Have you ever heard of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma?

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Well if not, then here’s more very valuable and logical information on how we’re going to bring

True Affordable Health Care for All.

Our plan is to;

Replicate what the Surgery Center of Oklahoma does,


A price list of all procedures, services, and products should be posted in all hospital public webpages.  These price lists will provide customers the ability to compare what their costs may be for all kinds of medical attention and care, from hospital to hospital.  

Posted Medical prices will put a strong damper and tapping down of Insurance companies increasing the cost of your procedures, along with the services and other various costs that all these companies add to your medical/insurance bill.  

IF all costs are posted in all hospitals and on their public websites, then this could lead to at least a thirty-five (35) PERCENT PLUS savings for the American public on medical procedures that ordinarily would be priced out by the Insurance company and the hospitals working off of an actuary statistical analysis risk program.  

Now you’re asking how is such a huge saving possible, well it’s basically done by cutting out all the added blind-siding extra costs that hospitals and insurance companies put into your final tabulated combined medical/insurance bill, and then it shows the confusing insurance discount explanations.

Look closely at your bills and see what we’re talking about.  Lots of additional expensive costs, and then you’ll see your insurance companies show explanations of what discounts they’re getting for you, but in fact, it’s all a form of criminal extortion if you don’t buy their insurance.  All the blind-siding costs will add up, but they’ll show a whole lot of discounting and lower costs happening because you have their insurance, but in fact, repeating again, it’s all a form of criminal extortion, and they should all be investigated and if guilty, all CEO’s charged as such and heavily penalized.   

Just think long and hard about NOT KNOWING what your hospital procedures are costing, and then include those way overpriced monthly insurance premiums and huge deductibles you’re paying out.  

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma is using the simple, fair and right form of Business practices of showing the costs of any and all of your procedures and all other costs that will be occurring during your time in their hospital.

This truly is the right and fair-way 

All hospitals should be proceeding with their business practices.

Our administration is going to be advocating for DUPLICATING

The Way Business is Done

Like the Surgery Center of Oklahoma

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True Affordable Health Care for America

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