Letter To Putin – June 15th, 2022

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Hello again Vladimir,

Excuse me but I’m going to get right to the point. I wrote to you in the last letter that the truth absolutely must come out regarding the illegitimate man in my countries White House is deeply responsible for the start of the Ukraine war and he’s also responsible for it still continuing on, but I’m not giving you a free pass, NO, because you have the power to call for an immediate TRUCE and CEACE-FIRE and during that time you and Sergey Lavrov and Dmitry Medvedev can negotiate some kind of solution and settlement that will bring an end to the suffering and killing of innocent Ukrainian lives. I mention your right and left hand men in all due respect because that’s how I with an open mind would operate.

I totally and completely understand how all three of you men feel about the way biden gave totally mixed and bad signals about Ukraine might be accepted and thus joining NATO. In my humble opinion, if Zelensky in any kind of way leads his country into the NATO group, then that threatens your vast borders with possible nukes being placed all around your country any time in the future, and that would be without any doubt totally UNACCEPTABLE.

There is NO WAY any strong and logical thinking leader to be agreeable to let that happen on their vast countries borders, or no matter what size border.

We must avoid the possibility of any kind of nuclear provocation, but this is what keeps me up at night, more than I should admit. This feckless corrupt illegitimate president (biden) and his administration of weak gutless ”woke preaching skags” he has sitting along side of him, would rather keep poking you and your country with their pathetic war mongering PROXY activities, than focus on working out an immediate diplomatic peaceful solution to this sad conflict.

Before I go on, I have to say I’m semi-sorry for this ranting out loud letter.
If my humble goal one day is to be the leader of my country, I would imagine this is no way to write to any world leader on how he feels on all the ranting but necessary subjects coming out of my mind over these past four or five letters since the warring conflict started. But this is me and I don’t shy away from brutal honesty, no, not one bit and especially at this stage of my half way mark of my God given fortunate life.

Excuse me Vladimir but I have to be as blunt as I’ve ever been in all my years of writing to you. I am not some crazy and foolish American who thinks he knows all the answers, but so many events and Gods Clear Signs I have witnessed in my life have given me experiences and knowledge to see activities more clearer than the normal student of history, present and the past.
So let me say this very calmly and humbly to you right now, and that is you must dig down deep in your heart and soul to declare immediately without pause in any diplomatic way you can and want, “A CEASE-FIRE” and ask all the world powers to work with Russia and Ukraine to find a solid peaceful solution, and most importantly, CONTINUE THE CEASE FIRE NO MATTER WHAT POSSIBLY IS SAID DURING THE NEGOTIATING TALKS.

It is very clear to me that this old de-creped fool in my countries White House wants to trap you like a cornered wounded animal so as to get you to use a tactical nuclear precision warhead missile, so then he will have the nerve to tell the American public that we should send young American men and women to Ukraine to fight with NATO against Russia, but meaning directly against YOU! His unstable thinking goal is to look like some kind of great leader who defeats you, and like I’ve been writing to you before, biden is a total joke of a leader, unfit for any kind of responsibility and he is daily proving to millions of Americans he really doesn’t care about my God Fearing fellow hard working countrymen one iota.

Right from the start going back to October of 2021, not that long ago, you should have told the world about the biden family corruption, especially about his drug addict son who was making millions of dollars off of Russian and Ukrainian energy scams he was able to get into with Ukraine and your oil big shot bosses. The son and biden did all this money scheme criminal grifting manipulation during while biden was the vice president. I am still asking for you to expose them to all Americans for what they are, and I don’t think that is too much for me to ask of you. But yes, I’m very much hoping more importantly you will listen to my BIG ASK and STOP THE WAR and negotiate a peaceful land border agreement and total conclusion to the fighting.

I’m going to Let it Be for now with all my ideas, thoughts and feelings I’ve let out to you today. But like always I’m going to say I Pray you receive this letter and that your good friend Dmitry Peskov clearly interprets my thoughts to you, and one day I hope we shall meet with the clear purpose of making a Everlasting Nuclear Peace Treaty between our Two Countries.

We are, www.mayflowercompactpatriots.com

Thank you Vladimir,

Until again, Stoney