Letter To Putin – June 27th, 2022

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Hello Again,

TIME is going by very fast Vladimir, and no talk of any kind of cease fire’s have happened. I’m saddened but strong with Faith that a ceasefire will happen before Christmas in the United States.

Allow me now to speak about the hypocrisy going on right before any logical thinking person in the world. And what I mean by that, is how hypocritical john kerry, obama, the clintons, biden and all the rest of the deeply corrupt and arrogant democrat party people are, and please include almost all the main stream media also. These people scream and push constantly to the controlled mass media for them to keep pumping out the need for the “GREEN NEW DEAL” and all that CARBON FOOTPRINT BULL-SHIT, and out of the other side of their mealy chicken coward squawking mouths they all are ignorantly hollering for WAR WAR WAR against you and your country. Let’s all be real and blunt, for one nuclear tactical warhead blown up in Ukraine will sure do wonders for their scamming “Carbon Footprint” bull shit, and their “GREEN NEW DEAL”. Sorry for my sarcasm Vladimir, but trust me I’m sick and tired of all the American media allowing the evil activities to go on with those corrupt so-called politicians. It’s all shameful beyond any logical explanation. There I go ranting again, but sorry I’m not quite done.

How are those fools going to talk about “GLOBAL WARMING” after they’re hoping for you to do a tactical nuclear attack onto Ukraine!! Yeah, Right! They all make me sick and nothing matters to them but their mentally ill lust for power and feeding their egomania.
And I’m going to add and say this also, biden knows that the FBI and Department of Justice can’t keep covering and hiding forever the past major criminal activities of selling out America by his son and himself to Ukraine and China, and unless biden truly is having serious brain cognitive slowing down activity, then its got to be weighing and worrying him in the back of his mind that once the Republicans take back both houses of power come this January 2023, he’s afterwards going to be eventually impeached and one day prosecuted for his obvious TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES. The media and THE POWERS THAT BE that control the ‘DEEP STATE’ can’t cover his (biden) major law breaking crimes forever. I’m speaking from my own humble opinion, but God Help Us if they totally get away with these despicable and America weakening injustices.

I’m sure that you and Xi Jiping are smiling and enjoying the (shit-show) happening inside my country, but I have Faith The Lord is watching and that a time and place of complete and total reckoning is near and coming for biden and ALL those that align with his alleged sexual perversion and obvious well-hidden criminal financial grifting and even worse, his provable TREASON.

Moving on, that total illegitimate FRAUD (biden) in the White House has been talking about ‘ILL GOTTEN GAINS’ happening by big corporations, and that lying son of a bitch (biden) saying first you are responsible for America’s HIGH INFLATION and then blaming any and all the food corporations and oil companies for America’s high inflation. WHICH IS IT, oh it doesn’t matter, biden and his band of never ending liars will just continue to do that, LIE, and blame everybody else but themselves because of their incredibly bad policies and over all decision making.

The entire criminal (biden) family cabal and his complete ‘WOKE’ pathetic administration can’t keep up with all their lies day after day, but sadly in the end the entire middle class and below are suffering daily because of biden.

I sincerely hope one day not too far off, TRUE AMERICAN JUSTICE comes at him (biden) full force and as strong as anything imaginable, and all his and his son and entire family will suffer the full WRATH of the American People and they demand the CLAWBACK of the entire biden Families MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of ILL-GOTTEN GAINS they’ve robbed over the years from the vast majority of brainwashed and controlled American Tax Payers.

Vladimir, it would be wise without pause for you to think seriously about ‘GIVING PEACE A CHANCE’. I was a young hard working hippie back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, when the wise John Lennon wrote and sang those ‘RIGHT ON WORDS’, and they still are powerful words to contemplate at this very moment in time.

So like I’ve written and repeated in many of my letters, I Pray you receive this new letter and that your good friend Dmitry Peskov clearly interprets all my thoughts to you.

Time is of the essence, for lives are being lost everyday, and suffering continues on both sides. Do the RIGHT THING, call for a ‘CEASEFIRE’.

We are, mayflowercompactpatriots.com


Until Again Vladimir,