True Affordable Health Care Plan

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Do the MATH America, 

Because it’s All About The MATH


The Government and Millions of People


And that’s why now 

I’m going to talk to YOU As 











‘As of June 2019, the full federal debt held by the public (that’s YOU & ME) was $16.17 TRILLION and intragovernmental holdings were $5.86 TRILLION, for a total national debt of $22.03 TRILLION.’

‘The United States health care spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person’, but now that cost per person is over $13,500.

Do the MATH America on your monthly medical insurance premiums and realize this, if our comprehensive Mayflower Compact Patriots plans are never heard and thoroughly discussed, and only Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warrens Medicare for all is your only solution, then you will be allowing for a nation-destroying CANCER to take over. The Obama health care scam/plan was bad enough, and Joe Biden should be strongly tied to it, but I have studied, worked hard and questioned many professional insurance people for years to find the missing MATHEMATICAL equation to bring a real viable solution for TRUE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE for the entire country, and at the same time researched to find the correct solution on how to LOWER the MIDDLE CLASSES TAXES.

I sincerely feel for all the families and individuals who are in pain from those ever-rising medical and insurance bills, and it’s time to make the most incredible stand to once and for all kill the rigged medical and insurance colluding system.  This cannot be allowed to continue to go on, because the way it is now is only going to stay on the course of more family hardships and many of them literally deciding which household bills to pay for each passing month.  That is actually happening right now to millions of families! 

NOW I’m going to present our parties compact and consolidated EIGHT STEP well-thought-out plans that we know will stop the CANCER that’s destroying your financial well-being, due to your never-ending increasing medical and insurance costs. And what I am putting myself on the line and saying is, you’re guaranteed to be having much lower medical insurance monthly costs, with lower deductibles and a built-in low costing mandatory major CATASTROPHIC medical health plan. Please, just read, think and talk it all out with friends and family, and write to us and tell us what you think or add any ideas to the mix. 

From Here on Out, 

The Plan will be known As 


~ ~ ~

This has to be said Upfront 

And to the point right Now

And that Is,


For every single Person,

Small and Large Businesses

And all 535 Representatives

Who Personify us in Government.

Remember, We are All 

In this Fight Together!

Strength & Honor

~ ~ ~

THE NUMBER ONE BIG MOVE for Affordable Health Care & Medical Insurance – Is the President puts in motion the Sherman & Clayton Anti-Trust Acts’.  These TWO ACTS that have been on the books for over a hundred years and brought up in front of the Supreme Court two times and held up are the TWO LAWS that deservedly should lawfully break up the collusion and monopolies of all the involved hospitals, medical associations and the entire Medical Insurance Industrial Complex machine, including the drug manufacturing industry.  

The Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts need to be put to the test and enforced against all the hospitals, diagnostic centers, drug makers and any and all the medical and health care industry-related companies across the country.  The central key illegal activities they’re all involved in, is collusion, continual corruption, a form of insurance extortion on millions of unknowing Americans, and racketeering with the absolute purpose of overcharging and rigged high price-fixing. 

All these monopolies must be shuttered, stopped and put down and that is the key strength that these TWO ACTS (LAWS) have the absolute ability inside of them to do. In a phrase, these two Antitrust laws are MONOPOLY BUSTERS, and even beyond that, so once you have this knowledge and fully comprehend the absolute utmost power of these TWO ACTS, you will begin to expect your president to get real and do what his sworn duty calls him to do, for ‘We the People’.

The President has the ‘Power of The Pen’ literally in his hands to start the process immediately of enforcing the Clayton and Sherman Antitrust Acts.  With a strong backed bone Attorney General by his side, and with the Presidents very own words using a phone, or a sat phone, a walkie-talkie, or smoke signals, or any of that twitter, twatter and tweeter monkey business stuff you young folks know and use, (Trumpster too) and or whatever the *##* gets the TWO ACTS officially into full gear, let’s all just be happy to start the ball rolling immediately across the vast country for True Affordable Health Care for all American’s. 

If the Sherman and Clayton Acts aren’t in place to STOP ON A DIME & HALT THE RAMPANT OVERPRICING that’s going on, then the GREED and continual price increasing are going to cause massive medical insurance BANKRUPTCIES, leading our society into financial ruin, and that will lead to DESTABILIZING OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY.

Bottom Line,


is Totally in the Hands of the President

~ ~ ~


NUMBER TWO: This has to be DONE: Super Giant Health Care Insurance Pools will be spread out across all state lines and ‘Super Intelligently Interconnected’. Hawaii and Alaska will absolutely be part of KAT MAN DUE.   


These Super Giant Health Care Pools are Using


~ ~ ~

Technology is upon Us 

To create the best Solutions 

That will enable These 

Super Giant Health Care Pools to Work

~ ~ ~

With the set-up of hundreds of millions of Americans inside the Super Giant Health Care Pools, the sheer volume alone will help greatly reduce the family and individual costs, plus every single small and large business across the nation will all benefit with lower monthly insurance premiums and those damn high deductibles. A sliding COST SCALE will be at the very end of these point by point explanations.

These Pools will spur on great ECONOMIC GROWTH over time from the large amounts of saved money the entire pubic will have in their pockets. And permit me to add this, and that is we feel strongly that we have to include an effective special program to help out all Americans that are HOMELESS.  A must idea! 

NUMBER THREE: The Hospital Billing Medical Insurance Reform Act, will be tied into the Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts taking place. This Billing Reform Act will stop the collusion going on with the hospitals and insurance companies. For a prime example, when an insurance company has on your ‘BILL’ an ‘Explanation of Benefits’ that show a HUGE so-called negotiated discount somewhere above 75 to 80 PERCENT, that is proof enough that EXTORTION is going on to get you unnecessarily buying their expensive MONTHLY HIGH PREMIUM COSTING medical insurance, but a better option would be if that CORRUPT COLLUSION going on were completed shut down by the Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts. (Remember, the Power of the Pen lies in the Presidents Hands).

Think about that 75 to 80 PERCENT SAVINGS, and just paying out of your own pocket those medical charges, with still having a greatly reduced (35 PERCENT MEDICAL INSURANCE PREMIUM) and a (55 PERCENT or more less costing DEDUCTIBLE).  And let me just tell you something else that’s really possible here, and that is, this (35 PERCENT) savings monthly figure, could be much higher, like above (60 PERCENT savings), but for now, it’s best to present everything in a conservative MATHEMATICAL manner. But sill, believe that we can save each person or family over 60 PERCENT once the entire KAT MAN DUE gets rolling. 

Now let’s go back to our SUPER GIANT HEALTH CARE POOLS, and then begin to realize the LEVERAGE & PRICING POWER that will be in the hands of YOU, you THREE HUNDRED MILLION American’s all POOLED TOGETHER. 

Please permit me a second to make this important note to all American Citizens, and that is no matter whoever is out there, Any and All People with Any Type of Existing Health Condition’, are all going to be included and equally treated and MONTHLY BILLED like all others, and that’s the honest to God, bottom line and end of that worry!) 


Here’s another shot in the arm to bring True Affordable Health Care to ALL

***Replicate what the Surgery Center of Oklahoma does, ACROSS THE NATION***

These guys are doing it right and showing they care about their fellow Americans because they’re putting away their capitalistic greed by posting all the prices of all procedures, services, and products on their hospital public webpages and in the hospital itself.  These complete price lists will provide customers the ability to compare what their costs may be for all kinds of medical attention and care, from hospital to hospital. This has proven to be an amazing cost savings to thousands of patients walking through that hospital’s doors.   

These wonderful administrators have already proven that posted medical prices will put a strong damper & tapping down of the insurance companies increasing the cost of your procedures, along with the services & other various costs that all these insurers add to your medical/insurance bills. BOTTOM LINE<>THEY HAVE PROVEN THEIR IDEA WORKS.

IF all costs were to be posted in all the hospitals and on their public websites, then this in itself could be leading to at LEAST A SIXTY (60) PERCENT savings nationwide for the American public on medical procedures that ordinarily would be priced out by the insurance company and the hospitals working off of an actuary statistical analysis risk program, and other forms of rigged hidden extortion. (Remember the Medical Insurance Hospital Reform Act). The hospital board of directors and medical executive CEO’s both control everything to their huge profitable benefit, and that leaves all patients easy marks for much higher than necessary BILLS coming in their mail after they leave the hospital.

Now you’re asking how is such a saving possible, well it’s basically done by cutting out all the added blind-siding extra costs that hospitals and insurance companies put into your final tabulated combined medical/insurance BILL, and then it shows the confusing insurance discount explanations. (Remember what was clearly explained above about EXTORTION). The Surgery Center of Oklahoma does nothing of the sort because their procedures are all listed and everything else involved in the BILLING is spelled out.

Look closely at your BILLS and see what we’re talking about.  Lots of additional confusing costs are added to your statement and then you’ll see your insurance companies’ handiwork of showing you what discounts they’re getting for you, but in fact, it’s all a form of criminal extortion if you don’t buy their insurance. (Sorry for repeating myself but you need to understand the situation going on). All the blind-siding costs will add up, but they’ll show a whole lot of discounting and lower costs happening because you have their insurance. All these corporate heads should all be charged with collusion and other illegal activities and if found guilty, then those CEO’s should be heavily financially penalized and flat out sent to prison, so as to send a strong message to all those in their same profession and other businesses too that are ripping off the public.   

Another Important Point 

That needs to be Stated 

That Applies Across the Nation;

Primary Care Doctors and every single type of Hospital working Doctor and Nurse and Physician’s Assistant, will not have their present income reduced or affected in any way, shape or manner with the KAT MAN DUE plan. In fact, once everything is rolling, they will benefit, but let’s keep it real and go step by step with getting things just moving in the right direction.

~ ~ ~

Number FIVE:  Social Security Fraud Act. A complete revamping (OVERHALL) of the entire outdated Social Security numbering system.  The key to this will be using a new technological digital encrypted numbering system, for it will be able to make a huge dent in the massive frauds going on. NEW SUPER HARSH FRAUD PENALTIES should be given when applicable.

‘SSDEI PLAN’ means Social Security Digital Encrypted Identification.  This will be the technology to be the FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE to stop all the Waste, Fraud & Abuse, and IDENTITY THEFT, plus a way to enforce the strictest ever Immigration policy to capture all who do not have a legitimate American ID Social Security Number. The basic simple MATH shows we cannot sustain the massive debt being added to all the social services paid out to the millions of illegals! We’re trying to RIGHT THE SHIP, not SINK IT!  But the truth is, we are sinking and none of our politicians or the president will speak about the obvious fact of the matter. Yeah-no, the truth hurts, but wha’da’ya want, BULLSHIT & Hershey’s chocolate covered Marshmallows? 

 The Time has come for a True Accounting 

Of What’s Going on Inside Our Country’s Borders

Remember, every American Citizen is going to have to make a commitment to get totally involved, and to ‘HOLD THE LINE’, or the country is going to FINANCIALLY CRASH by 2024.

Believe this statement!

~ ~ ~



Now here’s where we’re going to get into our next big COST SAVING MEDICAL AND MONTHLY INSURANCE MOVE. The concept works like this, the government or private enterprise establishes a specially certified underwriting insurance giant Catastrophic policy program using AGAIN the proven theory of ‘The Principles of the Law of Large Numbers’, MANDATORY AGAIN.  This massive program is going to require all American citizens, plus (all Large or Small Businesses-MANDATORY AGAIN) to be totally involved in this important ‘GIANT CATASTROPHIC HEALTH CARE INSURANCE FUND’.  

From here on out known as the ‘KAT FUND’

Take a Second & Let This Two-Fold Idea Sink In

With the SUPER GIANT HEALTH CARE INSURANCE POOLS (MANDATORY) for all families, small and large businesses, plus individual citizens, and the MANDATORY KAT Health Care Insurance Fund, HUGE savings will be able to be realized by Three Hundred (300) million Americans. The beginning MANDATORY age will be on the eighteenth (18) birthday.

The cost will be $50 a month, but the monthly savings from our TWO ACTS (You must clearly understand the absolute POWER of The Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Acts) because they will effectively force the hospitals and insurance companies to have to lower your medical costs and insurance premiums. And all the while the SUPER GIANT HEALTH CARE POOLS will ABSOLUTELY do their thing for lower monthly costs, so now those big savings WILL BY FAR NEGATE the small amount of $50 per month that will go into each citizen’s KAT FUND. And I’ve calculated that a maximum per year health care insurance DEDUCTIBLE per person charge that just turns 18, will top out at that age at $1000. But because of the need for a SLIDING AGE SCALE DEDUCTIBLE SET UP, go to the back pages for MATHEMATICAL DETAILS.

REGARDLESS of the maximum DEDUCTIBLE that’s been calculated to be ($2400) in the age bracket starting on their 56th birthday, any amount of personal pocket outlay over that will be covered by our FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE, which again will be the SUPER GIANT HEALTH CARE INSURANCE POOLS, and any medical amount over THE POOLS $135,000 MAX PAYOUT COVERAGE will be picked up in the (KAT FUND) program, which will be paid to the hospitals, or whoever is providing the medical service. In a sense, people of all ages beginning at 18 will be self-insuring themselves starting at $950 a year and up to the max for seniors above 55 years, their costs CAP OUT AT $2400. Plus their monthly low costing age sliding Super Giant Health Care Pools Insurance premiums, but after that, they’ll have a fantastic working safety net (KAT FUND) under them.

Mission Statement (TAX) Key Point

Needing to be Mentioned Right Now

This TAX SAVING MESSAGE has to be mentioned, and that is our Mission Statement has a specific TAX plan spelled out that states for each middle-class citizen, they shall be granted an effective starting TAX amount (RATE) of their working income, to start at $50,000. Perhaps better clearly stated, your first $50,000 you take in, be it a small business profit, or an income from doing PHYSICAL HARD LABOR, or Secretary, or being a TEACHER, a PLUMBER, or WHATEVER, WHATEVER, WHATEVER,,, your TAXABLE INCOME doesn’t go into effect and start until one dollar over that said amount of $50,000 is reached. (Again, read up on it in the Mission Statement). But the key take away from this is, is that hundreds of millions of middle-class citizens will be getting a much needed and FAIR TAX BREAK, and or not paying anything at all on their Federal Income Taxes. That could be a valuable savings where that money could be used for expendable purposes in their communities, and or just putting the money in their banks for an unknown rainy day need, or just being allowed to keep saving your hard-earned money for your future retirements. Do what you want with it is my point, rather than let the sloppy bureaucrats and politicians in Washington D.C. let your money go FOR or INTO a heck of a lot of WASTE-FRAUD-ABUSE activity. It’s only damn fair you keep more of your hard-earned money. Ya think! 

This TAX SAVING PLAN does not give any HEDGE FUNDS, PRIVATE INVESTORS or ANY GROUPS, ORGANIZATIONS, BANKS, or whoever/whatever any kind of $50,000 TAX BREAK whatsoever. This TAX-FREE $50,000 PLAN is for folks who actually do hard-earned LABOR of some sort. As a matter of fact, our Administration is going to be demanding that legislatures begin immediately changing the TAX CODE that allows huge gaping LOOPHOLES that give the wealthy better TAX BENEFITS than the LITTLE GUY. It’s not FAIR and it’s NOT GOING TO CONTINUE. The TAXES not collected from the $50,000 TAX BREAK for the middle-class, will be made up from the GIANT LOOPHOLES CLOSED on the bankers, and Hedge Funds of Wall Street, and any and all wealthy businessmen and large corporations who barely pay any TAXES whatsoever because of those LOOPHOLES. This isn’t FAIR BY A MILE, and it must be ABSOLUTELY CORRECTED & STOPPED!

All Social Security beneficiaries’ in the middle-class will receive IN FULL THE TAX BENEFIT. It’s absolutely only fair that they be given a TAX BREAK TOO, so they have some extra cushion and spending money in their pocket. Presently right now, Social Security is TAXED, and that’s just not right.  BUT<>BUT<>BUT, read up down below about our MEANS TESTING. This is going to obviously only affect the rich of the country. 

Remember what our Mission Statement says, ‘Lower Taxation with Strong Leadership True Representation’. And that statement is a FACT!

Moving on, now let’s get back to another important discussion to all of this, and that is the YOUTH of our country. Maybe in a way as previously mentioned above, the fact that the starting age is on the eighteenth (18) birthday, this might be the kick in the pants our young people truly need to get in the game and go out and get a job, ANY JOB. There are millions of good-paying starting hourly jobs available all over the country, and there’s no excuse for the young healthy folks not to go out and do something positive with their lives. Please, just read on and don’t be pissed. Time to get MOTIVATED and join an important and very worthy good ‘CAUSE’.

This is going to be a Political and country-wide financial BATTLE, and I want to bring together and UNITE all Americans to pitch in and do their share for this NEVER ENDING RISING MEDICAL & INSURANCE COSTS we’re all facing as a Nation. 

Not for nothing, but all you young people of today who might not give a damn what I speak about here to fight the CANCER of the never-ending higher medical insurance BILLS, will one day realize that TIME REALLY DOES FLY BY. It happens and happened to all of us, that being you are 15 years old today, and then BAMM, just like that, you’re going to be turning 25, and then 35, and then it’s going to really speed up after that. So what’s my point, well it’s going to happen the same to you, so when you hear the phrase TIME FLIES, believe it!

All you young folks are going to be one day living in the real world, and there’s no better time THAN NOW for having some serious personal financial responsibility. Honestly, I’m not trying to be lecturing all you young people, but rather I’m sincerely just making the point that WE ALL NEED TO START HOLDING THE LINE RIGHT NOW, and STOP & HALT the corruption and collusion in the hospital, medical and insurance industrial complex. I’m just trying to say, it’s TIME TO UNITE.

I’m a 70’s year young at heart dude, and from my everyday life experiences the time seems to be going by faster and faster. You young folks will find this will happen to you, and as the days go by, you will notice a rhythm of LIFE taking shape, but it will come in many different forms. I suggest to find the flow that brings you peace and works for you, then go with it and smile as often as you can, and your health and happiness will be better.

So summing this all up, these 8 points of the True Affordable Health Care Plan are meant to be of help to all you millions of young people, but especially now for your parents. You may in all honestly consider this a MAJOR REVOLUTION that this new political party is DOING, but it is damn necessary at this time in our country’s history, believe that! And now for this subject, Nuff Said.

Did you know that 57 PERCENT of Americans are employed through their employer? And did you know the largest employer is the SMALL BUSINESS MOM & POP SHOPS?  And its damn time someone is TRULY LOOKING OUT FOR THEM, by lowering their taxes so that they can have some breathing room to survive. And if we can reduce all the Bull S*** REGULATIONS hovering over them all the time, I’ve got your backs big time on that one TOO. 

Did you know that forty-four (44) PERCENT of the population’s health care coverage is in the Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP coverage program? Now just doing the MATH, that’s a HUGE number of people in those coverages. Now going one step further, I have studied carefully the situation and MATHEMATICALLY determined that if those Medicare individuals have automatically $50 deducted from their Social Security or disability or whatever else their government monthly assistants’ programs provide, then that would AID with a tremendous amount of more money going into the countries growing KAT FUND program. This again is all about every American Citizen realizing we have to UNITE and work together to solve these NEVER-ENDING MEDICAL INSURANCE RISING COSTS. 

Now in specifying in more clear detail, those people in the Medicare, Medicaid and Disability Programs will all qualify for a NO DEDUCTIBLE CLAUSE in their individual health care coverage, (just like it is now) and also the folks on Medicare will not have to pay any TAX on their Social Security coming in, (Remember the $50,000 NO TAX PLAN). All Medicare recipients should continue on with the excellent Supplemental Plans they choose because, in the long run of deteriorating health it’s an excellent option to have.  

To be clear on another point for all those receiving Medicare, you will be deducted the $50 a month KAT FUND charge also, but understand this, the MATH will work in your favor from not having to pay a TAX on your Social Security, so the $50 a month less in your check will still put you ahead each year because of the TAX break. 

And for SPECIAL CASES where an individual in the Medicare Plan is not receiving enough money from Social Security to survive on, they will be granted an exception, and even put into a special assistance life beneficiary plan. This is the TRUE KIND OF NATION BUILDING THAT I WANT TO SEE HAPPENING, not for any God-forsaken other countries that could give two S***S about us.

Moving on, the government and insurance companies know that when hundreds of millions of folks (Approximately (220) Two-Hundred and Twenty Million plus) enter into a super large funded KAT program, that the money coming in will be in the MULTI-MULTI-BILLIONS, and even if the KAT FUND were to be paying out extremely large claims to families that had members with very unfortunate long-enduring medical illnesses, it would still have a positive money flow at the finish of each of its accounting year-end. The KAT is good for the Citizens and the entire financial well-being of the United States of America.

With millions of citizens MANDATORALY signing INTO the KAT FUND, then the multi-multi-billions of dollars coming in would be able to AID ALL THE WAR VETERANS IN A FIRST-CLASS MANNER, and take care of the needy of society (HOMELESS) and prevent all of them from falling through the cracks.  

Moving forward, so you may ask well why do I need the KAT FUND policy if I’m already in the Super Giant Health Care Insurance Pool Program? A fair question to ponder but here’s a twofold straight up answer I have for that.

THE BASIC ANSWER: The premise and foundation I am basing that extra coverage on, is to make sure everyone in the nation has more than adequate normal medical insurance coverage. With your new greatly reduced premiums each month along with lower deductibles, because the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts doing what they’re designed to do, (break-up the medical-industrial complex collusion and monopolies) then the KAT FUND will give you full medical insurance when if unfortunately, you reach that $135,000 threshold of medical costs and expenses per year. Think about it this way, each and every single American Citizen is absolutely getting a MAJOR FINANCIAL SECURITY NET UNDER THEM like never dreamed possible before. (No more going BANKRUPT from a terrible medical malady occurring in your life or someone in your family.) Just imagine your peace of mind for your families with the KAT FUND coverage insurance program under all of you. Seriously, think about that, because it can happen!

Another very serious important Point

that should have been Enacted

many years ago, is ‘MEANS TESTING’

NUMBER SEVEN: The definition of ‘MEANS TESTING’ is; “A means test is a determination of whether an individual or family is eligible for government assistance, based upon whether the individual or family possesses the means to do without that help.”

So, let’s get right to the heart of the matter, that being there are millions of MILLIONAIRES and people with wealth beyond that, that by no means, (PUN INTENDED), need to be collecting their Social Security, and any other types of government assistance. If I’m so fortunate to be in the position to see that this MEANS TESTING is put to the test, then I will do it.  We’re talking about a huge monthly and yearly amount of money going to folks who just flat out don’t need to be receiving extra money for their lives. And the Waste, Fraud, and Abuse going on will have a new enemy tracking for that, meaning a new form of FRAUD technology detecting such acts. 

Moneywise, we’re talking about well over 125 BILLION DOLLARS being given out to the rich who don’t need it, and that is a heck of a lot of money and just flat out Bull S***.  

YOUR COUNTRY has WASTE, FRAUD, & ABUSE (WFA) going on everywhere, and with the technology and OUR IDEA of an entirely UPDATED NEW Social Security Encrypted Numbering System, we can get an actual true accounting of what’s going on inside our country, and begin to put a stop to so much Waste, Fraud, & Abuse going on. Believe it or not, the total comes to over 450 BILLION DOLLARS.


NUMBER 8: TORT REFORM is going to play an extremely important part in making hospital medical tests costs a whole lot lower and require less test to be performed on patients and help give a break to every hospital and practicing doctor in the country, which they will all tell you is the darn right truth of the matter.  Their personal and office medical malpractice costs have been going through the roof and are breaking their balance sheet budgets back just to keep up with the rising costs. 

And this medical malpractice same help is needed for every hospital and all the doctors and nurses working inside, and the same for the walk-in clinics and any and all others involved in the medical and doctoring practicing world.

TORT REFORM needs to happen so that all the good doctors of the country can get some very serious relief from so many unscrupulous lawyers going after them day in and day out for medical malpractice claims. 

Just realize this, the medical malpractice insurance costs are driving good doctors and future doctors out of the business and that’s a fact.  This is a very sad and serious dilemma and it needs to be stopped and reversed immediately, or we’re going to be hit with a tremendously much worse doctor shortage within a few years from this writing. . .2017…

~ ~ ~

Most Americans have no idea how many people are signed up in the Medicaid and Disability program. Shockingly, as of the last count available since the end of 2017, nearly 75 MILLION people alone were enrolled. Yeah it is shocking, and we’ll bet that more than 20 PERCENT of those people are defrauding the government one way or another because the system has more swizz cheese thieving rip-off scamming holes in it than any of you can imagine, but the crooks sure know how to work the system. Or should we say ROB the damn thing! {Prove positive for the need of WF&A to be brought under control.}

The bottom line is there needs to be some sort of better accounting of what really is going on inside these very generous government programs, and if any politicians don’t see eye to eye with that simple basic reality to take place, then VOTE or IMPEACH them out of office immediately. Bottom line, they’re on the take from the LOBBYISTS, and these so-called representatives and those rich bastard lobbyists are a CANCER to society.

THERE HAS TO BE a super-serious effort to put a stop to all the Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, (WF&A) from taking place month after month. Many experts believe that if the true effort was made to stop all the WF&A, then there are projections in the range of 300 to 500 BILLION DOLLARS a year being saved. And that’s not even including the hundreds of Billions paid out each year to assist the NON-CITIZENS coming illegally over our borders, or already here in our country. WHY SHOULD THEY GET BENEFITS! 

This is insane huge money being robbed from us through the TAXES we pay, and if somehow these (WF&A) criminals can be caught and convicted and severely punished, then maybe a serious turn around with that plague on society can take root.

Do you realize how all that huge amount of money can aid and procure the future stability of Medicare, Medicaid, Disability and Social Security?  And do you realize how great that would be for slowly over time begin turning around our National Debt

All the above has to be set up and put into gear as soon as possible, or our Nation is certain to CRASH & BURN by the end of 2024! 

These Are All Solid Good Ideas for America’s Financial Stability!

Health Care Cost Breakdown 




Beginning Mandatory Age – 18

Social Security starts at – 67

~ ~ ~




18 – 24 — $40 [Deductible $950]

25 – 34 — $100 [Deductible $1250]

35 – 47 — $150 [Deductible $1600]

48 – 55 — $200 [Deductible $2100]

56 – 67 — $250 [Deductible $2400]


The parents will be RESPONSIBLE for

The payment into the Pool & Kat Fund.

The COST is $90 a MONTH, but surely

a young adult (18-22) can find a way to earn THAT

And show they care about their family


Remember the $50,000 TAX BREAK SAVINGS PLAN

and also remember the Sherman-Clayton Antitrust Acts