Letter to Putin – April 15th, 2021

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Hello again Vladimir, Its been quite a while since I’ve written to you, and I’ve held off because I wanted to see how my countries illegal president was going to handle his first 100 days or so in office. My conclusion is blunt to say the least, and that is this constantly lying low life scum bag is intentionally putting in motion policies that are going to within 2 years destroy Americas economy, collapse our societies in so many negative ways, harm world peace especially with your country, cow-tow down to China because this greedy criminal and his also greedy and big time drug addict son have sold out America to China, Ukraine, plus several individuals in your countries energy sector. But I’m not done, no, for this totally sexually perverted man is going to cause more harm to our young children with his de-masculating men inner woke woven pathetic policies.

I can just clearly see what is happening to my countries armed services, and to what is being allowed to go on in the young grade schools, that which being the teaching of little kids about questioning their sexuality. I’m incensed beyond what words can express here, and one last sick thought on this de-masculating of men in my country, and that is, on his first day in office he signs an executive order allowing men who identify as women to have the right to legally do so and giving them the right to participate in women’s sports and use the same bathrooms and changing rooms for sporting events. This is insane and gives any man a much greater physical advantage over any women in every sport they enter and compete in.

I am sickened by what this evil pervert is already doing to my country, and he’s only been in office as the illegal so-called president since January 20, that hundred days or so that I’ve been analyzing him for.

Switching the direction of this letter, I hope your health is well and that your immune system is strong and functioning at it’s top peak performing ability. Its almost been over a year and a half since I last wrote you, and a lot of innocent human beings around the world have died from this horrible man made virus.

From my years of research and self- experimentation on myself with special formulas of vitamins and nutrients and so many other organic and natural flowers, barks and resources provided by Mother Nature, I have learned that basically one of the keys to having good health is maintaining a strong immune system and constantly keeping an even and strict balanced PH level in the human body, and now that millions of people are getting those unproven and untested on animal VACCINES, I fear in a year to 16 months time from now, the world will be hearing and reading about thousands dying and many more sustaining all kinds of side effect injuries, due to bad reactions from spike proteins and all kinds of other unknown substances being injected into peoples bodies. But then again, the tyrannical controlling suppression and unfathomable lies and coverups already taking place by the corrupt main stream media and the big tech conglomerates, are helping in keeping the lies and coverups going. And I’m going to throw in the so-called insane WOKE WORLD pushed by immature and self absorbed young ego and power driven politicians and thousands of unelected beaurocrats across my country. And I’m going to include the millions of young people who are being brainwashed by the college liberal teachers for some ungodly reason.

This obvious controlling and brainwashing insane actions by the Universities opens my eyes to believe we’re living in pure evil satanical human behavioral times, and the truth of how dangerous these shots really are will be covered up and anyone saying negative things about these VACCINES will be labeled the so-called dreaded phrase “ANTI-VAXXERS. The entire world is seeing these social media giants banning and just wiping out anyone who goes against what the TRYRANTS want to be allowed into the so-called “NARATIVE”. This is entirely unacceptable to me and it must not be allowed to continue, but it will and it all plays into the hands to favor China and increase their world wide growing dominance. Vladimir, you must not fall victim to their deceptive trap, for China will one day execute their long range plans to destroy you, your country and everything you strive for, just like they’re doing with their encroachment into America’s Universities and so many other areas critical to Americas well-being.

I can see clearly what is happening and I sincerely hope you are thinking in the same manner.

My country is totally in the beginning stages of total collapse as long as the media allows this illegal president to continue his position of making bad decision after bad decision, and not calling him out for it.
This entire Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Chinas orchestrated WORLD-WIDE ‘PLANDEMIC’ is so clear and easy for me now to see, after very sensitive classified serious credible information has been coming very carefully to me, and all of it shows that after peeling the rotten onion back many layers, these evil people have intentionally created a serious contagious virus but the real killer ultimate goal is the POKES they’re giving the unsuspecting millions of sheep lining up in the animal pens to be injected with.

This Wuhan virus, or if I may correctly say what I truly feel, this “FAUCI Wuhan CCP Virus” is something the world must never forget and allow forgiveness for. They all must pay dearly, with no holding back!

My countries illegal so-called president is pushing on my people through his ass-kissing main stream media a dangerous vaccine, and at every step of the way this horrible feckless and incompetent lying corrupt old man is ignorant with his power, but even more terrifying are the ones who control this blundering fool and mistake riddled pathetic of an excuse so-called leader. He has not one iota of any kind of leadership ability, and that’s been documented and proven over the 45 plus years by his track-record as a third rate politician, and I forecast over the next two years, this coming 2021 and 2022, that this illegal office holding incompetent bad decision making fool will bring horrible harm and destruction to America in so many ways.

This man is so out of touch with reality on so many levels, that slowly my countrymen and women will WAKE UP and realize what a scam has been perpetrated on America for foolishly allowing this man to have the honor of being the President of the United States, and all because of the biggest FRAUD taking place on election day, night and in the after hours where the real CRIME of criminal fraud activity happened. But I worry its going to take too long before the ALARM BELLS RING, and millions of my countrymen see the fraud, theft and corruption that has been perpetrated on them.

I am telling you all of this because if one day God wills me to be the Leader of my country, I will not hold back from washing all the EVIL out that is destroying my country, and I want you to know that I am a righteous man who cares about humanity, but at the same time I will not allow the bad guys to win, in any way, shape or form. I want to have our two countries working tightly together for the good of the people, and that means absolutely no armed conflicts between us, a strong agreed upon nuclear treaty, and positive working economical policies so as to strengthen our bonds.

I don’t know what is going on in your country with your own VACCINE, but from my humble efforts to learn all I can about all the histories of viruses over the hundreds of years since records have been kept on them all, the TRUE ANSWER to stopping viruses is HERD IMMUNITY, and until the world reaches that state of completion, then we’ll all be living in this new very unsettling NEW NORMAL WAY OF LIFE..

But I’m seriously worried that even if we reach HERD IMMUNITY by the end of 2022 on this man made FAUCI virus, the evil powers that are behind all of this will unleash a newer and even more deadly virus onto the planet. That is one very serious statement and thought, but I know it could very well happen.

I did a dozen or so PODCASTS throughout the year of 2020, and in many of them I was saying that Trump should get rid of Fauci, (FIRE HIM) and have him investigated for crimes against humanity. I didn’t use those exact words, but I made my point that Fauci must be taken down and better leadership should replace him, but here we are over a year since my words to throw him out of his brainwashing position.

Millions of innocent uneducated and very scared vulnerable people trust this monster on his every word, and this evil man named Fauci is still telling Biden what to do and at the same time given huge amounts of TV time to spew his bad advice and controlling and brainwashing demands. This is insane and that no good EVIL be damned monster absolutely needs to be stopped!

I’m going to end this letter but I’m going to be writing you more often now, for I feel some spiritual sense I’m suppose to communicate with you, and at all times hold back nothing while I do this. I will speak forthright and hope that we can find a way to conquer this man made BIO-WEAPON, and never allow anything like this to happen again to the world. I’m going to repeat to you, China is not your ally, period, and I told you seconds ago I will not hold back any of my thoughts and feelings.

I don’t trust this illegal president of the United States, and I pray that he will not do something so ignorantly that allows you Vladimir or China to think that the United States is weak and vulnerable with this total fool in the White House, but I imagine you already know well enough he’s a puppet and very weak fool. It is obvious to me that anyone in the seat of power like yourself would see this incompetent adversary as one to take advantage of, but I’m hoping that you will realize that cooler heads must always prevail, and make no aggressive geo-political land and territory moves that will cause any rumblings of our two great countries to go to war against each other over. This is exactly what the evil and corrupt main stream media would love to see happen so they can stoke the fires to write about, and bring my nations gullible people to fear, while continuing the push to poison them with these VACCINATIONS.

In my final thoughts to conclude, I’m always hoping to hear directly back from you, but until I do show me somehow your true spiritual side with assisting your countries Churches, and help them grow all over your countries vast land. Give hope and optimism with more Churches having a voice to help your countrymen with growing their faith, and so I’m asking you personally to speak about God and his son, and doing so from your heart. I have always said proudly that I am a Jew for Jesus, and that we all are Gods Children.

Stay Healthy in these trying times, take Vitamin D-3 and Zinc daily and eat less sugar, for its poison. And use a spray substance with Colloidal Silver in it, for it will help protect your nasal passages and upper chamber of your lungs from viruses, pathogens, funguses and bacteria’s. And believe these words, keep your bodies immune system extra strong with keeping your PH acid-alkaline levels at a constant 74 level. I know a little bit about a little bit, so have trust in these suggestions.

Until again,