Letter to Puttin – March 5th, 2018

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Hello again Vladimir, I’m going to make this brief and to the point today…There is an important expression that I need to speak of, and that is “Cooler Heads Must Prevail”. I don’t know any other way to say what is on my mind regarding the ratcheting up of your side and mine with all this insane nuclear talk and now your new weapons you were telling the whole world about the other day in your 2 hours speech. You need to have a summit with Trump, and in my humble opinion you and he must work out the most important nuclear proliferation pact our two countries have ever had. My first real geo-political event that I lived through and then have been studying for many years, was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Only because of Cooler Heads Prevailed, are all of us living in a non nuclear atmospheric environment. I do not consider you and your country an enemy, PERIOD, in fact I see the need for us to absolutely start working together for our own futures, to prevent a rogue nation from attacking both of our countries with very dangerous nuclear suitcase dirty bombs. We have to begin now, because the clock is ticking for this aggressive other terrorist sponsoring country setting a clandestine attack on both our countries, and I see in my visions Israel will be part of this three prong attack… My visions are my visions but just look at the way the powers that be in Iran are acting. It’s real and multiple suitcase bombs very easily could happen, and the idea would be for each of our countries blame one another for attacking each other.

 Changing the subject for a minute, this cover up and scam going on with my countries national media avoiding to cover and investigate the total truth that it was the Clinton crime gang and Obama doing extreme political espionage, is totally shocking and a crime within itself. All the people under Obama in his White House were involved in the most ongoing elaborate operation of spying and political espionage, and what you and your team were doing with election meddling was a joke compared to what all of them were doing. But you need and my good countrymen need to do, is both our sides need to back off and stop with this ongoing intrusion into each others elections. You have your own coming up this month, and I’d bet our teams are messing with your elections, just like you did. My point is clear, we need to get our acts together and start really working together and stop attacking and messing with each others worlds. Nuff Said… 

We have bigger problems than that right now but that entire scam with eventually be uncovered and many of the top FBI heads, Mueller, Obama, Brennan ,, all of them in the Obama gang in the White House colluded to destroy Trump and hand over that evil scratchy voice Witch the election. In closing, you need to realize that we all need to watch North Korea and not allow them to go Nuclear….You need to get Xi Jinping to get on top of this young trouble making neighbor of his and put a stop to his nuclear program. We will attack and major missiles and who knows what else will fly in the air to destroy that immature leader, and all of his entire military operations. Meet with Trump, have a summit and make peace. I’ll be back, and please, ‘Cooler Heads Must Prevail’ Later

Sincerely,Steven Lee Katz, (aka) Stealth, and other aka’s when the mood fits