Letter to Putin – November 22, 2017

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Hello again Vladimir, From a personal point of view from an American, I am very thankful that you met with Trump in Viet Nam and had a long conversation with him on Tuesday. Just the fact that you guys are talking is very important from my stand point and way of thinking. That’s what i have been hoping for since Trump took office. Tomorrow is the big holiday in my country, which is called Thanksgiving. This is the Holiday in my country when families get together and give thanks for all things good. It’s very nice and the history of this holiday goes all the way back to when 102 brave men, women and children sailed on the big wooden ship called the Mayflower in the year of 1620, and landed on the shores of what is today called the State of Massachusetts. They came from Great Britain to escape the harsh and hostile controls and rules that King George the Third put on their lives and religions. They were the true first immigrants to step foot on what is called America today, but their lives had a lot of difficult times, but the Indians who were already living there for centuries, knew how to grow crops and hunt the animals for food, came to their aid and saved their lives from starving to death. These good hearted fine Indians taught them so many things and after one full year of learning from these good people, the Mayflower folks harvested their crops and animals and fruits and vegetables, and invited all the Indians and their families to come together and celebrate a big dinner feast. The word ‘Thanksgiving’ is a perfect word for that joyous occasion, and now on the fourth Thursday of every November, the holiday of “Thanksgiving” is celebrated by millions of American family and friends. So again, I am giving thanks that you and Trump are communicating with each other. And now i have something i am going to ask of you to do if at all possible. Please allow me to explain. Xi Jinping of China in my humble opinion seems like a strong but fair and caring leader and good man, and i believe and feel in my gut and heart that you, Jinping and Trump can truly make world peace for the planet. It’s a strong feeling I have that now is the most important time for the three of you to really do all you can to save the world, and I’m strongly going to include Mother Nature and all the beautiful precious animals of the world, from being destroyed by some insane act of a nuclear bomb being detonated by North Korea’s leader. This foolish young man needs to be somehow made to realize that his constant threats to destroy America will only really be the beginning of destroying all of us, the world, the planet, the animals and the beauty of what God has given us all with Mother Nature. The Oceans are the Womb of Mother Earth, our Planet, and if he were to start a nuclear war, well then lets be real and honest and down to earth about what is going to happen next after his first rocket launch of such a bomb. What would you do if someone sent a nuclear missile in your direction? Well so anyway, this point is like my last point in another letter, because it is vital that you and Xi Jinping make a strong stand and put this young ambitious leader of North Korea diplomatically in his place. The Winds of War could destroy all of us, or perhaps the Winds of Change could save us! Yes I know this isn’t the first time I’ve spoken to you about this, but its that important in my humble opinion to talk about it again. Thanksgiving is something that means a lot to Americans, and I am going to ask something else of you that could make a good family here in my home state of Michigan, very happy. You see their son is being held in China for a crime he did not commit, and the judge who ruled over that court hearing saw all the evidence that the young 30 year old black man was innocent. But the problem seems to be the prosecutor wants to keep the American man locked in jail for three to ten years, and this is just wrong on every level of righteous justice. I know my country’s state department is doing all they can to get him set free, but it is not working so far and this is wrong what this prosecutor in China is doing to him. I want to bring a good but late ‘Thanksgiving’ to this loving family in Detroit, and ask you if you can speak with Xi Jinping and FREE this young man, and allow him to come back to his concerned and deeply worried family in America. I do not know this young man but my heart feels and aches for this family when I think about the circumstances and the pain they must be living with. Please Vlad, I know you can speak with Jinping and I truly feel you can help to reach out and ask Xi to do an act of kindness, and FREE this young man. He is innocent and the judge in the case knows it, and he needs your help with talking to Jinping, and the two of you can bring righteous justice that is needed. Please…  Sometimes in life, no matter who we are, we all need help of some kind. I know the good man above us has been watching over me all my life and helping me many times. My Faith is strong in him and his son, and I hope you can feel this way too. Life is short and life goes by day after day so fast, it’s just incredible. I say that because now I am in Michigan helping my 96 year old mom. She’s tough but with many medical situations she battles with everyday, but her mind is pretty darn good basically, and she just keeps on fighting for every day to stay alive. I just hope i have spirit like her if I get to her age in life. Okay, stay warm, stay healthy and Happy Thanksgiving.

Buenas Dias and Thank you, Steve, (aka) Stoney