Letter to Putin – May 26th, 2020

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Vladimir, I am up and running now with our political parties podcast.  I’ll get right to the point, I am delivering the message to my countrymen about Major Auto-Hemeo Therapy Ozone Treatments, and in  my eleven minute podcast I give some history of Ozone, and in particular I give the fact of the research done by Russian Scientist back in 1920, were the ones who found the medical benefits of using the proper form of Ozone, for curing people with all kinds of diseases, bacterium’s, dangerous viruses and other medical health ailments. Congratulations to those pioneers in Ozone research and all they did.I am serious about running for President of the United States, and I feel far more capable on many levels to compete against Joe Biden. His mind is failing and anyone who watches him speak or answer questions can tell he has the obvious beginning stages of dementia setting in, and besides that, he’s a very corrupt politician and sick sexual demented man, who feigns and paws his dirty disgusting grubby hands on children, and the proof is right there on Video that was shot multiples hours by the governments TV channel, C-SPAN. The national media and the two main cable stations DO NOT CARE, and actually cover up the disgusting behavior of this sick demented man. It’s pathetic and if he remains in the race as the democrats nominee, then I will attack him daily.  I will cut at him and stop him the the TRUTH, and have no problems in my mind for doing so. I will be doing whatever I have to because he will destroy America and give China everything they want, because he and his son are in China’s back pocket. And I also think you will walk all over him too. I want to make peace with your country-YOU-but if anyone thinks that I am some easy pushover type dude, then my comeback is simple, DON’T TRY IT! Believe me, I am a stone cold dude and will deal with everyone fair and righteously, but Biden has crossed the line and he must be stopped. And whoever they bring in to take his place, I will play the dirty politics game with just as much fervor and ferocity.  Yes, politics is a blood sport and I’ve known that since I was 21 years old. We wrote all about my history in our Trilogy, and my lucky uncovered involvement in Watergate. Nuff Said for now about lying Joe Biden, and Obama, another big liar, criminal and TRAITOR. YES, Nuff Said for now, , but more will be coming strongly on my future PODCASTS.

Our countries need to make a long lasting viable nuclear peace treaty and along with that, we have to work together on conquering this damn CHINA VIRUS…  And I believe the disease is in the blood and the Major Auto Hemeo Therapy Ozone Treatments can aide sick people infected with the virus. Hey, congratulations on some of the breakthroughs your scientists are having on finding a way to help infected people in your country. I read some very good reports and Gods Speed for more success.

Please go to our website: mayflowercompactpatriots.com and listen to our podcast. Study our website of all the positive ideas I want to bring to my country and peaceful ideas I want to make happen between our countries.One last quick thought. The lying unscrupulous main stream media and the two pathetic BIAS cable stations, are now saying that you Mr. Putin are responsible for the RIOTS… They are all sick Americans who just want to see more conflict and a possible war between our countries, so they can create more eyeballs watching their TV programming. Really sick minded human beings that would sell that hate…  In closing, I’m a pure bread fighter and I know what has to be done to win the presidential election, and I’ll do my best with the limited marketing funds I have to do so. The Lord works in mysterious ways, so what will be will be, but I have strong faith that He and His mighty Angels are watching over me. Got to go now but I still hope one day we can meet and hang out by a beautiful KOI FISH POND and just talk about how we can help the people in our country have better lives, safer lives and our two countries work together to find ever lasting peace. Yeah, me and those KOI FISH I keep writing to you about, but I know you hang at those ponds at your tropical botanical garden. I know a little bit about a little bit about you, and I’m trusting my gut that things can be worked out peacefully for our countries, and then we can get a better nuclear deal made with Iran and the world. 

Stay healthy and safe.