Letter to Putin – February 6th, 2020

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Vladimir, Greetings.

I’m at peace with what I am doing regarding my steady work to present myself to the American public as a 70 years YOUNG at heart man, who is trying to begin a self funding campaign running for the office of the President of the United States.

On our website I have published my last e-mail I sent to you and ever since I opened up a personal TWITTER account, over a 100,000 people noticed that one particular TWEET in a four day time period. I don’t really know if that is a lot or not but it gave me a smile on my face that some people were paying attention to that particular tweet. My country has to know all the facts about me, and I’m doing my best to get some awareness drawn to our website.

Moving forward, on the website I am doing my best to bring attention to the fact I absolutely believe I need to get the message out into the world that a nuclear peace treaty must be done between our two countries as soon as possible. But now in my humble opinion the world has an even a bigger problem, which is this Corona Virus. I am going to be straight to the point about something I don’t like that your news media is presenting, which is they are putting out a lying propaganda message that the United States is responsible for this Corona Virus. That is an utter FAKE NEWS LIE and it must stop because it does not do anything positive for both our countries sake. China is totally responsible for this horrible Virus and all countries better work together with the brightest specialists in that field to try and figure out how to stop it from spreading and find an Anti-Virus to also aid in the containment. So I’m asking you to use your presidential power and STOP this spreading BS propaganda immediately.

Vladimir, I’ve been studying the Art of War (Sun Tzu) for over 40 years, but all I care about now is the Art of Peace. Cooler Heads Must Prevail and that is what I am asking of you. I’m somewhere in central Latin America right now and there is a wishing pond with Koi Fish and I’m heading over there after this letter. As I’ve always said to you, FISH relax me and maybe one day we can have a good conversation while hanging out at a Koi pond.

Alright, Nuff Said, Later.