Golden City Plan

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My name is Steven Lee Katz, also known by my very close associates as David Stone, and at other times just Stealth.  And to add to those names they’d sometimes joke around and call me Mr. Lon Chaney, but what I’m sincerely presenting here to you on behalf of all my Band of Brothers, is by no means any kind of funning around and joking matter.

TB and I had an idea a long time ago that we thought would really make sense, and that was for the government to aid and help all the young inner-city and rural area poor kids around the entire country that had a dream to become doctors, make that a true heartfelt reality for them.  But because they came from poor families, way too many of them unfortunately gave up on that dream, yet T and I both know that that’s not the correct outcome that should be happening in and from our powerful and rich country. 

Now as the spokesperson who’s going to be spearheading everything from here on out about our Mayflower Compact Patriots, but with TB and all the Boys, and gathering bands of new brothers and sisters around the country having my back, so from this moment on I’m going to speaking clearly and to the point about the Golden City Plan.

I truly feel the time has definitely come for any American young student whose parents can’t afford to send them to medical school, be given a total financial free tuition ride, from soup to nuts, so as to release the psychological & financial burden to his or her family, and to their own personal worries and distracting thoughts. From my own due diligence, it appears to take a heck of a lot of work to become a doctor, so I want every qualified young future doctor to not have to worry about money during all their hard-dedicated years that will go into studying to achieve their life long goal. 

But, for this to happen though, these future students must have the qualifying grades to enter into this special program, (KEYWORD QUALIFY) and the same free schooling put forth to all those who want to enter any form of the nursing profession and physician’s assistant also… There is a tremendous shortage of American nurses, and this in-demand skill is being filled by recruiting being done involving headhunters working in other countries.  I’m sorry but why not educate and take care of our own first and then over time we can help others around the world, but Americans must always come FIRST! 

Sorry for my nursing and physician assistant thought digression, but all of us have certainly got their future educational backs too.

Our beginning plans are to slowly attract the best and most competent medical teachers from all the Universities around the country, and this might have a rippling effect of clearing out the waste going on with multiple layers of expensive overpaid administrators and board members.  But I guess we know that’s a whole other subject in and of itself. . .

We’re going to work hard to make this Humanitarian Cause show positive results in the present and distant future, because kind and caring good intentions will bring forth more of the same from those who will originally receive this deep-felt Cause blessing. 

Wouldn’t it be great to see the inner cities all over the country come back to life with families having pride in their children and to see them become the multitudes one day of shining beacons of hope and prove that dreams can come true, and the government this time was a true to the heart big brother helping out! 

Now permit me to inject a short paragraph here to talk about our work of pride, that being our Trilogy.  TB and I want our books to speak straight into the hearts and minds in many positive ways to the young people of today, and hopefully they’ll find some bits and pieces in our words that will help in some ways be the driving and motivating forces that do some good for all their young lives in whatever they might go on to endeavor in. 

So, let’s wrap this up and put a nice sincere beautiful understanding Ribbon & Bow on the ‘GOLDEN CITY PLAN’

FIRST, we are going to do everything in our power to find and seek out and ask many others to help us locate all the young talented, bright and aspiring young boys and girls from poor families all over the country that want to become doctors.  That’s number ONE.

NEXT, we are going to put all of them in our new special created Medical School University, with FREE TUITION, FREE DORMITORIES, FREE FOOD and any kind of after-hours tutoring they would like to get involved in so as to aid them in their quest. 

This is the ‘Right The Ship’ kind of FREE SCHOOLING that is truly needed for our country, and humbly speaking, if our goal of making it to the White House is achieved, then soon after the Golden City Plan will break ground and begin in Detroit Michigan, and I chose this place because it was not far from where I grew up, and my gut senses it’s the right place to start our big plan.  And you know what, it’s not a bad idea to listen to when your gut speaks to you, because it’s usually right on the money.  

That’s a FACT JACK!

And now permit me to ask you to please check out our BLOG area to completely learn about our sincere American Life Improvement Movement platform of ideas relating to lowering your health care and monthly deductible costs.

In closing, T and the Boys and I want to thank you

for your time here,

and now ask a favor, which is to

help us HELP YOU

Thank You