Letter to Putin – July 27,2021

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Hey Hi again Vladimir,

I wrote to you this past mid April and in such a short time, much has happened in my country that is harming the masses of American citizens from their pocket books to their FREEDOM, and I will not just sit back and hide my head in the sand. You know it and I absolutely know that the “ILLEGAL and FRAUDLY ELECTED” person in the White House, is not in any way, shape or form a man mentally FIT to be the Commander in Chief, also known as The President of The United States.

So that said, I sincerely hope that this lying and compromised fraud president, along with his son ‘hunter’ and other family members who are in the pockets of the CCP, will not do something so irrational that it will cause a world wide crisis between our two countries.

Here we are six months into the new presidency, and the national main stream media is doing absolutely nothing to tell the hundreds of millions of totally brainwashed Americans “THE TRUTH” about how incompetent and corrupt this man ‘biden’ truly is. The lying ”fake news main stream media” is helping this so-called new fraud president in getting away with lying to the public regarding the vaccination is going to prevent everyone from getting the Chinese/Fauci Virus. This is all a BOLD FACE LIE, period!

I don’t know anything about your countries situation with the VACCINE your scientist created because you are controlling all that news flow, but I know for a fact that the 3 major drug companies over here in the United States are lying when they say their drugs EVICACY are in the range of 80 to 96 percent effective… That is all a lie and within less than a year I can guarantee the truth will come out…

I’m pissed off, but maybe your translators won’t understand what that means, so here it is in straight up laymens understandable English.. I’m EFFING mad as HELL and I’m not going to forget what EVIL CRAP is going on in my country with the lies being told by ‘FAUCI’ and biden and his red headed constantly lying press secretary. Man she’s good alright, plain and simple, she’s a pure pathological liar and some sort of sick twisted sociopath, and she wins hands down the Gold Metal in both categories going back over I’m sure that last 75 years of press secretaries for presidents. And the corrupt main stream media continues to say nothing negative about both of them.

This man biden is owned by China and you must never trust them, no matter what you think is best for your having a partnering country like China to have your back. I know you’ve been a skilled leader for many years now, and I have not had one day in a political role in my life, but I have skills and abilities and I have been Blessed with a sixth sense and clairvoyant gift, so I’m telling you that “biden” is going to screw up badly as time goes by but you must not think that you should take major advantages of his pathetic leadership, for the next president of the United States will not be as weak, incompetent and corrupt one bit, and will come in and massively UNDUE all the messes and TREASON that biden has done to the detriment of my great country.

Nuff Said today, but mark these words, my country is slowly being destroyed by this EVIL LYING BASTARD, and one day he will be delivered to HELL by The Lord, and hopefully the millions of Americans who’ve been asleep at the switch and or just plain brainwashed to believe in all that is spoken by biden and fauci, and several others coming out of Silicon Valley, will wake up and see the fraud that this EVIL and STUPID MAN “biden” truly is.

Until again,