Letter to Putin – Feb 1st, 2022

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It truly amazes me how absolutely ignorant joe biden truly is, yet the mass coverup by the corrupt main stream media continues for him and all democrats and RINO’s. Again, I will never put capital letters in front of biden’s name, for he deserves no respect at all, no, none whatsoever, even after his disgraceful podophile filled life has passed on. The man is step by step destroying the USA and like I’ve written to you before and said, the mainstream media is protecting him and not calling out the constant poor decisions this fool makes on a daily basis. And I’m going to say this to you again, I know you realize what a damn fool and complete weak leader he is but don’t think you can gain any form of major ground in any future moves you might make against our country or any others. This illegal president makes all world leaders think now the United States is weak but this will pass and all the wrongs that this criminal biden has done will come back to HAUNT HIM, and be the evidence that destroys him, along with his son, brothers, and all others who cheated their way into power and making millions for themselves in the positions of power they held. Now let me stop and say this honestly and point blank to you Vladimir, and that is I have no doubt you have done the same, and I say this from my own deep research and years of published documents about you, but I am not here to judge you, no, not at all. I am writing you to do all I can to ask you to be careful in any and all your judgements of power you make due to the incompetence of this absolute ignorant incompetent fool named biden.

I’m an honest broker of such, so I say that for I have no idea what is going on in the backrooms between your administration and bidens people, but NATO should not allow Ukraine into the organization, and you should be given full and complete guarantees of no nuclear missiles aimed at your country. I was alive, rather young, but astute and fully aware when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place, so I understand your feelings about having nukes on your borders. I am sure no Americans want Chinese or Russian nukes on our southern borders, or again just 90 miles off-shore in Cuba. POINT MADE, so NUFF SAID.

And onto this day of the first of February of the year 2022, biden is intentionally destroying my country’s military strength and readiness. And even worse than that, he’s encouraging this WOKE insanity into the military, along with saying and practically promoting this sick ‘Transgender’ wokeness crap for any and all the troops that want to participate in such a life. This should only be for the private civilian sector to partake in if they feel such the need, but pushing and encouraging this for our fighting forces, is just out and out sick and totally disturbing and disgusting.

And that so-called 4 star top USA general, miss Milley, well this known traitor for aiding and abetting China while serving under Trump, this totally weak out of touch fool is also promoting this woke LGBTQ+XYZ crap for the military. But he’s happy to follow the evil decision of biden to require all the armed forces to mandate the unproven dangerous so-called vaccines.

This is all just madness, total madness what is happening in and around the United States of America, and it is so obvious to me how the main stream media has been and continues on with brainwashing my countrymen and covering up the TRUTHS of how corrupt and inept biden truly is, but I pray that one day all of them should be prosecuted to the fullest for their betrayal of their fellow countrymen, for and by censoring/suppressing the TRUTHS on so many levels and matters. And I must add they must ALL be held fully and totally accountable for aiding and abetting the Claus Schwabs, George Soros, all the biden family members, plus bill gates and all his foundations and criminal activity which is designed to poison and depopulate the world, and an absolute evil bastard named fauci, a war criminal the likes of all the German scientists who performed horrible medical experiments on living innocent human beings in the concentration camps during the second World War. And one last future criminal who should be heading to prison one day and for a long time, and that is marc zuckerberg of Face Book. He literally had a major role in changing the outcome of the TRUE VOTER TABULATION for the presidential 2020 outcome. All those TRUTHS will come out how he RIGGED, STOLE and CHANGED the true voter count. So I’m saying to you, these EVIL people must and in my humble announcement for and on behave of my fellow Americans, they ALL MUST and will be stopped and eventually crushed!

And allow me to rant a minute more, so include this punk in Canada named trudeau, for he has betrayed his people so bad, it makes my blood boil, and I’m not even a Canadian. That countries CBC news organization is bought, funded and run by the trudeau gang, but one day he and his entire totalitarian regime will be totally taken out.
The world needs to wake up, for there are so many others who are involved in the suppression of the TRUTHS of what really is going on to destroy the middle class and make serfs and sheep of the people.

I’m going to say to you I have been applauding and speaking to associates in the most positive way since the day I learned about your decision to put a stop to the spreading in your country of emasculating men and so many sick human beings trying to confuse little innocent children about their sexuality as young as the age of 4 and 5 years old. And on the opposite end of your leadership, we have this proven on video tape sexual pervert (biden) who is the illegal president of my country, this evil sick man and so many other evil and twisted minded mentally ill people are trying to destroy the fabric of our American family. I will speak of this debauchery at another time, but again I feel you are so right to want to protect the young children in your country from sexual perverts and child pornographers.

Just a little more of your time, even though I don’t know anymore if you are getting my letters. I hope so though because my intentions since I began writing to you are to somehow bring our two countries back together, and as I’ve stated multiple times on our Independent Political Parties website, I want somehow to do whatever I can to stop the insanity of Iran getting nuclear capability one day, and for your and my country to have an absolute stopping of furthering the development of nuclear weapons. You know and I know that NOBODY IS GOING TO WIN A NUCLEAR WAR. Sorry for my rant, but these thoughts must be said.

You must love biden for giving you the Nordstream 2 deal and now I get packets of information and actually what I received weeks ago is now national news literally today. And that news is your putting tanks, armament and thousands of young men on the various borders of Ukraine. And I more or less understand why you are doing this movement, but I’m going to repeat myself again, you and your people must demand from biden to give you a guarantee that Ukraine will not be allowed to join into NATO. Remember I wrote in my last letters that biden is so incompetent that he will cause world problems with his unbelievable poor policy making decisions, and now I see from satellite photos what you are doing, and I am asking you to STOP any thoughts of invading Ukraine and any and all your neighboring countries. God oh mighty, I sense and feel such deep concern that one way or another biden wants to try and “POKE THE BEAR”, that means you, and I pray you will not make any irrational decisions.

Remember–Thoughts Manifest Energy<>Cooler Heads Must Prevail. My co-writer/dear best friend for all my true life maturing years, well that was the third title of our Trilogy. He is watching over me now along with my Mom and Dad, and The Lord is guiding me with signs and messages thru all my walks of live, and I am doing my best to make rational clear thinking choices of my words and daily actions with all whom I interact, and I hope you will do the same.

Until again Vladimir,
Strength and Honor