Letter to Putin – Dec 15th, 2021

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Hello again Vladimir,

My country is literally being destroyed in so many ways by this ILLEGAL corrupt and media protected pathetic so-called president named joe biden, which I know you know is a complete incapable man unable to ever make an intelligent correct policy making decision in his life. And this fact has been proven time over time since he began his money grabbing political career in the early 70’s. All you world leaders must be laughing and feeling pretty good about the deterioration of what is happening to America BUT I’m not laughing or one damn bit happy about it and I’m sure its no laughing matter to over I50 or 200 million or even maybe now every single non-brainwashed American who now sees and realizes that “ILLEGAL FRUADULENT ELECTIONS” have catastrophic horrible consequences. Millions of good honest hard working Americans got ROBBED of their vote by very crooked people in my country who manipulated millions of FAKE BALLOTS in five keys states that were counted as VOTES for this scum bag named biden. (I will never capitalize his name, ever!) It is so obvious what happened with the 2020 rigged election, but until the TRUTH about the FRAUD is fully exposed, then God Help Us.

But be warned Vladimir that bidens ineptitude will have a domino negative effect on the world and as I told you in the last letter, this old wretched man in my countries White House will cause many bad cascading problems for all the world to suffer from. China is trying to take over the world and I told you to not let them get any kind of leverage on you, or one day they will own you. They already own biden and his corrupt drug addict low life constantly lying son and at least one of biden’s brothers.

Because of this weak and incompetent fool destroying my country, you must not get slick and think about spreading with your military into wide open land masses nearby Russia, so as to broaden your geo-political territorial power reach. Would you think about big expanding thoughts like that if Trump were still in office, or any other strong American President? I’m sure the answer is NO.

This lying fake president is intentionally weakening and destroying my great countries military, with the bullshit excuse that all the branches of military service will require everyone to be VAXXED… That is unacceptable and totally outrageous on so many levels, it makes me sick to think about it because I know for a fact that millions of those vials of that poison have various lethal amounts of dosages that will eventually harm the recipients immune system. I spoke about this fauci-CCP virus in my first 3 podcast regarding the need for the future use of “Major Autohemotherapy Ozone Blood Treatments”, because I learned very early on when the unbelievable fear mongering Plandemic was raging throughout the controlled mass media, that that EVIL bastard named “fauci was covering up the truth about his dastardly involvement of producing this bio-weapon VIRUS in the Wuhan Lab in China, and as soon as he started talking about a future vaccine I knew America was in trouble.

Fauci and bill gates together have a proven history of poisoning and killing children outside of America by using them as guinea pigs to experiment on for the drug companies various vaccine future roll outs. And they used and possibly tricked Trump into taking the lead to push a future Wuhan vaccine, but his big ego got in the way of common logical thinking and sense, because true and honest thorough testing needed to be done first. Millions of Americans are now slightly beginning to show signs of many medical ailments that are directly due to the fake VACCINES… YES, I said FAKE… And from all the research and packets of viable information I am receiving, its possible that millions of Americans in the next few years are going to have multiple medical issues. I have no idea what is going on in your country with your vaccines but the true way around a virus like this that has been unleashed on the world, is simply to allow “HERD IMMUNITY” to slowly take place. But it is a fact that the elderly and the medically compromised must be protected and steps taken to minimize their risk of this virus and any and all such issues.

The world is un-fire with insanity from the brainwashing and suppressing of the truth going on by the mass media and because of this all the worlds economic normal flow of prosperity is being little by little shut down.

Millions of honest hard working small business folks have been and are being wiped out, and it bothers and hurts me deeply what I read and learn about this descent good people. The entire biden administration are completely part of what looks like a plan to bring America to its knees so that China can continue even faster their eventual take over in all aspects. This so-called GREEN ENERGY policy is nothing but part of the big slow grind to weaken and eventually destroy America’s work force and lower the standard of living of the middle class and to turn America into literally a third world country. Again, the rest of the world leaders I imagine can see what is going on and are silently laughing at the demise of the USA.

This so-called BUILD BACK BETTER is really a scam set up by Klaus Schwab, and I know you are a member of his Davos club he operates, but be warned Vladimir again like I said before, for this man and Soros will destroy everything they can that is GOOD in the WORLD and take joy in doing so. Schwab has literally said that by 2030 “no one will own anything” and the new world order will take care of everyone with a new human credit rating system, very similar what China is setting up, and the complicit media SAYS NOTHING about the plan to destroy society as they are planning to do.

Without honest 2022 elections coming up, my country is doomed, but it is then that I will do my best to bring forth the call to “MOUNT UP” and fight with the Lords Help to bring millions of Americans to join me to bare arms if necessary and fight with all means to the end to save my country and countrymen from a horrible fate they should not let happen. IF the corrupt democrats and the lying media get away with one more grand theft of these upcoming 2022 elections, then that will bring on the NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

The entire biden family is getting total protection from the Russia Gate scam you know full well Trump had nothing to do with. The world should know that it was that angry lying bitch hilaray who was the master mind criminal behind Russia Gate, the Uranium One scandal and so much more, but again the media loves her ballooning grotesque ass and shows it by kissing up to it anytime she needs TV or cable time to spew her lies and deceitful personal political propaganda. Between the biden family and clintons taking bribes and running scams and cleaning money thru oligarchs in your country ESPECIALLY the clintons with their (URANIUM ONE”) deal, and for the bidens in Ukraine and China, with the entire hunter biden Burisma oil board member corruption scandal and in your country paying that swarthy grifter millions of dollars and a huge diamond given to him by one of your countries big city mayors, all of these criminal activities needs to be exposed, but who knows if it ever will be.

Now here’s my deepest hopeful wishes, and that is I honestly think that joe bidens entire political career could come totally tumbling down if the truth was ever fully exposed how he and his pathetic son have set up major kickback schemes to make millions of out Ukraine’s corrupt system. All this greed and evil selfish anti-American behavior by the clintons and bidens makes me so angry and sick to my stomach, I would pay to see them hang one day for multiple TREASONOUS activities.

I’m getting clearer on how I see all the EVIL taking place before my eyes, and your hands are dirty too, so please don’t insult my and anyone knowledgeable of it all, but if you really want to help your countrymen on so many levels then you must seek repentance and show your people and the world responsible leadership by spreading the wealth back to your countrymen, just like it needs to be done in my country, or one day you in your country and those leaders in my country will be doomed like the rest that I speak of.

The greed and evil activity will not win out, mark my words, period. What is going on in my country is just unbelievable, and I fear that if this absolute joke of an illegal president isn’t totally exposed and stopped by my countries corrupt main stream media, then America will be owned by China before their great plan of world dominance of the said year they speak about, that being 2050. But again, this coming 2022 election will be the real turning point of TRUTH, and if the FRAUD happens again, then like our first book title of our Trilogy says, ‘Right The Ship’, The Next Revolution, America Reborn, This Matter…

And so like I’ve said, your country too is in China’s sights to being taking over one day, and with that said I hope you or someone in your country is seeing my words, and how I see the worlds future.

I’ve been writing to you a long time now and my intentions are good, hoping to bring peace between our two proud and once allied countries. I will never forget the history of the USA and Russia working together during World War Two. My Dad and your Dad were two brave young men thrown into that major conflict and now it seems the world is in a new kind of war with this man made bio-weapon virus and a completely illegal controlled puppet in the White House. Come this November in this year of 2022, the future of America will hang in the balance of Righteousness overcoming EVIL.

For my countrymen and all who stand for Honor and Integrity, I’m declaring to you straight forward from here on out, Strength and Honor <> God Bless America

A Hopeful future Trustworthy friend, Stealth