Sherman-Clayton Antitrust Acts

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‘America’s Hospital Billing Medical Insurance Reform Acts’

There has been an ongoing major well-kept secret regarding TWO LAWS the Democrats and Republicans don’t want to discuss and bring to your attention?  And did you know that if these TWO LAWS were put into motion right now, they could begin to bring to all the citizens of America, True Affordable Health Care?  

Going deeper into the TWO BIG SECRETS, did you know that the Supreme Court in 1979 upheld these TWO LAWS that were already on the books since 1890 and 1914?  Imagine that, both of these major LAWS have been around over a hundred years but kept out of sight and out of mind from most Americans, but NOT our new independent political party, the Mayflower Compact Patriots.       

With our plans of what we’re going to do, a growing prosperity for families and business will begin, and in the next coming pages you are going to learn HOW and WHAT exactly our full plans consist of to make real Affordable Health Care spread across the nation.    

What you’re going to learn next, should have been enacted 30 years ago!

The Sherman Antitrust Act


The Clayton Antitrust Act

{Please never doubt our commitment or forget these two Laws}

This is a serious Cause we’re asking you to ‘Mount Up’ with Us!

The Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts need to be put to the test and enforced against all the hospitals, diagnostic centers, drug makers and any and all the medical and health care industry-related companies across the country.  The central key illegal activities they’re all involved in, is collusion, continual corruption and racketeering with the absolute purpose of overcharging and rigged high price-fixing. All these monopolies must be shuttered, stopped and put down and that is the key strength that these TWO ACTS (LAWS) have the absolute ability inside of them to do.

If you want to see your health care costs come tumbling way down, then first I must ask, {Have you ever heard of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 and then the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914?}  If not, then it is high time you pay close attention and learn all you can with us, and seriously, do your own due diligence too, because these two acts and some other supporting viable strong laws could make a very real positive huge difference to bring about True Affordable Health Care across the nation.

In a phrase, these two Antitrust laws are MONOPOLY BUSTERS, and even beyond that, so once you have this knowledge and fully comprehend the absolute utmost power of these TWO ACTS, you will begin to expect your president to get real and do what his sworn duty calls him to do, for ‘We the People’.

To bring your Insurance and Hospital Billing costs drastically down, we need to fight the lobbyist and manipulated congressmen and senators, and that is why we are asking you to join us in our new Independent Political Party movement.  Together we all can make the stand against the influential medical and insurance lobbyists, and be ourselves the grandest and most powerful lobbying force and voice ourselves, that will have the power to be speaking absolutely directly to the President of The United States of America.  

(When this was originally written almost three long years ago, I truly hadn’t made up my mind if I wanted to be more than just the spokesperson for our party, but I clearly know now what absolutely needs to be done, and I’m damn willed strong enough to get real and dig my heels in for ‘We the People’ as President of the United States). 

(I’ll continue on with the original way all this was written)

For this officeholder has the ‘Power of The Pen’ literally in his hands to start the process immediately of enforcing the Clayton and Sherman Antitrust Acts.  With a strong backed bone Attorney General by his side, and with the Presidents very own words using a phone, or a sat phone, a walkie-talkie, or smoke signals, or any of that twitter, twatter and tweeter monkey business stuff you know, and or whatever the *%$* gets the TWO ACTS into full action after his signature puts the LAWS officially into gear, let the BOSS start the ball rolling immediately across the vast country for True Affordable Health Care for all American’s.  

Bottom line, ‘TRUE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE’ is totally in the hands of the President

Please Believe In What You Just Read

What you are going to learn today will give you the core inner knowledge to know how to challenge and not back down to anyone in government who represents you when the subject of True Affordable Health Care is brought up.  And you are going to be able to diplomatically demand that each and every representative you speak with at your town halls go back to Washington D.C. with the message of your unhappiness of how you’ve been treated and cheated for too long regarding the rigged unfair medical overcharging system, that turns into collusive actions that create way too high insurance bills.  

Millions of folks just like you are the sleeping giant that we want to collectively wake up. We’re just barely beginning to scratch the surface of the strength of what lies inside the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts, but with the basic knowledge right now you’re learning about them, they’re going to change your children’s and your lives for the good.  

Our goal is we want to see diplomatic people power take shape, and create overflowing town hall meetings and rise up like Lions now with the knowledge of these TWO ACTS.  And peacefully the masses can let our politicians know we want them to back up the President and see to it that these TWO LAWS are acted upon immediately. 

With Knowledge

You Hold the Power,

And After, You Will Want to Unleash It!

Our Hospital Billing Medical Insurance Reform Act is from an outgrowth of the research and peeling the layers back I did to learn about hospitals and the administrative actions that run them.  But please, just be sure that there never has been anything in our hearts against the fine caring good souls in any and all hospitals that are the great front lines, specifically all the doctors, nurses, along with all the down to earth support systems that keep hospitals running.

And also allow me to give a salute to the hard-working folks that keep the hospital floors, walls and ceilings and everything in between them clean and sanitary, but part of our beef is there are too many way overpaid administrators, executives, and board members, who take huge yearly paychecks and don’t earn them, and it’s just flat out abhorrently wrong.

But this problem doesn’t stop there, in fact, the real problem lies with all the out of touch highly paid medical and insurance lobbyists running and ruling all the decision-making politicians in Washington D.C.

If we may, going a step further we have to include another great deal of the problem lies with the way some of the drug makers are gouging Americans, so there’s a lot of blame to go around.  And if you don’t think or even worse, know about the fact that there are a select few unscrupulous drug companies ruthlessly addicting American Citizens, well you better think again.

We know we’re a new Political Party and it is going to be a tough road ahead, but we’re fighters with a Cause that can truly do good for hundreds of millions of Americans.

We can Band Together and Become the Strongest Lobbying Group

That will take real Care in making Our Lives and Country Better!

~ ~ ~

I don’t know about you regarding all this day after day talking about the so-called affordable health care plans being re-written in this year of 2017, but we think it’s all hogwash and smells to high hell as a continuing load of crap the politicians are feeding the public.

How is it possible that every single Democrat or Republican politician and their entire parties CAN NOT come up with an intelligent true affordable health care plan?  Seriously, how is it not possible?

Well we Can and we Have started laying out our ideas,

and all our thoroughly researched plans will continue to be laid out with purity and clarity on HOW it all will work and come together to bring True Affordable Health Care to all of America, from coast to coast, and all of you out there in Hawaii.

When we analyze carefully what these politicians are trying to put on the table and sell you, it comes down to the same old recycled nonsense that has the fingerprints and basic wishes to be carried out by the major lobbyists working for the mammoth size insurance groups and behemoth medical industry.

So how can politicians be so foolish to think that millions of Americans will be any better off when they come out just with new polluted plans that have the same high monthly costs figured in for their premiums and yearly deductibles? 

ASK them after you ask yourself, 

Where’s the Lower Premiums?

I mean isn’t that what this is all about? 

Let me just be clear here, our position from here on out is going to be peeling away the real raw layers of what we see that has been an ongoing Long Train of Abuses and has been wrongly taking place for far too many years.  

Look very closely and you will see consistent campaign contributions by the many multiple same groups of super-rich greedy pig money changers, which you know as insurance and hospital lobbyists controlling groups. Every one of these self-serving bastards controls how the country’s health care plans are written and carried out, and as you already know, it doesn’t end well for you and your hundreds of millions of fellow hard-working Americans.                     

~~ ~

I have to give full credit to TB who years ago (Spring-2005) encouraged me to study and take to heart what effectively needs to happen to lower medical and insurance costs.  

The fact was, he had the foresight to realize that hospitals and drug makers and medical product companies and others too numerous right now to be mentioned, were acting in a whoring union like monopolistic manner, and unless that behavior is broken up, medical costs for the nation are going to keep rising with no end in sight until the masses of Americans scream out and say ‘Enough is Enough’, which is actually where millions of families and small businesses have sadly already reached that point. 

Boy was he right on the money-back then and look what’s happening eleven years later after he spoke his mind to me and helped me wizen up on the issues. .  

Another very wise and heavily steeped into shouting out that the system is horribly corrupt and in bad need of honest repair is Karl Denninger.  I have been reading, studying and absorbing his thoughts, feelings, writings and his outright verbally blasting away at the medical and insurance run systems.  Any and all his help and ideas are welcome, for this is going to be a positive movement for ‘We the People’.

What you are learning about today will be a start, but this is all open to much smarter and qualified people joining us to come in and add their knowledge and abilities to make our Hospital Billing Medical Insurance Reform Act, the best it can be for all the three hundred plus million Americans, no matter if they are sick or healthy, poor or rich and living and suffering from any kind of existing sad and pitiful medical health condition.  Our goal will be to cover every newborn infant to elder American adult, PERIOD!

(Make no mistake, ‘People with Existing Health Conditions’ of any and all kinds are all going to be included and equally treated and monthly billed like all others, and that’s the honest to God, bottom line and end of that worry!) 

All this will be carefully done with the hopes and beliefs that enough people will hear, read and learn about our Hospital Billing and Medical Health Insurance Reform platform and then spread the word and get more families and businesses to join us in mass, so the President himself realizes this is what ‘We the People’ want to see done.   

~ ~ ~

Thinking only strong positive vibes, after the President is engaged and using the TWO ACTS, here’s one more critical piece to the puzzle that is going to help bring upon America True Affordable Health Care. 

Super Giant Health Care Insurance Pools

We have the very sound working platform outlined and mapped out, and with more legal Brainiac minds joining us plus skilled folks in the insurance world working tightly alongside us, we absolutely can successfully create Super Giant Insurance Pools that will dramatically reduce health care monthly premiums and deductibles.  

This Super Giant Health Care Insurance Pool System will be spread out across all the state lines and ‘Super Intelligently Interconnected’. 

Technology is upon us to create the best Solutions 

That will enable these Giant Health Care Pools to Work


With the set-up of millions of Americans inside the pools, the sheer volume alone will help greatly reduce the family and individual costs, plus small and large businesses will all benefit with lower monthly insurance premiums and those damn high deductibles.

These Giant Pools are Using 

The Principles of the Law of Large Numbers


The one thing constant and forever representing our Independent Political Party’s platform will be the standing foundation of using the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts, so we can begin to bring Affordable Health Care across the entire nation, with realistic savings of up at least 33 percent. I know about now you’re thinking that’s not possible in any way, shape or form, but you will learn from our deep research, it really is.

There are so many righteous and proper measures that can be done to help lower medical insurance costs, and from just what you’ve learned in this writing, a huge financial difference for hundreds of millions of folks can take place. 

We can do this if we all work together, so stick with us, tell your friends and acquaintances about our political party’s plans, and let’s all collectively make a difference to our Society

Thank you