Letter To Putin – July 27, 2022

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Hello again Vladimir,

The world and especially all Americans need to know that this entire war beginning mess belongs a large fair amount on the shoulders of the worst and most grossly corrupt politician in America’s History, that being joe biden.

This horrible despicable man is illegitimately and incompetently wasting and taking up valuable space in my countries presidential White House. (I will never give him any respect and put a capital letter on his names, never).

This invasion by your command could have totally been avoided by the promising assurances of Ukraine saying they will NOT JOIN NATO, period! That’s it, and it all could have been that simple for the entire world to understand if biden would have said Ukraine is not going to be asked or accepted if they did ask to be in NATO. But they (Zelensky) and that idiotic pathetic biden DID NOT SAY those very basic straight-forward peace offering thoughts out into the media and public world or diplomatic channels, so now the world watches innocent people dying everyday.

I’m angry and not one bit fooled, for now this Zelensky is knee deep into using his previous skills as an actor to shame and beg all the Western countries for money and weapons, and he especially seems to be INSISTING that hard working stressed out American tax payers should pay up billions of dollars, and biden is doing just that, and now that liar just said he wants to raise all good Americans TAXES at the same time. One insult after another and the main stream national and cable and newsprint media says nothing, NOTHING! Only the small outlets and they are constantly being suppressed by corrupt Silicon Valley Titans and ‘The Powers That Be’ above them.

The American public has no idea that Zelensky’s political party is the only ones allowed to have any talks or communications with the world medias or press on what goes on in Ukraine. There’s many in the opposition parties who are calling for a cease fire and talking about finding a resolution to the conflict so the killing and destruction of the country will end. But the tragedy is, that when anyone inside Ukraine’s opposition parties objects to what is happening, they are either put under house arrest or some other form of isolation and ordered under extreme duress not to speak out regarding what Zelensky is ordering and doing with his micro-managing of the war.

I was 13 years old when Russia and the United States had the terrifying nuclear war threatening stand-off in the last 13 days of October of 1962, which was named ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’. The hundreds of millions of young people of today have no idea about that near nuclear war disaster, but they should, yet this is no time for me to give a full descriptive history lesson, but I will gladly one day do so if my young and curious minded countrymen wish.

This next thought of mine is not to appease you or give the illusion of such, but I sincerely have to say in your defense, how would logical thinking Americans react to the idea of our enemies having long or short range nuclear weapons on the entire Southern borders of Mexico and or nuclear weapons positioned all along above us in Canada? I don’t think my fellow countrymen would like it ONE BIT, so my point being to ‘We The People’ of my country, is this absolute reckless corrupt fool in the White House is going to make more and more BAD DECISIONS in aiding Ukraine with huge sums of untraceable and unaccountable Billions of Dollars, and bigger and more deadly long range weapons and irresponsible political support coming from the mouths of tough talking fools and idiots running around the halls of congress.

These thoughtless bought and paid for politicians who seem to always want to start a war somewhere and or want to do a regime change in far away foreign lands, play right into the hands or even worse, paid right from the hands of the military industrial complex and other war mongering groups. Its a wicked evil business where only a small percentage of Americans benefit and the mass majority pay for it all with BLOOD and TREASURE.

But make no mistake, my country always needs an extremely well prepared solid military superior built up fighting force, but again, America does not need to be going from one war boiling pot to the next year after year. But for that matter also, neither do you, so with that being openly on the table from my perspective, I would hope all these land border conflicts can be settled and especially no NATO buildups putting any kind of NUCLEAR weapons on your borders. Absolutely no country should have nuclear weapons directly on their opposing borders pointing at them, ever, period.

This low life alleged proven sexual pervert of a man named (biden) cares more about a sovereign border thousands of miles away in your backyard, and shows he doesn’t care one bit about the out of control INVASION that is happening on Americas Southern borders. This deeply frustrates me and trust me when I say that there are hundreds of millions of Americans who are thinking the same as me, but again make no mistake, this is no appeasement kind of letter to you to have free will and thinking that you can just go and do as you please stretching the Ukraine land borders. Coolers heads must Prevail, and a cease-fire must be offered by you.

Keep what you’ve fought for and I humbly believe the world will honor and applaud strongly a solidified truce and an end to the fighting, and thus allow for some kind of normalcy to return to your country and Ukraine.

Moving on, and this all needs to be said from one spy to another, the ‘LAPTOP FROM HELL’ of hunter biden, which I’m very sure somehow your side has hacked/cloned and completed had a party with, (EXCUSE THE HUMOR), is without a doubt the so-called ‘SMOKING GUN’, but the entire top tier of the corrupt FBI are doing all they can to stop millions of American people from knowing the absolute truth about anything going on with the biden family corruption.

You must be laughing about all this brazen criminality going on in my country, but I have FAITH that these evil bastards who are suppressing the news about the biden mafia like activities and the truth about the war in Ukraine, will all one day be exposed and all the TRUTHS will come out for all the world to see and know about.

Yes, for now what is going on is all quite nefarious, but I have a clear vision that by the end of July of 2023, albeit we don’t have starting in Ukraine a catastrophic “Nuclear Winter” happening around the world by the end of the same year, but in the spring of 2023, biden and all those criminally aligned with him will finally be fully exposed and their evil worlds will truly begin crumbling apart.

I looked back recently at some of the first letters I started writing to you back in late 2014, and I spoke proudly of being a Jew for Jesus, and discovering Him when I was watching Billy Graham and Oral Roberts on Sunday mornings on my families very small black and white Zenith television. I asked my Parents about Jesus and they said if I really want to know and learn about him they’d get me a book to read about The Man. I was only six years old and I wasn’t a very good reader at all, but I am ever so grateful to this day for my Mom and Dads open mind to quickly respond and get me my first book to learn about Jesus.

That early Faith of Believing in The Lord was my true Blessing and since then I’ve been very fortunate in the journey of Life. I hope one day to be able to use all the humble wisdom and clear Signs I’ve witnessed from Him and do good from it all. Oh I have plenty of faults and still have in me some wild oats and chicanery to party with the ladies into the night with, but I sincerely want to use my life-long maturing experiences that have opened my eyes and given me the right balanced vibrations of the Universe to have the Strength and Honor to be a strong leader of people.

I know I say this often to myself, so permit me to say to you Vladimir, these are thoughts of how I feel at all times in my waking hours, , ‘God’s Help is Easy to Find, Just Ask Him…’
Yes, just ask Him,

Sincerely Vladimir, Give Peace a Chance, STOP THE WAR

Until Again, Stoney