Letter to Putin – March 7th, 2020

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Vladimir, hello again.

The existence of the world we all were living in is changing from this infectious spreading Corona Virus, which in my best research and sources advising me, all started in a laboratory in Wuhan China. We will probably never know the truth how, where, why and when this bio-weaponized Virus became what it is, but now all countries are going to suffer and ALL the worlds best bio-scientists must gather together and find an immediate vaccine.

I don’t see many reports of how bad the spread of this Virus is in your country, and I can say the same is true for my country, the USA. The humanity of Iran is getting hit hard and likewise, so is Japan and South Korea. North Korea still is saying not one single person is sick, but who’s kidding who with that very unlikely claim. China is obviously suffering greatly, and that’s sad.

Again, I am saying that all the brightest bio-scientists in the world need to come together and find a Cure as quick as possible. And if I should be blessed and become the next president of my country, then I will be speaking with you on my first day in office and working out a Nuclear Peace Treaty and then going after Iran to do the same, with your help. Obama is a Traitor and we both know it, and so is that despicable human being named Pillory Clinton. She sold my country out many times for money that went into her bullshit Global Initiative scam fund. If the brainwashed masses of my country knew the giveaway deal she did with you for 20 percent of our Uranium stock piles, they then would want her burned at the stake, which she deserves. One of the most important uses of that particular type of Uranium, was designed to be used for medical treatments in the fight against cancer. That women is pure EVIL and her illegal outside government use of her own servers, shielded and hid all her criminal GREEDY activity.

But let me tell you again like I mentioned in a previous e-mail a year ago, she was the easiest hackable target in all of government, full stop, PERIOD… She thinks she got a way with her scams, plus her involvement in the Benghazi cover up that she and Obama put together, but all the truth is going to come out, and depending on the political climate of my country, she and that bastard Obama should be indicted, but we will have to wait and see. But TRUE KARMA will destroy them both one day, and I look forward to that time and space.

Our once tight team had the goods on her and the X-president, but the main whistle blower has to come out with his digital holdings and let the country hear and know all that he has.

Hacking, Jacking and our own Stacking is the so-called true eye in the keyboard sky technology that captures all things digital typed in the world, but without the codes that our man is on the run with, then there’s nothing that can be unlocked to allow a bunch of X’s and O’s to be decoded and then easily read. Hacking is easy, Jacking is the use of taking someones voice, face and entire body, and digitally stealing it and making a entire false activity come to a seemingly real life action and words coming out of a human, but its totally a FAKE. This is dangerous stuff that is going to start to be used by many governments and other dangerous groups with bad ideas, so this technology is not good for any of us. I will go so far and say that someone could create a JACKED digital video that could possibly be the cause of starting a war, and even worse, a nuclear war. My point is very clear, JACKING is a very dangerous technology, and we need to find a method to tell the true digital video one is watching, from a totally JACKED version. I’m sure you get my point.

Our STACKING is beyond anything anyone has, but I made sure that this advanced technology be totally encrypted with so much front and back door codes needed to open it up, that now the genius who helped with this task has gone rogue, and just wants to continue to build a case against Clinton and Obama. Being straight about this dude, I don’t know what he’s up to now for many years, but I am still holding out hope that he will come forward some day and make the truth known about Clinton and Obama.

Get your people to read our Trilogy. “Right the Ship: The Next Revolution, America Reborn…This Matters!“, an E-Book digitally sold on Amazon Books. Study our Website, and especially study our Subliminal Messages that are totally explained in that section of our site. The Art Work took a lot of time and carefully dedicated energy, but it was all worth the effort. Study our entire website and read carefully ‘ABOUT US’ and much more. Soon I will begin my short but important regular Podcasts to my fellow countrymen, and hopefully these Podcasts will get the word out about my run for the office of the presidency. Trump is doing a relatively good job, but he will forever be attacked by lying democrats and the FAKE NEWS, who want to destroy him and his family. These people are all EVIL and I will defend Trump, yet HUMBLE him if I am so blessed.

Nuff Said for now, but I’ll be back. Just know this, I want to see this Virus stopped and begin one day a nuclear peace treaty between our countries, and then go and make a deal with Iran to stop what they are doing in hidden underground bunkers. You and I know what they are doing, and its not good.

Stay Healthy,