Letter to Putin – Sept 30th 2021

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Hello again Vladimir,

The last time I wrote you was in the end of July, and the whole world can truly see what an incompetent so-called leader joe biden is. I am so disgusted, saddened and angry about what he is doing to my country and how horrible he handled the unbelievable withdrawal of American citizens and troops out of Afghanistan. The whole world saw how pathetic he handles critical situations.

13 young American brave soldiers DIED needlessly because of this mans poor judgement, but the criminal American main stream media, and the Silicon Oligards who surpress all the social media outlets, and last but not least the newspapers act like nothing really terrible happened over there in that God forsaken part of the world. This illegal so-called president will never be written or spoken about in the press over here, as he truly is, that being a total loser and living his life under an obvious black cloud with the worst KARMA imaginable to possess. You and your closest people in your cabinet and administration must be laughing at this old de-creped man, but for Patriotic Americans like me its no joke.

We were in Afghanistan for all the wrong reasons in the first place, because of George W. Bush, and my writing Trilogy partner/close friend, we wrote about how foolish our country was to go in there in the first place back 20 years or so ago. You know it and we all know from history that no outside military force is going to invade and conquer and take over Afghanistan. And now we have not only lost 13 brave soldiers but hundreds or maybe thousands of American people are stranded over there and have no way of getting rescued or out of that hell whole, and biden hardly mentions anything about those people left behind. And the same pathetic behavior can be put on the conscience of all the main stream media in America. One day they will all pay for what they are complicit in, from the PLANDEMIC fear mongering to untold other crimes against Trump. That man should sue the LIFE out of all of them.

I told you in my last letter that biden was not fit mentally or physically to be in the White House, and day after day I am being proven correct. You better worry about him doing something so irresponsible in the future that could bring our two countries to war, and biden and the unbelievable sycophant’s in his administration are so incompetent and out of sync with everything going on to help the American poor and middle class, that I feel these people in charge with biden are going to drive my country into the ground and then allow China to keep rolling over America and believe me, this will one day make my vision of China will then lie and cheat their way into coming after your country. I know what I have written down here just now, for I humbly am telling you that my instincts and sixth sense in life seem to get more in tune and sharper as I mature and age in my life. I’m humbly telling you to watch your back regarding China and don’t mess up with getting into a unnecessary conflict with biden or anyone in his pathetic administration.

Again I am so angry and sad that 13 young American men and women soldiers had to die, because it all could have been prevented. And all the press talks about is “The Virus”, and everybody must get the poisonous VAX. The HELL with that damn VAX, because the truth is being covered up about what’s inside that poisonous jab.

I’ve made my thoughts about the idiocy of biden and his jerks under him and nothing for me will ever change until he is truly IMPEACHED and then indicted for TREASON. And notice I will not give him the respect and put a capital B in saying his proper name. He will not get away with the fraud and continual lies he speaks every time he opens his mouth, but again my countries press says hardly a word. I should give credit to the few who do tell the truth, but a few is not enough. LEGAL JUSTICE will come down on him before his time in office is over, and the same justice will happen to his crack drug addict son, and Obama, the Clintons and others who literally tried a coup d’etat against president Trump.

Be warned about Claus Schwab and his so-called ‘RESET’ that he is working on and planning for the entire world. He is using this PLANDEMIC to his advantage, but I pray you will wake up and see the diabolical end he has insight for the masses of humanity… I know Vladimir you’re a part of it with him for now, but I have hope you will come around to recognize to what really is going on with that EVIL person and see clearly how and what a dangerous monster he really truly is. I see how his tentacles have reached so many world leaders, especially when the TELL is when each and every one of them says the phrase, “BUILD BACK BETTER”.

God Help us,

Nuff Said for now Vladimir. Until again.