Thank You For Your Donation

I just want to take a moment to say how much we appreciate you helping us with your DONATION. The platform of ideas we have covered a vast amount of very serious subjects, but if there is something you want to let us know that you feel strongly about and we haven’t mentioned it, then write to us and let us know what you are thinking.  

In closing, permit me to tell you about something very incredible that happened to me in the early morning of November 9th, 2019. Before I tell you about this special beautiful experience, please have Faith that what you are about to read, is the whole amazing truth, so Help Me God.

I had to be somewhere that morning, so like always I turn my laptop off and then hide it in one of my special places in my hotel room. An hour later I came back and plugged it in and turned in on, and in less than a minute the computer was up and running. Like most people, we have a favorite Browser we use and so like I’ve done hundreds of thousands of times before, I just opened up the one I was using an hour earlier, and that’s when it happened.  There on the screen was a Google Translations page, and on it were the words in Spanish and on the other side in English, “There’s a Fire Burning in You That No Storm Can Put Out”. 

I’m only going to say this in closing, I didn’t use the Google Translator in a long time and I never had such deep type Faith-based words in my mind, but as soon as I saw them they picked me up because I’d been questioning myself recently about what chances do I have with this huge mountain I’m preparing to climb.  

So now I want to say again Thank You so much for your kind Donation and Believing and Having Faith in me, for from your gift I’m going to continue to be Strong and Able to take another STEP FORWARD. 


Steven Lee Katz (SLK)