Letter to Putin – April 5th, 2020

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Hello again Vladimir, 

This will be fairly quick and to the point. Thank you for sending the medical aid and research to help all American’s to fight this dreadful deadly virus. Your great countrymen and mine are all in a war together, and God Bless you for joining in the fight to find a cure for this PLAGUE that has already spread around the GLOBE. This is a time that the entire world must unite and focusto find whatever method is possible to find a way of stopping this deadly fast moving virus. Most Americans will never hear about your great gesture to help us, but I will spread the word with my first upcoming PODCAST.

Millions of people in my country have been and are still being brainwashed by CNN and MSNBC, and other major TV news networks, and major newspaper too. They are continually always trying to destroy Trump’s credibility, so I will have Trumps back, and yours too. But at the same time, I will be beginning our new independent political parties effort to be heard, and recognized and understood that we are true ethical men and women who stand for Strength and Honor.If I am so Blessed to become the president of the United States, then I am going to be working with you to bring an everlasting nuclear peace treaty between our countries and others too. 

We have something now going on inside our PLANET far more serious than nuclear weapons, and this VIRUS proves to all humanity that war is never the answer between nations that have different IDEOLOGIES. This virus proves that we must all truly work together, and stop all the war mongering and hate towards each other. This deadly virus should prove to all mankind that we don’t need anymore nuclear bombs being built. This virus has got to be stopped from spreading, and again, I want to sincerely thank you for all you are doing by first sending aid to Italy and now my great country. In conclusion for now, just maybe one day we will really be able to have a conversation around a beautiful KOI FISH POND I always write to you about. I actually forgot to mention the fish pond in my last letter to you. I love tropical fish, and I have my little multi colored Siamese male Fighting Fish right here by my laptop in a small fish bowel, and he travels with me wherever I go.I don’t have a loving dog or cat anymore, but my Mr. Fish makes me smile and helps takes me into his calm and peaceful world, and I’m appreciate of that. We all need an escape sometimes and his world helps me do that every time we connect eye to eye, and believe me, he connects with me, and it’s really a smiley kind of moment. So there’s my escape I speak of.

Again Vladimir, thanks for talking with Trump and helping our country. 

Until I write you the next time, sincerely stay healthy and safe.

Your friend,