The Primary Care American Doctor Rebuilding Program

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The USA is going to be short 0ver 120,000 badly needed Primary Care Doctors throughout the country by the end of the year 2019, and this shortage must be addressed immediately.

Once in office, the Mayflower Compact Patriots are going to be putting the Primary Care Doctors Rebuilding Program into full-on nationwide action and combining that with the GOLDEN CITY PLAN.

I want to see our (OP) Medical Primary Care Doctor Student Tuition Free Plan cover approximately 200,000 of the much needed aspiring young doctors in its first year of operation, PUN INTENDED… There is a growing crisis taking place, of which is the much-needed urgency to fill the retiring fast-growing vacancies happening of Primary Care and emergency room Doctors all over the country. We need to stay way ahead of the situation of retiring Doctors, and have many in the wings able and ready to serve our countries needs and the possible needs of other less fortunate countries around the world.

Absolutely no politicians at all running for the office of the presidency are even talking about this critical shortage of Primary Care Doctors, but rather they’re all talking about getting the government to spend BILLIONS of DOLLARS to grant FREE SCHOOLING to millions of young students and illegals too.

Where’s the logic in these foolish thinking so-called politicians anyway, seriously.  How about taking care of a real obvious problem we do have, rather than waste money on a poorly conceived idea that will not benefit the masses in any kind of positive way.

Our above well thought out and studied two plans absolutely supersede the democrat’s illogical and totally unaffordable idea of giving away FREE COLLEGE for every single American, which is being bantered about by almost all of those running in that party for president.

The country needed to start fixing the Primary Care Doctor shortage years ago because it is crucial for the betterment of society’s medical needs, and literally the overall future health of the country.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and others running in the democratic primary wanting to just go about handing out FREE college tuition like its Milk and Cookie time, IS AN ABSOLUTE TOTAL HUGE SCAM TO GET YOUR DONATION DOLLARS ($) and VOTES.  The bottom line is, these two people’s LIES are an impossible financial task the government CAN NOT afford to at all begin thinking about participating in.


These future doctors will only qualify if they are directly going into the Primary Care Physician field, and if they use the program but choose to change to a specialized medical field, then they will be held responsible for any and all free tuition given.  

(The Golden City Plan) is for all types of Doctors and Specialists.  This is a major big heartfelt MUST HAPPEN project that TB & I believed in from our first day we conceived and believed in the importance of this wonderful idea for the inner cities.  Again, it will have its own BLOG area for a complete comprehensive explanation of its great value to society and many young lives.