Letter to Putin – March 4th, 2022

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You need to let the world know about why you amassed a 100,000 troops on the various Ukraine borders and now began an invasion that never should have begun. I’m saddened to think that innocent women, children and elderly people are going to suffer and die horrible deaths. Its unimaginable because all of this could have been completely avoided.

The people in my country don’t know any of the TRUTHS about the history of Donbass and Crimea. And the world actually does not know the full true story about the annexing of Crimea back in 2014, and now more than likely no one is going to care about your point of view for invading Ukraine.

Now I definitely hold biden responsible for this war happening because all he had to do was say through straight honest diplomatic talks and agreements that Ukraine will not be allowed to join NATO, but he didn’t and again from my research and vantage point he was just trying to irritate you and put you on the defensive, and the only winner will be the lobbyist for war and the American military industrial complex.

As I have written you before stating that biden is step by step weakening and destroying my country is so many ways, and now he’s insanely and recklessly handled the situation between your country and Ukraine. And as I see it now just one week into this war, the human suffering has just begun and I’m asking you to make and do all you can to negotiate an immediate stoppage of this insanity.

Hasn’t history shown us all that nothing good comes from war! I am sickened and angry by all of which is
happening, and with todays modern technology, we’re all able to see the battlefield in real time and the horrors of war are in and on all our minds now.

I think most of Americans don’t know what you mean when you say “DENAZIFY” Ukraine, and to be blunt about that, I had to do my research and after doing such, I understand and have a better picture of the situation of what you are talking about. BUT STILL, innocent human beings are now dying, and Zelensky seems hell bent in some sick fashion willing to sacrifice his civilian population to keep this carnage and craziness going on, and feeding his what appears to be ego as some kind of brave war time leader.

The promising assurances of Ukraine NOT joining NATO should have been POINT NUMBER ONE by the most corrupt president in all of Americas history, and I’m talking about biden. But it seems Zelensky wanted to be in the NATO organization, and like I wrote in the last letter, if his country is in the group then that threatens your vast border with possible nukes placed all around your country any time in the future.

Its insane what is happening with the start of this war, yet clearly defined by the provoking acts done by biden and his idiotic secretary of defense and secretary of state. Two fools who along with that useless top so-called 4 star general, forth which all three abandoned hundreds of American good caring souls in Afghanistan, and NOT ONE SINGLE WORD of condemnation from the weak kneed corrupt shameless American main stream media. They ALL will pay one day, I can guarantee that!

Sincerely, I am shocked, stunned and angry about what is happening with reports of many people dying, and that includes your soldiers that you sent into battle. Everyone, everyone has blood on their hands and you can stop this before this insanity goes on and on with no end in sight. I don’t want anyone and anymore human beings dying, and I can only pray you get this letter and some how you take my years of reaching out to you and trust me now, for the world seems like its on the edge of so many events lining up that could spiral the mindsets of all too many into a very dark place. Claus Schwab, weak kneed Gates and Fauci working together to poison the bodies of billions, and the Clintons and Soros, and so many others have such evil plans setting up to cull the herd of mankind.

I hope and pray you get my letter.

Until again,


Strength and Honor