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The Key to making this reform happen,

Will Be To Make Your Voices Heard

Meaning all 300 plus million American Citizens

Because this CAUSE is that important to You

Along with the Hundreds of thousands of present-day doctors

and all the young and up and coming ones TOO

If you want to see much lower medical insurance bills each month along with your deductibles plus start reducing the National debt too with our doable realistic plans all tying into each other, then have faith, gather together and demand your congressional representatives to pull themselves into a wiser place and make this important and critical TORT REFORM CAUSE happen. . .

We must sound like a gang trying to commit a robbery, but again this is just the opposite, in that we’re trying to stop all of the THREE HUNDRED MILLION plus Americans from BEING ROBBED by the forever rising medical insurance costs and your high deductibles.

We sincerely feel for all the families and individuals who are in pain from those ever-rising medical and insurance bills, and it’s time to make the most incredible stand to once and for all kill the rigged medical and insurance colluding system.  This cannot be allowed to continue to go on, because the way it is now is only going to stay on the course of more family hardships and many of them literally deciding which household bills to pay for each passing month.  That is actually happening right now to millions of families! 

We the People need to form the most powerful LOBBYING GROUP to overthrow what is going on now with your so-called house of representatives. Those men and women are controlled by super big-money lobbying on behalf of hundreds of thousands of lawyers, but we have the plans to overturn all of that.  Help us HELP YOU by truly becoming successful with one person at a time spreading the word and thus achieving with ourselves becoming a POWERFUL LOBBY with insurmountable STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

Okay, let’s bring it all Together

TORT REFORM is going to play an extremely important part in making hospital medical tests costs a whole lot lower and require less test to be performed on patients and help give a break to every hospital and practicing doctor in the country, which they will all tell you is the darn right truth of the matter.  Their personal and office medical malpractice costs have been going through the roof and are breaking their balance sheet budgets backs just to keep up with the rising costs.  

And this medical malpractice same help is needed for every hospital and all the doctors and nurses working inside, and the same for the walk-in clinics and any and all others involved in the medical and doctoring practicing world.

This is truly a case of US versus THEM

TORT REFORM needs to happen so that all the good doctors of the country can get some very serious relief from so many unscrupulous lawyers going after them day in and day out for medical malpractice claims. 

Please do your own due diligence, as this will benefit your better understanding of what your own personal doctors go through on a daily basis.  These are good men and women and we need to give them all the support and backup we can. The cost of medical malpractice insurance is so astronomical, that it is having a rippling effect that is pushing up all the costs down the line.

Just realize this, the medical malpractice insurance costs are driving good doctors and future doctors out of the business and that’s a fact.  This is a very sad and serious dilemma and it needs to be stopped and reversed immediately, or we’re going to be hit with a tremendously much worse doctor shortage within a few years from this writing. . .2017…

Your elected politicians need to put TORT REFORM into place, along with our other basic logical LIFE IMPROVEMENT MOVEMENT steps we’ll be outlining in our BLOG area. You must understand, that once TORT REFORM is in place many untold and needed benefits to millions of Americans will follow, and the number of new doctors will start to flourish with the combination of our Golden City Plan and our Hospital Billing and Medical Insurance Reform Act. 

Please look in our BLOG area to fully study and learn about our Golden City Plan and our Hospital Billing and Medical Insurance Reform Act.  These two plans will totally be worth your while and combined with our TORT REFORM, HELP MILLIONS of American Citizens in positive untold ways.                                                               

Just imagine once your medical insurance costs are greatly reduced each passing month, then you will begin to feel the stress level reduce in your life and how much personal needed extra money will now be in your own pockets.  This can happen, it truly really can! 

We know the ambulance-chasing lawyers and many other types have a strong lobbying group, but we can be stronger by MILLIONS of us banding together to become a real VIABLE INDEPENDENT PARTY with a strong voice one day in CONGRESS and the SENATE, and, YES, staying focused with our goal of making it to the White House. 

Just keep the faith will us and we won’t let you down

Why should Three Hundred Million Americans have to suffer, while thousands of do nothing MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR SALARIED INSURANCE EXECUTIVES and highly overpaid lawyers have a huge say about your medical insurance and deductible monthly costs?

Our Life Improvement Movement is being done for all the Mr. and Mrs. Dedicated Family duo husband and wife teams, along with the millions of you that are the hard-working solo ones scattered coast to coast who are living paycheck to paycheck, and not having the chance to save any money, or even worse, too many of you feeling like you are forever stuck in a never-ending cycle of MEDICAL DEBT LIMBO.  

We can help change all that,

And the bottom line is,


so please help us HELP YOU!

Thank you