and Merciful, and one day with His Power, Guidance and Help, I hope he will bring us together with the clear goal and purpose of making an Everlasting Nuclear Peace Treaty between our Two Countries, and for the entire World one day also.

Now things are truly getting beyond pathetic, and that being some so-called world famous photographer is doing a GLAMOUR exposé of Zelensky and his wife.
A GLAMOUR pictorial in the middle of a war, while his military forces and innocent men and women are dying on the battlefield! Give me a break, how pathological and totally disturbed he must have become of a human being to have agreed to do this GLAM crap.

This is what I truly feel, America, WAKE THE ‘EFF’ UP, for this is what your over taxed lives are paying for. UNBELIEVABLE, yeah-no, seriously.
Sorry Vladimir for the rant, but then again, no, not sorry, just pissed off!

The hopes I have from these letters are that one day our two countries have a peaceful and prosperous working union together again and that we can do good for the world, and not fall under the demonic goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and CCP to RESET the world.

I know you know exactly what I just wrote, so until another time I’ll just let things cool for now on the above just mentioned.

But the righteousness of our political party will one day begin to gather hundreds of millions of Americans who will be truthfully educated on all the obvious brainwashing going on to subvert their minds to become scared to death and then herded up like frightened sheep to be managed, such as nation after nation all witnessed with the lockdowns and being so-called mandated to take a deadly vaccine, or face a lose of their jobs and livelihood’s, or even entering a restaurant.

The entire world was lied to and put into a complete panic mode by Fauci speaking constantly on the fake news media outlets and that action spread around the world, and his evil brainwashing tactics worked, yet now the masses around the globe are fighting back and justifiably so.
Vladimir, in my humble opinion based on reliable human INTEL I trust, I believe Chinas going to spread in a new way and fashion another virus, but much more deadly yet not as contagious. That part won’t matter for the number of percentage dead who were infected will drive the fear to be tremendous around the world, and this will cause even more chaos and civil unrest like the Wuhan/Covid virus did, and its all part of this horrendous RESET that’s been planned a long time. Ok, for now, that’s it, Nuff Said.

The news reports are constantly saying many things about your health, but what am I to make of it, if they are true or not true… It seems though the most repeated ‘fake news’ story is that you have had some cancer issues and signs of Parkinson.

Take my advice, go listen to my first 4 or 5 short podcasts on our website. Like I said, I don’t know what’s true or not about your possible illnesses, but what I do know is that I spoke in my podcasts about the creation of medical blue ozone treatments were discovered in your country almost a hundred years ago.

I know a little bit about a little bit, so again, listen with Dmitry to my podcasts and talk to your blood specialists if you’re not feeling right…
Maybe its time for me to chill on the medical issues and subject and just say good luck and like always, Nuff Said!

Moving on, I wrote in our Trilogy many years before this Ukrainian war started, that my co-writer and I back in the late 90’s talked often how China was doing everything in their power to one day become the true ‘SUPER POWER’ of the world, and now it is more than obvious in this year of 2022 that is their goal.

And I explicitly remember and know clearly that I wrote to you over the years to beware of letting Chinas CCP fool you into believing they are an “ALLY” of you and your country.

And I’ll make that warning even stronger now, for the evidence is mounting that China is preparing via war games and practice to start their invasion and take over Taiwan by next spring (2023), and plus this latest unbelievable INTEL, is that Zelensky is literally calling Xi Jiping and asking him for billions of dollars to aid him in his war efforts and promising China a “ROAD” or some kind of conduit into Europe.

You have your own spy networks and skilled hackers and such, and whatever else you use for INTEL gathering, so I’ll just wait and see how this unfolds and plays out. But if these reports about Zelensky playing nice with China, then there’s a lot of explaining to do by the pathetic, inept and negligent so-called commander in chief, biden, and his total incompetent administration.

If there is any chance or worse being that it is true that Zelensky is reaching out to China, then that puts a whole new major issue on the table for your faith and trust in China. I know exactly what I wrote to you over the years about not ever trusting the (CCP) and now its seems to be coming to fruition.

China has centuries dating back of history of warring factions, and my co-writer and I started studying Sun Tzu back in the late 70’s, for the purpose of gaining knowledge and strength in an area we deeply wanted to learn more about for his Central Latin American private for hire international militia tactical small armies.

I sincerely pray you receive this letter and that your long-time good friend Dmitry Peskov clearly interprets my thoughts to you, and after you understand the goal of making an everlasting nuclear peace.

In closing, I’m continually publishing these letters on our website but I’m also using the original back-channels I started writing to you with back in late October of 2014. I don’t know who stopped my flow to you but I have my ideas, so for now as the expression goes, ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’.

Again, go to our website and listen with Dmitry especially to my first five podcasts, and learn about “Major Auto Hemotherapy Ozone Treatment” for the blood.

I’m feeling the need to slow down my writing to you for a while, for what I see happening in my country is truly beyond alarming, and to be totally truthful, shocking me and pissing me off beyond words I can express. I’m not going to elaborate for it surely doesn’t need to be explained to you for its obviously made and continues to be making world news headlines.

But I’ll say this about all the continuing higher-up government corruption and their evil goings on in my country, and that is, ‘In Life What goes around generally comes around in Due Time’, and the knowledge and awakening by millions upon millions of good guys and gals against this evil hasn’t even started yet, but I have FAITH it will happen.

The Lord is with me, and I will receive His Strength and Guidance and be Strong in my Faith for my future.

Until again Vladimir,