Letter to Putin – May 19th, 2022

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The other day was your countries special ‘Victory Day Celebration’ for the remembrance of the end of World War Two against Germany, and again like I have written to you in the past, I want with true heartfelt feelings of gratitude to thank all your veteran countrymen, and women included, for their service and bravery who fought and sacrificed in that tragic war.

Your Father and my Father fought for the CAUSE of defeating and stopping the spread of Hitlers Nazi ideology, and its a shame that young Americans are not taught much anymore how our two countries fought valiantly together in those unbelievable human tragic times. And now sadly, you and your countrymen have entered a new war that I pray does not escalate into a spreading real and raw huge multi-country World War eventual scenario.

Vladimir, like I wrote to you in my last letter in March of 2022, you need to let the world know about why you amassed over a 100,000 troops on the various Ukraine borders and now began an invasion that never should have begun. I’m saddened to think that innocent Ukrainian women, children and elderly people are going to suffer and die horrible deaths. Its unimaginable because all of this could have been completely avoided had all the American and International TV and newspaper main stream medias around the World explained the TRUTH behind joe bidens complete blundering of bad decisions and actions before and after your invasion began. Hundreds of millions of Americans have been continually lied to by the so-called main stream media about the total never ending incompetence of biden, and the massive cover-up of the real truth of the rigged fraud count of ballots regarding the 2020 presidential election.

The MAJOR POINT of UKRAINE IS NOT JOINING NATO should have been strongly spoken about by biden many months before your invasion, but he intentionally DID NOT because he’s just that stupid of a human being. And now because of that, the entire world is in one way or another suffering from this glaring unbelievable bad decision that (biden) made.

Sorry for the outburst and rant, but all of this needs to be said and spoken about for I one day want to be the leader of my country.

Moving on and being direct, I’m going to come right out and say for the longest time I have not trusted Zelensky because I have carefully studied his translated speeches and I’ve come away believing that HE WAS interested in having NATO discuss allowing Ukraine to be accepted into that organization.

In closing for today, I hope you will strongly consider getting Sergey Lavrov to make the world know that you want to begin some kind of peace negotiations BUT WITH a complete STOPPAGE of the FIGHTING ON BOTH SIDE.

We are, mayflowercompactpatriots.com

OK, Until Again Vladimir,