Letter to Putin – October 11, 2014

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Dozens of letters were written to Mr. Putin between October 2014 and January 2020. Perhaps one day in the future they will all be published.

My name is Steven Lee Katz. I’m 65 years young. I write to you Mr. Putin because I sincerely, sincerely hope you will trust and believe in me and what I am about to tell you. 

On July 29 at 10:45 AM, I began having an Angiogram test of my heart. Its a very important test to see if I had blocked arteries. For a couple years before this test, I just didn’t feel right in my energy levels, brain power and all normal healthy male functions. At 10:55 the doctor said to me, “How are you feeling?” I told him strange and very cold. The nurse in the room put a white cotton blanket over me and the doctor went over to a phone and made a call. Then two nurses wheeled the exam table I was on into a warmer room. My body slowly warmed up and a calm came over me. Then after ten minutes in the room, the hospital curtain opened and in walked the first doctor and another man. This man shook my hand and then put his other hand on my shoulder and said peacefully, “I’m going to repair your heart and fix you, , so don’t worry.”  Mr. Putin, I knew I was sick but just didn’t know how sick I was. I don’t remember everything exactly but I did say, “Thank you, lets go, and I’m excited.” It might have been awkward to say I’m excited, but I felt emotions that I can not explain here, plus I remember having no fear, none. I signed papers and off we went to the operating room. Approximately eleven hours later my body was finished receiving four life saving healthy mammary arteries. THey used my mammary arteries because the vein they pulled out of my right leg was in a poor unusable condition, and that was caused from my leg being very badly damaged in 1972. 

This is the point now you need to trust me, believe in me and try to understand. Right before they took the life support breathing tubes out of my nose and deep down my throat and then I came back to life, I saw what was happening and then I saw you and I in a bright white room, walking towards each other to shake hands and then talk. God saved me for a reason because I was dying that day. My main arteries were all blocked over 90 percent, and I am not some confused or foolish person for just plainly speaking the truth here. I have always known my purpose in life and now its time I act on my gift from God. The world needs leadership like never before and if we all want to continue to survive in the coming decade, please answer me, communicate with me and trust me now. 

Thank You.

Sincerely, Steven Lee Katz